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Tweek sat in the back of the car, more like hanging out of it. He was talking to Clyde and Token. The dark skinned boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of the four. Shaky hands took the picture and stared at it. It was them during a sleep over that was held at Token's a few months back. Clyde was making faces to the camera while Craig held out his middle finger and looked away from the camera. Tweek and Token were standing next to each other, arms around shoulders. A small smile formed on his mouth. "Thanks Token." He didn't know how to feel at the moment. His parents just sprang the move on him last night when he came home from school. They had about everything packed and including his room. He felt as if this wasn't enough time to say good bye.

"Welcome. Just please remember us when you are gone!" He laughed.

Clyde pushed Token out the way and stuck his head in. "Yeah! We are gonna miss you here dude. You're going to leave us here in boring old South Park." Reaching out his hand he ruffled Tweek's hair in a loving gesture.

"P-promise to, ngh, keep in touch?" He said softly.

"We promise!" The two reassured him.

The blonde watched as his parents came out with the last remaining boxes and slid them into the trunk. "Alright Sweetie, time to go." She hugged the two boys and waved to Craig then got into the car. Tweek listened to the car start all the while staring at his friends who retreated back to Craig, who didn't even bother to say good-bye. The movement of the car going into reverse only made the blonde unbuckle himself to turn and watch his friends wave to the cars retreating form. The thing that Tweek remembered most about that moment is the tear that Craig Tucker let slide down his face.

Tweek's P.o.V

I can't believe that it is five and a half years since I left the town of South Park. I don't think any thing has changed since I've been gone. There's still hobos laying on the ground and snow covering almost everything except the streets. Well this town might've not changed but I sure did. My twitching and out bursts went down dramatically, they only seem to happen when I'm under extreme pressure. My way of fashion has changed too since we ended up going to New York. I'm starting to wear nothing but colorful skinnies and band shirts with solid colored hoodies and converse. Every now and then I would don a button up. My hair is still its wild form though.

When we were in New York my mom and dad decided to open up a coffee shop. It didn't take long before hipsters took notice of it and started to hang out there. It became one of the popular hang out spots there for teenagers. It took me a little to adjust to the new setting. I was scared of the hustle and bustle of the people and all of the noise. The rest of middle school and the start of my high school years weren't hard for me at all. I was able to make a whole lot of friends because they accepted me for my twitching and other nonsense. They told me that I was different, and they loved different. I was happy there but the only thing I frowned upon on the inside was out of the whole five and a half years Token, Clyde, nor Craig decided to contact me. I felt lied to and every one around me, even my parents, told me to forget about them like they did me. So I took their advice and moved on.

Now I'm here, sitting in my old room redecorating it with the new stuff i had from the city. Reaching for my thermos I gulped down a ton of coffee. this was the one thing that didn't change about me, my love for the brown golden liquid. I'm a little nervous about starting school, so nervous that I'm shaking. I don't want to run into those three or anyone else and hear 'OMG is that Tweek?' or 'we missed you!' a bunch of bull shit if you ask me. Well I have three days until school starts, I'm guessing thats enough time to clear my mind before it explodes and the government uses my dead body for secret missions for the C.I.A.

Well the three days passed quickly and I was nervous as hell again. My shaking and twitching started up and soon as I looked at myself in the mirror. My mom seen how bad it was so she held me and said some soothing words to calm me down before sending me to the bus stop. She told me how cute I looked for my first day and reminded me to go to the office to get my schedule. They couldn't send it to me because my parents registered me late and I didn't get with all of the other teens. With my thermos in hand I picked up my bag that was covered in 'we shall miss you's' and 'don't leave meeeeee!' written in sharpies and headed out the door. Slipping up my green hood I stood next to some kids I didn't know or just couldn't recognize. The bus came and I climbed on quickly grabbing the nearest empty seat. When we all got off once we were at the school my thermos was shaking slightly. I blamed it on the cold weather but knew the real reason why.

Remembering what I was suppose to do I headed straight to the office with fifteen minutes to spare. I noticed how people were looking at me and whispering. I hope they weren't plotting against me since I was the 'new' kid. Maybe they were talking about the color of my skinny jeans or the odd color of my shoes. I made it to the office with out any trouble and grabbed my schedule from the lady sitting at the first desk. She looked evil I tell you. She was probably out to steal people's souls and sell them at the black market. SWEET JESUS! I screamed to in my head. My eyes widen and the hold on my thermos tighten. The need of wanting to get out of there over took me and I hurried out only to run into some one.

"Oh I-." I looked and my eyes went wide. One of the people I didn't want to run into, Token Black. He was studying my face. "Holy shit! Tweek? Is that you?"

"H-hey." I waved to him awkwardly.

"Damn it really is you!" He pulled me into a weird one sided hug. Pulling back he held me in place. "How have you've been?"

"I'm doing, ngh, fine Token. What about you?" I shrugged his hold off.

"Oh I've been here and there." He waved his hand back and forth. "So is that your schedule?" He pointed to the paper that was bunched in my hand. Nodding I let him take a look at it. "Well you have third and fourth with me! Great time to catch up dude!"

I smiled awkwardly. "Ngh, okay."

He gave me another hug and headed off to his first class. Leaving me to deal with how to get to mine.

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