Sherlock Pov:

John stared at me, his grave expression pending hate. His demeanor had changed greatly from his cheery expression he had this morning. He had only gone to Sarah's, he's trying not to cry. She broke up with him. Why? Wait what had he told me earlier? Ah yes, Be compassionate. "John? Are you alright?"

He seemed to bristle, can people bristle? I thought only cats could bristle. And John's more like a dog. I'm a bit like a cat, devious.

"No I am not alright Sherlock." He was trying to contain his anger. "This your fault!"

What? Did I do something? "What are you blabbering about John?" No! That came out to insensitive. He bristled again.

"I'm talking about you being the reason Sarah broke up with me!" I stared at him, I knew my expression was still passive on the outside. I was actually shocked.

"What do you mean John?" Most definitely passive.

He glared intensely at me. "I mean she said she can't be compared to you. She can't be the second person in my life! Sherlock, You are my flat-mate. And thats it! We're not even friends!" He shouted.

I stared at him, mentally kicking myself for showing emotion. But he actually hurt me. There was an ache in my chest, that I've only felt a couple of times before. Those weren't good times. "Okay." I managed to choke out, "I'll go just give me a second."

I saw his anger faultering, but I ignored it. I ran passed him to my room.

"Sherlock." He was trying to get my attention. But my mind was spinning and even though I could hear him I couldn't answer.

"Give me just a second, go make some tea, I'll be gone soon." I could feel my eyes prickling. This wasn't good, I can't cry. I will not cry.

I shut my door and got my leather bag. I put my wallet and my purple shirt inside the bag, I looked for my journal and plopped that inside to. I'd just grab the case notes and my violin, they're outside. Okay I'll face him one more time.

He was right outside my door, and I knew my face was still showing anguish. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't remove this expression.

"Sherlock, you don't-"

"I have to go John, it's okay. Go call Sarah, I'm sure she'll listen if you talk to her." I interrupted. I don't need his pity, I just need my violin.

His face was a mix of sadness, but I know I saw gratitude in his eyes. He was happy for me to go, no more Sherlock to get him into trouble.

I ran passed him and put all the papers in my bag. I tucked my violin under my arm and ran out the door. I could hear his weak pleas from behind it.

A tear did not just slip down my face as I ran from 221b, It really didn't.

I don't know, this is my first Sherlock fic, so tell me what you think.
I wanted one where John had to rectify a mistake, Is that bad?
Okay anyway, Thanks abundantly for reading.
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