Troubled Terrorist

Hiroki woke up to the sensation of falling—he shot himself upright in bed, gasping. The suddenness of his movements made his near-forgotten headache return with a vengeance. He grunted and gripped his temples, and slowly lowered himself back onto the pillow.

"M…Miyagi?" he asked, not quite loudly but not too softly, either. Loud enough for Miyagi to hear him in the silent apartment, in any case.

When there was no reply, Hiroki realized that Miyagi had probably gone out.

He wouldn't just leave me, though…right?

Wait. It's not like I need him here or anything, I've been sick before, I can care for myself! I don't care if he's gone!

Hiroki flinched; his brawling thoughts were worsening his headache. And I thought that damn thing had disappeared…

Miyagi unlocked the door to Hiroki's apartment and stepped in quietly, not wanting to wake the man who was most likely sleeping ever so lightly.

But when he entered the living room, he almost had a heart attack.

"Kamijou! What the hell are you doing?" Miyagi shouted at the sickly-looking figure lying on the floor. He answered his own question himself when he realized that a graded paper was crumpled in Hiroki's small, pale hand.

God, why do you have to be so damn stubborn all the time…

Miyagi sighed as he picked Hiroki up and carried the small man back to his room. Just as he was pulling the covers back over Hiroki, the doorbell gave a harsh trill.

Damn, what now?! I sure hope it's not that Nowaki kid again…

Miyagi sighed and plodded his way back to the front door. What he saw when he opened it certainly wasn't Nowaki at all. It was Shinobu. Again.

"…Um. Hello?" Miyagi began awkwardly. He had no idea what to say to the kid—he was still at a loss for what had happened at the convenience store. Not that he really wanted to know, but. "Shinobu. Err…so, have you come to explain what happened back at the convenience store, or—"

Without even giving Miyagi a chance to finish his statement, Shinobu burst past him and into Hiroki's apartment without a word.

The hell—

"So this is your lover's place, huh?" Shinobu announced, his voice artificially deeper than usual. Miyagi realized that he was feeling embarrassed for Shinobu—the lightest blush tinted his cheeks. "It's pretty shabby. I mean, there're papers strewn everywhere. It's a dump."

"Wait, Shinobu…you're completely misunderstanding something…"

"No, I don't think I am! You're just trying to cover for your sorry ass, but it's not working. I'm not that stupid—I call your bluff. Where's the person in question? I want to see the person you're cheating on me with," Shinobu demanded. For a moment, Miyagi pictured Shinobu being a prince who had been spoilt rotten all his life.

"Kamijou is my friend, Shinobu. And where are you getting this 'cheating' business from?!" Miyagi exclaimed, rubbing his temples. He wondered if it was just from irritation, or from Hiroki's sickness.

"Let me see them!" Shinobu repeated. Suddenly, Hiroki let out a slight moan from the bedroom; with the awkward silence that had enveloped the room, it was easily heard by both Shinobu and Miyagi. Shinobu glared at Miyagi, who winced ever so slightly. "So he's in there, huh?"

Shinobu burst into the room and flicked on the lights. Hiroki was lying there, awake now. "Wha…?" he muttered, squinting at Shinobu. The younger boy could clearly see the wet cloth carefully placed on Hiroki's forehead and hear the man's ragged breathing.

Instantly, Shinobu flicked the lights back off and slammed the door shut.


Miyagi rubbed at his head again. "Yeah. 'Oh.'"

"I—um. I'll help you cook, then."


"I said I'd help you cook. You went to the convenience store to buy food, right?"

Miyagi glanced at the boy. His face was cast downwards, and Miyagi could make out a deep blush tinting his cheeks. He chuckled shortly before nodding and silently making his way to the kitchen. "We're making a simple soup. Can you manage that?"

"Of course!"

During the course of their cooking experience together, Miyagi had brought up the subject of the convenience store fiasco again.

"Really, what did you mean by 'cheating'?" Miyagi asked.

Shinobu shrugged. "Like hell I'll tell you…"

Miyagi sighed. "Fine, whatever, kid. But how did you know I was here? This isn't my house, as you apparently knew."

Shinobu shrugged again, but this time he gave Miyagi a straight answer. "I followed you here from the store."

Miyagi gave another short laugh. Wow, this kid…he stalked me all the way here from the convenience store, huh…? That's pretty damn impressive that I didn't notice anyone following me.

But then his smile faded into a frown.

I need to be annoyed. Why the hell did he have any right to follow me? He didn't. He needs to go.

"Hey, Shinobu, you're gonna have to—" Miyagi stopped mid-sentence. Before him was Shinobu working on his own form of "soup" with a determined expression plastered on his face. Miyagi watched as he put all his effort into shredding cabbages and stirring them into the water-like substance—which looked like water but Shinobu had probably flung some kind of assortment of spices into the heated water.

All for this guy he's never met, huh…? Miyagi's smile returned.

I guess this kid's not so bad after all.

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