She was running.


Like always. Only this time, she wasn't chasing him. No. More like catching up. Yeah, that's more like it. It's been more than five years, six, actually. Since the last time someone saw her wear that same red dress with a pale white collar tied around her neck, golden rings perched above her white gloves.

Amy was now 18. Yes, Amy Rose. Her red dress blossomed into a pair of blue jean shorts rolled up above her knee, a long white sleeved shirt with a pink tanktop above it. Her footwear never changed. She couldn't bare part with her boots. They carried so many memories that the number of ripped dress couldn't be compared to her handy boots. Red and striped just like her lovers. The same boots she fought egghead with, those same boots she traveled with to catch a chaos emerald to save the world with.

Those same boots she used to chase Sonic around.

Speaking of her knight in blue, the rosy furred female ran her way towards Miles house. Where sometimes she can catch a glimpse of Sonic doze off before she gave him one of her bear crushing hugs. Then he would scold her about not knocking and how he doesn't like guests coming without notice. She didn't mind him getting after her, she pretty much enjoyed it. Having him speak to her and her only made her feel important, not that she wasn't. Her 8 year-old boots tapped as she traveled her way up the stoned path, her heart pounding in her ears. Ready to see his olive colored eyes gaze at her new outfit and give her a sly complement at how much she matured. Amy had matured, not in her figure but at how she acted. Never had she spent so much time reading and spending time perfecting her cooking as much as she did now. Amy giggled at the thought of seeing his sleeping boyish face, peaceful and content, she reached the door.

A sheet of notebook paper fluttered against the door with a piece of tape placed oddly on top of it. Amy reached for the paper and instantly remembered the chicken scratched handwriting, Sonic. Amy eyes darted word to word, sometimes her eyes remained on a certain word as she tried to recognize it. Her soft smile slowly started to fade into a thin line. Then, it slowly started to turn into a frown.

"Heroes Academy?"

After reading the note and shoving in her back pocket. Amy stomped all the way home, boy. Was it a lot of stomping. People that walked on the same sidewalk had to stop and part so she can go through. Talk about deadly.

Amy arrived home and didn't even bother to close her door shut, she just walked up stairs took a sharp turn to the left and ripped her bedroom door open. Her eyes burned at the luggage bags that were empty. She flung her body on her soft bed and rolled to the right were the bags were neatly lined up. She roughly grabbed both of them and threw them on her bed as she ran towards every corner where she found clothes. Then she'd shove them into the bags. It looked worse than animal cruelty…maybe worse than sexual harassment to what she was doing to her bags.

She was going to need rope.

Trash bags, definitely if she knocks him out. Amy's thoughts were running to desperate measures at to what she can do to bring her Sonic back. Oh! She would need begging. Lots of it.

"Running off to another adventure without telling me, eh?" her hand flew towards her pocket and almost tore the paper. She reread it again:

Hey there buddy. Hope you got this letter, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. Seems that there's a new school far from town. We both know that I hate the thought of sitting in a boring desk for 45 minutes. Only this one's different. It's for heroes. The pamphlet explains more than I can. Anyways, I took off once I saw those words that spelled Adventure. Can't wait to see you there to buddy. Knuckle head is in deep thought right now, so I doubt he might come.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy bent down to pick up the use to be pamphlet and smoothed it out. Her anger got the best of her. Again. That was one of Amy's flaws; controlling her temper. Sometimes it would flare so much that should just let her instincts take control over her own body. But that only happened once when she overheard Rouge calling Sonic "Big Blue". Amy breathed in slowly and plopped down on her bed. Her mind working ways that even Tails would find amusing.

Should I go and threaten that our relationship would be over if he doesn't come back?

No, she would crush his pride in front of the other wannabe posers.

Catch him in the shower's and ambush him! Yeah that would be niiiiiiiiiiccceee…CRUD

Amy titled her head up and slowly smirked at the upcoming nosebleed that was going to spill all over her new outfit.

…Do I just leave him be?

The idea seemed that most reasonable to Amy, yet her heart couldn't bear with the idea of not seeing her love for more than a week. Call her pathetic but Amy thinks of Sonic more than a lover. Hell, if there was a job called Sonic she would more than likely be the manager. Everyone knows her by her love and goodhearted nature towards Sonic. Fan girl wouldn't fall under that category though.

Amy sighed in defeat not knowing what to do. Her hands and feet itched to return the note to Tails and explain why was it in her possession, not that he knows there was a note left for him. She stood, her knees becoming wobbly on purpose so she wouldn't reach the door.

Her body ghostly moved out of her room, down the hallway, and trailed down the stairs. Suddenly she stopped. Her breath catching in between her throat.

On her right, on a small circular coffee table laid her favorite photo out of the millions of photos of herself and Sonic.

His face was sleeked with sweat and his eyes screamed out victory after his race for another chaos emerald. His red and white stripped jacket was the one Amy had bought for him a few years back for Christmas. She had almost cried when she saw him walk up to her and thank her for the lucky jacket. During her Christmas shopping that year, stores were bare. Nothing flashy for Sonic to wear. The hangers and shelves were all like dead bare trees in a Halloween movie. That's until she came across that boyish jacket. Amy believed Sonic deserved more than just a cheap inexpensive jacket. But when you really think about it. Sonic isn't expensive ( A/N: Unlike./ his games). He was like the wind. Intense, free but really fresh when you really need it. Just like Sonic.

Amy smiled at the photo a new thought converging into a different idea

I'm going to attend.

"You're going where?!"

Amy clutched her ears when she heard Rouge's frantic scream. This was more like step negative one to her plan, cause so far. It wasn't coming up pretty.

"Rouge please come with me. I'll really need you this time."

Rouges sly tone slurred to Amy's ears. She knew what the bat was planning. She was going to fly up to Angel Island and hold the Master Emerald as hostage till Knuckles comes back. It was a twisted plan, but at least it would work. Amy rolled her eyes as she ran down the stairs, phone in hand and the other holding one of her luggages.

"It says here that its boy's only"

"Anyone who wants to be a hero can attend" Amy's voice snapped sharply.

Rouges sighed," Are you sure you want this? I mean it just a couple of months Amy, it's not like Big Bl-"


"Sonic. Can have his freedom taken away from him. He can't even last those meetings G.U.N. consults with him. Like the moment he plants his blue behind on that seat is the end of the world for him."

"He just hates crowds."

"He should see a doctor." she huffed. Rouge was also going through her dilemmas. Her partner left for the same reason Sonic did, and all that was left for] her are her delirious fan boys outside. Rouge loved Amy, envied her innocence yet protected it. Afraid someone might break her.

"If you're in trouble call me." Rouge's voice came out sternly, like a fathers voice should sound when his baby is running away with a bratty boy.

Amy smiled as she placed the bag outside her door," Thanks love." Amy hung up and ran up the stairs snatching the pamphlet and the last luggage. Her eyes roamed at her outside door.

Another adventure waiting for her arrival.

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