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I anxiously check my phone for Bella's text indicating her plane has landed. It's scheduled to arrive on time, but I arrived at baggage claim thirty minutes early just in case.

Saying goodbye to her immediately after we reunited, only holding her for a few minutes, was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. Since Bella was already running late for the airport, there was no extra time we could squeeze out of our reunion, so we quickly exchanged numbers, and she promised to call me when her plane landed in New York. I barely lasted twenty minutes before texting her.

Your mom used to call you Bellarie … Does she still?

LOL…yes! Thankfully she doesn't pull out the Bella Marie anymore;) xo

That's pretty much how the entire week went. Every spare moment we had, we were sending each other questions—rediscovering each other one text at a time.

Do you still love chocolate ice cream with cake smashed up in it? xo

Is there another way? Of course! But my favorite is rocky road now.

Noted. Favorite movie?

Easy! Dazed and Confused – it's a cult classic!


What's yours?

Don't laugh… but The Princess Bride.

As you wiiiish!

Gah! See! Epic movie! Though I have to confess, Billy Madison is a close second. The bathtub scene kills me every time.

LOL Stop looking at me swan!

That's how they started out at least. Over the past two days, our texts have turned a little explicit—okay, a lot explicit. Once we started talking about the dreams she detailed in her journal, there was no stopping the subtle innuendo that quickly turned into full-on sexting.

Bella's taken delight in torturing me with her dirty texts but proved that she was as affected by them as I was when she convinced Jasper and Alice to wait until five to have their welcome home barbeque. That gives us one hour alone, and I don't plan on wasting a second of it. I've been sporting a half-woody since I woke up this morning, and the text I woke up to only made matters worse.

Eat lots of pineapple for breakfast … ;) xo

Please tell me you're suggesting road head.

Mebbeh ;-x

Before I allow my thoughts to return to our drive home, my phone vibrates and I hold myself back from tearing through the security checkpoint when I see Bella's text.

Just landed! Taxiing to our gate! You here? Can't wait! xo

Yep! Waiting at baggage claim. I considered buying a ticket to meet you at the gate ;)

Ha! I wouldn't have been all that surprised! Just pulled up… see you in a few. xo

I don't bother responding, figuring she's probably already tucked her phone away though my finger twitches over the phone in my pocket so I don't miss a vibration.

Several minutes later, people start filing through security and surrounding the baggage carousel. I inch closer but try to stay out of the way of everyone jockeying position. The anticipation of finally seeing Bella again increases exponentially as each person passes by me.

Finally, her bouncing head pops into view, and I can tell she's scanning the crowd for me. When her eyes meet mine, it's as if everything else disappears. I can feel the string that connects us, pulling us closer together and even though it's unnecessary, I raise my hand to wave.

Her face lights up as she picks up speed, doing that half-run half-walk thing, while trying not to knock down other passengers. At last she's through security, and within three quick steps we're standing in front of one another. She's dressed casually again in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt with a picture of three sets of feet en pointe. (This is not information I would have known a week ago, by the way.) Two are wearing ballet flats while the one in the middle has on a pair of chucks. The caption reads: "Be Original." A huge smile breaks out on my face. This shirt could have been made with her in mind.

After seven days of waiting and teasing each other, Bella is finally in front of me, and I can't tear my eyes off of her long enough to greet her properly. When she breathes, "Hi," she finally brings me out of my stupor, and I chuckle at my awkwardness and hold my arms open. Dropping her book bag to the ground, she jumps into my arms. I crush her against me just as tightly as she squeezes my neck, and I feel my entire body relax. Burying my face in the crook of her neck, I breathe in her scent and lock it to memory. My mind is fighting with itself—part of me wanting to kiss her and the other not wanting to let her go long enough to do so.

Ultimately, my need to kiss her wins out, and I set her back on the ground. Keeping my arms around her, I lean down to finally brush my lips against hers again. Just as I open my mouth to deepen the kiss, I hear, "Bella?"

Groaning, I look up to see a tall, shaggy-haired blond guy who looks like he took one too many steroids.

"James … hi!" Bella says, unwinding herself from me.

That's not good.

And who the fuck is James?

"Hey! I thought that was you sitting in front of me in the plane, but I didn't want to make a fool of myself if it was someone else," he says, going in for a hug.

Stubbornly, I refuse to let go of Bella, so she ends up accepting an awkward one-armed hug.

"So, were you visiting your parents?" he asks, not yet acknowledging my presence.

"Yep, for a whole week. It was nice," she comments before gesturing to me. "James, this is Edward…"

"Her boyfriend," I say, holding my hand out to shake his.

"Yes, my boyfriend. Edward, this is James. We dated when I first started at Northwestern," Bella says as she side-eyes me with a smile on her face.

So this is the ex she told me about while we were chatting over the past week. Like mine, Bella's dating resume is fairly small, and apparently this is the only guy who managed to stick with her for more than a couple months. She admitted that it simply became convenient to stay with him after a certain point, but she eventually put an end to the relationship.

"Nice to meet you, James," I say as he squeezes my hand just a little too hard.

"You too, man." Turning back to Bella, he says, "Well, it was good seeing you again. My brother's supposed to be here somewhere, so I guess I'll see you around?"

"Sure thing. See you later." He glances briefly at me, and I give him a two-finger wave, ready for him to be gone.

The moment clearly ruined, Bella rolls her eyes at my pouty face and pulls me to the baggage carousel. I follow behind her, reining in my desire to scoop her up and run to my car without the bag. I'll be happy to buy her new luggage.

Fortunately, Bella spots her bag right away, and I grab it quickly and head toward the exit, passing James who's standing with his luggage in one hand and his phone in the other. Bella gives him a small wave as I lean down and whisper in her ear, "There's a chance I had pineapple salad for breakfast this morning," I pause before adding, "and washed it down with a glass of pineapple juice."

Bella bursts out laughing, and when she looks at me, I can see the mischief in her eyes. "Oh, reallyful?"

Smirking, I nod. "Reallyful." I stop walking and pull her closer to me, bending down to finally greet her properly.

Just as my tongue swipes at her bottom lip, we're interrupted again. "Bella!"


She gives me a small peck before plastering a smile on her face and turning toward James. "Yeah?"

"Sorry. I hate to bother you guys, but could you please give me a ride? My brother can't make it."

Bella glances at me, her bottom lip between her teeth, and as much as I want to tell this guy to go fuck himself or at least call a cab, I simply nod my head, hoping he lives in my neighborhood so we don't lose much time.

"Thanks, man. I appreciate it," he says. Sighing, I grab Bella's hand, and we start across the parking lot.

As it turns out, James lives so far away, I end up navigating Chicago's streets for almost an hour while James natters on about whatever random shit happens to pop into his head. I'd be grateful for the break in conversation every time he accepts a phone call if he'd actually use his phone, but apparently, he thinks he's protecting the President and pops his Bluetooth into his ear so he has to yell his entire conversation from the backseat.

I'm in such a foul mood by the time we drop James off, Bella doesn't even try to engage me as we drive to Jasper's, choosing to play Candy Crush on her phone instead to allow me time to cool down. As soon as I park the car, I unbuckle my seatbelt and lean over the console, slipping my hand behind Bella's ear and cupping her neck as my fingers slide through her hair. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have let him ruin our trip home. Can I please get a proper kiss now?"

Bella hooks her hand on my wrist and smiles at me with bright eyes. "Of course. I'm sorry, too. I didn't know he lived all the way out there."

"It's fine. It's over with now. Just kiss me. Please."

Bella leans forward and gently grazes my lips with hers. Her tongue slides across my bottom lip, and I gladly open to let her in just as there's a loud banging on my car window.

Groaning, I drop my head and mutter, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

"Break it up, lovebirds!" Alice chirps from outside. "You have all weekend together, and you're already thirty minutes late. The beer's getting warm. Chop chop!"

"You have a fridge for that!" I yell back at her.

Giggling, Bella places a quick kiss on the top of my head before getting out of the car and following Alice inside. When I join everyone on the back deck, beer in hand, Jasper smirks in my direction and raises his eyebrows. Apparently this is his couth way of asking how things went with Bella after I picked her up. Sighing, I shake my head and look at Bella.

"Have you told Alice that James asked about her while we were driving him back to his house in bum-fucking Egypt?"

She rolls her eyes at me again and laughs. "Not yet. I was just getting to that part, but thank you for reminding me."

"Why on earth did you drive him home?" Jasper asks as I sit in one of their deck chairs and watch him place marinated chicken on the grill.

Bella chimes in as she threads her fingers through my hair. "His brother was supposed to pick him up, but he ran off the road and got a flat tire on the way to the airport. He was on my flight, and we ran into each other as we were deplaning, so when he found out his brother couldn't come, he asked us for a ride." I lean into her touch immediately, silently pleading for more.

"So, wait," Alice starts, "you guys haven't been out of the car since you left the airport?"

"No, so thank you for interrupting us outside," Bella says, smirking at her friend.

Jasper glances at me and laughs. "No wonder you look so pissed off. I feel like I should offer you our bed."

"Gross, Jasper. They're adults. I think they can wait a few more hours," Alice chides.

I grab Bella's hand and tug her onto my lap. Her ass rubs against my ever-present semi when she's around, and I hold back a groan. Sensing my discomfort, she wraps one arm around my neck and leans down to whisper in my ear. "I don't know about you, but I'm thinking Alice doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. Meet me in the bathroom?"

My dick stirs as her lips graze against my ear, and I take in the full meaning behind her words. "Fuck yes," I whisper.

"I'll slip away as soon as I can," she says before biting my ear.

"You two are so damn adorable, it's not even funny," Alice comments as she eyes our whispered conversation. "I can't believe you knew each other when you were kids. That's some crazy shit."

"Seriously," Jasper speaks up, "all this time and I never knew my parents live in your old house. What're the odds? Edward and I dismissed the idea completely the day he moved in because it seemed so far-fetched."

Bella looks down at me. "You knew the day you moved in?"

"Not at all," I answered. "When Jasper mentioned your name was Bella, I immediately thought of you, but we figured the chances of there being two Bellas were greater than you being the same person."

"Yeah, it is a pretty big leap, I guess. I'm glad you guys were wrong though," she says with a wiggle of her hips.

"How much longer until the chicken is ready, babe?" Alice interrupts. "The vegetable packets need to cook about twenty minutes."

"Bring them out now," Jasper says as he moves the chicken around the grill.

Bella kisses my temple before getting off my lap. "I'm going to help Alice and then go freshen up."

Jasper eyes me as the girls step inside the kitchen. "I'd be a mess if I were you, man."

Snorting, I glare at him. "What makes you think I'm not? I wanted to hand the guy all of the cash I had and tell him to take a cab, but what was I gonna do?"

When the girls return with the food, Bella immediately heads back inside while casually tossing a wink in my direction. My mind starts working in overtime trying to figure out how I can get away without being obvious when suddenly my phone rings.

I'm so distracted, I don't even look at the caller ID, so I'm surprised when I hear Bella's voice on the other end. "Pretend I'm your mom, and excuse yourself to talk to me."

"Hey, Mom." I hold up one finger to Jasper and Alice while motioning inside. "You're fucking brilliant," I tell Bella as I walk through the house.

"I know. Now get your sexy ass in here!" she says before hanging up.

My phone is in my pocket, and I'm opening the bathroom door within seconds. I don't waste any time; with two long strides, I'm at her side, gripping her waist and lifting her to the middle of the double sinks. I crash my mouth down against hers, and my tongue forces its way inside her mouth. I'm so wound up from a week of teasing foreplay and now hours of built up sexual tension, I forget to be gentle. My hands are squeezing her hips, my teeth are clashing against hers, my tongue is exploring her mouth, and my cock is rubbing up against her belly in an effort to find some kind of release.

I slip my hands beneath her shirt and groan at the first touch of the smooth skin covering her ribcage. Bella raises her arms over her head and tears her mouth away from mine. "Off," she demands. "Hurry up. They're gonna figure it out soon, and I don't trust Alice enough not to interrupt us!"

"She wouldn't dare," I gasp, pulling Bella's shirt off as my eyes roam over her body.

Bella unhooks her bra and tosses it to the floor. Her hands reach for my pants and she yanks me forward, already working on the button. I close my mouth around her nipple and suck it in, causing Bella to moan loudly.

Bella unzips my pants and shoves her hand inside my boxers, then takes my cock in her hand, squeezing it lightly as she pumps up and down a few times. "Fuck," I mutter. "For the record, I didn't imagine our first time like this, though I'm thinking they're close enough we might be able to mark exhibitionism off our to-do list."

Bella pumps me again while pushing my jeans and boxers down my legs. "I kind of love how our first time isn't sappy and romantic. This story is much more interesting … it goes right along with how we fell in love." She squeezes my cock and grins. "Hard and fast."

"Oh god," I groan and look down to see a bead of cum leaking out of my tip. Leaning into her, I kiss her again as I unbutton her jeans. I break our kiss to pull them off along with her lacey panties and grab a condom from my wallet while I'm at it. Pulling her to the edge of the counter, I lean in and kiss her again, groaning when her legs wrap around my waist pulling me closer.

I slip my hand between us and slide one finger into her wet pussy, but her teeth pull at my bottom lip, and she practically begs, "Please, I'm ready."

Making fast work of the condom, I line myself up and slowly sink into her. Despite Bella's instructions of hard and fast, I hold still for a moment when our hips meet, and kiss her gently, savoring finally being able to be inside her.

When Bella's hands travel down to grab my ass and then tug me forward though, I give her exactly what she wants. Bella leans back on the sink, angling herself so she can push back against my thrusts. I'm already teetering on the edge as I watch my dick slide in and out of her, so when her fingers find her clit and start rubbing in circles, I drag my eyes away. Unfortunately for my stamina, my gaze lands on her face.

Her cheeks are tinged pink, and her lips are slightly parted as she lets out strangled whimpers, obviously trying to stay quiet. It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, and instantly I commit it to memory. I feel Bella clench around me as she lets out a small gasp, so I flick her hand away and take over her ministrations myself. She grips my shoulder with one hand while I pick up my pace and rub her clit as fast as I can. Bella's eyes squeeze shut, and she sits up to wrap her arms completely around me, her mouth open in a silent scream while her orgasm streaks through her. Her entire body is trembling, and my dick is aching as she spasms around me.

When she's finally calmed down, I pick up my pace again while she mumbles incoherently against my neck as she kisses and licks every inch of skin she can reach. Within a couple of minutes, I'm right back on the edge, and my orgasm overtakes my entire body, blinding me as I teeter on the edge of reality and fucking perfect fantasy.

Breathing heavily, we stay wrapped around each other for a few moments before I kiss the side of her mouth and slip out of her to dispose of the condom.

"Fucking hell," Bella says, "that was hot."

A huge smile takes over my face, and I grip her hips again and lean in for a kiss. She laughs and offers me one more kiss before hopping off the counter. There's a knock on the door just as we start pulling on our clothes, and Alice's voice filters through. "I know what you guys are doing. You have five minutes before the food is ready. I will come in if you're not down there in time!"

"Sorry, Alice!" I call out feebly. "Be right down!"

I can't bring myself to regret what just happened though because when I look down at Bella, she's practically glowing as she wraps her arms around my waist and buries her face in my chest. "Maybe this is one story we don't tell the grandkids," she mumbles.

Laughing again, I kiss the top of her head and squeeze her tightly. "Bet your pretty ass they'll never hear this story. Nah, the only thing they need to know is that I found my soul mate when I was just five years old."