Give and Take

Severus sighed silently at the view laid out before him. Lucius was every bit as gorgeous as his cocky manner promised, silky-pale skin and hair highlighted by moonlight.

Lucius sighed at the light touch of fingertips through his hair and down his neck, and arched as they slid down his spine.

Severus' throaty chuckle sounded above him, and Lucius felt the sting of annoyance at being laughed at, but a soft kiss to the crook of his neck soothed it away.

Lucius shivered, reaching back to take hold of Severus' wrist. Severus paused, then knelt up, allowing him to turn over.

Lucius stretched languidly, content to be trapped beneath Severus, then arched his back, teeth settling in his lower lip as Severus freed his hand to stroke down Lucius' stomach.

Severus' fingers shook slightly as Lucius' hands settled at his hips, gripping just hard enough to leave bruises as he dragged Severus' hips down across him.

Lucius took a long, uneven breath, and Severus hummed, rocking his hips, then bent to catch Lucius' mouth.

Severus shuddered as Lucius dragged blunt teeth over his lip, hands squeezing momentarily harder before moving on to explore the expanse of his back and shoulders.


Oh my goodness it has been so long since I updated! Very sorry. I didn't mean to go so long . . . about . . . three gigantic new 'verses (like, several million words will be required for each 'gigantic') sort of took over my brain. Along with J-Rockers . . . for whom you can blame my dear friend Q.

Still, couldn't let my birthday tradition be skipped, now could I? (In addition to drabble updates, there will be a new HP one-shot with a new pairing, and a new original flashfiction posted on my AO3 today.)