"Gumball, where are you taking me?" Marceline said as she followed behind the ruler of the Candy Kingdom (and very pink) Prince Gumball, who had her blindfolded. His hand was holding hers as they walked through the palace corridors. Well, he walked and she just floated along.

"Hold your horses, you intolerant vampire!" Gumball replied, as he started to open a door with an elaborate lock. "Please tell me how anyone but me stands your impatience, for I have yet to figure that scientific equation out." Marceline hissed playfully, and placed her feet on the ground.

"Just hurry up already. I'm getting a headache from all the sweet smelling candy in here." she said. For quite some time, Bubba Gumball had been telling her that he was preparing a surprise for her, but what it was she couldn't imagine. Marceline had only known him a few short months, but they got on well enough though their personalities were polar opposites. In all of Ooo and Aaa, Gumball was one of the few that Marceline considered to be a close friend. He took the time to actually well, hang out with her.

For you see, not very many in Ooo or Aaa wanted to spend quality time with the Queen of Vampires. Marceline was so very different from them all, and who wanted to surround themselves with difference? She had long, midnight black hair, and carried around an axe-bass. The thing she liked about Bubba was his appreciation for her music. It was really how they met in the first place. Marceline had been having a jam fest on her way home from Finn and Jake's, and he was traveling by on Lord Monochromicorn. Gumball had heard her singing and playing, and stopped to talk to her, and the rest was history.

"Alright…and it's open. You can take off your blindfold now—" Gumball began to say but was cut off by Marceline's exclamation of excitement.

"SO TOTES ALGEBRAIC!" She shouted, as she rushed inside of the room.

It was in fact, very algebraic. There, sitting on a rack was a brand new, beautiful shining red bass. Marceline just floated there, not saying anything.

"Well? Do you…like it?" Gumball said as he stared at her and shuffled his feet. Everyone in the Candy Kingdom who had eyes could see he had been crushing on her since the moment they had met. She was perfect in his eyes, spunky and spirited, but most of all independent. From her bite marks to her blood red boots, he was in love with every inch of her royal vampire body. "It is all yours. I made it. Nothing in the world like it has the same sound."

Marceline turned to float over to him and said, "I could so totes kiss you right now Gumball! I mean," she added, "If that wouldn't be awkward." Prince Gumball blushed, and looked down.

"Uh…yeah, awkward. Right." He said as Marceline hugged him, and he gently hugged back. "I'm…I'm glad you like it." Gumball pulled back from the hug and smiled his perfectly pearly white smile. Then he adjusted his pink vest and cleared his throat. "Go on, give it a try." He motioned at the instrument. Marceline picked it up and started playing a tune on the bass, and Gumball leaned up against the wall, listening. She's so talented. He thought to himself.

After a few minutes of Marceline trying her new bass out, she floated over to him and said, "Gum-for-Brains you definitely gained cool points." She smiled, and patted him on the back. "Thanks totes bro."

Prince Gumball motioned for her to exit through the door and replied, "No problem. It really only took me…er…" Marceline passed in front of him and he followed as he scratched the back of his neck. "…Well it lets just say it took a while, but it really isn't that big of a deal." Gumball blushed as he watched Marceline run her fingers through her long hair. Marcey is so beautiful…her hair is so pretty and…"Your hair smells fantastic..." He said out loud, and then his face looked extremely embarrassed.

Marceline turned around. "Did you…say something?" Gumball looked away, trying to hide his furiously blushing face.

"No no no, I didn't say anything, nothing at all!" He replied. "Now please, continue on!" Marceline shrugged and continued on through the corridor. Oh good great glob, she didn't hear. He thought. "M-Marceline, do you…do you have previous engagements that you must attend to?"

Marceline turned left and opened Gumball's bedroom door. She floated to his huge and extremely fluffy fuchsia bed, and stretched out on it and laughed. "Previous engagements that I must attend to? Oh GumBrain, you crack me up!" Gumball smiled and laughed lightly, but still waited for a response as he sat on the edge of the bed. Marceline closed her eyes and placed her head on his Lord Monochromicorn plushie pillow, and added, "But no, to answer your question. Do I seem like the type to that has places to go and people to see, mhm?"

Prince Gumball scratched his head and ran his hand through his pink hair. "To be honest," he started, then stopped and sighed. "You do want me to be honest right?" Marceline laughed and opened one eye at him.

"It was more of a rhetorical question but sure, go ahead. I'd like to hear your response." She replied.

"Well…I think…" Gumball began again, trying to see if he would come off too forward if he spoke his mind. "I think that you're wonderful, and I'm not sure why people don't take the time to get to know you." He blurted out, then got up quickly and walked to his mirror. Gumball stared at his reflection, and his perfect candylicious appearance. Of course, I'm blushing again. Why can't I just talk to her? He thought. I look like I have it all together. My hair, clothes, everything…and yet I haven't a shred of courage.

"You're too kind to me GummyGums. I know why people don't talk to me, it's because," she paused mid sentence and rose off of the bed to float to Gumball, who was still blushing irately. "Because I'm SCARY." Marceline bared her fangs and stuck out her forked tongue and tickled Gumball's face with it. Prince Gumball's face screwed up in response, and he very gingerly pushed her away.

"Quit it you…you vampire you." He said.

"Great comeback oh wise Prince Bubba." Marceline retorted, and stuck her tongue out at him again.

Bubba blushed and looked at her. "Why do you do that? Totes not cool!" Marceline laughed and took his face in her hands.

"Two reasons. One, it makes you blush and I find that totes hilarious. Number two, because you taste like candy." She smirked and licked his face one more time, then let him squirm his way free. Gumball ran to his dresser, and stood, not facing Marceline.

"MARCELIN—ugh. Okay, it's almost time for me to retire, would you mind leaving so I can change into my pajamas…" he said.

"Pajamas?" She replied, and laughed. "No, I'm staying to see that." Marceline floated to his bed and sat on the edge. "Go on, get to changin'."

Gumball sighed, and began to pull off his shirt. Marceline continued to laugh, until she saw his body. "Um…um…" she began stuttering to herself. He has abs? Marceline thought to herself. "Well well GumBrain, it looks like someone has been working out? That's cute." She said, trying to laugh off her surprise. He made a face at her, then turned to open the dresser drawer.

"Marceline, just…float away for a moment or two, please." Gumball pleaded as he pulled out some pink pajama pants and blushed. Marceline refused to budge.

"Mmm, no, I don't think I can do that." She replied matter of factly. "Go on, it's getting past your royal bed time." Marceline snickered. Gumball blushed even more, then as quickly as he could he slipped his day attire off and his pajama pants on.

"THERE." He said. "Now st—stop laughing Marcey it's not funny…"Gumball whined, as he crawled onto his bed. Marceline floated above him.

"Actually, it really is. You get so flustered Gumball! It amuses me." She smirked and pinched his cheeks. Gumball became breathless as he looked at her above himself. His hands started shaking, and he gulped loudly.

"M—Mar—Marceline?" He stuttered, staring at her ashen gray, but beautifully youthful face. Marceline stared back at him, releasing his cheeks but still placing her hands on his pink face. "I…I…" Gumball once again blushed, unable to find he words he was trying to say.

"Just shut up and listen to me you weirdo…" Marceline whispered. "I'm only gonna say this once, and one time only. You…" she stopped floating, gently landing on top of Gumball. "You're the only person…well besides Marshall…who has ever treated me like I'm normal." She smiled at Prince Gumball, who's face was completely frozen in shock.

She's on top of me…She's on top of me…Gumball thought. "Ahh…that's…that's lovely but um…You're kind of on top of me right now Marcey." Marceline looked at him, and then blushed slightly.

"O-Oh, you're right! Hah, I was…I was just messin' with you dude…" She stammered. "Now obviously, you need your beauty rest, so I'm gonna leave now." Marceline floated off of him and towards his balcony window. "…See ya Gummy." She said before she took off.

….What just happened. Gumball thought, as he laid in his bed.