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"Oh Jeffy, the Spanish Steps are so beautiful!" Nick gushed as they walked into their hotel room.

"Italy is so romantic, Nick. I love it here so much!" Jeff said, instantly pulling Nick into his arms the minute the door closed behind them.

"Especially Milan. What a beautiful city," Nick said and smiled up at his husband and kissed his lips tenderly. Jeff moaned into their passionate kiss. Nick smirked against Jeff's lips and walked back to the bed, pulling Jeff along with him by the belt loops. Jeff willingly followed and they both plopped back on the bed. Jeff crawled on top of Nick and straddled his waist, putting pressure down on him, earning a moan from Nick.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Jeff pulled away and groaned as their laptop beeped; alerting them that someone was trying to Skype with them. Nick sighed and sat up as Jeff went over to bring the laptop to the bed.

"It's Logan," Jeff said, hitting the accept button. After a few minutes of focusing, they could finally see Logan sitting at home at the kitchen table.

"Hey guys! Hope I wasn't interrupting anything!" Logan said.

"Almost…" Jeff mumbled before Nick elbowed his side.

"Are they on?" both men could hear coming from behind the camera on the other end.

"Is that Lydia?" Jeff asked. Logan smiled and nodded. Lydia sat down next to Logan and waved to the men in Italy.

"Hey guys!" Lydia greeted.

"Hey! So do we have any news?" Nick asked hopefully.

"Maybe…" Lydia said, biting her lip.

"Ready to hear it guys?" Logan asked and both men on the other end nodded.

"Well…I'm officially pregnant with your second child!" Lydia announced. Both Nick and Jeff bounced up with joy at the news.

"That's amazing!" Jeff exclaimed happily.

"That's so great! Thank you so much! Again!" Nick said, hugging Jeff tightly. Jeff hugged Nick back just as tightly.

"We're gonna be daddies again!" Jeff practically squealed.

"Daddies?!" Both Nick and Jeff heard coming from the other end of the call. They both grinned when they saw their little Luke crawling into the picture.

"Hey there, big boy!" Jeff chimed, smiling at the sight of his son.

"Daddies! I miss you!" Luke called, attempting to hug the laptop in front of him.

"We miss you too, pup! But we'll see you real soon!" Nick told him.

"I w-want you come home…" Luck said with his nose sniffling slightly.

Both Nick and Jeff could feel their hearts break at the sound of their son's words. He misses them so much. They miss him too but it's nice to have a little alone time with each other.

"We will, honey. We'll be home before you know it," Jeff comforted his son.

"Pwomise?" Luke asked with a pout, sticking his lower lip out.

"We promise, baby boy. We miss you too," Jeff assured him.

Luke nodded and gave his daddies a little smile.

"Why don't you say goodnight to your daddies now because it's time for you to get in bed," Lydia said, patting Luke on the top of his head.

"No wanna… Uncle Logan, I gotta sleep?" Luke asked, looking up at his uncle next to him.

"Yeah buddy, you've got to sleep. We promised you could say hi to your daddies and then it was bed time. Now go with Aunt Lydia, okay? But first blow daddies kisses," Logan instructed, pulling Luke up on his lap.

Luke grinned at his dads and blew them a big kiss. Both Nick and Jeff smiled adoringly at their young son and each blew him a kiss back as well. Luke giggled and waved at them.

"Okay sweetie, bed time. Go with Aunt Lydia," Nick told Luke. "We love you very much."

"I love you too, daddies!" Luke called.

"Goodnight sport, we'll see you soon," Jeff said. Luke nodded and climbed off of Logan's lap, taking Lydia's hand and walking down the hallway to his room. Logan turned back to look at the men on the screen.

"So I take it you guys are excited about the new addition?" Logan asked.

"We're ecstatic!" Nick said.

"We couldn't be happier," Jeff said, pulling Nick's hand up to his lips and kissing the back of his hand.

"So do you want a girl or another boy?" Logan asked.

"It doesn't really matter to me. If we have a girl then it's equal, one and one. But if we have a boy, its two brothers like you and Jeff. I like whichever," Nick said with a shrug of one shoulder.

"I don't really mind either. I'll love it just as much no matter what it is," Jeff said with a smile. Nick looked over adoringly at his husband.

"What?" Jeff asked Nick with a smile, looking over at him, noticing he was being watched.

Nick grinned and kisses Jeff hard on the lips. Jeff smirked and kissed Nick back with the same intensity.

"Whoa guys! I'm still here!" Logan reminded them.

"Stay, go, whichever…" Jeff mumbled as he pushed Nick down on his back and straddled him again.

"Gross!" Logan called before ending the Skype call.

"Lydia…we have a very important question to ask you. And we don't really want an answer yet, we want you to think about it, okay?" Jeff asked one night about three months ago.

"Yeah, sure guys. What's up?" Lydia asked, sitting down on the couch across from her cousin and his husband.

The men had invited her over for dinner that night and were planning on asking her something very important.

"Well, we've been talking a lot lately and we've decided that we would like to have another child," Nick started off.

Lydia grinned.

"Oh please, oh please let me be the surrogate mommy!" Lydia blurted out without thinking, covering her mouth with her hands instantly once she realized what she said.

"Oh guys, I didn't mean to, I'm… Wait… I-Is that what you were going to ask me?" Lydia asked cautiously.

"Um…y-yeah actually…" Jeff says with a chuckle, rubbing the back of his head.

"Surprise," Nick said with a chuckle of his own.

Lydia's smile was from ear to ear.

"Oh guys, I'd love to! I'd be so honored! Yes! A million times, yes!" Lydia exclaimed, jumping up and into the men's laps.

Both of them laughed and caught her.

"Guess this baby is biologically Nick's?" Lydia asked, looking up at the two.

"Yep, all mine," Nick said.

"Hey now. All ours!" Jeff said, nudging Nick's side. Nick chuckled and pressed a kiss to Jeff's cheek.

"All ours, babe," Nick said in agreement.

A few weeks after returning from Italy it was time for Nick and Jeff to accompany Lydia to her first gynecological appointment. They were very excited because this would be the first time they could see an ultrasound of their baby. Neither of them could stop gushing to the people at work about them going later that day to see it.

"Lydia Sterling?" the nurse asked, stepping into the waiting room.

Lydia looked up and smiled nervously. She stood up and both men stood up with her. Lydia grabbed Jeff's hand and made her way over to the nurse with the both of them.

"Is this the father?" the nurse asked, bringing them back to the examining room and referring to Jeff.

"Oh, no," Lydia said with a chuckle. "I'm their surrogate and that one is the biological father."

Lydia gestured towards Nick who smiled bashfully.

"Well it's nice to meet all of you," the nurse said kindly and began to set up the equipment for the ultrasound.

Lydia sat up on the table and pulled up her shirt to reveal her stomach. The nurse positioned Lydia's clothing where they needed just as the doctor came in.

"Hello there, Lydia! It's nice to see you! This must be your cousin and his husband that you were telling me about," the doctor said.

"Yes, this is them! This is Jeff, my cousin, and his husband Nick," Lydia told the doctor, pointing at them respectively.

"It's nice to meet the both of you. I'm doctor Ingles, Lydia's obstetrician for this pregnancy," Dr. Ingles said, shaking both Nick and Jeff's hands.

"It's nice to meet you, doctor," Jeff said.

"Yes, very," Nick agreed.

"You have a wonderful surrogate. Her pregnancy is going wonderful thus far," Dr. Ingles told them with a smile as she put her latex gloves on.

Both men smiled at that information.

"Are you ready, Lydia?" Dr. Ingles asked, turning the machine on and getting the gel ready.

"Sure am," Lydia said with a smile. Dr. Ingles put the gel on Lydia's stomach and began to move the prod around to find the right spot where you could see the baby.

"Will you all want to know the sex of the baby?" Dr. Ingles asked.

"No, we want it to be a surprise," Nick said with a smile as Jeff wrapped an arm around him.

"That's fine, not a problem. Ah! There it is. Look right up there on the screen. There's your baby," Dr. Ingles said with a smile.

All three of them looked up at the screen. They could all make out the little head and body.

"It's our baby, Jeffy," Nick said with a teary smile.

"It's so beautiful… I really hate calling it "it" but I can't think of anything else," Jeff said. Nick chuckled and pressed a kiss to Jeff's shoulder before turning to look back at the screen.

"If you're very quiet you'll be able to hear the heartbeat," Dr. Ingles said and suddenly the room was silent. Then you could hear the little steady thump. The distinct beat of a heart.

"T-That's our baby, Jeffy…" Nick said, clinging to Jeff. "We can hear it."

"I know, Nicky. It's beautiful," Jeff said, holding Nick close to him.

"Beautiful," Nick repeated.

"Daddies!" Luke yelled, running towards them at the door.

"Luke!" Jeff called back, scooping Luke up in his arms.

"I miss you!" Luke said, hugging Jeff tightly around his neck.

"We missed you too, pup," Nick said, rubbing Luke's back.

Luke looked up at Nick and wrapped one arm around Nick's neck, pulling both of his dads close to him. Nick looked over at Jeff, being able to tell something was up with their son. He wasn't normally this clingy. He usually hugged them hello and then went on his way to play again. But now he wasn't letting go of either of them. Jeff shared the same expression on his face that Nick had.

Just then Logan came walking out of the hallway, trailing behind Luke. Jeff looked up at him and raised his eyebrows as if to ask what was wrong with Luke. Logan motioned with his head for Jeff to step to the side so he could talk to him. Jeff nodded and kissed the side of Luke's head.

"Let daddy hold you for a minute, okay? I'm going to talk to Uncle Logan for a minute, okay?" Jeff said, trying to pry Luke off of him.

"No!" Luke called and tightened his grip on the both of them.

"Honey, you've got me. I'm right here, okay? I'll hold you," Nick said, gently taking Luke into his arms, freeing Jeff. Luke nodded and buried his head into Nick's neck.

"Don't let me go, daddy…" Luke mumbled. Nick nodded and rubbed Luke's back gently.

"I won't, baby. I promise," Nick told his son.

Jeff walked over with Logan into the kitchen, Jeff still standing in the doorway so Luke could still see him. He didn't want to be out of view and cause Luke to go into some sort of panic.

Jeff learned this from when Logan was little. There was a period after Logan had had a nightmare about Jeff getting eaten by a monster that Logan wouldn't let Jeff out of his sight. Logan was only about four and Jeff was seven. Jeff found it annoying at first but then eventually realized how scared Logan actually was and started to assure him that he was okay. If Jeff had to go to the bathroom Logan would press his ear up against the door of the bathroom to make sure he could hear if monsters came up the drain of the tub. And if Logan had to use the bathroom, Jeff had to come. Jeff hated it but if he didn't Logan would throw a fit. Jeff hoped Luke hadn't had a nightmare while they were gone but he didn't know what else could be troubling his three year old son.

"What's going on?" Jeff asked quietly. Logan sighed and ran a hand threw his hair.

"Well, you know he was asleep when you left but when he woke up he asked where you were. I reminded him that you and Nick went with Lydia to see the pictures of the baby in her tummy. He asked if he would have to live with the baby once it was born or if it would live with Lydia and I told him it would live here with us. Then he got upset and said that everyone would love the new baby more than him because it was newer. I tried my best to convince him otherwise but I just couldn't…" Logan said with a sigh and Jeff could see his desperation.

"Hey, it's okay man," Jeff said, patting Logan on the shoulder. "Me and Nick will talk to him, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Logan said.

"I know how he feels," Jeff said with a wink, making Logan chuckle. Logan had been told many times how Jeff protested when he found out he was going to have a baby brother. But once he found out that he could blame things on him, he loved being a big brother. So Jeff was sure he could get through to little Luke, especially since he was about the same age that Jeff was when their mom was pregnant with Logan.

Jeff and Logan walked back out into the living room where Nick was still rocking Luke in his arms.

"Hey buddy, wanna come have a talk with me and daddy in your room?" Jeff asked, placing his hand on Luke's back and rubbing small circles. Luke looked up at Jeff with red, puffy eyes and nodded.

The three of them walked into Luke's room and sat down on his new big boy bed. Luke crawled over to Jeff's lap and curled up in a ball.

Nick looked up at Jeff and mouthed to him, "What's going on?"

"Someone tells me that Luke doesn't want to be a big brother," Jeff tells Nick, saying it in almost a babying voice to capture Luke's attention. Luke looked up at his daddies while sniffling and nodded.

"Aw, why's that honey?" Nick asked while rubbing Luke's back.

"You no love me as much as baby…" Luke said as a few tears trickle down.

"What? Honey, no that's not true," Nick said, frowning immediately.

"It's not true at all. You are our first born; we will always love you no matter what. No other baby that could come along will make us not love you. You are our baby boy," Jeff said, pressing a kiss to the top of Luke's head.

"That's right. We love you more than anything in this world and nothing will ever change that," Nick said, stroking his hand through his son's bright blonde hair soothingly.

"But…there be two babies now. No love just me… I no want new baby!" Luke said, pouting.

"Sweetie, let me tell you a story, okay? Once daddy was a little boy just like you," Jeff started.

"You was little?" Luke asked, looking up at Jeff.

Both men couldn't help but smile and Jeff nodded.

"Yes honey, I was little just like you. And one day grandma and grandpa sat me down and told me that I was going to have a baby brother," Jeff continued.

"Like you and daddy tell me we have new baby?" Luke interrupted again.

"Yes, just like that. And when they told me, I was upset just like you are. I didn't want another baby, I wanted to be the only one my mom and dad had. But I couldn't stop it. The baby was coming anyway. But then that baby came. And I found out that I really did love him. And I'm really glad he was born. Because if he wasn't born I would have been very lonely growing up all alone with no one else to play with. He became my best friend," Jeff finished up.

Luke looked up between his daddies before speaking.

"Was your little brother daddy?" Luke asked Nick. Jeff chuckled and shook his head.

"No honey. Daddy is my best friend but I had another best friend before I met him. Uncle Logan is my little brother. And I'm glad he is," Jeff told his son.

"Uncle Logan your little brother? I love him!" Luke said, brightening slightly.

"I know you do! And just think about how much you'll love your own little brother or sister," Jeff said, moving a piece of hair out of Luke's eyes.

"I will? You pwomise? Daddy, you have baby brother?" Luke asked, turning to Nick.

"No I don't have a baby brother, but I do have a baby sister," Nick said.

"You do? Who?" Luke asked, seeming a little less sad then he was.

"Aunt Maggie," Nick said with a smile.

"I love her too!" Luke said, a smile forming.

"See?! You love daddy's baby brother and my baby sister so why wouldn't you love your own?" Nick said with a smile on his own face.

"I…I guess I will," Luke said, realizing his daddies might be right.

"Of course you will!" Jeff said, raising his arms in the air dramatically.

Luke giggled and stood up, copying his daddy and raising his arms in the air as well. Nick smiled adoringly at his two boys.

"Okay, now who's ready to make cookies?!" Nick asked, rubbing his hands together.

"Me!" Jeff and Luke called at the same time. Nick laughed and scooped Luke into his lap.

"I was kind of talking to the three year old in the room," Nick said.

"Oh come on! I love making cookies!" Jeff pouted adorably, making Luke giggle and Nick roll his eyes.

"Okay big kid, come on. We can all make cookies," Nick said.

"Yay!" Jeff said making Luke giggle again.

"First one to the kitchen wins!" Nick said, standing up and placing Luke on the floor.

Luke grinned and began to race out the door. Jeff and Nick smiled at each other before running out after their son. Letting him win, of course.

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