Sherlock's POV

Sherlock walked through the streets of London looking for distractions. John believed everything the stupid news reporters on the telly said but he didn't believe Sherlock that there was a valid reason behind his concern. He would have punched a wall, but he had done that once on drugs and broken two knuckles. He had no desire to repeat that unsuccessful coping strategy. Instead he walked through London and stewed in his misery.

He was no closer to thinking of a way to prove to John that his concern was valid, necessary and sincere. He had been gone for a few hours. He had started to worry again when he had been several blocks from their flat, but pushed the concern away. If John could brush away Sherlock's concerns, so could he. Sherlock spent the night working through his homeless network asking them about the latest news for a case he was working on for the Yard. He had put the argument with John out of his mind. He locked it away in his mind for later. He didn't want distractions when he was working on collecting data for a case. It was almost dawn when a young man in the homeless network ran up to him.

Josh was one of his most reliable people on the streets. He was breathless and looked ragged when he ran up to Sherlock. Josh was also one of the people that Sherlock used to keep an eye on John when he was busy. In his annoyance and anger he had forgotten the few people in his network that were instructed to watch the flat if they saw him out on the streets at odd hours.

"Oi where have you been all night?" Josh almost shouted at him as he ran up. "I've been looking everywhere."

"Talking to the others about cases," Sherlock answered unfazed by the breathlessness of the other man.

"Your flatemate's been taken again," he wheezed. He doubled over trying to catch his breath. Sherlock's eyes bugled as he pulled Josh up.

"What?" he almost shouted. Twice in one night was unheard of. Sherlock knew his other cases didn't endanger John either. Most of them were unaware he was even looking for them. He felt his chest tighten a little bit.

"Six men busted into your house. I knew I couldn't take 'em alone... I waited and they brought him out... Drugged 'cause he was carried, but he looked alright. All of 'em were big blokes too except one." He stopped to breathe again.

"What did the other man look like?" Sherlock prompted although he dreaded the answer.

"Small, squirrelly and he had a suit on. A nice suit. He smiled a lot," Josh told him now that he was recovered.

"Moriarty," Sherlock breathed. He grimaced and thanked Josh quickly before he turned back to the street and hailed a cab. He rushed into 221B and ran upstairs. There were only a few signs of a break in before Sherlock reached John's room. There were things thrown everywhere. It was hard to imagine five large men in the room with Moriarty as well. A lamp was knocked off the table and a syringe lay on the floor. Sherlock quickly put it in a plastic bag. What disturbed Sherlock the most was the blood that was on the floor. There was a small trail of blood from the bed to the bedroom door, but it ended there. He took a sample down to the kitchen for analysis. Sherlock dialed Lestrade. He knew he could take care or Moriarty on his own, but if John was in danger he might need help.

"Come on your own." Sherlock told Lestrade when he answered, and hung up the phone. After a quarter of an hour of pacing in the living room, Lestrade showed up in the doorway of the flat.

"What's going on Sherlock," Lestrade was annoyed. It was early in the morning and he had been out the night before cleaning up the mess that Sherlock had made.

"John's been kidnapped."

"Again? Already? He was just picked up last night and I've been working on that since the two of you disappeared off the scene."

"Yes, I know. It is highly unusual, but tonight I have reason to believe that he is actually in danger."

"He is always in danger when someone kidnaps him. No thanks to you," Lestrade accused him and the insult stung a bit.

"I do what I can to keep John as safe as I can." Sherlock told him.

"I don't believe you do enough,"

"I don't need you to believe it. I know it."

"Then why am I here, if your protection keeps John so safe?" Sherlock grimaced.

"I think Moriarty had him and if he does, the less people that are involved, the better."

"What do you need?" Lestrade's demeanor changed dramatically after the mention of Moriarty.

"I need to know which drugs were in the vial and what kind of dirt is in this one. It came out of the shoes of someone that was here. John keeps his shoes downstairs so I doubt it was his. I also need you to work on a sample. Molly can run those tests. I need you to drop them off. While you're gone I'll try to plot out where I think John is. I already have a couple of idea,"

"Based on what?"

"This note," Sherlock held it out. The plastic bag that covered the note created a glare, but that could not hide the bright red streaks of blood that covered the page.

Come and Play a Game. The Winner Keeps Him.

"Its John's blood type and by the amount of blood in the room upstairs I would say he is injured fairly badly. I don't have time to figure out if Moriarty is just playing games or if this is really John's blood. This paper is also special. It could be meant to lead me away from them or deliberately to him. It's heavier than most stores would carry. I've been trying to find a shop that carries something this thick," Sherlock explained. Lestrade looked at Sherlock. His hands were shaking while he held the note and his eyes were wide, almost wild.

"Sherlock, are you going to be ok until I come back?"

"My flatmate has been kidnapped by the man who wants me dead and doesn't care how it happens. I must find a way to stop him. If I want my mind to work, I cannot be distracted by those facts." Sherlock told him. "I will be fine. Call me as soon as you have results."

"Don't leave without me." Lestrade told him. As soon as he latched the door, Sherlock was rushing around the flat. He was almost manic in his movements. He could barely keep his mind on the task he was doing before jumping over to test another theory. Sherlock told Lestrade he would wait but Sherlock planned to leave without him. If he wasn't back before the time Sherlock was ready to leave, he would leave without Lestrade. Moments were precious against Moriarty. He would waste no more than he already had.

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