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"No, no!" The old Chinese man says from the cover of his porch. "I can no help. i don't know what it is till you fall in."

"Fine, but do us the favor of not pointing out if we make a mistake." Ryoga suggests.

The guide bobs his head.

Ranma looks up at the darkening sky.

"Don't worry." Ryoga leads him back towards the springs. "Let's concentrate, okay? Think hard then point. When we choose the same one, we'll take the plunge and deal with whatever we get."

"What are the chances of us picking the right one?"

They stand between several springs. "Okay, count to three and point." Says Ranma.

"One - Two - Three."

They have different choices. "Okay, again."

"One - Two - Three."

Wrong again.

"One - Two - Three."

The thunder was getting closer.

"One - Two - Three."

Not yet.

"One - Two - Three."


"One - Two - Three."

Really off.

"One - Two - Three."

They finally choose the same one.

Ranma licks his lips. "Think that's the right one?"

"I don't know."

"Well, we made a pact, remember? We find out together."

A raindrop lands on Ranma's nose. "This sucks."

They look up expectantly but the clouds hold back the rest.

"You know, its not like I want to be a freak like Taru." He continues. "But just in case this -isn't- the right one, do you want to keep trying?"

"I'm not sure how this will work. Would the Spring of Drown boy cancel out all the others we may come across, or will it just make us a male freak?"

Ranma frowns. He hadn't thought of that. In fact he hadn't thought out a lot of this journey. Was he willing to become a multi-gendered freak when splashed with cold water? Would that be better than simply changing into a girl? It certainly didn't sound nice, but the prospect of keeping his current curse was killing him. "I'll take the chance."

Ryoga forces back a small surge of fear and turns to him. If Ranma was willing to, then he would too. He wouldn't allow it any other way.

Ranma looks into his eyes and understands. Standing on his tip-toes he gently kisses Ryoga.

"You make it sound like this is the end."

The pigtailed boy wraps his arms around his friend's waist and squeezes him tightly. "Ryoga..."


"I love you-"

Another arrow pierces the ground beside them.

Ryoga's spinning mind goes from Ranma's confession to the five Chinese amazons fast approaching. "It must have been the dress."

Ranma swears. "We can't fight them or we'll get even more fiancées!"

Suddenly the sky opens up and the rain falls earthward like a heavy curtain enveloping the two cursed boys before the girls reach their location. Ranma catches P-chan and moves into a fighting stance. "Sometimes I can be thankful of this cursed form." The pig couldn't understand what she meant but thought of something important. He nudges the pot in his friend's arms. "Oh right! Good idea!" Ranma places both it and P-chan beside their spring. "I have a -plan- this time."

Four amazons surround her and Rin Shu stands before her. "Just as I thought. Two strange men on our boundaries in close proximity of Jusenkyo ~ with the dress of a girl who ran off with the pig."

"Uh-huh." Ranma smirks. "So what do I have to do now?"

"Fight to the death. It is a matter of honor."

"When isn't it? That's the martial artists' code."

"So you agree."

"If you..." A strange look crosses Ranma's eyes and she grins. "If you destroy -me-" She gestures up and down her body.

"..promise to leave the boys out?"

Rin looks confused.

"Is it agreed?"


"Great! Let's get this show go'n!"

With the rain pounding and churning up mud all around them the two martial artists prepare to fight.



Ukyou peers through the rain, searching for her friend whom she some how has become separated from in the down pour. She can see Jusenkyo now as she approaches the end of a ledge she's on. Far below the springs spread out and directly beneath her position a ring of girls surround her ex-fiancee. She settles down on her stomach and slides out as far as she dares to get a better view. Ranma was fighting someone ~ expertly like usual. She was leading her opponent in a circle, not unlike one of her well-used attacks but in a tighter spiral that continually took her around one of the springs. 'She's taking a lot of punches though'. Was Ranma seriously letting herself get beat by a girl? A black blur cuts between a solid punch and the young girl's gut, taking the blow. It was P-chan. Ukyou watches fascinated as Ranma lets loose a slew of curses, temporarily stopping her attacker in her tracks. 'Where is Akane?'



Aching and bleeding from her mouth Ranma scoops P-chan off the ground from where her friend had fallen and slowly moves sideways between springs; watching Rin Shu circle in front of her. "You're pretty good," She says with a cocky grin. "For a girl."

Fuming the Amazon lunges forward with a jump kick and sends Ranma and her pig spiraling backwards. P-chan screws around in her tight armed embrace and gets a quick glimpse of the pot marker before a surge of water engulfs them as they plunge head first into their spring.

The rain and fog are near unbearable. Rin paces back and forth on the bank, fists at the ready but refusing to get too close to the cursed water. Why were foreigners so difficult to deal with? She spits blood. "What is taking so long?"

The water surges about Ranma, cleansing and cold. There is a heart beating somewhere. Then a hand running up Ranma's waist and up across his flat chest. He gasps in amazement and chokes but Ryoga's mouth covers his and breaths into him

his most powerful kiss yet. Ranma pulls him close with his own heart pounding in his ears and together they swim up to the surface where he whoops. "Ryoga!!!! I'm cured!!!!"

"We're both cured!" The fanged boy cries back hysterically and proceeds to smother Ranma with wild kisses.

"What is going on?" Rin asks angrily. "Why aren't you fighting me?"

"We're done!"

She stares at him. "I did not kill you."

"That wasn't the agreement." The pigtailed martial artist explains. "You said once you 'destroyed' me and I must emphasize the -girl- me that you would leave the boys alone. Do you -seeee- the girl me anywhere?" He grins his cocky grin.

Rin Shu narrows her eyes. The sight of two men making out offended her and the knowledge that one had tricked her made her even angrier.

Ku Li steps forward. "Cousin you must hurry. We have delayed So Pu's ceremony long enough."

"-I- will not forget this." The chief hisses venomously. She turns to her guards and as one they disappear into the gray haze.

Ranma climbs from the spring and helps Ryoga out. He turns his face skyward and lets the rain wash over him. It is a strange and forgotten sensation that he now can learn all over again with his own body.

"It feels great."


Ryoga looks at him seriously. "Ranma...? You...before those girls interrupted you said something to me?"

"Yeah..." The young Saotome plays with a string on his arm brace. "I'm really not sure what we can look forward too...or well, -me-. I love you. Do you...do you feel the same way?"


Both boys jump, startled to see Akane approaching them.

"A-Akane?!" Ranma heart leaps to his throat.

"You're -cured-!"

"Yeah I am."

Ryoga quickly covers himself and moves behind his friend.


"Thanks but, what are you doing here?"

Akane swallows. "I wanted to apologize to you."

"You what?"

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. Ukyou told me you dumped your other fiancées. That was what you were trying to tell me.."

Ranma puts a hand behind his head nervously. He has a feeling this is not going to be a simple apology. He could feel the tension growing in the air.

Ryoga's thoughts were somewhere along the same lines. He was angry he hadn't been able to respond to Ranma, and wanted nothing more than to pull the boy away from Akane, but he simply remains silent and waiting.

"Ranma." The young Tendou looks at him through rain soaked bangs. "I thought about it a lot, and well...I...I love you."

He swallows, his fingers playing with his braid. What a predicament he was in! Hardly cure free before getting faced with something this wild?? Yes he loved Akane and now knew she felt the same way, but...'I also love Ryoga. He hasn't told me

what he feels but I have faith in him too.'

Akane waits and Ryoga deliberates. Will Ranma be happy if he chooses Akane? Maybe he'd be better with Ryoga, but he'd have a perfect life set out for him if he stayed at the dojo, something Ryoga's wandering couldn't offer.

Lightning lights up the sky and Ukyou high above watches them intently.

Ranma exhales. "Akane, I love you."

Her heart skips a beat.

"But," His voice is almost inaudible in the down pour. "I'd be lying if I said it was that simple. You've helped me when we were cool with each other, but then there's all those times when we've doubted each other and you've beaten me with a mallet and called me pervert."

"That's not tru-"

"Shuddup." He huffs. "We -just- wouldn't be happy together."

"How can you say that?" Akane fumes. "I love you and you love -me-! It doesn't get any simpler than that. We can work around our problems."

"If I were to go home with you we wouldn't last an hour before we were at each other's throats again. That's not right. I don't want that for you!"

Akane throws her pack down and turns her back to him, refusing to let him see her tears. She knew he was crying too.


"You can come home whenever you want Ranma."

He stares at the back of her head, nearly blinded by his own tears. "What?"

"Its still your home. Our parents don't have to know." Akane runs a hand across her face and rushes off into the gray.

Ryoga isn't sure what to say in response. His eyes trail earthward and suddenly widen.

Ranma sighs. 'Well there's no turning back from here. I've made my decision...She'll be okay, and I'll be okay too.' His ears perk up a small noise behind him. He turns to find Ryoga laughing. He looks at him annoyed. "What's so funny?"

"How damned lucky we are."

Ranma looks to wear his friend is pointing and stares in disbelief. The pot he had used as a marker was still where he had left it, but -that- spring was one over from what they had fallen into. "No shit."

"Yeah no shit! We would have been something way different if you hadn't got shoved into this one!"

"I could have sworn I aimed right." Ranma acted as if his pride had been stepped on.

"It was raining." Ryoga offers the excuse. "But I do owe you."

"Nah, consider it a reimbursement for cursing you in the first place."


The pigtailed boy looks at him wearily. "Yes?"

"You don't just want to be with me because I'm good in bed?"

Ranma laughs. "You'd like to think that wouldn't you? Truthfully you're terrible but I'm willing to over look that if you are."

Ryoga pulls him into a deep kiss and presses their bodies close. When has to breath he gently traces Ranma's chin with his lips. "I love you too."

Ranma's hand trails down to his bare stomach and further drawing a long moan out of Ryoga. "I know."

"Should we see if the guide will let two wet and sex crazed boys spend the night in his cabin?"

"Hell ya."

Hand in hand they stomp away from the spring, Akane's pack slung over Ryoga's shoulder. The pot sits forgotten, half filled with rain water. It wasn't needed anymore.