A/N: Hi again! We know from season one that JJ is a big Washington Redskins fan. Today in the United States, the Redskins were in a playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. What better way to have some fun with JJ than with the 'Skins! All the game details in this story are straight from today's game, as I wrote this while watching. Hope you enjoy. There are a LOT of football terms in this one, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll do my best to explain.

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365: Day 6

Characters: Jennifer Jareau, Aaron Hotchner, Team

Rating: K

Game Day

"Hey guys, come on, game is starting!"

Everyone knew how Jennifer Jareau felt about her beloved Washington Redskins. Passionate would be an understatement. Fanatical may be closer to accurate. But today was special. The 'Skins were in the playoffs. A Wild Card game against the spunky, upstart Seattle Seahawks was the reason the team was gathered at the Jareau/LaMontagne home this cool Sunday afternoon.

All the team was present, including Reid, who still didn't fully grasp why people were so passionate about a sports team to which they had no personal ties, or why they so enjoyed watching grown men smash heads with each other over a ball.

JJ sported the #26 jersey of one of her old favorites; retired player Clinton Portis as Henry wore his #10 jerseys, showing his love for his favorite player, quarterback Robert Griffin III, or RG3. Will wore a Redskins t-shirt. The others were in Redskins gear of some kind: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats - JJ even found an old hat for Reid. Everyone that is, except for Hotch, the only one in Seahawks blue/green. After spending the early years of his FBI career in Seattle, he'd developed a love and loyalty to the Seahawks. He was a good sport as he was teased mercilessly upon his arrival by everyone including Henry. JJ almost didn't let him in the house when he'd arrived in his Seahawks t-shirt and hat! "Well, at least your son is smarter than you," she'd quipped, noticing the boy's brand new burgundy hat with the gold bill and Indian head logo.

They'd enjoyed watching the Baltimore Ravens cruise to victory against the Indianapolis Colts in what they called their "warm up game" while munching on typical tailgate food and snacks. Burgers, hot dogs, hot wings, chips and salsa, cold beer and sodas, and a fun filled afternoon made for some very happy BAU agents.

As the sounds of the opening kickoff were heard through the house, they all made their way into the den, or JJ's football room as Will called it, in front of the big screen television as the burgundy and gold clad Washington Redskins offense took the field. This promised to be a very exciting game as two rookie quarterbacks tried to lead their teams to victory in the biggest game of their young careers. Despite being the home team, and much to JJ's chagrin, the Redskins were the underdogs.

Watching JJ get excited and yelling at the TV during the first possession, then jumping clear off the couch in celebration as they scored the game's first touchdown, told her fellow agents that they were in for quite an entertaining afternoon. The second touchdown of the first quarter once again brought JJ and her "mini-me" to their feet in elation while the others cheered and clapped, and Hotch hung his head as his Seahawks found themselves down 14-0.

The second quarter was mostly quiet aside from an early Seahawks field goal until the 4:30 mark when Seahawks QB Russell Wilson connected with fullback Michael Robinson for a Seahawks touchdown. Hotch cheered and clapped from his seat, but was quickly overpowered by the loud chorus of boos from everyone else in the house, including Jack.

"You people have turned my own son against me!" he chided. Everyone laughed as Henry and Jack shared a high five.

"Sorry dad. Redskins rule, Seahawks drool!"

Hotch's eyebrows shot up as a hysterically laughing Morgan grabbed Jack and pulled him into his lap. Garcia covered her mouth to keep from laughing out loud and Rossi's eyebrows shot up about as high as Hotch's had. JJ and Will, on the other hand, were laughing as hard as Morgan as Reid looked back and forth from Jack to Hotch in wide-eyed wonder.

"You," he pointed at his son, "have spent way too much time with your Uncle Derek."

"Smart boy," Morgan grinned big.

About a minute later, Hotch was cheering again as the Seahawks intercepted a huge RG3 pass that likely would have resulted in a Washington touchdown had the right man caught it.

"Oh come on!" JJ yelled, hoping the 'Skins would hear her through the TV. "Wake up guys! Let's go!"

The Seahawks managed to claw their way back into the fight and by halftime the score was 14-13.

"What a good game," Rossi commented as everyone got up to refill drinks.

"Yeah," Morgan replied. "These two came to fight. They sure don't look like two teams with rookie quarterbacks."

"Who wants cake?" JJ called from the kitchen.

"Ooh! Cake!" Henry and Jack jumped at the promise of sugar. "Yeah! Cake!" Reid and Garcia exclaimed as they jumped up and followed. The others weren't far behind.

Will helped JJ pass around pieces of red velvet cake decorated with a big Redskins logo in the middle. JJ pointed her knife at Hotch. "You want a piece?"

"Um… no thanks." He took a step back. "I'm not going anywhere near you while you're holding that knife."

"Wise decision, Seahawks-boy," she mock glared at him.

Hotch chuckled and hung his head in defeat.

"Give me that," Will laughed as he took the knife from JJ and cut Hotch a piece of cake.

"So how do you get away with being a Saints fan in this house?" Hotch asked the New Orleans native.

"Simple," he answered. "We watch football in two different rooms."

"Smart man."

"Got that right." They both laughed and clinked forks.

They all enjoyed dessert and more laughing and teasing, and soon the game was back on. Hotch was on the verge of cheering another Seahawks touchdown when Marshawn Lynch fumbled the ball on the two-yard line and the Redskins recovered.

"No!" he yelled, covering his head with his hands while JJ jumped up and threw her arms in the air with a resounding "Yes!" Henry and Jack jumped up and down cheering on the strong play of the Redskins defense as the offense took over. More than anything, the two boys were enjoying spending time with the "big kids" as they liked to call their aunts and uncles. Unfortunately for the 'Skins, they weren't able to capitalize on the turnover and had to punt the ball away.

The third quarter was filled with close calls and a lot of yay's and no's and woo's and argh's, and a little more flailing on JJ's part, but ultimately it proved uneventful and the score remained the same entering the fourth. To say JJ was bouncing anxiously was another understatement. When she sat, her knees bounced. When she stood, she paced. Especially when the Seahawks began moving the ball strongly into Redskins territory. "Get him! Stop him!" she shouted.

And much to her dismay, with 7:00 left in the fourth quarter, a great scramble by the quarterback, and a great run by the running back produced another Seahawks touchdown. "No, no, no!" she flailed. Hotch threw his arms into the air, but thought it wise for his physical safety to remain silent. They attempted a two-point conversion and were successful, bringing the score to 21-14 Seahawks.

A tense moment engulfed the household when, trying to gather a low snap from his center, Griffin's knee buckled and he crumpled, unable to get up. Poor Henry looked on the verge of tears seeing his favorite player on the ground. JJ gathered him up to console him. "He's going to be okay, bud. See? He's getting up," as trainers helped him to his feet and he limped off the field under his own power.

Hotch, seeing Jack not fairing much better, motioned him over. "Remember what Uncle Dave and I tell you when you play soccer? It's always possible that when you play, you're going to get hurt. But what do you do when you get hurt?"

"You get better and get back on the field."

"That's right. You can't let an injury stop you from playing a sport you love, right?"


"So even if he can't play the rest of this game, he'll get better so he can play again later."

JJ smiled. "That's right. Same goes for you, buddy," she said to Henry. "You know how much you like to play soccer too. Remember during the fall when you were playing and fell and scraped up your knee?"

"Yeah," he sniffled.

"What did you do?"

"I got better and played the next game."

"That's right. And see," she pointed to the TV screen, "even though he's injured, he's still on the sidelines supporting his team. You know what that's called?"


"That's called sportsmanship and being a good teammate. You always support your team, even if you can't play."

The team in the room all looked around at each other. Those words described every team, not just sports teams. They defined their team. Every time one of them was injured, the others were there to ensure they would be okay. They picked up extra workloads so their partners wouldn't be too far behind on work. They took care of each other. They all saw the recognition in each other's eyes at how deeply those words touched them all.

In the process of reassuring the boys that the injured player would indeed be okay, they missed the field goal that extended the Seahawks lead by another three points. And with that, it was obvious that the Seahawks would win the game, 24-14.

As the clock wound down on the Washington season, JJ eyed "Seahawk-Boy" closely. Hotch could feel her stare as he nervously looked her way. Feeling immediate danger, he got up and slowly moved away, never taking his eyes off her. "JJ, play nice," he uttered as he backed away. She crouched down between the two little boys, eyes never leaving her prey, and mischievously grinned.

"Get him," she urged them, and before Hotch knew it, two little boys were running at him. He ran while the two boys chased him around the house and eventually they tackled him in the living room floor. He let out an "ack!" as the two boys landed on his chest. Henry grabbed his hat and ran to deliver it to his mother while Jack sat on top of his father.

"Hey," he looked at his son, "you're supposed to be on my side!"

"Sorry, Dad. You're on your own."

"JJ! What are you doing to my hat?" he called out from the floor.

"Oh, nothing," she said in a sing-song voice that made him more nervous than he thought possible. He looked to the others for help, but they were too busy laughing at the fact that he was pinned by a seven-year-old.

Will, knowing the pain of being a fan of another team in her house, tried to come to his rescue. "Honey, what about that whole 'sportsmanship' speech you just gave our son?"

"You," she pointed at her husband, "hush."

A few minutes later Henry ran back into the room with Hotch's hat and put it back on his head inside out. The others cackled at what JJ had done to it. When Jack finally let him up, he took the hat off and looked. She's taken a black marker, turned his hat inside out, and drawn a Redskins logo with a #1 in the middle. Hotch couldn't help but laugh. He learned his lesson. Never mess with Jennifer Jareau when it comes to her beloved Washington Redskins. Especially not in her house. She will make you pay for it.