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I don't think I ever felt more of a physical blow then when I read about the fall of the Aiel. With the execution of Eddard Stark I can add the fall of the Aiel to the things I would like to see changed in books.

From the darkness Malidra returned wondering why there was such a bright light shining into eyes. Where was she? Why did her back hurt so furiously?

Then the nights past events returned to Malidra and she shot upwards; the thin lien sheet falling from her nude form. Swiftly with the same speed and power of the Lightmaker weapons pain destroyed all sense of herself and she fell swiftly back onto the softness of her bed.

"Blood and char, girl!" said a voice to Malidra's left. The light was too bright for Malidra to make out any real details. "Be still and when we reach the Raven pass we can find you a chained one." The voice sounded reassuring to Malidra's ears but it had to be from a Lightmaker she had to get away before they destroyed her.

Pain raking her body Malidra tried once again to raise up but a strong hand on her chest forced her back down. "Be still or I'll soon as toss you out and be done with yea," sucking in a breath and muttering under his breath so low Malidra could almost not hear him, "maybe Flern was right."

All Malidra could do was stare into a worn face with twinkling eyes. It was the man from the night before. Realizing this Malidra desperately wanted to get away but her back and innards burned like scorching heat of the desert.

Slowly darkness began to seep into Malidra's vision but not before she heard the twinkling eyed man give a few last words. "The names Kane, girl. We'll see if we can civilize yea." Then Malidra's vision faded once again.

Days turned to weeks and weeks into months and slowly with the passage of the wheel those months too turned into years. With the passage of the years as Malidra healed she learned much of the Lightmakers or the Seanchan as they were called. Slowly the language of the folk was replaced by the tongue of the Seanchan.

Malidra learned much in her time as she lived and traveled with Kane. She saw and understood how the Seanchan made their light. She practiced with the rodlike weapons that she hadn't been able to figure out at first. She was taken to the imperial city on this side of the ocean the place where Caemlyn once stood. There in that place of hard stone marble Malidra's knowledge only grew.

Of all that she learned during her time with Kane what she wanted to know most was about her people. What she learned made her blood boil at their fate and her heart beat with pride at her peoples former strength . Even as she accepted Kane's proposal of Marriage Malidra's hate for the Seanchan never died and when she gave birth to her twins she stole them away and returned to her homeland. There she would build what remained of her people and when they were strong enough the Aiel would have their revenge.

Please tell if you like what you read. I'll be posting more similarly written little one shots that show the true power of the Aiel. Your words of encouragement help me along.