It was pouring.

On that day.

The day he had died.

The day they had all betrayed him.

Honey brown eyes, tinted with an iced core stared expressionlessly into the black of one Rukia Kuchiki.

"I'm sorry Ichigo, but everyone agrees that you can't live, you have too much potential, you could become power hungry, and end up just like Aizen" she spoke softly, as if she regretted it.

"Bitch!" he snarled in his head, both his hollow and Zangetsu agreeing funnily enough "f-funny, isnt it?" he coughed, blood pooling in his lungs from his numerous stab wounds "it took the entire soul society to bring me down, b-but hey, I-I said at the start, I wouldn't go down without a fight" he hacked up another wad of blood "I'm sorry Ichigo, but at least you can be with those who stayed with you, until the very end" Struggling Ichigo turned his head whilst using his chin as leverage "no" he whispered, finding those who fought with him.






The vizards


he gritted his teeth in frustration, finding them all dead, executed by oldest shinigami of the gotei; then he spotted her, amidst the rubble, long silky hair strewn over the earth, soaked in her own crimson elixir, her sword still clutched defiantly in her right hand in a death grip.

"No" he whispered, his heart thudding painfully.

"No" he clenched his fist, strength in the form of pure adrenaline driving him.

"all she did, was help you, heal you when you were down, and this is your gratitude?"

And then something snapped, not like a band, rather, more like a twig,

"heheheahahAHAHA!" bones of hollow origin gathered around his face, blood from his wounds forcibly extracted to form the streaks on his mask as his wounds clotted with a white substance "Gotei 13, or should I call you the gotei 8, it seems, that, today, your wounds won't let you live"

He disappeared in the fastest shunpo he had ever performed, powered by his rage, hate, and roiling reiatsu that bubbled and writhed over his skin "traitors, always the last to die, as is the fate of cowards, but today, today" he giggled, his voice a broken, insane symphony "today, things will change" their eyes conveying terror they turned, and raised their arms against the ebony blade that cut into their skin, only stopped by bone "oh, it seems they have some fight" letting go of the blade he reached forward and seized a head of blue hair, but not for long as, with a jerk of his hand the sound of a spine separating from a skull sounded "and pop goes the weasel" he smirked, his mask doing the same as he clenched his hand into a tight fist, the skull giving way as it collapsed under the pressure, spraying his body and the woman before him in brain matter "oh my, you may want a plaster for that" drawing his hand back he brought it down in a vicious backhand that snapped her neck, auburn hair swaying before he ripped out his sword, allowing the body to collapse to the floor "pathetic" he spat next to her body and turned, facing the remnants of what, he one thought, was an honourable organization "you" he raised his sword level to his eyeline, his entire form shifting sideways as he faced the clown-like captain "are first" with a sonic boom the entire earth within 10 feet of him cratered as he rushed forward in a controlled rage his katana swinging upward in a diagonal arc from his right hip to his left shoulder.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, it could be debated, the crazed scientist was caught in the middle, a clean cut, bisecting his left and right halves evidence of his death.

and then, almost as if in slow motion, a wave of searing flame descended upon him.

He roared bloody murder.

His skin crackled and retreated on itself like shrink wrap.

"UARGH!" his vision blurred as he fell to the floor, his vision fading in and out of focus as the head captains footfalls entered his sightline.

( go on youtube now and play the far cry 3 end theme, it gives it atmosphere! Quickly do it now!)

"Kurosaki Ichigo" came the gruff voice of the century old captain "you a threat to the soul society, surely you understand why?" Ichigo managed a weak glare that glanced off of the old man's hardened gaze "you have the potential to become a threat, you are protective of your friends, I admire that" the bare feet stopped in front of his face, the shifting of clothing alerting him to the captains changed stance "in your narrow minded thought process, all you think of is one friend, that one friend that you so endeavour to save, but; did you ever think of those who gave you the opportunity, no of course you didn't, you didn't think of the safety of others, it never crossed your mind that your faith in them may be misplaced?" Yamamoto sighed, his breath burning the hybrids forehead "one day Ichigo Kurosaki, you would lead your friends, and the whole of soul society to its death, you would take us to an enemy we would not be prepared for, and have us crushed in your mission" Yamamoto stood, his form towering over Ichigo's imposingly "I cannot let that happen, there is a saying to describe this situation Kurosaki san" the cane that bore the captains zanpaktou was raised "kill one to save a hundred, kill a hundred to save a thousand, you, Ichigo Kurosaki, are foolish" flames lit on the base of the staff, stifling in their intensity "know that your death has meant something, my grandson"

It was then, everything went black.

(end the song)

Upon awakening Ichigo shook his head, the fog of fear and pain not clouding him anymore.


Ichigo's head snapped up to look at his soul slayer of3 years (a guess) "Zangetsu" he whispered " we lost" Zangetsu sighed, an unhappy twitch coming to his features "have you truly forgotten my words my wielder" Zangetsu dropped from his iconic position on the flagpole "go forward, never stand still, retreat and you will age, Hesitate, and you will die!" Zangetsu stared at him "so why are are you hesitating?" Ichigo gritted his teeth "he's too powerful!" Ichigo snarled "he has far more experience!" his hand gripped until his knuckles split under the pressure, life blood bleeding slowly onto the side of the building

"you're a fucking disappointment, eh I-chi-go, killed by an old man, how; amusing" Ichigo spun around to face his hollow self "how are you here?" he snarled as the hollow held his hands up mockingly "you forgot eh, we a part of you" the hybrid breathed deeply "old man, is there any way, we can win?" Zangetsu sighed "there is, one" Ichigo brightened "a reversal of time, forbade by the soul king due to its ability for the user to change the course of time" Ichigo looked slightly downtrodden "but, as my wielder, as my brother in arms".

"as the son I can never have, I am willing to take the punishment" Ichigo gained a smile "thank you, Zangetsu!" he bowed formally as the usually stoic man waved him off "now, I sense that you wish to retrieve something before we leave" Ichigo nodded and left his soulscape.

Outside mind

Ichigo almost choked on the smell of burning ash emanating from the staff above his head, but forced it down and immediately scanned the landscape for what he wanted.


Buried under piles of shinigami was the sword he was looking for. He dug his toes into the rigid earth, baked by Ryuugin Jakka, and launched himself using his fastest shunpo, knocking the bodies above the sword flying "NOW ZANGETSU!".

Deep within his body, Zangetsu ROARED as he released a torrent of black reiatsu, slathering the soulscape in his power, leaving the hollow side of Ichigo slack jawed "fuck me, I'm never messing with this bastard again".

It was then, everything seemed dull, the flames of the oldest known zanpaktou becoming dim, until they resembled a deep grey, it was then the world seemed to crumble, like dust, until he was standing in complete darkness "what the?" Ichigo was prepared to enter his soulscape, but was stopped cold.

"KUROSAKI ICHIGO!" the orange haired shinigami felt the entire realm around him buckle under the weight andauthority of the voice, he himself, was forced to his knees.


A figure, cloaked in black with a billowing tail end and white inner hood appeared, scythe bared behind him for a swing "Kurosaki Ichigo, I have a mission for you" Ichigo looked up, his fear of this incredible being completely justified "w-what mission, sir?" he asked respectfully as the figure seemed to glance at him before he turned and waved his left arm, revealing a enourmous amount of graves "within this realm are the deceased, what has been created, this 'soul society'" the being sneered "is a mockery of death, the people within know not the meaning of death, do you see these countless graves, these are the graves representing death, these people live within their own realm, in paradise, their fantasies, their wants, are granted in death, and so I assign this mission, Kurosaki Ichigo, you are tasked with the complete destruction of soul society, you will be granted power over reality itself and be talked with the management of your material and spirit realm" Ichigo stumbled slightly "you are essentially making me a god?" oh how he wanted to say "do you know what you are saying!" but it would be idiotic to antagonize the god of death "yes, you have a good heart, and are incorruptible, you would make a fair ruler alongside me, as you progress, I will see fit to assign you more powers and eventually make you into a god of life, the equal and opposite of my power" Ichigo bowed "I accept, death sama" Death nodded slowly "very well"


It was with those words, Ichigo Kurosaki.