Chapter 5

John was gagged and bound when he woke up. There was a shooting pain in his head and he was lying on his bad shoulder which made it ache. John realized something was wrong, but his mind was still fuzzy from the drugs. He vaguely remembered having an argument with Sherlock and going to bed. Then the needle prick, hands pulling him out of bed and then he was here. He rolled over off his bad shoulder and onto his back. He head swam and he heard movement from the other side of the room. He saw a face he didn't recognize and then passed out again.

The second time John woke up he was sitting laying on a different floor. There was more light in the room he was in now and he heard voices as the door slammed. The floor was hard but he was laying on his good shoulder this time. His head was much clearer now and his anxiety started to grow as he realized what was going on. He had been kidnapped again. How much time had passed? Where was Sherlock? Where was he? Who kidnapped him this time? John rolled over to see the door that had closed moments ago and hoped he was alone so he could try to escape his bonds. No such luck.

"Ah Johnny boy!" James Moriarty and another man were walking toward him. John cringed involuntarily. The last time he actually saw this man face to face Moriarty had strapped explosive and an earpiece to him. "No no no don't be like that. I want to see the pretty face that my favorite detective has fallen in love with. Sentiment, as he calls it. It is just so dangerous. Too bad it's going to be too much for him to handle this time."

John glared daggers at him, but his mind was racing. Love? Sherlock? What the hell was this maniac talking about?

"Trying to say something?" Moriarty glanced at the henchman who pulled out the gag. John coughed a few times.

"'re wrong." John sputtered out.

"Is that it?" Moriarty rolled his eyes. "Oh you are such a boring little pet!"

The phone in John's pocket trilled. An incoming text message. Moriaty rolled John over and pulled the phone out of his pocket. John rolled himself back over.

"Where are you John?" Moriarty read. "Looks like it's from your boss. Hmmm what should I text back? Let's try….Sorry…a little…tied up at the moment. Don't text me again or crazed criminal shoots…How's that sound?"

"You are insane," John murmured as Moriarty's fingers flew over the keys. The criminal grinned.

"Well of course." The phone remained silent as the moment ticked by. Moriarty sighed. "I already texted Sherlock so he should be on his way to find you soon."

"What do you want?"

"Nothing you can give me. A distraction! To continue the game! He won with Irene and I don't have anyone else to send that's as good as her. So I had to come myself again. Sherlock has to come and play my game. Of course he thinks that I'm going to let you go if he comes, He thinks he can win." Moriarty grinned wickedly. "He's wrong of course. I'll just kill you both if he comes."

John stared at the man as his mind raced with questions. How to escape or warn Sherlock was at the top of the list.

"If you want to just kill us how will that be a distraction. He'll win you know. He beat you last time. He's smarter than you," John challenged.

"So loyal! He won last time? You really think so? Just because you walked out last time? Oh, so cute! It will be too bad to kill you Dr. Watson, but It will make Sherlock so much more fun. We will have to wait and see. In the mean time, Jerry, why don't you have some fun with Dr. Watson? "

Moriarty turned and left the chamber and John heard the man, Jerry apparently, crack his knuckles. John swallowed hard and hoped Sherlock would stay as far away as possible.

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