Legilimency Lesson

"P- Protego!" Harry panted, barely hearing himself, mind screaming with pain.

There was a flash behind Harry's eyes, and suddenly the vision of Uncle Vernon's purpled, yelling face spun away, replaced for an instant with colourless mist.

When it dissipated, a lanky, black-clad figure, back to him, stood in Uncle Vernon's place. The figure turned, and Harry recoiled before realising this Snape was only a memory, younger and . . . different.

Snape spoke, but Harry didn't hear, realising that he must have somehow flipped the Legilimency charm back on Snape with his shield spell.

Snape was going to murder him - probably he would take a sip of pumpkin juice and keel over twitching.

Harry's eyes widened as Malfoy the elder stepped nearly through him, also younger, and with a more pleasant expression on his face than Harry had ever seen there.

If it hadn't been a Malfoy, Harry would have called the expression open - maybe even affectionate.

Then Malfoy traced his fingers over Snape's cheek, and Snape bent for a kiss, and-

Harry was staring up at a livid Snape, the one he was used to, and scrambling to flee.

Trying desperately to instantly forget what he'd seen in his professor's memories.


Final update for a while, at least. I hope you've enjoyed my take on this couple so far, and that you'll come back and enjoy it again whenever I get back to writing them!