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Severus stepped off the Hogwarts Express for the last time with only a small twinge of regret, and a single look backwards as he claimed his trunk.

Weaving through crowds of witches, wizards, and reuniting families, Severus made for the Apparition point, wondering if he would have to shrink his trunk before he could Disapparate.

Only a small portion of his mind focused on such things as not running into people and avoiding Potter and Black.

"Severus." a calm, smooth voice, vaguely familiar, caught his attention just before he reached his goal.

Turning to look, Severus identified the speaker instantly, and his tense shoulders relaxed slightly. "Lucius."

Severus shook off a moment of twisted regret that the man's voice was so only so tangentially present in his memory, when the sloping, elegant style of his handwriting, evident from the many letters Severus still kept, was so unforgettable.

"I thought I would come to congratulate you in person, my friend." Lucius said, with a warm smile that looked odd in place of the icy one Severus remembered. "And to deliver your gift."

Severus blinked, surprised - stunned- and opened his mouth to say . . . something. He had no idea what it might have been.

Lucius chuckled, a low, almost hissing sound, and stepped closer, deftly avoiding the woman trailing three small children.

Severus stilled nervously as Lucius whispered into his ear. "Congratulations."

A part of Severus' mind noted that Lucius was looming over him considerably less than the last time they had met physically. Not at all, in fact. Severus was the taller now.

That thought vanished as Lucius moved again, that strange, warm smile returning just before he brushed his lips over Severus' - my first proper kiss, he thought, inanely - and then stepped back, in a flurry of steel-grey, and was gone.


Welcome to my newest drabble series, new and old readers alike. If you have read my other drabble series in the Potter-verse let me warn you that this one will be different - it may never climb to so many updates and I am unlikely to do long strings of daily updates for it, only occasional ones.

That said, I should be updating with a new drabble here every day for thirteen days - including today. This was not only my first drabble for this pairing, but the first story of any kind I wrote with them.