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He is going to WHAT?!

The pink colored female hedgehog quickly snapped out of her conclusion of this situation. Here she was, fianlly in the school were her lover resided, and more problems just seemed to be stacking up on her plate. Couldn't life's problems,just. You know. Dissapear (A/N: Dont we all~)? Her gaze shifted up to look at Prince, his face was blocked from her view due to the dark reflection of the helemets glass view, but the smirk on his tan muzzle was visable enough. His cocked hip and crossed arms screamed sass. Amy couldnt deny that under all that motocycle clothes she bet the male was built but her horomonal cravings were deep in her body. This bastard was just really irking her. He chuckled when he noticed her eye twich.

Amy furrowed her brows. Great. The jerk was enjoying this! She bet he had just picked her off the street just to make her life crumble with just that little smirk of his(A/N:That sounds weird...). God how he was starting to get on her nerves. Amy knew that if she accepted his help, that she would have to deal with his negative vibes and death quoted speeches. But then again. If she does accept his help. Then she would have a better chance of seeing Sonic. This is what she came for. Amy Rose isn't just gonna walk home empty handed. Nu uh!Amy hunched her shoulders in defeat and sighed.

"Thank you."she muttered.

Prince took and step closer enough to brush his breath over her neck,"Whatever. I have to say though, training with someone with your-" he stood up sraight and moved his head in a up and down motion,"body structure. Will be a bit of a headache."

Amy smelled the thick scent of coffee and the dark scent of temptation. She felt her cheeks heat up,"W-wait! How will that even-"

Prince quickly snatched the papers he had previously given her in a speed that seemed very close to familiar. Amy couldn't say anything due to the fact that he had snatched the papers, given instructions like a dictator and is currently ripping the papers! Amy quickly stummbled and jumped from her seat.

"Hey! I need those!"

"Not anymore!" he moved away from her to the foot of the door in that same speed he had just used. He kept on tearing the paper in front of her eyes.

Was this guy some sort of sadist?


Prince chuckled,"It seems that words are becoming a bit of a trouble for you to form." He took a couple of long strides to her with a big toothy grin on his lips.

"So i expect no talking from you."

Prince gripped her wrist. To Amy, his hand seemed to burn on her skin. Which kinda did bother her. Since when did Prince's actions start to have an effect on her? They just met! Maybe she was disgusted by him? A thought sparked in the females head as Prince started to drag her towards the door where her bags were waiting on the side. Was she sprouting feelings for him?


She was...

"Not one word from your mouth."


"Don't make me repeat myself."







"Why. In gods name are we here?"

Mister big prick in the butt had just dragged her sorry little pink butt to the middle of no where! Well not exactly no where. In front of them was a crappy yet able-to-live-in neighborhood. The building was tall, with numerous ladders and stairs leading up to windows and to the roofs of the other buildings surrounding it. Little green patches were hiding inside the tires that littered the lawn of this shaddy place. Amy snorted.

"Is this where you live?"


Before Amy could give a 'pfft' of victory Prince gave her the downside.

"But your going to live here as well."

Amy turned and gave him a pathetic look of mercy," Please no."

Prince merely shrugged and picked up her baggs," Suit yourself. Die on the street for all i care." "But where am i going to live in?" She jogged to Prince's pace and tried to keep up with her short legs but she knew she couldnt match his quick pace.

"That. Personally sounds like a you problem."

Amy gasped," Your such a-"

"What? Go on speak up and your bags are going to end up buring in the schools furnace."

"Your such a kind person for helping me this much." Amy growled out. May god have mercy on her soul and not let her screw this up for herself.

"Hey, why exactly are you helping me?"

Amy and Prince slowly started to ascend to a set of rusty metal looking stairs on the side of the building. He didn't give a quick smart ass reply so Amy new that he was recollecting and taking his time to think about this, and guess what. Amy was going to think about it too.

She didn't owe this man anything. So why bother helping somone who sets off your rage firecrackers and even offer them to live in your home?! It just didn't fit into the pieces for Amy. Maybe he was a sadist. A sadist that likes to prey on women on a motocycle, then offer them help to reach their short term goal so he can get a thrill of getting under her skin and leaving her there to walk her butt back home. The weird people in this world! Ugh! Did he prey on men too? She took a quick glance at the quite Prince.

It was possible that he rolled that way.

If you catch her drift.

Or maybe, he had something agaisnt Sonic?

"Lets just say i'm doing the most craziest and stupidest idea ever."

"I agree with you on that." Amy softly said as she watched him pull out a key that was kept in a pocket sowed on his chest section of his motocycle jacket. "Are you a dirty person?" "You would be surprised, Rose. You will be surprised." Amy couldn't help but wince at the creaking noise of the door being pushed inside. This tension wont be the only thing that kills Amy.