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Chapter 6

Sherlock had been watching and waiting for Moriarty's return to London. He knew where the warehouse was where they had first taken John. Once he realized John was gone he had quickly deduced which hideout they would most likely use and rushed to get there ahead of them. He expected to have been too late, but he in fact arrived on schedule to see a car pull up. He waited outside on the rooftop as they had dragged him inside. Sherlock had to exert an enormous amount of control in order not to run into the building and grab John. He examined the building for weaknesses, but was sure Moriarty had found all the probable weaknesses there too and had plans for Sherlock to be captured if he exploited any of them.

Just hours after John had been secured there, he was moved to another location. Sherlock had followed the van to another secluded abandoned building in London. The moments ticked away while Sherlock examined the building. It was an old abandoned warehouse that was once used for food storage and shipment. It was even more difficult to get into than the other building would have been. It was set apart from all other buildings on the lot so there was no chance of jumping onto the roof and invading from above. Four guards patrolled the perimeter while a fifth walked from entrance to entrance watching for signs of trouble. Each one had several weapons at their disposal. There was no electricity running into the building and all signs pointed out that it had been abandoned for about five years. There were sure to be freezers inside from the food processing which was where they were most likely keeping John in order to prevent escape or rescue. Tiny bullet proof jail cells. Moriarty would stay in the building in order to catch Sherlock in any attempt of a rescue as well. He wanted to play a game and obviously grabbed John as bait.

Sherlock was worried about this situation. What if John was already dead? Would the interference in their lives stop if Sherlock rescued John this time? What could he do, that he wasn't already, to keep John safe? Sherlock's mobile vibrated in his pocket. He stepped back off the ledge of the roof to answer it.

"Sherlock where are you!? I told you to wait for me. This is dangerous," Lestrade was yelling over the phone.

"I'm fine Lestrade. I'm working on the case." Sherlock told him sounding annoyed. In reality he didn't want Greg anywhere near here. Just leave me be. Just stay away and live another day.

"I have the test results. The blood wasn't John's, but I haven't found the paper yet." Greg explained.

"The blood wasn't John's?" Sherlock was actually surprised.

"Molly thinks it was frozen blood…maybe to make it look like John had fought back?" Lestrade theorized. Sherlock rolled his eyes. He didn't have time for Lestrade's guesses. The blood though bothered him. He should have looked more closely and observed rather than being worried about John.

"The motive of leaving blood was for me to find. I doubt Moriarty expected me to involve the police….he just wants me to play this game." Sherlock mumbled trying to work out the meaning of the fake blood.

"The needle just had a heavy sedative in it. No poison. Molly says it would knock him out for several hours. Up to six maybe and if they keep giving it to him, it will take him a long time to come out of it."

"Moriarty wouldn't be so careless unless he wanted me to know this." Sherlock bit his bottom lip.

"If you didn't involve the police and tested the drug yourself and saw all the blood, what would you have thought?" Lestrade asked. Sherlock went back to the moments at the flat. He was almost in a panic at that moment. He had assumed the blood was John's, a stupid mistake, and wanted the drug tested.

"I would have thought John was drugged and injured. More likely to rush into a trap and, Lestrade, the paper doesn't matter anymore. I've tracked them down for now." Greg sighed. He knew a dismissal when he heard one.

"Sherlock tell me where you are. I can help." Greg pleaded. Sherlock knew Greg was concern, but Sherlock knew involving anyone one else would probably get everyone killed.

"No." Sherlock turned off the phone to ensure Lestrade didn't track him through GPS. He continued to watch the building in order to learn as much as possible before executing his plan. He studied the guards, traffic patterns, security cameras, the type of glass in the windows and he listened. Two hours later he had a plan.

Moriarty expected him to try and sneak in and for John to try to escape. He expected a panicked, emotionally fueled escape plan. He thought back to how much he had to restrain himself at the other building. He grimaced and scolded himself. Emotions…Sherlock checked himself. They were there under the surface but unimportant, for now. Moriarty had probably anticipated a rescue at the previous warehouse and when none came…he left. He took a risk moving John because the outcome wasn't what he anticipated. Sherlock almost jumped up and down with glee. He had Moriarty on edge which gave Sherlock an advantage in this game. With that problem worked out, Sherlock had come up with his own plan. There was one thing that Moriarty could have overlooked. There was only a slim chance it would work, but he had to try. Sherlock knew he could not take out the five armed guards that walked the perimeter of the building. Time was short. Moriarty wanted to play a game, but what if Sherlock refused? It was a risk of his own and it put John in danger until Sherlock could reach him, but it was the best Sherlock had.

Sherlock quickly typed a message to John. The plan was set into motion. He rushed down off the top of the building he was on to get himself in position.

John's POV

"What does it mean?" John blinked a few times at the screen.

The letter A blinked back at him. He continued to stare at it perplexed.

"I don't know…" John wheezed. At this point he was sure a couple of his ribs were broken.

"Tell me!" Moriarty shouted. He snarled at John. "I know you used code words on Irene…so tell me what this means."

Moriarty was right of course. John was going over the dozen or so words that they had agreed on ages ago to help get them out of trouble. None of them had been a single letter though. None of them even started with A! John continued to sift through his memories to come up with the real meaning of the text. It didn't help his head was pounding from drugs and punches.

"I'm telling you I don't know what it means." John insisted growing frustrated. Moriarty leaned into his face. His face twisted from a scowl to the crazed smile again.

"I'm sure Sherlock will be launching the brilliant plan now. TELL ME WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO!" John was tired of the crazed man yelling in his face.

"I'm sure you have already anticipated this. If you are so brilliant, figure it out." John spat the last part as an insult. Moriarty turned and glared at the guards.

"I want a full sweep of the building and the surrounding ones. GO GO GO!" The men left. All of them pivoted and ran to follow orders. He turned back to John smiling. "Now we are going to have a little chat until Sherlock gets here."

John grimaced and hoped Sherlock was on the other side of the world and not trying to sneak into this building which was full of men ready to kill him. He was lost in thought again about how to try and take advantage while they were alone when Moriarty poked him in the ribs. John cringed. How many times had Jerry kicked him there in the last hour? John was sure one of his arms was fractured or broken and his head hurt like hell. His whole body was aching from laying on the ground on his back shoulder. He didn't want to listen to his keeper any longer. He wished at that moment he could will himself to pass out.

"Shall I send him another text? Hurry Sherlock John is bleeding to death. Hurry Sherlock, John is suffocating on his own vomit because of the drugs I've given him…." The possibilities rolled off the consulting criminal's tongue. He continued to dance around John as he talked and tried to decide which one would be the best one.

"I don't think the text will be necessary, but thank you for the thought," Sherlock's voice rang out across the room. Moriarty snapped his head up and grinned at Sherlock. The detective was pointing a gun at Moriarty. James Moriarty began to giggle. Relief and horror washed through John.

"See Johnny! I told you he would come!"

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