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He noticed it first after that nasty incident with the trolls—dreadful things—with the sudden, yet not completely unwelcome company of a different dwarf every hour. Bilbo understood what that meant; Thorin thought him a liability and rather than feel responsible for Bilbo's all but inevitable death, took great precautions in preventing such events. He supposed he should be grateful for being looked after, yet he could not help but be mildly annoyed.

"Penny for your thoughts, Bilbo?"

The hobbit scratched his head and sighed. "Nothing important Bofur, nothing to worry about at all."

Bofur looked at him knowingly and smiled slightly. "He likes you."

Bilbo shook his head with a confused smile. "I'm sorry, who?"

The dwarf cocked his head and laughed, a smile gracing his face. "Well, my watch is over. I'll send Kili over as soon as possible; Pleasure speaking with you, Master Baggins." He bowed clumsily before heading to the other side of the camp.

Bilbo concluded that dwarves were odd creatures. They were fiercely protective and Bilbo even thought he might actually harbor some form of affection for the lot of them, yet Thorin just got under his skin. It wasn't something he could easily explain—the roll of his eyes, the barely masked disdain in his voice—normally Bilbo would get over it but something inside him—he reckoned it was all that Took blood from his mother—that just simply would not let it go.

Footsteps knocked Bilbo out of his head and caused him to pay slightly more attention to his surroundings. "Kili?" His voice sounded wary and his hand rested on sting, ready to attack if the opportunity presented itself. The footsteps sounded farther away than before, and Bilbo's curiosity struck him. He whispered to himself, "Well, I've got to follow it. Wouldn't want some random beast attacking camp now would I?"

Bilbo followed the sound of feet hitting the leaves; whoever he was following was not graceful or they simply didn't care if they were heard. The thought put fear into his heart—what if Orcs had found them or even worse—what if Thorin and the others just left him in the middle of nowhere, not caring what happened to the lone hobbit?

Being alone he realized, terrified him more than an army of orcs or a fight with a mighty dragon.

"Uncle! What are you thinking!"

Kili's voice startled him from his thoughts. "I agree with Kili, Uncle. Something is seriously not right with how you're treating our burglar."

'Our burglar'? Bilbo walked up to a clearing and saw Thorin with his two nephews around a fire. The dwarf-King's arms were crossed in displeasure—Fili and Kili looked as if they were attempting to plead with him. Bilbo leaned against a tree to stay hidden from the three dwarves and listened intently to the secret conversation.

"Our burglar? I wasn't aware that you had ownership over the Halfling." Thorin sounded cocky, but then again he always did.

Fili sighed and raised his hands in defeat. "Fine, if you want to be in a miserable state for the rest of this journey, then go ahead and continue what you are doing. I will no longer attempt to stop you." The dwarf walked away from the fire and started to walk back towards the main encampment.

"Please Uncle, you must see reason." Kili's voice sounded desperate. "If you continue to treat him like he's a worthless halfwit he will leave."

Thorin sighed before he spoke. "I suppose we wouldn't want that. You two seem oddly attached to him."

In an instant Kili's normally relaxed features flickered with anger before he let out a loud sigh. "Believe what you want, Thorin, but Fili and I are no fools. You may have convinced the others that you do not harbor some feelings for Bilbo—"

"I do not."

"Let me finish! You deny things before I have explained my reasoning."

Thorin looked displeased. "I deny things because there is no truth behind your 'reasoning'."

"Right, Uncle. I'm late for my watch of your Halfling." Kili walked by Bilbo's hiding spot, leaving an annoyed Thorin by the fire. "Kili! I want you to come to me at the first whisper of trouble!"

Kili's footsteps stopped precariously close to Bilbo's hiding spot and he heard the young dwarf growl slightly. "Yes of course!" He yelled, but under his breath he muttered "Stubborn old oaf. Won't listen to any sort of reason." Bilbo listened to Kili's heavy footsteps until they were out of earshot then he left his hiding spot to sneak back to camp.

He didn't want to know the possible consequences if Thorin found him eavesdropping.