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Chapter 4: An Idiots Guide to Destroying the Moon.

It was already dark out in the seas when the Fairy Tail mages could make out the dark silhouette of the dreaded Demon's Isle, Galuna Island. The waves gently rocked the boat as they neared closer to their most dangerous mission yet. A mission where one tiny mistake would lead to their certain death.

Now was the time to reign in their wits. To harden their resolve. To cast all fear away. And most importantly of all!

"S-S-Some o-one! Get me a-a bucket!"

See if it was not too late to swim back to the harbor.

Natsu felt his cheeks blow up with restraint as the bastard of the sea kept kicking at their boat, his motion sickness dragging him into a hell on earth.

This was why it was better to swim to the island! He'd rather take his chances with the sharks they had just recently passed by then take another moment dying on some crummy old long boat with fish expression design on the hull. But nooooooo! They had to take a damn boat to Galuna, it was too dangerous she said. What was so dangerous about a few miles long swim through a shark infested sea? He'd roast those jerks the moment they even tried nibbling on his leg.

If he could, Natsu would of sighed. But seeing as he was still fighting off losing the last contents of his stomach into the waves he could only gurgle in depression.

"Shush now, Natsu. Mama's here to make it all better."

Damn Cana. How the hell was she even able to put up with his motion sickness? Most girls felt disgusted when they saw him this state.

What he didn't know was that Cana was use to the sight of barfing. After years of drinking in the guild you tend to see a grown man hurling his guts out after one too many beers as second nature. Especially if you were the one to drink the guy under the table. Which happened a lot.

So, as they headed out to sea, Cana had made it her duty to watch over the sickly sea sick Dragon Slayer. By which she meant cuddling his poor green face to her naughty pillows. Oddly enough, it helped to an extent. Natsu wasn't puking anymore, which was good news to everyone on the small boat, but it didn't mean he was done moaning like the dead.

Cana smiled down at the groaning pink haired mage, ruffling his pink locks as they could see the island on the horizon.

"Don't be such a sad sack. We're almost towards the island, right Old man?" she asked the bandanna wearing sailor who twitched at the end of her sentence.

Old man? He was only twenty-six year's old!

Nodding his head Bobo set his gaze to the nearing island of demons with a wistful smile, "Aye. It won't be long now."

"Really?" Lucy smiled nervously as her whole body shook at the thought of landing on an island populated by scary demons.

"I know it's a little late now, but I'm getting scared."

"Really? Well too bad! After dragging me along with you idiots on your suicidal mission, you don't have a right to be scared!"

"Oh, calm down, Gray." Cana yawned before rummaging through her pack she had brought with her before leaving Fairy Hills earlier. Finding what she needed, the Cards mage then proceeded to uncap a bottle of vodka with Natsu's open mouth, his teeth popping the annoying cap before she took a swig of the heavenly nectar.

"Why can't you just enjoy the boat ride like the rest of us?" she smirked with a small blush from the liquor.

"What the hell are you talking about!? No one's enjoying this ride! Lucy's trembling in fear, Natsu's your own personal bottle opener, and Happy's trying to eat the front of the boat because it looks like a fish!"


"See!?" Gray growled before frowning towards the drinking brunette seriously.

"What?" she hiccuped with a scowl as she finished her vodka and went for another in her bag.

"We're going against master's orders." he said sternly, sighing before laying his head back against some wooden cargo behind him as he looked up at the sky, "You do realize what that means, right? Expulsion. Even if master does see us as his children, it doesn't mean he'll let us go for breaking a big rule like this. He'll need to show an example to the rest of the guild so that no one will be stupid enough to do something like this again."

"I don't care."

"What!?" Gray's jaw dropped in disbelief as a smug smirk took over Cana's face.

"You heard me. I don't care." she said with a wistful sigh, "What happens, happens. You know? I mean, when have we ever cared about the consequences of our actions? Never!" she smirked before patting the sickly grumbling rose head in her lap, "Besides, we both know the master doesn't have the heart to kick us out for something like this. The worse he could do is. . .That." she shivered as a hint of fear clouded her eye's.

"What is That!? Why won't somebody tell me!? I don't think I want That!"

Gray ignored the confused despaired cries of the cute blonde as he looked back with gritted teeth sported by a glare, "You take the old man too lightly. You do know about what happened to Laxus's father a few years ago, right? The idiot took a mission that was way out of his league and guess what happened? The Master expelled him from his guild! His own flesh and blood! What makes you think he won't do the same to us!?" he said coldly.

Cana still wouldn't back down even as she could remember what happened to make Laxus so. . .Laxus, "Yeah, I remember what he did. He endangered his own team on a dangerous mission and came back alone. His team gave their life's for him and he didn't show any hint of remorse. He used them. That's why he was kicked out of the guild. Not because of the actual mission class."

Gray continued to meet the drinking mage in a heated glare, refusing to back down till his shoulders sagged in defeat. No matter what he would say to try convince Cana they had made a mistake she wouldn't budge. Why did all of Fairy Tails woman have to be so stubborn? He sighed angrily puffing his cheeks in annoyance as he mumbled.

Cana smirked, cupping her ears as she heard Gray mumble.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" she said with a Cheshire grin.

Gray tsked with an embarrassed blush, ". . .Can you please untie me? I promise I won't try to stop you."

Tapping her cheek in thought Cana closed her eye's as she nodded. Gray sighed in relief. He was starting to get rope burn from the bindings tying his hands to his back. Not to mention Natsu would of never let him live it down if he saw him as he was. Thank god he was too sick to make fun of him.

"What do you think, Natsu?" the heavy drinker smiled slyly as Gray's eyes popped out in disbelief, "Should we let him go?"

"The idiot's knocked out from his own stupid Achilles heel! What makes you think he'll answer you!?"

"NO! Keep him tied down like the pig that he is! C-Crap! My l-l-lunch!" Cue barfing out the side of the boat.

"Forget you!" Gray shouted angrily before nearly kicking the vomiting Dragon Slayer out of the boat.

Laughing Cana resumed her earlier nightly drinking as they reached closer and closer the island of demons. And to prove she wasn't such a bad girl she even offered the fuming Ice Alchemist some Irish scotch. To which he greedily drank without a moments hesitation.

He was going off on a dangerous S-class mission without the master's approval. He was better off drunk off the damn handle when he came back. He didn't want to suffer the punishment sober.

And as the Fairy Tail mages rested before their big mission, our favorite Dragon Slayer was busy with his own little issues besides motion sickness.

(Inside Natsu's head.)

"Eh? Where am I?"

Natsu blinked in confusion as he looked around his surroundings. One minute he was doing his best from puking all over Cana, cursing the damn son of a bitch responsible for all forms of transportation and his mother, before a sharp kick to the back of his head made him see black. It was probably Gray. Dirty looking son of a bitch. Oh, when he woke back up he was so toast.

Looking around Natsu was confused with the scenery. He was back at Fairy Tail. The guild hall to be more precise. The only strange thing about the scene was that the guild was completely empty.

That wasn't right. Fairy Tail was always full of mages and full of noise, not desolate and void of any noise. He frowned as he moved his head back and forth through the guild, trying to make sense of what the hell was going on.

"I see, you're awake."

Natsu spun around to the source of the voice only to drop his jaw in shock at who he saw standing on the balcony of the second floor.

A spiky pink haired man with slanted black eye's, light tan skin, wearing a red open collared, one sleeve, waistcoat with black fur trimmings, tucked and zipped into his gray knee length trousers. He wore Igneel's scarf over his neck and his Fairy Tail guild mark on his left arm and right side of his waistcoats chest.

Natsu looked up at. . .Natsu in disbelief as he pointed a shaky finger up at himself.

"Who the hell are you!?" Natsu shouted in outrage before raising a raging fist at the sweat dropping imposter, "And why the hell are you messing with my look, you look-stealing-bastard!"

"See? I told you he didn't like red."

"And who the hell are you!?" Natsu shouted in a mix of more anger and confusion as he found another imposter step out from behind.

The imposter wore the same outfit as the one standing on the second floor railing only that his waistcoat was colored a deep sea blue minus the fur trimmings and wore a pair of glasses on his face.

"And why the hell are you wearing glasses!?" he shouted before punching the blue wearing son of a bastard away into the bar.

Crashing against the many bottles of liquor, the blue waistcoat Natsu was knocked out by the force of the blue with a fist indent on his left as he laid in the ruined bar with swirly eye's. A tuft of pink hair quickly rose from behind the bar, the owner of the pink hair looking none too happy about all the booze shattered all over the glasses wearing Natsu.

Natsu growled. Great, another look alike. Only this one was wearing a dark purple waistcoat and was drunk off his ass.

"Who the fuck sent Glasses flying into the damn bar!?" he roared with a pink flushed face, hiccuping a second later. He stumbled out of the bar quickly finding the bastard who destroyed and ruined his drinking spot, doing his best to stop himself from tripping on his feet as he glared as murderously as he could drunk at Natsu.

"Oi, Pinky!" he said in a heavy slur, stopping in front of Natsu to lay his hand over the others shoulder to stop himself from falling over. He hiccuped, frowning in confusion for a moment before glaring back at Natsu.

"Do you know who knocked Glasses into my bar? By the way, your hair sucks."

"What gives you the right to say that to me, idiot!" Natsu said as his mouth dropped in utter gall of what the imposter said to him.

The drunk Natsu blinked in confusion for a few moments, shaking his head to clear his thoughts before shouting in anger in Natsu's face.

"Who the fuck are you!? And why the hell are you so close!?" he yelled before giving Natsu the same treatment he had given glasses Natsu.

A hard clawed palm strike to the cheek.

Sent crashing high into the rafters of the guild hall, Natsu growled, his cheek stinging from the powerful punch to the face. Right hand blazing with fire magic he shot off the top of the guild to meet fist to palm with his look alike. A powerful gust of wind blew up from the clash, sending the tables and chairs along with anything else not capable of standing the gust to fly off into rubble.

Drunk Natsu snorted, taking a quick swig of a concealed, small flask of booze hidden in his scarf with his free hand, "Tough little guy, aren't ya, Pinky?" he smirked, "Made real mess of the place."

"Then you should of just let me knock you off your ass if you're so concerned about the guild." Natsu said with a deadpanned expression. Pulling back his fist Natsu rose an eyebrow at the way the drunk seemed to stumble without any source of balance to help him up.

Reminded him a lot of Cana when even she had too much to drink.

"Enough!" A loud booming voice shouted in the guild, stopping the two Natsu's from breaking out into a fight. Natsu frowned at the tone of the voice. It really reminded him of Erza. Sent shivers down his spine.

Falling from above the second floor, another Natsu landed in between the two, his eye's stern in a disapproved frown, just like the one he would get from Erza before he was beaten into a bloody pulp. Unlike the other three, this one wore a vest like gray piece of armor without any sleeves, gauntlets over his right hand, and a red scabbard tied to the bottom end of his waistcoat in its sheath.

"I will not have mindless fighting in the guild. Do I make myself clear?" he said threateningly with red demon glowing eye's.

Natsu growled in annoyance not liking how he was ordering himself to stop fighting, which was confusing when he stopped to think about it, "Who do you think you are!? Erza!? Like you or her could stop me from doing what I want!"

He should of never said those words~!

He didn't know how it happened, but Natsu had to admit one thing about the armor wearing imposter. He was scary fast.

The armor clad rose haired man narrowed his eye's as he caught Natsu in an armlock submission, twisting his left arm back while pressing his foot deep into his spine.

"What was that you said about the our mistress?" he said calmly, adding more pressure into his submission.

'Our mistress?' Erza? What the hell was with this guy? And what he mean 'our mistress'?

"Ooohhh? You mean the redhead with the jugs?" Drunk Natsu loosely grinned only to duck under a swipe of Armor Natsu's blade.

"Watch where you swing that crappy stick! I can't drink without a head you know!" he shouted with a tick mark, avoiding the lightning quick swings of Armor Natsu's sword who let go of the groaning fire mage.

"Dastard! I will make you pay for saying such perverse things about Erza-sama!"

"Oi! I'm not the only one who thinks she has some A-grade rack! You've seen them when she wears those loose fitting armors of hers!"


"Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy."

"Stay still and let me slice you into fine, drunk, Dragon Slayer chops!"

"Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle."

As the two Natsu's tore apart the guild hall running around like bickering children, the original Natsu was having a hard time understanding what was going around him. This was the first time something like this had ever happened to him. Was he losing his mind? Granted he did get hit in the head a lot when he did something stupid in the guild by Erza and the master, not to mention Gildarts when he challenged him to a fight, but he never thought that all those blows would cause him to go insane.

It was probably Gray's fault. Natsu nodded his head at the most logical answer he could come up with. Ice stripping bastard. When he woke up he'd dunk his head in the ocean till he passed out.

The Natsu standing above the guild hall on the second floor stood by watching the chaos fill the guild hall with a sweat drop still present on his forehead. He sighed moving his head where one of the Natsu's was passed out in a pile of shattered alcohol. They all probably forgot about the guy staring up at the ceiling in a dizzy daze of pain and fine tasting booze.

Not that bad of place to be knocked out in really.

"All right, that is enough."

Hopping off of the railing, the more elegant of the Natsu's decided enough was enough. If he didn't stop things now the guild would be in shambles. And he couldn't have that. It took too muck time to fix the place back to the way it was. Poor Mira-chan. He truly did feel bad for all the mess he made in the guild brawls.

With a mental note to remind the original Natsu not to make a mess for Mira's sake, the imposter Natsu landed between the the two Natsu just as Drunk Natsu was ready to fight, breaking the wooden floor from the force of his landing into splinters. The two Natsu's weren't even able to widen their eye's in shock before twin pillars of raging fire erupting from the floor boards to render them into embers.

Natsu stood by in awe of the scene. He had yet to be able to call flames from anywhere besides his body. Yet his look alike was able to do it without so much a care.

"As master of this guild hall I will not have fighting when we've got much bigger things to deal with." he said blankly as if he didn't just incinerate two people.

The two columns of fire were blown away by their captives by a strong wave of one's sword and the others palm. No sign of any burn could be found on both Natsu's, only sign of annoyance on both their faces before huffing and turning away from the other.

"My apologies, Master." Armor Natsu said politely through gritting teeth.

"I'm thirsty anyways. I was going to get a drink, so whatever." Drunk Natsu snorted as he turned back to his bar, ". . .What's smart ass doing passed out in the bar anyways? Bastard! He didn't go through my stash again, did he!?"

"Master?" Natsu frowned in confusion as Master Natsu turned his eye's back to him with a smile that bordered along a smirk.

"Remember me? I told you you couldn't fight Erza, Cana, and Mira. But did you listen? Nooooo." he said as Natsu's face suddenly lite up.

"Wait. You're me! The one that was talking shit while I was running away from those three!" he growled feeling ticked off, "You bastard! Wait. . .does that mean I'm calling myself a bastard?" he stopped to think as he scratched his head in confusion.

Master Natsu shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe. We never did find out who are parents were."

"Ouch, low blow, as Thrafstis would say." pulling himself back up from the ruined bar while ignoring said drinking fire mage's death threats against his life, the glasses wearing Natsu shook his head free of any bottle shards as he made his way towards Master Natsu and the original Natsu.

"Still insisting on using those Greek names, Sofia?" Master Natsu said teasingly as said mage frowned disapprovingly.

"I told you it was Faskomilo, not Sofia, Kyrios-sama."

"As you say, Fasko. I just thought Sofia spoke more about you." Kyrio's sighed before turning towards the knight wearing Natsu.

"N, I'm surprised that you could be so easily coursed into fighting Thraf. I know how you are about Erza, but please learn to control yourself around our guest." he smiled as N bowed in apology towards the master.

"Thrafstis, Faskomilo, Kyrios, N?" Natsu frowned, not understanding what the names meant. Greek? The word sounded familiar. It must have been one of those languages Erza tried to teach him as kid to make him smarter. Which sadly failed seeing as he couldn't understand a damn thing she was teaching.

Kyrios nodded his head, "Yes, we thought it would be best if we came up with names for ourselves seeing as it would be confusing referring to all of ourselves as Natsu. Though I like to call Nait N."


Thrafstis scoffed before laughing at the confused mage from behind the bar, "He means it be too much for your tiny ass brain, Pinky!"

"Shut it! I don't think I like you! Or me. Gah! All this is hurting my head!"

"Told ya!"

"Shut up!"

"Thraf, enough." Kyrios coughed into his fist making the other Natsu stop as he went back to drinking whatever was left over in the bar.

"I see you're confused." Kyrios said as he went back to Natsu who looked just as confused as when he first woke up.

"No, you think?" Natsu said blandly, "I'm just use to seeing four of myself inside my head doing random crap while calling themselves weird names I've never heard before."

Nait tsked from the sides, "If you had actually paid attention towards the mistress's lessons when we were children, then maybe you wouldn't be so confused."

Natsu shivered at the memory. She had turned him away from learning after that.

"Don't be alarmed." Kyrios tried to calm Natsu, thinking his trembling was due from the confusion and not the images of Erza holding some chains with demon eye's, "We are simply a fabrication of your mind. It all happened when Erza and Cana had accidentally slammed your head a little too hard into a building just as their hunt began. The trauma must of created us and, well," he loosely motioned with his hands to the guild and the others, "here we are."

"Really?" Natsu said in disbelief, looking in suspicion at all the Natsu's in his guild, "You expect me to believe some little blow created you guys out of trauma?"

"It's probably due to all the other hits to your head, Pinky." Thrafstis snorted, "They must of all piled up and fucked that head of yours."

"Trust us, we are as confused and puzzled as you are, Natsu." Faskomilo sighed as he readjusted his now cracked glasses, "This is truly an intriguing phenomenon."

". . .No, seriously. Why am I wearing glasses?" Natsu asked Kyrios as Faskomilo jaw dropped at being ignored so easily just because of his glasses, "I don't wear glasses. And they would only be an nuisance in a fight."

". . . . .Fashion statement?" Kyrios smiled as he sweated at the question. He shouldn't of been too surprised. He was Natsu.

"What weird sense of fashion." Natsu shook his head before getting back on topic, "Soooo, I've gone insane, is what you're trying to say."

"No, not that." Kyrios sweat dropped, "We seem to be different types of personalities created from the crack in your mind. I don't really think we classify as you being insane."

"Technically," Faskomilo pointed as they all looked at him, "It does."

"Goddammit! I was hoping Gray became crazy first!"

"So you knew it was only a matter of time before you lost your sanity?" Nait deadpanned at the pouting mage.

Natsu shrugged, "Meh, pretty much. Not everyone in Fairy Tail is alright in the head, know what I mean?"

"Yes, we do. We're all not block headed idiots who first thought two plus two equaled fish."

"What did I just say about shutting up, you drunk! Besides, you're me! You're making fun of yourself!"

"Can we all get back to what's important here?" Kyrios said as he clapped his hands to get all the Natsu's attention.

"That's better." he nodded, turning back to Natsu with a serious look on his face, "Look, we don't really understand what the hell is going on here. You could say we were technically just born a day ago. So we're as clueless as to what is going on here as you are. But, for now at least, we shouldn't worry about all this. As far as we can see nothing is wrong with your head. We're just voices of your conscious. Nothing bad about that."

Thrafstis rolled his eye's, doing his best to hold back his laughter as he looked back at Natsu with puffed cheeks, "You have voices in your head. What a nut job!"

"I really don't like you! Die! Seriously, die and never come back!"

"Ignore him." the pink haired master sighed, "Or you. Whatever. The fact is that we'll be here for a while. And we'll try to help out as much as we can while you're awake. From the looks of it you'll be needing our help."

"The mistress won't be happy about this." Nait grumbled to himself as he fell into depression in the corner of the guild with a dark cloud over his head.

"Help, huh?" Well he was taking on an S-class quest. And while he was confident he could do it all by himself it couldn't hurt have a little extra help.

"Sure, why not?" Natsu grinned widely, surprising all four Natsu's at his quick answer.

"Really, Pinky?" Thrafstis brow rose disbelief, "You're not even going to think about it or question if this is some sort of trap?" he asked only for Natsu to shake his head.

"Why would I? If can't trust myself, then who can I trust?" he laughed joyfully before his head started to feel light headed. Must of meant he was waking up.

"Well, looks like I got a mission to finish. Gotta show the old man that I'm S-class material and make some extra money to take care of Umi and Meredy. For a mother, she has one hell of a fist."

And with that last comment Natsu vanished from thin air from the guild inside his head, leaving the Natsu's in his head to frown in confusion.

"That was. . .easy." Faskomilo laughed uneasily as he adjusted his glasses.

"Were we. . .really that trusting?" Nait frowned at how Natsu had acted. He had almost forgot how open he was. How could Erza let him go on in such ignorance?

Thrafstis didn't say anything. Instead he chose to scoff at the vanishing pink haired mage before leaving for the cellar for some heavier liquor. He needed some hard stuff to forget what was going on in his head. That and the care free personality he use to have really pissed him off.

Kyrios smiled at his brother's, feeling nostalgic at meeting the original Natsu.

"Perhaps we've just become jaded. I actually miss that old personality of ours. We were much more fun." he happily grinned before his eye's seemed to age.

"All we can do is try our best to help him. And prevent the future nightmare from ever descending upon all our loved ones."

(Back at Fairy Tail.)


Ignore it. If you pay any sort of attention to her then you'll only be dragged into her game. Levy nodded to herself silently as she tried to enjoy her book at the bar. She was above any sort of childish taunting.


Nope. Not happening. Besides, if Erza found out she got involved in such things, there would be hell to pay. Though she could always get out of it by with holding some of her favorite types of novels. She had books you couldn't find anywhere else.

Rare dirty romance books, but rare none the less.


She was stronger than this! Another girls heated glare meant nothing. Even if said glare sent shivers down her spine.


'Somebody, anybody, help me!' Levy silently sobbed into her book in the face of the other girls glare behind her.

Ultear, who had been watching the odd scene of her daughter, Meredy, glaring at the nice blue haired girl named Levy, found the whole thing amusing as well as the rest of the guild watching on.

It was safe to say Meredy found an unwilling love rival. How? It was rather simple.

When Ultear had first walked into the guild, Levy had been nice enough to escort her to the master's study for a mission request. Skipping over her discussion with the master, who was as wise as he was a dirty old man, she had quickly went back to Lucy's for her pseudo daughter. Overjoyed that she would be hanging out in the guild of her future husband, Meredy had dashed off towards Fairy Tail intent on creating good will with the guild members to capture Natsu's heart faster. Safe to say the guild was shocked when a cute, bounteous, pink haired girl busted through the guild doors with a happy smile on her face.

Especially with the fact she had loudly, and happily, proclaimed to be Natsu's future wife.

Chaos, once again, ensued. Thank Kami the master was there to stop the insanity from escalating like the other day. He had enough of the guild going crazy over love for one day.

Shortly after, Makarov decided to properly introduce the two young woman to Fairy Tail. Safe to say the male members were overjoyed with the two staying in the guild during the day while Team Natsu was away on their missions. A mother and daughter combo? Hell yeah! Even Makarov shed a tear at the beauties Natsu had brought. Before he remembered said idiots decision of illegally taking an S-class mission.

It was a good thing he had sent a message to Erza shortly after he realized Cana and Gray had failed to bring the boy back. Wouldn't be long now till she brought them in.

Yeah, he must of forgotten that it was Natsu she was bringing back. Nothing ever went through perfectly when that flame headed idiot was involved.

But once Meredy had met the smiling face of Levy who welcomed the two as friends seeing as Natsu befriended them, the pink haired girl had immediately seen the bookworm as a threat.

Why? It was rather obvious really. Levy was cute. Instant rival, whether or not she liked Natsu.

Soon after Meredy had begun to glare at the equally cute girl she had just met. Greatly confusing the guild as to why anyone would glare at poor, cute, innocent little Levy of all people.

Everyone except for Ultear and Mira who was an expert in silly things such as what was currently going on.

"Isn't it cute, Umi-chan?" Mira giggled from next to the mother as they watched Levy try in vain to ignore the heated, cute glare from Meredy, "Who knew Natsu's uprising fame would suddenly spark fan girls to chase after him lately?"

"Fan girls?" Ultear paled. She knew of those dangerous creatures named fangirls. They use to follow Jellal, or as he was known as Siegrain, all the time that he had left Era. It was no wonder he never left even in his Illusion body. Though that may of also been because of her since she was controlling him most of the time.

Mira nodded with a happy smile on her face as she recalled the last few days, "Yup! He's become much stronger nowadays, enough that the ladies have seemed to notice. Just the other day the guild was thrown into shambles over a love letter one of his fans must of sent to him while he was away on mission before coming back. You should of seen it. It was hilariouse!" she laughed.

A love letter? Ultear did her best to hide the tired sigh leaving her lips at the thought. Like she didn't know who's love letter it was.

"It's so sad." Mira sighed melodramatically, catching the dark purple haired woman's attention as she noticed the barmaid blushed with a dreamy smile on her face, "All those girls will be heartbroken once he realizes that I'm the only one fit to be his beautiful wife."

"WHAT!?" Ultear sighed. Of course Meredy heard that little comment.

Levy meanwhile sighed in relief seeing as the pink haired girl had found a new victim to annoy. Now she could get back to her precious book.

Precious book, yeah, right. It was nothing more than another smut novel involving a fire mage and a blue haired woman.

Mira nodded seeming to be oblivious of the cute glare pointed her way, "Of course! After all he is in love with me." she said with her eye's closed, smiling despite the growling pink haired girl staring her down.

"But he loves me!"

"Oh, honey." Mira giggled, "I'm more wife material. You're just a naïve little girl."

"You're only a year older than me!"

The white haired barmaid winked, "A year more experience is still a year more. I don't even think you'd know what to do with him when he starts to lust after a real woman."

The guild felt their jaws drop in shock at what they were hearing. Sweet, kind, adorable, Mirajane was fighting with another girl over Natsu of all people. Things were going to go down hill fast. Even Nab, who had been struggling with choosing from over fifteen missions to take from quickly picked from two to get the hell out of the line of fire. He was indecisive, not stupid.

Meredy felt her eye twitch at the blow. While she had no dating experience to speak from considering she was known as a dark mage in the future and was always on the move to avoid the council's Rune Knights, she wasn't as oblivious to the matter of sex as one would think. Ultear had taught her about the birds and the bees, she was sure of all that she needed to know after that blushing disaster.

"I so do know what to do with a man like Natsu when he has an itch he can't scratch himself. Besides, my chest is bigger!" she said victoriously with a grin.

Levy blinked suddenly finding herself pressed up chest to chest with the bubbly pink haired girl, dropping her head in depression as she was once again dragged into the girl's game.

Ultear face palmed at the scene. How could Meredy go from arguing with Mirajane to comparing chests with Levy in a split second? It seemed Fairy Tail's odd upbeat personality was already tainting her innocence. And sense of logic.

"Yup!" Mira grinned as she walked back to the bar to serve some mages who had stopped by for a drink, smiling deviously back at Meredy as she antagonized poor old Levy, "I still got it."

'So that was you?' The Time mage knew she had felt a dark presence for a split second before Meredy went to harass their new friend, 'There really is more to everyone than meets the eye.' How scary.

"That's Mira-chan for you, cute and scary to boot."

"Master?" Ultear nearly jumped in surprise finding the tiny old man sitting besides her drinking a mug of hard ale, kicking his feet back watching the odd, yet funny scene play before him.

"How's it going, Umi-chan?" the old mage smiled up at the sighing mother, "Didn't mean to scare you there. Just wanted to see how two of our new members were doing."

"I'm fine, Master Makarov. You just startled me there for a second." she smiled politely at the kind old man, "And I see you still seem to be intent on us joining your guild as you keep referring to us as members. Sadly though we aren't mages, we only have a small amount of magical power to use weak magical items."

"Bah! Who cares about being able to perform spells! You two are clearly Fairy Tail material. Your bodies can rival some of the best female mages in the guild."

Ultear sweat dropped at the nodding old man's comment, "Really? Is that all it takes for a female to join the guild?"

"Maybe. What do I know, I'm not the master!" he laughed, nearly falling back on his seat.

"Master. . .I think you're drunk."

"And you have two A-grade knockers, but you don't see me blabbing on about them."

Ultear didn't know what to say. Here was one of the strongest of the Ten Holy Saints, drunk and making lewd jokes in front of his own guild. She really had to wonder what the titles were worth. If this drunk could get one, than it made sense that Jellal was able to attain such a title when he was possessed by her false ghost. And the man was an arrogant nut job at the time.

Calming down from his laughter Master Makarov took on a more serious expression as he looked between the two arguing girls and Ultear, "While I still feel suspicious of your story of being stalked by some unknown dark guild, I believe in the trust you both have earned from our resident fire breathing idiot. That boy, while being a battle happy fool, has some of the sharpest eye's I've ever seen on him. He seems to be able to peer through the very darkness and catch the faintest glimmer of light within us all. I don't doubt his intentions in lending a hand to two odd woman who had magically appeared before him, even when my own eye's can see through more than appearance."

It was than and there that Ultear knew she was caught. While the old saint couldn't have reason to of found out her true intentions he could see through her fake disguise of a civilian and sense her true magical power. Not enough to realize she was a mage on the level of a an S-class mage, but enough to know she was more than a helpless woman. He earned his title, she was sure she had done everything to conceal every drop of magic within her magical container.

Her fist's clenched, shaking in fear of the strong stern eye's peering from Makarov's side glance of her. She did her best to keep her calm, even when she could feel her own heart ready to burst at the presence the simple short old man possessed.

"Do not be alarmed." Makarov smiled like he would to one of his children when he had caught them doing something bad, "I feel your intentions don't poss a threat to anyone. If anything you both are just a couple of lost souls looking for a place to call home once again."

Looking back at Makarov for a couple of seconds Ultear couldn't help but release a sigh of relief as her body relaxed. It almost felt like she was being stared down by a giant.

She blinked remembering the time she had attacked the sacred land of Fairy Tail, Tenrou Island along with Grimoire Heart. The man did practice Titan magic for a reason.

"But I really don't like Natsu like that!"

"Liar! I see what you're trying to do there! Trying to make me think you can't possibly fall for a man like Natsu, and when my back is turned, dig your thieving hands in my future hubby and fuck him like there were no tomorrow!"

"Levy, how could you!" Jet and Droy wailed from behind the scene of action, there tears falling like waterfalls as Levy's jaw dropped with a mad blush.

"See?" Makarov sagely nodded as Ultear dropped her head in shame, "I hardly doubt someone who had raised a girl like that could really have any sort of ill intentions with our Natsu."

Where had she gone wrong?

"If anything," Makarov continued, "You two could at least work here part-time with Mira-chan. Seeing as you don't have enough money to fully pay for the mission request, or request fee, the two of you could pay it all off by working the bar and helping Mira-chan with her bar chores. I'm sure she could use the help and we'll pay enough for the two of you to live by for now." he grinned in the face of the speechless mother figure.

Ultear didn't know what to say. Never had she been shown such kindness. But it was to be expected from the master of a guild like Fairy Tail. They all had hearts bigger than themselves.

"We'll see." Ultear turned away, trying to hide her small smile at the kindness she was being shown.

Fairy Tail was truly a one of a kind guild.

"THAT! Is the last time I get on a boat!"

"Fuck! I think that giant wave washed away all my booze! Lousy son of a bitch!"

"Yay! Look at all the fish washed in! I'm going to have me a buffet of fish. We dine like kings tonight!"

"Umm, guy's? I think Gray's dead."

Moments before the team of Natsu, Happy, Gray, Lucy, and Cana had arrived on the island of Galuna, where they learned of the curse plaguing the islanders from Bobo who had been afflicted by the demon's cursed image, a small tsunami had crashed into their small boat. Screaming and cursing had filled the boat along with large amounts of water till they sunk in with the waves, crashing along the shores of Galuna minutes later.

Lucy sighed as she twisted the water out of her hair. Why couldn't anything ever go right? What were the chances of their small boat being sucked into a tidal wave, their boat rider vanishing into thin air, and landing no where on an island filled with demons? None. Except if you took on a high paying mission with a fire breathing idiot. Than it was a sure thing.

Poor Gray. The ice mage was still tied up to the post of the boat when the wave hit. Now he was buried neck deep in sand with the rest of the rubble of the boat. Was he even breathing?

Cana pouted as she rummaged through the sands for her bag. All her liquor was in there! Her babies! What the hell was she going to do with out any type of alcohol in her system!?

Oh, and her magic cards were in there too. No biggie.

"So, this is Galuna island?" Natsu frowned as he shook the sand out his hair, "Doesn't really look like a cursed island."

"No, seriously, I don't think Gray's breathing. He's buried in sand. I don't think you can breath in sand."

"Who cares! I can't find my bag! I haven't had a drink in five minutes!"

"Alright! Let's go complete this mission and show up Erza!"

"Sooo, we're just going to leave him in the sand? Just ignore our friend desperately clawing for air?"

Finally digging his head out of the sand Gray glared back at his friends as he found a crab pinching at his ear.


"Oh? You're alive? Damn, I was hoping you'd drown." Natsu pouted in disappointed in the face of Gray dropping his jaw.

Ready to curse out his rival Gray suddenly blinked as he felt a tug around his neck.

"My purse! Give it back, Gray!"

"How are we going to finish this mission if we can't even find the village?" Lucy mused as she looked into the forest by the beach. Turning back to her friends, she couldn't stop the sweat drop coming on at watching Cana roughly pull back her purse which was hung around the choking black haired mage's neck.

Forget finding the village. How were they going to finish the mission if Cana and Natsu killed Gray?

"Can we just get on with finding the village?" Lucy whined once they had all calmed down, "I'm tired! After getting washed in with a big wave I could use my beauty sleep."

"Sure. As soon as we ditch Gray here we can go find the client." Natsu shrugged.

"Ditch me? Like hell you guy's are leaving me here on this island while you take on an S-class job." Gray smirked as he dusted off the bits of rubble stuck to his clothes. He looked back at his friends with a grin, intent on completing the mission to show his worth.

"The only one who's going to be seen as S-class material when we're done with this mission is me!"

Should of known the ice freak was going to join in. Despite that Natsu couldn't help but grin back at his friend. Would of been boring without someone to fight with while he was on the mission. Not to mention going on a mission with only Lucy, Cana, and Happy would be a bad idea. Lucy was fine. The girl was smart and could help out with her Stellar spirits as support. And Happy was his best friend.

No, the problem was Cana. He didn't dislike the heavy drinker, she was his friend and grew up with her along side Erza, Gray, and the others. But after all that happened the other day he was scared to be left alone in a room with the chick for even a minute. Somehow he felt his innocence was at risk.

'Oh, yeah. Like getting it on with Cana would be a bad thing, ya pansy ass, no good, dimwitted, son of a biscuit eating lightweight.'

Natsu's eye twitched at the familiar voice in his head. Somehow he could taste alcohol. Which was weird seeing as hadn't had a drink since the guild.

'Again, you know you're making fun of yourself, right?' Natsu talked back to the drunk persona in his head as they all headed into the jungle.

'I'm drunk off my ass! What the fuck do I care about logic!? I could be a Pancake Dragon Slayer for all the hell I care do!'

The Dragon Slayer rolled his eye's, 'You can't even speak without your words getting mixed up, ya drunk. What do you want, Thrafstis? I'm busy. I don't got time for your drunken babble.'

'Ah, accepted the fact ya got voices in your head, huh? Good for you! Want a medal, bitch.'

If he punched himself, would that hurt himself and the guy in his head seeing as the he was himself and he was himself? Oh, the sheer amount of twisted logic going on in his head was enough to hurt his head. So did that mean he hurt his head and by logic hurt his head since he was he and he was he? Again, ouch.

Fighting back the urge to smack himself to hurt Thrafstis Natsu instead chose to grit his teeth in silence. He didn't really want to others to know about the voices. Gray would never let him live it down and call him crazy.

'What. Do. You. Want?'

'You're going on an S-class mission. Don't you think you might need our help?'

'How do I get help from myself?' Again, another headache, 'You're me. Whatever you think up I'll of already of thought of it.'

Thrafstis sighed from within the mental guild of Fairy Tail, 'Just because we have your appearance doesn't mean we all think the same as you, stupid ass. Actually, now that I think about, Faskomilo would be more suited for helping you out. He's the genius, I'm the muscle. But since I'm bored, and Glasses doesn't want to talk to you after the insult to his vision, I'll be here for all your mental needs. How lucky are you?'

'Not very lucky if I have to take advice from a drunk.'

'. . . .I don't like you.'

'Feeling's mutual.'

'Just don't bother me too much.' Natsu sighed as he and the others quickly found a massive gate made out of wooden tree stakes ahead of them. The village must have been heavily guarded seeing as they lived on a curse island. 'I got work to do. But if you come up with anything that involves breaking stuff, don't be afraid to let me know.' he grinned, getting a loud laugh from the drinking personality.

'You really don't know a bit of Greek, do ya? What do ya think my name means?'

"Damn, looks like the place looked down as tight as the bar when Mira-chan leaves for an errand." Cana huffed as she gave the wooden gate a couple of knocks.

"What kind of village locks out visitors?" Gray sighed.

"Yup." Natsu nodded, joining Cana as he gave a few strong knocks to the door, shaking the gate from the strength he applied, "Locked up tight. . . .I give up." flames lite up his fist, illuminating the ill intentioned smile on his face aimed for the annoying doors, ". . .Let's bust it down!"

"People live here!" Lucy smacked the Dragon Slayer for his brute way of thinking, "Don't just bust down other peoples doors!"

"Why? We do it all the time when we sneak into your house." Happy grinned from on top of Natsu's nodding head.

"Breaking and entering! And it's not sneaking in if you bust the door down!"

"Don't question the mighty skills of a ninja, Lucy! Nin, nin!"

"Who's there!?"

Peeking out from the top of the gate, one of the guards monitoring the looked down at the small group gathered in front of their village's entrance. He sweated dropped, not expecting to find three people trying to kick down the massive door and a cute blonde pinching a what looked like a blue cat with wing's cheeks comically. And people wondered why they had a gate in the first place.

It was for reasons like this.

Blushing in embarrassment Lucy let go of Happy's cheeks before bowing in apology to the man up top, "I'm sorry! We're mage's of Fairy Tail, we're here for the mission request you sent out."

"Mission? Did somebody actually take on the request?" he frowned before calling for one of his fellow guards on watch.

"Did we get any reply from Fairy Tail that there mages took on the mission?" he whispered to his friend who frowned in confusion.

"None that I know of." he shook his head before turning down towards the mages below, "I'm sorry, but we didn't get any sort of reply from Fairy Tail accepting our request."

Lucy sweated nervously, "Yeah, sorry about that, you see-" she laughed weakly, only to be thankfully saved by Gray.

"About that, there must have been some delay, or even a mix up. The one who had sent out the mission request must of make some mistake since she was coming along." he pointed out to Cana, who was currently busying herself with some whiskey with a drunken blush, "And she can be a real drunk most of the time."

"Hey!" Cana shouted indignantly, frowning with a pout before shrugging her shoulder's, "Meh, at least I'm still sexy."

"See?" Gray deadpanned, getting nods of understanding from the guards.

"Still," one of the guards scratched his cheek in suspicion, "How do we really know you're all from Fairy Tail?" he asked before the mages revealed their guild stamps.

"They seem legit." the other guard smiled.

His friend nodded sternly, ". . . .You girls! Take off your clothes!"

Cana paused for a moment to think about it, deciding just to get it over with as she undid the belt buckle holding her pants. Hey, if it was the only way to get in, who was she to complain. It was an S-class mission after all. You couldn't wuss out of whatever got in your way in missions like these.

"What the hell are you doing, Cana!?" Lucy shouted in shock, watching her friend undo her pants before going onto her bikini and orange short sleeve open jacket, "This has nothing to do with anything, but a pervert. And-What the hell are you two doing!?" she roared suddenly finding Natsu and Gray already taking off her shirt and bra.

"It's for the mission!" they yelled with perverted blushes.

"Ahhh! Naked Lucy! My eye's!"

"Shut it, Happy!"

The guard up above laughed nervously at the mages below. He really didn't think they would actually do it. At least he got to see some skin.

"N-No need! Sorry, I got carried away." he smiled in embarrassment before signaling for his friend to open up the large gate.

"Come in! We'll call the headman and then we'll let you in on the situation."

Giving out two quick smacks to Natsu and Gray for nearly stripping her of her clothes, Lucy huffed as she adjusted her clothing before following Cana inside. Thank god the heavy drinker had enough sense to stop midway of pulling the strings of her bikini off. She was ready for her innocent eye's to see Cana naked.

Stopping in what they guessed was the plaza, or center of the village, Natsu, Happy, Gray, Cana, and Lucy waited on for the head of the village to meet them.

It didn't take long for the head chief and the rest of the village people to greet the mages. What caught their attention though were the heavy light brown cloaks and rags hiding their bodies. Must of been part of their villages fashion style since they did have designs of tribal moons.

"I thank you, mages of Fairy Tail." the head of the village greeted. He was a short old man by the tone of his voice and held a wooden old staff carved to show off a lunar fanged moon. He bowed to the four mages and blue cat, "My name is Moka. We have been waiting ever so patiently for someone brave enough to take on the task at hand."

"No problem, old man." Natsu grinned down at the village chief.

The chief smiled behind his head wraps, "But before we can go any further there is something we must show you all." he nodded to his people who seemed to understand before the sounds of robes and cloaks shuffling caught the mages attention.

Natsu frowned along with the rest before his eye's caught a scaled, black clawed foot under one of the villagers robes.

'This ought to be interesting.'

'What the-!' Natsu and his team eye's widened in shock as the villager's threw off their clothes, revealing the demon like disfigures on parts of their body. From demon skinned arms with hardened skin spikes, talon clawed feet, horns on their foreheads, to straight out faces of demons.

Lucy gasped at the sight. She could see why they wore the robes and cloaks.

"Should of known something like this would happen." Gray frowned as he looked over the demon disfigures.

"Your eyebrows are fucking awesome!" Natsu shouted as his jaw dropped at the long gray sideburn chief who sweat dropped.

"I thought my sideburns were huge?"

'Holy shit! His sideburns are huge!'

"I don't see eyebrows, Natsu." Cana tilted her head in confusion as she tried to look for a hair above his eye's.

"Exactly! Awesome!"

"That's not what I wanted you to notice anyway." the old man coughed into his fist, "Are you surprised by our appearance?"

Natsu shook his head with a bored look, greatly confusing the villagers, "I've seen worse. I'm in the same guild as this monstrosity, so you guy's look a hell of a lot better and easier on the eye's then him." he pointed to Gray, poking the spiky dark haired man's forehead as his eye twitched.

"Like hell you're one to talk!" he roared before slugging Natsu's face with a hard left.

"Bastard! If you wanted to fight then bring it on!"

Cana sighed as she finished the last of her booze for the moment. Those two fought over everything at the drop of a hat. Seriously, a hat dropped and they would be at eachothers throats before it even touched the ground. Rummaging through her bag for what she needed, the brunette double checked the two empty bottles of beer in her hand's before moving to stop the fighting.

"Quit it you two!" cracking both Natsu and Gray in the skulls just as they were ready to jump at another with her empty bottles, Cana glared down sternly at the two as they shook the shards out of their hair.

"We got a mission to do. You can both kill another in your free time. Or else I'm breaking every one of my bottles on your empty heads. Got it?" she crossed her arms as they both huffed.

"Fine." they grumbled as she smiled.

"Good. Continue." Cana nodded to the speechless head chief.

"Uhh, yes, well." he cleared his throat, "As you can see our bodies aren't normal. If you were to look around the island you would see that we aren't the only ones affected by this curse. Dogs, birds, squirrels, all animals are affected by the same curse."

"Curse?" Gray groaned, trying to shake off the pain in his head from Cana's swing, "What makes you say it's a curse? It could be a disease for all you know."

"We have considered the very same line of thinking. But every doctor that has had the chance to see us had said that they had never seen a thing like this. No virus could be capable of turning a man into a demon like us." Moka shook his head sadly as some of the villagers looked down with sad faces.

"Either way, we know what has caused us to turn into this state. We live under the moon's presence, hence the name Galuna island, the island under the moon. It is because of the magic of the moon that we have suffered like this."

"Moon magic?" Was there even such a thing? Lucy frowned as she thought over the hundreds of books she had ever read about magic. Yet she couldn't think of one that had ever talked about magic that dealt with the moon.

"This island was once known to gather the very light of the moon, giving the island a beautiful glow in the wake of the full moon. Until several years ago when the moon itself began to turn purple instead of the luminous white and yellow."

"Purple?" Happy hummed as his eye's turned to the sky, "You mean like now?"

"What!?" Gray grit his teeth, not believing his own eye's as the moon peeked out from the dark night.

Cana frowned at the sickening purple colored moon, her ear's suddenly twitching as the noise of labored breath and grunting caught her attention. Turning back to the villagers, she backed up as their bodies seemed to tremble and shake before all their bodies were taken over by a purple colored shift of magic.

A second later the villagers appeared to of been transformed. A trace of their humanity was nowhere to be found as their bodies were taken over by demon hides and skin, horns, claws, talons, and demonic faces. Their bodies ranged from small, large, horned, scaled, and colors, the only thing in common between their forms being the demonic appearances they all shared.

'Damn. Hate to be living in this island.'

"I'm sorry if we may of scared you." Moka apologized as he turned into a small horned demon with black demon arms, "When the moon comes out, we all transform into these hideous forms. The purple moon curses everyone under its haunting light." small cries and whimpers escaped the villagers as they stared down in shame and grief at the ugly forms they had taken, pulling at the hearts of the Fairy Tail mages.

"If this isn't a curse, then what is?" the chief sniffed as he struggled to keep himself in check, "Once morning comes we return to our original forms. But eventually the dark magic of the moon taints our hearts and souls till we become demons to the very core. And by law, we must put an end those poor souls before they become a threat to the others."

"You're kidding." Natsu whispered in disbelief before a look of rage took over his face, "So you just kill them! Even if there is a slight chance they could return to normal!? What kind of messed up law is that!?" he roared angrily.

"Natsu! Calm down!" Cana shouted as she grabbed the raging pink head's shoulder. He looked back with wide eye's of anger only for her to turn his head to sound of sniffing.

The dragon mage's breath hitched as he caught the chief clutching a photo of a familiar face in his hands with tears running down his cheeks.

'Nice one, idiot. Didn't anyone tell you should listen to what a person has to say first before going off like a jerk?'

"I know our law is sinful, but we have no other choice as they even broke down the jail with their bare hands. I've even had to kill my only loved son as he had become a demon and lost his soul!" Moka cried as he held the photo to mage's to see.

A cold chill ran down the Fairy Tail mages as they recognized the photo as the picture of the man who had sailed them to Galuna island. Bobo.

"That's impossible." Lucy whispered weakly, trembling at the photo in Moka's hand, "But, we saw-"

Gray quickly cut the blonde off, his face in a cold sweat.

"I get it now. I guess the poor guy couldn't rest in peace with his home like this." he said low enough for her to hear.

'A ghost?'

"In the end, we truly are demons to the bone." the chief sniffed as the other demon villagers cried for the death of one of their own and many others.

Natsu grit his teeth. He felt bad for what he said. The village people had gone through their own hell and he only made it worse by shooting off his own mouth.

'At least you learned a lesson. That carefree and happy attitude is useless on missions like this. Grow up, an idiot like yourself will only screw up with that mouth of yours.'

'Shut up! You can annoy me later! Now's not the time.' Natsu growled at Thrafstis as he seemed to scoff before he could feel him leave him alone.

"Don't beat yourself up over this, Natsu." Natsu blinked suddenly remembering Cana still had her hand on his shoulder. She gave it a comforting squeeze, smiling softly as she could see he felt bad about what he said.

"You didn't know. Snap out of that little dump, you'll be useless on this mission without your usual goofy grin."

She was right. He couldn't get upset now. He was going to have to be alert if he was going to get rid of whatever curse these people were haunted by.

"Yeah, you're right." Natsu nodded before grinning determinedly back at the chief, "I promise, we'll never let something like that ever happen again! Just tell us what we need to do." he said as his eye's hardened, "We'll do whatever it takes."

"Thank you." Moka smiled as he cleaned away his tears, "We've realized that there is only one way to lift the curse off our island."

"And that is to destroy the moon."

". . . .Eh?"

"Wow, the moon really does look creepy on this island."

Lucy sighed as she finished unpacking all her things in the medium sized hut the village people lent them. She honestly wasn't too happy about spending the night in a village of demons that could lose their souls to the magic of Galuna at any second, but she had to put her trust in them. They really were nice people. Appearances weren't everything.

"Happy, get away from the window." she called out to the flying cat, "You know what the villager's said, the more exposed to the moonlight we are, the more of a chance we have of turning into demons." she shivered just thinking about it, "I'm far too cute to turn into a demon, thank you very much."

"I really wouldn't see a difference."

"Shut up!"

"Damn, I just don't get it." Natsu groaned as he lounged in straw seat, thinking over the mission.

"Destroy the moon? Impossible. I'm pretty sure that it's beyond illegal and a threat to humanity anyway." Cana frowned as she set up the beds for the night. Wouldn't destroying the moon mess with the ocean currents and cause tsunami's?

"Really? I actually always wanted to see how many punches it would take to take that arrogant asshole out of the sky." Natsu blinked, not realizing that they all thought it was impossible.

"You know what? I'm not even surprised for words." Gray threw up his arms before falling back on the floor with a roll of his eye's, "I'd be more shocked if you actually thought it was impossible."

"It really is impossible, Natsu." Lucy shook her head at Dragon Slayer's line of thinking, "There are so many reasons as to why destroying the moon would be a bad idea. I don't even think there is a mage alive that could even put a scratch on the moon."

"What about Erza?" Happy smiled as he raised his paw up.

"I know she is a monster of a woman, but even I think it would be impossible for her." Cana laughed, ignoring the chill that ran down her spine for calling her new love rival a monster.

"But it's our mission." Natsu frowned sternly, "If we don't do it we'll be digging Fairy Tail's name in the dirt."

"If it can't be done, it can't be done!" Gray tried to argue, scoffing once he really thought about it, "How would we get there anyways?"


"I can't breath in space. Besides, I'm scared of the dark depths of the unknown."

"Destroying the moon can't be the only solution." Lucy scratched her cheek in thought, "I'm sure it was all they could think of at the time, but there has to be another way to lift the curse. Maybe there is something affecting the moon that it would turn purple and place a curse on the island."

"Well we can think about that in the morning." Cana yawned before surprising Natsu as she yanked him out of his seat to lay next to her in the futons she set up, "Now it's time to sleep. Can't go solving a mystery with bags under our eye's."

Natsu was ready to open his mouth in protest before sighing. He was too tired to fight back. Might as well enjoy the sleep in a sexy ladies arms. It also helped that she had rested his head on her nice, firm, breasts. Know he had some nice pillows to sleep on.

"Yeah, I'm beat." Gray nodded tiredly before plotting down for bed.

"We can explore the island in the morning for clues."

Lucy rubbed her eye's as she could feel herself already drift into sleep. It would be better to think about it all in the morning.

"Okay. Let's go to bed." she smiled, moving to the middle of the futons as Happy curled up between the heads of her and Cana. She yawned, fixing her small pillow before drifting off into sleep with the others.

Tomorrow would be a big day indeed. A big step would be made that would change the future of all their lives. A demon of destruction and a shadow of the future would await them. History was already being written over again, even as they slept.

What they would do the next day would build frame for a better future, or a predestined nightmare.

For now though, Lucy was only worried about one thing.

The fact that she was sleeping between a stripper already down to his boxer's, a heavy drinker snuggling a fire breathing Dragon Slayer between her breast's, and a sleeping flying cat mumbling fish in her ear.

They really should of given her a room for herself.

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