John was shocked. This was the last thing he would've thought the Holmes brothers had gone through. Especially Sherlock.

Mycroft composed himself a bit. "After that I confronted my father and he rejected involvement. I asked my mother and she said she also had no idea what I was talking about. Then came time where I needed to go back to school. I hadn't got through to Sherlock yet but I made him promise to answer the phone when I called."

John remembered the discussion of Sherlocks drug problem, he thought that this might of been the thing that started it.

Mycroft nodded like he knew what John was thinking. "I was able to keep contact with my brother for about a month, when that suddenly ceased I knew something was wrong. I went to my house right away and learned that my brother had run away. I looked everywhere to find him and couldn't find anything."

Mycroft looked over to Lestrade, a connection between their histories in the midst. "I graduated Uni and got my career in the government. I had a few instances where I almost found my brother, it'd been two and a half years since I had any contact with my brother. And then I got a phone call."

Mycroft looked back to Lestrade to let him take over. He cleared his throat slowly and sat up.

"I had met Sherlock about half a year before. In a murder case designed around a drugs bust. I was completely lost until a young raggedy drug addict came to my office. He walked right in and slammed a stained homemade case file on my desk with an insane grin. He spoke in shuddering voice, I solved it for you, it was a bit dull though. Then he walked out."

Lestrade and his company all formed fond grins are their faces. That Sherlock was exactly like the one recognized now.

"All of the evidence was perfect and I realized I needed to find this kid again. When I did, I wasn't suspecting it. It was case much like the other one, except this time we had a suspect. He was fondling around the body when we got called in. He was put into custody and then I realized who it was. I called him into my office and soon I was face to face with an even grungier Sherlock."

Lestrade shuffled in his seat. John sat up a bit straighter.

"I asked him what he was doing and he gave me a look like it was completely obvious. He then sighed and said he was deducing. When I asked him what for, he said he was looking for the murderer. I wasn't shocked, just a bit dumbfounded so I giggled a bit."

John chuckled, that's exactly what he did with Sherlock, constantly.

"He thought I was laughing at him, so he yelled at me. I was so surprised I didn't look out for the fist he flung at me. For such a small kid he had a hell of a whopper. I told the cops rushing in to stand down. Explaining myself he laughed too, then his eyes became sharp. He crouched over to me, whispering 'the murderers here' Then he ran out, me in his midst."

Lestrade's expression sombered. "He just ran out and tackled one of our cops. Then he yelled me over, 'He did it! He did it! His wife was cheating on him with the murdered man and he wanted revenge!' All the while playing piggy-back, he was tall back then to. Harrison, the cop glared at him and pulled out his pistol. I tried to warn Sherlock, but it happened too quickly, the git got shot in the shoulder. But its like he didn't even notice, Sherlock managed to grab the gun and then knocked Harrison out with the handle."

A light chuckle went around the room. "Was Sherlock okay?" John asked, wanting Lestrade to continue.

"Well as soon as Harrison fell, so did Sherly. He just looked at me, pain finally catching up with him. 'Don't you dare bring me to the hospital Lestrade!' And then he clunked out, I couldn't abide by his wishes though. Medics were called, Harrison went to jail and I hopped on over to the hospital to see if the bullet was out. It was and Sherlock was angry."

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