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Chapter 1: Pairing Pandemonium.

"What's love?"

The mighty Titania, Erza Scarlet, the strongest female in all of Fairy Tail and possibly Fiore, nearly choked on her tea at the fire Dragon Slayers question, pounding her armored chest to lessen her choking. Her eyes nearly popped out their sockets at Natsu's sudden question as the rest of her guild was in a stunned silence.

Why, would the brainless, fight loving, fire eating, thickheaded, Salamander of Fairy Tail, want to know about anything dealing with something as complicated as love? Was the world coming to an end?

The team members of Team Natsu all stared at the confused Dragon Slayer as if he was insane. Especially at the fact that he had asked Erza the shocking question of all people.

"I-I'm s-sorry, Natsu, b-but what d-did y-you say?" Erza stuttered nervously, causing the rest of the guild watching on in suspense to drop their jaws in disbelief.

'Since when hell does Erza stutter!?'

Truthfully, Erza was as shocked as the others were at the strange question their favorite fire breathing mage had asked. To her no less! Of all the people he could of asked the life changing question to, he chose her to explain it to him. If anything she knew next to nothing about love. Not including the slightly naughty romance novels Levy loaned her.

The only thing even relating to love that she was familiar with was the crush she had on her past flame with Jellal and that didn't turn out well. Not that anyone in her guild knew about that. She made sure to keep everything relating to Jellal and the Tower of Heaven under lock and key till she found it suitable enough for her to reveal her darkest secrets.

So it was only understandable that she was a little bit uncomfortable with the question asked by Natsu of all people.

Natsu scratched his head in confusion wondering what the big deal was with everyone looking as if the world was about to end. All he wanted to know was what love was. How bad was that? They were always nagging him about how much he didn't know about anything so what was so bad about learning about those things he didn't know?

If only he knew how life changing a question it was. Idiot didn't even know that you weren't suppose to ask that question until you at least understood what love was.

Either way, Natsu nodded at Erza, laying down his head on his palm as he stared at the slightly blushing scarlet with curiosity, "I want to know what love is. I know you're smarter then me when it comes to this stuff, so I'm wondering if you could teach me what love is. You know, like how you taught me how to read and write." the pink haired mage grimaced remembering his lessons at the hands of the strict redhead, shaking back the memories with a slight shiver running down his back, "Just without all the mind breaking and nightmarish methods you used as kids. I'm still reeling back from the last private lessons you taught me." he whimpered.

Ignoring the look of fear in Natsu's eyes, Erza calmed down enough to talk without stuttering, "Smart in what kinds of stuff, Natsu? Do you even know what you're talking about?" Erza frowned in confusion.

The fire Dragon Slayer nodded his head eagerly, pointing to the happily munching flying blue cat gnawing on a fish that seemed to be the only one not affected by his question, "Yeah, I know. Happy told me you were really smart in life stuff, so you probably have to know something when it comes to love. That and you're the only one I can really trust to teach me about this stuff."

"Why? Why can't you ask the master or Mira about it?"

A deadpanned stare was Natsu's answer, "Because the old man will probably try and corrupt me just like when he was teaching me all about the birds and the bees and Mira-chan will more then likely sugar coat the answer in some way. That, or she'll tease me about the subject till I can't take it anymore." he said dully, the two mentioned whistling innocently at his words.

"You tried to corrupt him, master?" Erza asked in disbelief.

Makarov laughed nervously as all eyes were on him, everyone not believing the head of Fairy Tail would try to lure the innocent, dumb little Natsu into the dark side.

"I tried at one point." he sighed in defeat, rubbing his head in embarrassment. "My plans obviously failed as you can see. That boy has a head of pure lead to not be tempted by my ancient art of all that is sexy and cute. Not even my hidden peeping holes worked." he sniffed in disappointment.

"Don't feel sad about that!" Lucy shouted in shock. Honestly, their master was pervert. And it looked like he wasn't afraid to show it.

Walking over to Natsu to sit by him, Mirajane laid a hand on the confused mage, staring at him with slight worry, "Natsu, why would you even want to know what love is?" she tilted her head to the side confusingly, "You don't honestly seem like the type to be worrying about something as complicated as love. Only people falling in love or wondering if they are in love ever ask that question. Don't tell me-" she suddenly gasped as she covered her mouth in surprise, staring at Natsu with starry eyes, "you're in love?" she said giddily.

And that did it. The guild could only keep quite for so long when it had something to do with Natsu. The lovable idiot always had a way to cause havoc in the guild.

"That idiot's in love?"

"Oh my god! It's the end of the fucking world!"

"How the hell does that fire breathing idiot fall in love? I thought he was idiot when it came to girls!"

"They grow up so fast!"

"Who the hell is the lucky lady? That's what I want to know!"

"Fifty thousand Jewels it's either Lucy or Erza. Those two are the only ones that hang around him the most!"

"No way! If it was Lucy we would of known somehow and Erza would tear him apart. I'll put my Jewels that it's Mirajane! She's always had a soft spot for him and he always talks to her whenever he's not with his team."

"You're both wrong! It's Levy-chan! Don't you remember how he use to protect her when they were kids? It was so cute! That and it's not the most obvious guess unlike all your amateurs guesses."

Dear god. From the sounds of it, things were about to get out of hand.


Lucy and Gray, being the only ones not believing the that there idiot of a team mate would ever fall in love since it sounded too crazy to ever be true, were left to watch on as the rest of the guild overacted to Mira's guess. They all began shouting ludicrous guesses on who Natsu was in love with, betting pools already being set up by Cana as she took their bets.

Apparently no girl was safe from everyone's guesses as they put together pieces that weren't their and twisting simple things the pink haired mage had done with any girl in the guild into romance. Even Cana wasn't safe from the bets as she even took their crazy guesses that she might be the one who had caught the Salamander's heart. She just stopped to look blankly at the Jewels handed to her before shrugging it off and taking a second to look back at Natsu, winking at him before returning to take bets.

It was pairing pandemonium.

Fairy Tail style.

And in the center of it all, was one lone pink haired mage.

"This is madness." Lucy trembled as even her name was put into the betting pool.

"Madness?" Happy frowned before jumping off of Natsu's head to stand on the bar table they were all sitting at, making a dramatic pose, "This is Fairy Tail!"

"Even worse." she groaned.

Erza blushed bright red as people began making bets that she had may of taken a special place in Natsu's heart, her overactive romantic imagination not helping her to disperse the rather. . . lewd thoughts running through her head. She couldn't even look at where Natsu was sitting across from her without blushing and having her heart beat uncontrollably.

The other girls reactions were, well, different in their own right.

Natsu suddenly felt all the air in his lungs leave him as his head was smothered by the beautiful bar maid's dirty pillows. Mira looked giddy as she hugged the fire Dragon Slayer close to her chest, her eyes sparkly with wonder.

"Oh Natsu! I never knew you felt that way about me!" Mira gushed, ignoring Natsu's pleas for air from her bountiful chest, "To think, all this time, you were secretly in love with me all these years! Why didn't I ever notice? You always loved my homemade cooking and you always took the time to talk to me about the missions you went on when you came back! How could I never of noticed?"

'Holy hell! With all these Jewels under my name, I could make a fucking fortune!' Cana thought in surprise as she counted all the money people bet on her. With all Jewels placed on her, she could buy herself her own private bar with all the booze she could drink. Her mouth watered at the thought of all the different types of booze and wine she could buy with her winnings before the thought that Natsu might actually be in love with her struck her. She looked at the suffocating Dragon Slayer from the corner of her eyes with a smirk, making up her mind that if it was true to take him out for a night of drinking with her winnings and see where it went. All she had to do was put down some Jewels on herself and she was set.

"Is it true, Levy-chan?" cried both Jet and Droy around the blue haired bookworm who sweat dropped at her teammates reaction to the rumors flying around.

"N-No, at least I-I don't think so." Levy stammered nervously, not really sure how she was suppose to feel about people betting that Natsu had fallen in love with her.

It was true back when they were kids that Natsu use to act like an overprotective brother to her before she joined Team Shadow Gear, but she never thought much about it. She just thought that he was just being a good friend. She would of never thought that he might of actually had feelings for her. It just sounded too crazy to be true!

Levy couldn't help but blush at the thought that Natsu might actually love her. Her overactive imagination starting to run scenarios of the pink haired mage romantically confessing his love for her.

You had to wonder where exactly Erza got her taste in novels and books from in the first place. Innocent little Levy. A romantic and a secret fan of smutty novels. Who'd a thought.

Gray frowned confusingly at Lucy who seemed to be the only girl in the whole guild not jumping to conclusions about who Natsu might be in love with. "Why the hell aren't you freaking out, Lucy?" he asked the blonde headed stellar spirit mage who turned to look at him, "Of all the girls flame brain hangs out with, I would of thought that you would freak out at the chance he might like you."

Lucy sighed at Gray's question, muttering 'the risks of being cute' to herself before answering him. "I'm not falling for it. I may of joined this guild couple a couple months back, but I can already tell that someone as dumb as Natsu can't fall in love." she said plainly causing Gray to smirk, "It just seems unbelievably impossible when you think about it. In order for him to be in love and have nobody notice any signs would mean that he was actually smart enough to trick everybody. Natsu's a nice guy and all, but he's not the smartest tool in the toolbox if you know what I mean."

"No. I don't know what you mean."

". . . Why am I not surprised." Lucy muttered, "But, what I want to know is why would Natsu want know about love?" she frowned, turning to look over the mage in question who was struggling to free himself from Mira generous hug, sweat dropping once his body went limp from the lack of oxygen.

"Beats me." Gray shrugged, already down to his boxers without even noticing, "Nobody knows what goes on in that vacuum space that idiot calls a brain. I'm more shocked at the fact he had asked Erza the question then anything else. He would have to have a death wish to ask to her something like that." it was confusing though. Why would Natsu want know about love? All he ever cared about was fighting and grilled fish. The idiot didn't have a loving bone in his body.

Breathing in a lungful of air once Mira let him go while being dazed in her own little fantasy of love staring themselves, Natsu quietly tried to make his way out of the guild to avoid anymore trouble.

Unfortunately his plans for escape where cut off by an ironclad hand grabbing him by the scruff of his scarf and pulling him back to the guild hall. He was met by the glaring brown eyes of Erza who still couldn't get rid of the blush staining her cheeks. He gulped, knowing he was as good as dead once he was in the mighty Titania's grasp.

Erza's eyes softened causing Natsu to raise an eyebrow in confusion. She was going to be beat him into a bloody pulp for causing chaos in the guild again, wasn't she?

"Natsu, why would you want know about love?" Erza asked sincerely, loosening her grip on the pink head's scarf enough for him not to be uncomfortable.

She honesty wanted to know what the deal was with the lovable dense Dragon Slayer popping the strange question out of nowhere. Something must of happened to him while he was away on a solo mission with Happy to earn a few Jewels for their food budget to make him ask about love.

It still surprised Erza that someone like Natsu actually had a food budget. Turns out that he mostly used his share of the reward from their missions for food and other random things he and Happy were interested in. Even more surprising was that the blue Exceed was in charge of the food budget. Erza shook her at that. Their was no doubt that shopping list was mostly consisted of nothing but raw fish and milk.

Hoping to get an honest answer out of the Dragon Slayer Erza decided the only way he was going to get to the bottom of the whole mess was to start at the beginning. For the beginning held the truth.

She was better of not knowing to tell you the truth.

"Because of this." Natsu calmly answered as he pulled out a pink envelope with dozens of hearts decorated over the letter. The simple letter was addressed to a Mr. Salamander written in cutesy cursive in dark red ink. It looked like it was already opened from the looks of it. Its heart shaped seal looking like someone had already taken it off and stuck it back on.

Erza raised a questionable brow at the lovey dovey piece of paper, running her eyes over the supposed source of everyone's current dilemma.

Reaching over for the letter, Erza looked closely over the letter, her nose twitching once she caught the familiar scent of roses and strawberry's.

Lucy, catching an eye of pink from the Dragon Slayer, moved over to the two mages. Looking over the scarlet's shoulder her eyes widened into saucers seeming to recognize what was in Erza's hand.

"Is that. . . a love letter?" she stuttered.

Erza's eyes narrowed as she looked at the letter, slightly clenching the envelope in her armor clad fingers.

"Where did you get this, Natsu?" Erza asked stoicly with a slight underlying of a threat in her voice.

Natsu shrugged, "I really don't know where it came from. I found it nailed to the front of my door this morning after we got back from being held prisoners by the councils for the night. When I found it on my door I was curious to what it was and opened it. And that's when I learned something very important." he said as his face gained a serious expression.

"What was it?" Erza frowned.

"I can't read."

"WHAT?" Lucy shouted in disbelief. The hot headed idiot couldn't of been that brain dead to not be able to read a simple letter.

"Well, not really." Natsu sheepishly chuckled, slightly sweating in fear seeing Erza raising her good arm to backhand him into the wall for messing with her, "I couldn't really sleep in the cell we were in since I gave up the only bed bunk in the prison cell to you Erza, so all I wanted to do when I got back home was take a nap. I didn't really read the letter when I found it until after I woke up and had Happy read it to me since I was still tired before we went off on our mission.

Erza lowered her arm after hearing Natsu's explanation while slightly frowning that she was the cause of him not sleeping well while they were in prison. She had wanted to give the lone bunk to Natsu so that he could sleep, but the knucklehead shook his head and told her to take it. She ended up taking the bed in the end not wanting to argue with Natsu, feeling surprisingly tired after meeting with Siegrain.

Damn idiot. He always did care more about his friends well being then his own.

A small smile made it's way to Erza's lips.

It was one of the many things she had admired about him that drove her to keep improving even while she was an S-class mage. Unknowingly, the two mages drove each other to new levels, both using another as a measuring stick to gain acknowledgment from another.

Looking back to the letter, Erza couldn't fight the scowl making it's way to her face as she looked at the pink eyesore. She didn't even know why, but just looking at it made her want to slice it to pieces before requiping into her Flame Empress armor and reducing it to ash in the wind.

The great Titania was jealous.

And she didn't even know it.

Slightly crumbling the 'love letter', Erza turned to look over the blue flying cat that was currently gnawing on some fish, seeming to ignore the whole pairing pandemonium centered around his best friend. She narrowed her eye's slightly as she gained his attention, calling his name in a stone cold tone that sent shivers down the cat's spine, "Happy," she said stoicly, the blue cat seeming to freeze in place as he slowly looked over the Titania with a half eaten fish sticking out his mouth, "do you mind telling us what exactly was written on the letter addressed to Natsu?" she said with a dark aura over her.

Lucy paled behind her friend. Somehow she could tell that things were only going to even more out of hand. Nothing coming out of Happy's mouth ever lead to anything good.

Ignoring his natural sixth sense warning him to keep his mouth shut for once, Happy swallowed the last of his fish, patting his belly with a grin on his face before holding back a belch. Content with his now full belly, Happy flew back onto Natsu's head, having went back to sitting in a table, and gave the guild a wide grin.

Lucy sighed, "We're doomed."

"Hai!" Happy sagely nodded, sitting on Natsu's head much to his displeasure while stroking an imaginary beard, "Now, if I remember correctly, there was no name on the letter, which means that his secret admirer was too shy to write down her name. Someone shy, like LEVY!" he dramatically shouted, pointing a finger at the gaping blue haired bookworm.

"ME?" she said in shock, blushing in embarrassment.

"Levy, how could you?" shouted both Jet and Droy in despair, both mages crying waterfalls at her feet.

"Hang on a damn minute!" Lucy shouted, smacking both Jet and Droy in the noggin to get them to stop embarrassing their teammate. Huffing at them for jumping to conclusions, she pointed back at Happy who had somehow gotten himself a brown monk robe and a long sage looking beard with a small wooden staff while everyone listened to what he was saying, "Stop crying for a damn second! We don't even know if it really is a love letter! All we know is that it's decorated with hearts and that it's for Natsu. That doesn't mean someone is in love with him. Especially not Levy!"

"Ah, but that is where you are wrong, my ignorant Luffy." Happy mused sagely.

"It's Lucy, not Luffy you stupid cat!"

Happy ignored the blondes heated glare as he tapped Natsu's head with his small staff, getting Natsu look up at his friend with a scowl. He'd get him back later.

"The contents of said letter were shocking to say the least. For it was no ordinary letter one might send to a friend. It was a letter. . . of love!" he dramatically exclaimed causing the guild to gasp in shock.

"No shit!" everyone shouted.

"Gray, help me." Lucy pleaded to the Ice mage who shook his head, "Why?"

A deadpanned look was his answer.

"I ain't touching anything dealing with Natsu and love with a twenty foot pole made of ice." he said simply, crossing his arms over his chest as his shirt seemed to disappear, "Those two things should never mix. Chaos and insanity are sure to follow."

Making her way through the crowd of mages surrounding Team Natsu, Cana stopped by Erza just as everyone was getting riled up. She raised a curious brow at the cat's attire, making a mental note to see if he knew how to requip before turning her attention to the bored Natsu laying his head on his fist.

She smiled at the Dragon Slayer, "Hey, Natsu." he blinked before looking over at Cana who seemed to be smiling gently at him, "Is what Sage Happy spouting really true?" she rolled her eyes up at said wise cat, chuckling at how funny he looked.

Natsu sighed, scratching his head in confusion, "I guess." he shrugged, "I just don't understand what it all means, you know? It's not everyday that you get a letter from some stranger professing their undying love for you."

"For most of us, no." she deadpanned before patting the slightly sulking boy on the head, "But it doesn't surprise me. You are quiet the catch." she said with a sexy smirk.

If she was going to win this made up contest, Cana was going to have to start spending some more time around the rose haired mage. Besides, she wasn't really lying when it came to his looks. Natsu was a catch. Loyal, strong, full of energy, could make you laugh, and protective. Almost all the qualities a women like herself looked for in a man. It also helped that she knew he could hold his liquor. She would never date a man with the booze tolerance of a pansy.

Natsu slightly blushed at the sexy smirk directed towards him as Cana got closer to his face enough for him to feel her hot breath on his neck. Dammit! He was stronger then this! He wasn't going to let the hot, sexy Cards mage bring him down into a blushing mess! As Elfman would say, he was a man!

"How 'bout we just ignore all this mess and head out for a drink or two?" Cana grinned, stroking the Dragon Slayers muscled arm, getting him to blush even more, "We hardly spend any time together and I feel left out." she pouted with a cute blush.

Before Cana could ensnare the beat red fire mage within her charm the brunette found herself being held at knife point by none other then the great Titania.

"And just what do you think you're doing, Cana?" Erza growled only to get a deadpanned stare from the fearless drinker.

"Trying to get a date. What are you doing?" she raised her brow quizzically, getting the scarlet knight to blush at her blunt answer.

"W-What?!" she shouted along with the rest of the guild.

"It's the end of the world! I fucking knew it!"

"Where's my money? I knew they were in love!"

"Are you sure she's not drunk? This is seriously out of character from our Cana!"

"See?" Gray pointed to the chaos that was starting to break out in the guild as Lucy gawked at the scene, "Chaos and insanity. With a touch of humor for good taste. The perfect recipe." he nodded, smacking his fist into his palm.

"You can't be serious!" Erza stuttered as she lost her grip on her sword, "Why would you want to date Natsu? He's an idiot!"

"Hey! Said idiot's right here you know!"

"What's wrong with Natsu?" Cana frowned in confusion, petting the kneeling fire mage's hair as he looked down with a dark cloud over his head. "He's a good boy despite his small headed brain."

'And now she's petting him like he was some sort of animal.' Lucy sighed, finding hard to look away from the unbelievable scene. She hated to say it, but this was great reading material for the future.

"And besides," she smirked, holding Natsu closer to herself, fully knowing she was pressing her bountiful breast against his arms. "Natsu likes me best."

Erza scoffed, "What makes you say that?" she growled, the sight of seeing Natsu so close to Cana pulling at her heart strings for some reason.

Mira pouted from the sides from what she had heard.

"Hey! What about me? I thought Natsu liked me the most." she turned her tearing blue eye's towards the Dragon Slayer, those big, blue, loving orbs causing Natsu's eye to twitch. "Don't you love me, Natsu?" she sniffed.

'Why the hell is this happening to me?' Natsu mentally cried.

Because Kami loved a good show.

"Well. . . I. . . I don't. . ." he stuttered, his face growing redder by the minute.

Gray gaped at the sight, "Since when the hell does Natsu blush?! I thought the idiot was dumb when it came to love? And stuttering? What the fuck?!"

"Never underestimate Natsu, Gray!" Happy loudly shouted from Natsu's head. "He could reel in girl just by looking at her!"

"Riiiiigggghhht." Gray drawled lazily.

"Just answer the question, Natsu!" Erza shouted, staring into Natsu's eye's with a look that would promise pain. "Just watch what you say. If you don't answer correctly, then they'll be a world of pain awaiting." she warned with glowing red eye's.

'There's a right answer?' Natsu thought dully before looking back at Erza with a tick mark on his head, 'And why the hell do you care!?'

"Hey! What about Levy-chan? Don't count her out yet!"

"Master, shut the hell up!" both Jet and Droy shouted, trying to keep the now drunken Makarov away from the chaos around Natsu.

"I want to see some cat fighting, some mud slinging! Bring out the bikinis!" he hooted with a drunken blush.

Lucy turned to Gray with a dry look. "Remind me why he's the master. He's already drunk."

"That's the master for you." the ice mage shrugged, tossing some more popcorn he had magically found into his mouth. This was way better then a guild brawl.

"Don't toss me into this!" Levy whined, cutely blushing from all the hoots and cheers directed towards her and Natsu's romantic team.

"You see her blushing? That proves it! She loves Natsu!"

"Shut up!"

Natsu desperately struggled to free himself from Cana's hold, only to have her press herself against his arm tighter. This was too much! Why the hell did he even care about that damn love letter anyways? All it was doing was causing him more trouble. Only the kind of trouble he was faced with was far worse then fighting a dark mage.


"Levy, help me!" Natsu cried to the bookworm, hoping the last sane person he knew would help him out of his bind. She was literally his last hope.

Levy looked down shyly at those pleading eye's, her blush coming back with full force.

"W-Well, I-I. . . . "

"Please, Levy-chan! I need you!"

'He needs me?' Levy blushed till steam escaped her face, her hands clutching her red face as she tried to look away from Natsu who was squirming in Cana's grip. Romantic visions of her and the Dragon Slayer were already playing out in her head like mini clips. She swayed in place as her imagination began to get the best of her before she was caught by both Jet and Droy.

"Levy, are you okay?!" Jet worried, holding his teammate as she nearly fell back with a beat red face.

"What the hell is with that weird look on her face!?" Droy shouted, seeing Levy's eye's turn into swirls with an odd dreamy smile on her face.

Oh, Natsu~. Not here, we're in public." she giggled in a drawl.

"Damn you, Natsu!"

Natsu slumped in Cana's arms, his last hope for getting out of the sexy bar girl passed out in a blushing mess. Great, now what? Using force wasn't an option seeing as they would all just kick his ass till he was knocked out. And it didn't look like that would be a good idea. They would probably kidnap him with the way they were acting now. Kami knows what they would do to him.

He had to think of a new idea, quickly. From the way Cana was snuggling him deeper into her dirty pillows it didn't look like he would have much time left before Erza lost it and attacked the brunette mage. He sighed, grumbling curses as the guild continued to go wild with crazy theories about his love life. He didn't even know he had one.

"I'll ask you one more time Cana. Let. Natsu. Go." a large buster sword requiped into the mighty Titania's iron clad hand with the end of her threatening command. It looked like Erza was losing her patience. Which was odd seeing as she never really had much patience to begin with.

"Or what?" Cana smirked, loving every moment that went by. This was probably the first time Erza every considered her challenge. Now she had the power! She chuckled, ruffling Natsu's rosy spikes as she grinned challenging at the scarlet knight with a glint in her eye.

"You may be an S-class mage, but you know nothing when it comes to wooing men with your feminine charms! I, on the other hand, am a master at seducing men to doing what I want. Even Natsu is nothing but putty in my hands!"

"Why you!" Erza visibly shook with anger, her eye's glowing a demonic red as she watched Cana cuddle Natsu.

"What about me!?" Mirajane angrily pouted, waving her fists childishly as her brother Elfman held her back from joining the madness, "I'm cute and sexy! If he likes anyone more then it's me! I'm the perfect sexy housewife too! I can cook delicious meals unlike you two!"

"Please Nee-san, don't get involved!" Elfman cried, struggling with his grip on his sister's waist.

"I want my turn with Natsu dammit! Stop hogging him all for yourself Cana!"

"Never!" Cana laughed boisterously, unknowingly losing her grip on the fire Dragon Slayer for a moment.

"CHANCE!" quickly relaxing his entire body to slip through the Cards mage's bountiful embrace, Natsu escaped Cana's hold to make a speedy dash straight towards the guilds entrance.


Their was no way in hell he was going to stick around to see how this all ended. He was a free man dammit! And he wasn't going to be die anytime soon either. Sticking around would only spell certain death.

"And just where do you think you're going?" a cold voice whispered into his ear, sending chills down Natsu's spine.

Without even turning from his view of the exit of his guild, Natsu could already tell the voice belonged to Erza. He didn't even question how she could be calmly matching his speed while also whispering into his ear. She was an S-class mage and she was Erza. And you didn't question what she could do.

"I'm getting the hell out of here!" he shouted, ducking under a swing of her fist a moment later. He sidestepped as a barrage of glowing tarot cards came aiming for his back, missing him and detonating in a fiery explosion which knocked him on his ass from the blast.

"Dammit." Natsu cursed as now both Erza and Cana made their way towards him, both holding their respected weapons in their hands.

This was going down hill fast. If those two used their magic to keep him still he found that it would be difficult to fight back. Hell have no wrath like a woman's fury.

"Are you two trying to kill me?!" he yelled, shaking his fist at both mages with a tic mark on his head.

Both shrugged, "I knew you would of dodged my fist. I expect nothing less from a man like yourself." Erza answered calmly.

"Fire and explosions don't work on you. If anything my cards would of only knocked you back a bit." Cana smirked as she readied more of her cards.

By now the guild was taking a step back from the three mages. Once spells started flying it was wise not to get involved unless you wanted your ass handed to you.

"This is starting to get serious. Don't you think Gray?" Lucy sweated.

Gray scoffed, munching on his popcorn without a care in the world.

"Come on! I wanna see some Dragon Slayer blood flying! You know he's weak against lightning magic!"

"Shut the hell up Gray!" Natsu screamed in fear just as Erza requiped into her Reitie Yoroi(Lightning Empress Armor) and Cana took out her lighting tarots.

"Ah hell, forget this!" sweating like crazy Natsu quickly coated the balls of his feet with flames before using the explosive power of his magic to rocket out of the guild.

"You can't run away, Natsu!" both Cana and Erza yelled before chasing after the fireball that was Natsu.

"Elfman! What is that!?" Mira suddenly shouted in alarm getting her brother to whip his head to the right.

"What? Where!?"


Snapping her fingers over her brothers confused face, the white haired beauty put Elfman to sleep with a sleeping spell. Watching as his eye's grew heavy till he fell back snoring on his back, Mira patted her siblings head before pumping her fist in the air with a look of confidence on her face.

"Wait for me, Natsu! Your true love will save you from those two!" she laughed melodramaticly before running after the three.

Lucy palmed her face as the chaos began to leek out of the guild, the sounds of destruction echoing into the guild hall from streets of Magnolia as three of the strongest female mages went dragon hunting. The sounds of fighting and spells flying reaching all those not involved in Fairy Tails current dilemma. Lucy couldn't help but sigh. Why did her guild have to be troublesome? Couldn't they be normal just for once.

Stretching his arms over his head with yawn Gray began to make his way out the guild, catching Lucy's attention.

"Gray? Where are you going?" Lucy frowned confusingly as Happy glided towards her.

"Where am I going?" Gray smirked, turning to look back at the blonde with a glint in his eye. "Where do you think? This is too good of a show to miss! Natsu being torn apart by those three? And not to mention that their fighting will most likely attract attention and mobs to riot against the flame brain for all the destruction he caused? Forget it! This is too good. I think I might need some more popcorn." Yeah, an ultra jumbo sized bag of popcorn would do just fine. Maybe a large cola on the side too. Oh yeah, this was going to be a once in a life time show.

Whistling a happy tune while also moving to the side as a blazing rolling barrel broke through the guild from all the fighting going on in the streets Gray made his way out to watch the brawl for the heart of pink haired dragon mage. Did he feel bad that he basically sold out his best friend out by revealing his one weakness against lighting magic? Hell no! The bastard would of done the same to him. No doubt about it. Besides he wasn't the only one watching the whole scene play out like a show, the entire guild was already outside doing the same thing.

Hell, some of them were even fighting too. Rumble royal had been unleashed and now people were fighting over who loved Natsu. Gray shook his head. Today was going to be a long day full of pain, tears, misunderstanding, and a whole lot of laughing your ass off.

Again, Lucy sighed, rubbing her tired head from all the pandemonium breaking out all because of one simple letter. Speaking of the letter, where was it?

Moving her eye's around the now empty guild, everyone having left to watch the fate of the Dragon Slayer being chased around the Magnolia by three dangerous beauties, it took the Celestial Spirit mage a few seconds before she found the pink eyesore lying slightly crumbled on the floor. Erza must of dropped it as soon as she went chasing after Natsu.

Crouching down to pick it up as Happy happily munched away on a new fish he found on her head, Lucy couldn't help but become curious as she looked it over.

"Those idiots. They didn't even stick around to see if the letter really was a love letter." For all they knew Happy could have been lying just to create more drama.

Said cat dropped his ears as he heard his friend not believe him. "But it's true Lucy! I swear!" he sniffed with teary eye's, somehow still in the mood to be happily munching on his fish at the same time.

"I read that letter over a dozen times and all it talks about is Natsu! The chick who must of sent it to him must of really liked him from all the flattering things she talked about in there."

"Really?" Lucy raised an brow in suspicion, opening the letter to see for herself if Happy was telling the truth. "I don't know, I may of just joined the guild a couple of months ago, but I still find it hard to believe someone in our guild would be in love with an idiot like Natsu. No offense."

"Offense taken."

Lucy ignored the talking cat, choosing to read the letter instead. If what he was saying was true, then this was only the beginning of the chaos.

Now by now you all might be wondering who the hell would make a love letter for Natsu Dragneel, the number one idiot with a head full of of- well, nothing. I mean, what sane girl would be in love with him? She'd have to be out of this world.

"Dammit! Now how's Natsu-kun going to fall for me now that a bunch of girls are after him? Ultear-chan! What am I going to do? I want my man!"

"Ugh, I'm not getting anymore involved in this. Don't talk to me. It's bad enough you had us dragged into this. I'm pretty sure we broke the laws of time because of your stupid crush with that man."

If anyone had been paying attention towards the entrance of the guild, they would of spotted two oddly placed bushes right next to the door. And if they had a good eye they would of seen two different tuffs of hair within the bushes, one a dark purple, and the other a coral pink.

Yeah, not really the best disguises they could of came of with. It also didn't help that said bushy disguises came with eye-holes for the two mages to see through. How the hell weren't they caught spying yet?

Two brown eye's pocked out of the bush, both twitching as the other bush's resident's bright green eye's knitted together with an unseen pout.

"This is crazy." Bush #1 grumbled as she rubbed her sore head from all the insanity she had just witnessed inside the guild. They weren't even suppose to be here! They were literally breaking the laws

of time right now by even hiding in the bushes! And what for?

"I know. Natsu even looks more handsome then he did back in our time. Doesn't he?" Bush #2 sighed with a firm nod, a slight blush rising from the green foliage, confusing anyone walking by the guild why a bush would blush.

Bush #1 kicked Bush #2, getting an "Ow!" out of her. By now she didn't care if she hurt her pseudo daughter, she had basically forced to break every rule in the book of time magic just for her silly needs. She really had to learn how to say no to her or they'd be breaking a whole more rules next.

"Why'd you do that for?" Bush #2 cried, tears falling down her costumes eye-holes.

"I don't want to hear it! Do you know how much trouble we're in if anyone finds out what we did here!? I'm talking about breaking the very fabric of time and space! Do you understand that!? All because you wanted to make that idiot fall for you with a love letter!?"

"It's not just a lover letter. It's a letter of love."

"It's the same thing! Ugh, I give up. There's no hope for us now. We're doomed."

The two occupants of the sorry excuse of disguises were none other then Ultear Milkovich and Meredy, two of Crime Sorcieres mages.

Now at this point, you might be wondering what the hell are two people from seven years in the future are doing hiding behind bushes while watching Fairy Tail go into a battle royal over a letter addressed to none other the Natsu Dragneel, a friend they weren't suppose to be on friendly terms with until the far future? The answer is actually isn't as complicated as you might think.

In fact, it was pretty much the dumbest excuse for breaking the very laws of time itself in the history of history.


. . . . Dear god, the world was fucked.

Ultear withheld herself from tearing away at her hair at the sheer madness they had caused, all because of her pseudo daughters love letter.

That's right. The letter was from none other then Meredy.

The Time Arc mage still couldn't believe how one simple meeting had changed the original time line. It was suppose to be a simple meeting really. Help out the Fairy Tail mages consisting of Natsu, Erza, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, and the three Shadow Gear members she had never met before with powering them up and asking for help with a problem they were dealing with that tied together with the Magical Games. Simple really. Nothing out of the ordinary.

She should of known better. Once they Fairy Tail mages had left after getting what they needed from the once dark mages, little Meredy became a little curious of Natsu. It was nothing then. His hair color interested her since she hadn't met many mages with pink hair before.

How that simple question of his hair color had turned into puppy dog love she'd never know. Ultear blamed Jellal for this. If he hadn't gone on and on about the man who's flames were strong enough to burn away the darkness in peoples hearts, who's fist were empowered by his loved ones, and who's roar could shatter the deepest illusion, then they wouldn't be here right now. Meredy's simple curiosity of the fire mage caused Jellal to talk about Natsu and how he believed in man Erza believed.

Ultear groaned as soon as he began going about him to their young impressionable teammate. It was like telling a tale of prince charming to a little girl.

That blue haired bastard. If she ever got the chance to return back to their original time line without causing major shifts with the present then she was freezing him in a block of ice while reading his journal out loud to the world.

'Journal my ass. We all know it's a dairy. Era's most dangerous man my ass.'

After Jellal's tale of Natsu, Meredy had grown infatuated with the man. She should of seen coming really. Her constant questions of him, the dreamy look in her eye whenever they talked about the Fairy Tale mages, her cheering for him during his fights in the games, and her pleas for having some alone time with the visual lacrima that watched over some of the mages.

Ultear slightly shivered at the last one. Her Meredy was of pure mind, she said over and over again. It had nothing to do with what she was thinking.

Then came the last days of the Magic Games. After a few big evens in their time, they somehow wound up going through some weird gate like portal and ended up back in Magnolia, seven years back.

'I still don't know if this was the right thing to do.' Ultear frowned, thinking back to the horrible things that had happened before they left. Many things happened. Some worse then others. For the sake of the future and the ones they cherished a few things had to change.

And one of those things was being chased by some of Fairy Tails strongest female mages.

To only question was how. She still had very little clue on what they were allowed to do while they were in the past. What if something they did tore the very fabric of time? Like stepping on a bug. It could cause half of Era to split in half before erupting in molten lava!

Not to mention they had no way of going back. Ultear highly doubted there was another door that was powered by an insane amount of magical energy and the twelve zodiac keys capable of traveling through time. The very thought was as dumb as Jellal walking into the magical councils headquarters asking for sugar.

Watching as Meredy gazed with starry eye's at Natsu who was dodging both swords and elemental spell from the distance, Ultear couldn't help but sigh.

She really had to learn how to say no. If she had just said no before then they would of never got mixed in with what was happening in the games and they wouldn't of ended up traveling back in time.

"I still don't agree with what we're doing here." looking over at the bubbly haired girl, Ultear frowned at what their presence meant. As a mage who controlled time she still wasn't so sure about changing the events that were set in stone.

A sad shine replaced Meredy's starry eye's, the memories of what she had seen before arriving still plaguing her.

"I know that you don't like what happened back at the kings castle, and you still don't agree with going back in time, but I can't be the only who wouldn't of done the same." she said softly, gripping her fists tightly against her knees. "We both saw what happened. We both know who died during the chaos. And we both know that something, anything, could have been done to prevent it all from happening. Even if it mean breaking the laws of time itself, I'll do whatever it takes to save the lives of what little friends I've made in the future. Because I love them all. And I'd do whatever it takes to see them again one day." she smiled, stunning Ultear as tears ran down her face with such a beaming smile.

The chaos. The blood shed. The tears. The cries. They all still echoed within both mages heads, fresh as day. No future should of existed in the lives of their friends. Even if nothing was as happy in the fairy tales of children, such a fate should never come to pass.

Ultear looked down, feeling ashamed with questioning changing such a dark future. Meredy was right. She'd do the same to save the little friends they made that forgave them for the evil things they had done in the past. She looked up at Meredy as she wiped her eye's, smiling back with the same happiness she had for the future.

She chuckled, "Where did you come with such a cheesy, yet still deep and touching line? I don't remember you being this deep before." Ultear smirked.

Meredy smiled happily, her eye's turning back to terrified pink haired mage running for his life in the streets.

"I don't know. It sounded like something Natsu would say, don't ya think?"

Ultear nodded, laughing slightly now that she thought about it. It certainly did sound like him.

And done! Chapter 1 complete.

That's right, pairing pandemonium had descended onto Natsu. All while a dark future awaits the Fairy Tail guild. The time frame till a horrible future comes to pass, Seven years. And the only ones who could stop the upcoming disaster are the ones and only Ultear and Meredy. Though it be more dramatic if Meredy wasn't trying to make Natsu fall in love with her while trying to change the future.

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