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Logan and Nicole were now on Logan's bed in his room.

"Logan?" She asks. "Yes?" Logan replies looking up from his phone. "When I was a little girl,what did I want to be when I grew up?"
Logan sighed, "Why?" He asked in curiousity locking his phone and putting it away in his pocket.
"Well...now that I know my past,well what you told me,I want to know. I wanna figure out some things,if you're willing to help. Right now,in this life,I searched and looked over some medical things. It seems like I want a career in medecine,being a doctor." Nicole said with a smile on her face. Logan returned it, "Wow. One day in school,Mrs . Greene our second grade teacher,asked us all to write down a paragraph of what we want to be when we grew up and why. We always sat by each other,so you kept asking me to help you with what you could be." He remembered that day crystal clear,

"Okay,class!" Mrs . Greene began, "today I want you all to write down,in a paragraph,what you all want to be when you grow up and why you want to be that. No less than five sentences! Remember what I told you!"
As Mrs . Greene explained more about how to remember to use correct punctuation and such,Logan was at his desk already scibbling on the paper he got from his binder. He always knew what he wanted to be.
A doctor.
He loved how fufilling it sounded,and overall he just wanted to give to people in need. Next to him,Nicole sat staring at a blank piece of paper. Logan just wrote and wrote his little heart out. It was much,much longer than five sentences. The teachers always appreciated how Logan was always so clear with his writing. Mostly why he was such a good student,and every teacher adored him.
Nicole sighed,and tapped Logan on the arm, "Logan..." She whispered. He just kept writing. "Loooogaann." She whispered a little louder. He wouldn't listen. Nicole snatched his pencil away,and held it up by her side that Logan wasn't by. "Nicole! Give me my pencil!" Logan yelled in his whisper. "Noo. I need help,Logie." She said pointing at her paper with her free hand. "I told you not to call me that! You know I hate it!" Logan whined. "I need help. That's all I'm asking. I'm sorry I called you Logie." She replied smiling. Logan sighed,and knew he would always give in. "How can I help you..." He said emotionless. "What should I be when I grow up?" Nicole asked. "I dunno. What do you think you'd like?" He replied. Nicole just shrugged her shoulders. Logan gave her some suggestions,until Nicole asked him, "What do you wanna be?" "A doctor." Logan replied without hesitation. She smiled at him,and gave his pencil back. She picked hers up and started writing. As she was writing,she spoke up in a whisper loud enough for Logan to hear her, "We'll be doctor buddies then."

Nicole smiled at how Logan spoke so detailed while telling her his story. "Really?" Nicole asked hopefully. "Yup! After school you started getting interested in it,and asking me a bunch of questions of it. Ever since then you've stuck to it. Even now,I guess." He replied.
"Well. I will stick to it. I will be your doctor buddy,as long as you're still up for it." Nicole rose her eyebrow at him. He laughed, "Of course I'll still be your doctor buddy!" He rose a hand up for a high-five which Nicole gladly gave.
"Okay. Can we talk more about this later? Because I was kind of hoping we could go to my house now..." Nicole said stretching out the word now waiting for a response from Logan.
He got up and looked down at her, "Let's go."

As Logan drove up to Nicole's driveway,he knew she was worried and nervous. Just by one look at her,Logan said, "Nicky,it's gonna be okay." Nicole looked over to him and smiled. She got out of his car and went over to Logan's side. "What?" Logan asked locking his car doors. Nicole grabbed his hand, "Thanks for coming with me." Logan smiled and intertwined his fingers with hers, "Anytime."
They walked up to her front door. Nicole tried to open the door,but it was locked. She sighed and knocked.
Her dad comes and answers the door, "Honey!" He exclaims a bit smiling,but his smile fades away when he sees Logan. Holding hands with his little girl. "And who is this young man?" He asks.
"Dad...this is Logan." Nicole said uneasily. He just nodded his head while Logan was getting more uncomforatable by the second.
"Hi,sir." Logan said lifting out his free hand. Nicole's father crossed his arms, "Please. Call me Mr . Shaw."
"Dad." Nicole said sternly,pushing him aside and leading Logan inside her home. Mr . Shaw catches up to them,sits down at their dinner table where Nicole's mother is. Nicole in front her dad,and Logan in front of her mom. "So. This is the boy you spent the night with?" Mr . Shaw asks. "Okay,dad. We didn't do anything! We're not even dating." Nicole says raising her hands up. "At least not yet..." Logan mutters under his breath. Nicole shoots him a glare.
"Nicole?" Her mom speaks up. Nicole looks over to her, "I'm not mad at you,mom. If that's what you're thinking." "Honey,I'm so sorry. I snapped for no reason." She replied. "Its okay. But I came here for a reason." Nicole said quietly. "And that reason is?" Mrs . Shaw asks.
Nicole takes a deep breath, "Logan told me everything. He told me about the wreck." Mr . Shaw gets up from his seat filled with anger, "How dare you do that! You have no right!" He exclaims. "Leonard! Calm down! I told him to." Mrs . Shaw says,tears in her eyes. Mr . Shaw looks down at her,still standing, "Sandra,why? I underdstand we had to tell Nicole at some point but,why this kid?" Mrs . Shaw leans over the table and grabs Logan's hand, "Because this kid is Logan Mitchell." Nicole's father slowly backs down into his seat, "Mitchell?" He asks softly. "Yes. Son of Joanna Mitchell." Logan answers. Mrs . Shaw lets go of Logan's hand and turns her head to her husband. "I'm sorry,Logan." Mr . Shaw begins, "We expected to tell Nicole on her eighteenth birthday. I guess we won't have to anymore." Logan just smiles, "Nicole? Isn't there something you'd like to say?" He asks laying his hand on her shoulder. "Yeah...I know you aren't my real parents now but,I know I wouldn't ask for my past back. This life I have right now,is more than enough. You both are my parents,and I want to let you know that I don't ever want that to change." She says smiling. Her mom gets up and goes over to her side and imedietley gives her a huge hug. No words were said.
That's exactly how she wanted it to be.

After Nicole had shared more of her thoughts,and hugs,with her parents she explained that she would want Logan to help her with her past. Just not the accident part. Her parents agreed that would be a good idea for Nicole. They were going to go to the doctor's office in a couple of weeks for a checkup on her,and possibly some reccomended meetings for the family. Everything was normal,well for Nicole it was a new better normal. Nicole was having a talk with her mom,while her dad thought it was fine and dandy to have a man-to-man talk with Logan. Nicole was pretty sure it was "The Talk."

About after two hours of being at Nicole's home,she thought she should head back to Logan's for her things.
"Well...that went smoothly." Logan said as they were on the way back to his house. "It actually did." Nicole replied. Logan chuckled. "Thanks for being there,Loges." Nicole said softly. Logan pulled one hand off of the steering wheel,and reached for Nicole's hand, "Like I said before,and will say many times more,anything for you."

Logan was leaning on the doorway of the room Nicole slept in. He watched sadly as she slipped one strap of her backpack onto her shoulder,and looked up at him. "I'm gonna miss you being here. No one's gonna make me breakfast like you." He said a bit pouty. "Oh,so you were just using me for breakfast?" Nicole asked putting one hand on her hip. Logan laughed, "Maybe." He went over to her,and wrapped his arms around her for a hug. "It's not like I'll never come back here."Nicole said giving him a hug back. "Oh,you are coming back here every day you're free." He replied. She smiled into his shoulder. "Oh!" Logan exclaimed pulling away from Nicole. "What?" she asked. "I was wondering,since you're okay with your parents,and you're giving me a chance..." "Go on..." Nicole said suspiciously. "Would you mind going out with me Friday night?" He said rubbing the back of his neck. Nicole stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek, "Of course I'll go out with you,Logie."

Logan drove Nicole back to her place,and led her to her doorstep like a cheesy gentleman. He gave her one last hug before letting her go inside. As he was heading back to his car,Nicole ran up to him, "Logan!" He turned around to meet Nicole in a gigantic hug. "I'll be at your house tomorrow. Just because. Text me."She whispered in his ear. Logan kissed the top of her head, "Perfect." He whispered back.

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