BETA- Beings of Extraterrestrial Origin Which is Adversary of Human Race

TSF- Tactical Surface Fighters

Type-97 Fubuki- The Type-97 Fubuki is a 3rd generation Tactical Surface Fighter in use by the Empire of Japan as a training machine, and is derived from the Type-94 Shiranui.

Type-94 Shiranui- The Type-94 Shiranui is a Tactical Surface Fighter in use by the Imperial Army/Mainland Defence Force of Japan as their premiere unit. The first domestic-production TSF of the Empire, the Type-94 is a high-performance unit that can fill a wide variety of combat roles.

Type-00 Takemikazuchi- Is a high-performance Japanese 3rd generation Tactical Surface Fighter produced for the Imperial Royal Guard, and is intended to serve as the means at which the Royal Guards can continue to hold their position of superiority over the rank-and-file, as well as to allow them to take the lead in battles as befitting their status as nobility.

Imperial Royal Guard- The Imperial Royal Guard (IRG) is one of the fighting forces maintained by Imperial Japan the IRG's primary role is local defense, in addition to providing the bodyguards to the Shogun.

Element G- The unknown material used to make the G-Bomb

XG-70b/d Susanoo- The giant mechanical weapon used to destroy the BETA hives.

PX- The cafeteria. Stands for Post Exchange

Alternative Plans- A series of plans originally created with the objective of finding a way of communicating with the BETA.

Alternative V- It's official purpose was selecting 100,000 people and allowing them to flee Earth through the use of immigrant spaceships, while the rest of humanity stays on to fight the BETA to the bitter end, using a large number of G Bombs.

Alternative IV- It's official purpose was finding a way to understand or communicate with the BETA through the use of the 00 Unit. It also had a secret objective of setting up an anti-BETA intelligence network, gathering data on the layout of each Hive and the deployment and distribution of BETA within.

G-Bomb- A new type of weapon that uses G-Element.

Superior- Known to humanity as "Target A" Also referred to as the Original Hive's of BETA strain,there's only one for planet and controls every BETA on the planet.

Hive- The BETA's bases are called "hives". The parts above ground are called "monuments", while the massive underground parts are called "stabs". By 2003, 26 different hives existed

Original Hive-The largest hive and the first Hive on Earth is the Original Hive

Causality Conductor- A pipeline between worlds. Allows the exchange of causality information between them, not limited to events and memories.

Laser-class BETA- At 3.0 meters tall, the Laser-class BETA are some of the smaller anti-TSF units the BETA giant eyes fire lasers that are effective against targets of up to 10 kilometers high and 30 kilometers from the where the Laser-class a perfect record of never hitting allied BETA strains in a crossfire the Laser-class played an instrumental role in shutting down mankind's air superiority on the field of battle

Heavy Laser-class BETA- Towering over the Laser-class at 21.0 meters tall (excluding the cooling wings), the Heavy Laser-class is a larger strain with firepower to giant eyes fire lasers and are effective against targets of up to a mere 500 meters high, and a spectacular range of over 100 kilometers with 36 seconds in-between shots.

Grappler-class BETA- The Grappler-class measures 12.0 meters tall and is armed with two extremely tough forearms, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale, which they use to batter enemies to death, and can also act as shields against poorly-aimed weapons not particularly fast, the Grappler-class is considerably mobile and nimble in combat. It is the BETA's main unit in battles against mechanized infantry and TSFs; in a group with the Grappler-, Destroyer- and Fort-class BETA, the Grappler-class usually numbers 60% of the total force.

Destroyer-class BETA- At 16.0 meters tall, the Destroyer-class is the second strain of the BETA's main force against mankind's mechanized forces. They have extremely tough frontal armor, with hardness 15 on the Mohs scale in front. Underneath that covering are two small armor on their foreheads is used as a weapon when they ram into enemies, and such attacks are more powerful than the Grappler-class' arms as the Destroyer can reach running speeds of up to 170km/h. However, their speed prevents them from turning quickly, giving pilots who manage to maneuver out of the way an easy kill

Fort-class BETA- Towering above most things on the battlefield, the Fort-class at 66.0 meters tall is the largest of the seven main attacks with their ten legs are extremely powerful, and can easily stab through or bash a TSF into pieces with one hit. Each Fort-class also has a 50-meter long tentacle attached to its rear end, with a Mohs 15 stinger on the end which secretes an extremely strong acid

Tank-class BETA- The Tank-class BETA is the third smallest strain, measuring at 2.8 meters tall. Infantry weapons are effective against them, but while it is lightly armored and classified as an anti-infantry unit, the Tank-class has gained notoriety as the smallest anti-TSF the BETA have; their physical strength and jumping abilities are prodigous and their powerful jaws can bite through even super-carbon, allowing it to easily catch and demolish vehicles and Tank-class rarely travels alone; Tank-class encounters usually number in hundreds if not thousands, and more if they are part of a major BETA force;They carry a distinctive smell of sulphur, are able to reach speeds of up to 80km/h and can quickly cover a short distance by jumping onto a care should be taken to minimize melee contact with the Tank-class, as they have a tendecy to latch on unless killed.

Warrior-class BETA- At 2.5 meters tall, the Warrior-class is one of the smaller strains of BETA, intended for anti-personnel roles and ineffective against TSFs. As they are extremely lightly armored, even handguns and rifles are effective on them. However, it is hard to actually hit them due to their agility, and once close their trunk-like arm has enough strength to easily pull a man's head off.

Soldier-class- Standing at 2.3 meters tall, the Soldier-class is the smallest strain of BETA encountered on solely anti-personnel and ineffective against both TSFs and mechanized infantry, with arm strength several times that of an average human's


Shirogane Takeru - The protagonist of the story.

Kagami Sumika- Takeru's childhood friend.

Yuuko Kouzuki- The Professor working on Alternative IV

Marimo Jinguuji- Squad 207 instructor and Takeru's English teacher in the old world

Kasumi Yashiro- Survivor of the Alternative III project. Has mind reading abilities and only close to Yuuko and Shirogane

Chizuru Sakaki- Squad 207B Squad leader. Takeru calls her Class rep and is in loggerhead with Ayamine

Ayamine Kei- Squad 207 member, CQC expert

Miki Tamase- Squad 207 member, Sniper expert

Mikoto Yoroi- Squad 207 member, First Aid and survivalist expert

Meiya Mitsurugi- Squad 207 member, Melee weapon specialist

00 Unit- Humanity's trump card in the battle against the BETA, the key to Alternative IV's success.

Tsukuyomi Mana: A first lieutenant in the imperial defense army. Cares deeply for Meiya and tries her best to help her in any way she can.

Isumi Michiru: Captain of squad A-01.

Hayase Mitsuki: A member of squad A-01. She is always together with Haruka, her best friend and former romantic rival.

Suzumiya Haruka: A member of squad A-01 and sister of Akane. She is always together with Mitsuki, her best friend and former romantic rival.

Kashiwagi Haruko: A member of squad A-01.

Kazama Touko: A member of squad A-01.

Munakata Misae: A member of squad A-01.

Tomoe Yukino: A second lieutenant in the imperial defense army. One of the three soldiers under first lieutenant Mana together with Ebisu and Tatsumi. They are very protective of Meiya and suspicious of Takeru's involvement with her.

Ebisu Minagi: A second lieutenant in the imperial defense army. One of the three soldiers under first lieutenant Mana together with Yukino and Tatsumi. They are very protective of Meiya and suspicious of Takeru's involvement with her.

Kamiyo Tatsumi: A second lieutenant in the imperial defense army. One of the three soldiers under first lieutenant Mana together with Yukino and Ebisu. They are very protective of Meiya and suspicious of Takeru's involvement with her.

Suzumiya Akane: A member of squad A-01 and sister of Haruka. She works hard to fight for her sisters sake as well.

Koubuin Yuuhi: The shogun of Japan. Meiya's twin sister

Tamase Genjousai: Under-secretary-general of the United Nations and Miki's father.

Paul Radhabinod: Commander of the Yokohama base.

Sagiri Naoya: A captain in the imperial defense army's capital defense forces.

Kyouzuka Shizue: A woman who works in the Yokohama base cafeteria.

Yoroi Sakon: Mikoto's father, and works for the Imperial Japanese government.


Hi to all the people who will read my fanfic. I decided to write my own fanfic for mainly 2 reasons,Muv Luv it's a story that left a strong impression in me and i think it's the best visual novel in circulation,second the story written by PualXion-sensei,i love the story written by him so in a way reading his story gave me the final push into writing mine,as i too would like to gave a different ending to Muv Luv. I will apologize in advance for eventual grammatical errors,as english isn't my first language,and if some points are similar to PaulXion story...that just shows how much i liked his story. I hope you will enjoy my fanfic and if you'd like leave positive/negative review as i would like to know where to improve since it's my first time writing a fanfic.

Chapter 1: The End Is the Beginning of a new End

(Yokohama Base)(Withered Cherry Blossom Trees)(January 2002)

[Yuuko]"Looks like you haven't disappeared yet." I was alone near the cherry blossom trees at the Eishi Training School gates,waiting for the moment i would stop existing in this world,and saying goodbye to my friends when i heard Sensei's voice.

[Takeru]"Sensei..." Sensei didn't minded my half hearted response and continued.

[Yuuko]"Yashiro told me you were out here...done saying goodbye?"Sensei came with Kasumi at the Valkyries and Marimo-chan monument.

That seemed a little strange to me cause i haven't seen her since Operation Ouka was over,but i didn't minded and answered[Takeru]"Yes,I have finished my goodbyes long ago,right now i'm just thinking."

The end of my travel...that was really the end,we destroyed Original Hive,i killed the Superior,the BETA who controls all other ones on Earth,but...everyone died just to get me to the Original Hive's core and the only one who survived is me.

[Yuuko]"...So you still think you have something to do in this world?"

As expected from Sensei right straight through the point,well... i guess it was written all over my face.

[Takeru]"...Well...I'd be lying if I said there's nothing..."

So...in a few minute i was going to disappear...i was in this world thanks to Sumika...her despair and loneliness brought me in this world when the two G-Bombs exploded in Yokomaha Hive and reacted to the Hive's reactor and G-Element amplifying her feelings...and since the me from this world was already dead protecting her from a Soldier Class BETA in Yokohama Hive,she took me from a close world and i had become a Causality Conductor...a pipeline between worlds,and thanks to that,i brought into this world,my original world memories and feeling in exchange for events happened in this world filled with BETA like Marimo-chan's death and Sumika in comatose state.

[Yuuko]"Well,anyway...welcome,you did great out there."

I widened my eyes not believing at her words [Takeru]"...Where'd that come from...?"

[Yuuko]"I haven't seen you since you got back, right ? Sorry I was so busy."

Still perplexed i continued [Takeru]"What're you talking about, Sensei? You've never come and talked to me right after I came back from an operation."


[Takeru]"Never."...does this mean Sensei's feeling something about me leaving...The fact that she went out of her way to come here...? Hu!...no way...No matter what happened...she wouldn't do that...or maybe...

[Yuuko]"I read your report sorry to ask so much...after all that happened."



Then flash of memories of what happened in Original Hive attacked me...Tama half body all covered in blood and in the hands of the Superior...Mikoto,Class Rep and Ayamine who stayed back against and horde of BETA. And Meiya...her death afflicted me the most...

Meiya who sacrificed her life to make me shoot and kill the Superior while confessing her love to me...
[Meiya]"...I was given life to be a shadow...a death such as this...is far too great an honor for me..."
[Meiya]" ...at the very least...I want...you, ...the man I love...to be the one...Who sends me to my grave...!"
[Meiya]"...even if...my life...was nothing more than a shadow...you...you must live on...even if only you would remember...that I existed in this world...that Mitsurugi Meiya lived in this world..."
[Meiya]" ...then... I will be happy...I had planned...on carrying that to my grave...! ...forgive...my weakness...Kagami...!"

And Sumika...i still can see her lifeless figure,as if it was asleep,with her hands joint on her chest,while holding the Santa Rabbit i gave her,like it was her most precious thing in the world...Sumika...She never planned on coming home in the first place,Sumika made that decision...when Yokohama reactor was destroyed.

Her quantum brain needed purification every 72 hours,otherwise her ODL would deteriorate and she would have become just an human shaped computer without personality and feelings.

It was like going through hemodialysis,and to do that she would have to connect to the Yokohama Hive reactor.

By purifying her ODL every time Sumika would pass everything she'd seen and heard through the reactor to the Primary Objective.

Basically she was,without knowing,BETA's spy.

Luckily she learned that near the end,when she became one with me,just before the BETA attack to the base.

After we became one the closed off parts of her subconscious were completely opened and she knew that one BETA strain was drawing information from her...and that was the Superior.

(Flash end)

[Yuuko]"Shirogane?"Asked Sensei while looking at my face

[Yuuko]"Shirogane,are you okay?..."

[Takeru]"No,I'm fine...just thinking about what happened(Ah...)and also don't worry for the report I just wanted to do everything I could for this world before I left..."

Now that Sumika was dead i was no more a Causality Conductor so finally i could go back to my peaceful world...back to Hakuryou class 3-B...every morning woken up by Sumika...everyday teasing and fighting with her...Meiya with no common sense...intruding in my house,remodeling the neighborhood,building that super big mansion...Tsukuyomi,the Three Idiots and all my classmates Class Rep,Ayamine,Tama,Mikoto. I could finally go back on being lazy,i could play videogames and Valgernoon again but why...why...WHY! i didn't feel happy at all...right now the only thing that crosses my mind it's how could i stay in this world and do just one loop...just one more loop,and i could fix all this.

[Kasumi]"..." Kasumi looked sad while looking at me...she was silent and almost expressionless till now,but probably she has read my mind and that's why now she look so sorrowful.

[Takeru]"Especially since I don't know when I'll disappear." I continued pretending not to notice...but...I'm really glad I had enough time left to come here...this place is like my home in this world...

[Yuuko]"True...then first i have to ask you a question...(...?...What is it..?)..What's that piece of cloth you have in your hand?"asked Sensei while looking at my right hand.

[Takeru]"That's Sumika's ribbon...(..Eh..?)...i thought about using that in the next loop...but then i heard from Kasumi that i can't loop anymore,so i decided to keep it as a memento." I responded to Sensei heartbroken.

[Yuuko]"All right...then we'd better hurry."said Sensei while slightly looking away...ah i know that...when Sensei does that it means she's hiding something...it took a while but i'm finally beginning to understand her. What would it be that she's hiding...maybe it's about Sumika's ribbon?...all i've heard of it was that Sensei put in there some device made from Element-G that would block projection and would made impossible mind reading on me and her but other than that...or maybe that's all my delusion and in reality Sensei came all the way here just to say goodbye,and lifting me from all remained attachments to this world so i could go back more easily.

[Takeru]"Hurry?...with what?" I said while i kept thinking of what she could be hiding.

[Yuuko]"Here you go." And then she handed me the handgun that she tried to give me when she told me that the brain was Sumika.

[Takeru]"...Eh...?" I answered dumbfounded and then i remember that she wanted me to use that gun on her for all the things that she had done to me and to free her from all the things she had done.

[Yuuko]"You'll use it right?"


[Yuuko]"You're not a Causality Conductor anymore if you kill me, nothing will happen to me in the other world."

[Takeru]"..." I still didn't say anything

[Yuuko]"I'm sure that was one of the reasons you didn't back then." I see...she's got a point...at the time I was only thinking of Sumika...so I never noticed that.

[Yuuko]"And since Kagami doesn't exist during this transfer,you really will cease to exist in this world."

[Takeru]"..." So...everyone will forget me and it will be like i never was in this world.

[Yuuko]"This time, not one person will ever remember you existed." Said Sensei while diverting her glance once again...i'd have to assume she's saying the truth since Sensei never lied to me...but on the other hand she always concealed the truth using tricks or diverting the conversation...and the fact that she diverted her look twice with the matter that she came just to say goodbye keeps bothering me.

[Yuuko]"So you won't have to worry about anyone wondering where you went and criticizing you for it" Sensei continued looking me in the eyes again...What is it that i still don't understand...i will cease to exist here because Sumika who kept observing my existence is gone and because we finally became one...but...but... i just can't accept that!


[Yuuko]"...or would you like me to answer some questions first since you look so lost in thought?

[Takeru]"Sensei there must be a way for me to go back in time once again!" I who couldn't suppress my feelings anymore yelled at Sensei




[Yuuko]"STOP!"said Sensei in one of her few outburst of anger. I couldn't believe the usual cold and composed Sensei could become like this...of course i knew that she isn't ruthless it's just that she controls her feelings...but the only time i've seen her like this it's when i ran to my world after Marimo-chan death and since at that time i didn't knew i was a Causality Conductor i brought the "information" of Marimo-chan's death in my world and so my kind teacher died in my world too.


Hearing that i felt empty,i lost all strength and dropped on my knees. The tears that i had desperately held started to flow from my eyes. It was a bitter cry like a wail from a wounded animal,it contained all the sadness from the death of my companions,all the powerlessness in changing this twisted destiny and the burden of all the worlds i had to keep till now.
Then Kasumi who was silent till now placed her hand on my head and said [Kasumi]"Shirogane-san,you'll be fine. (Kasumi...) that's what everyone would have wanted..."

I thought for a second and then i said [Takeru]"...I see... you could tell...what everyone was thinking...(Yes)."

I looked in her clear eyes and i said [Takeru]"Sorry Kasumi...i'm so pathetic...even though you were with me"i said to her but she denied.

[Kasumi]"Shirogane-san you are not pathetic... you were trying to prioritize the mission and not thinking about anything else.(...)But the truth was,you wanted to save everyone on top of completing the mission."

I didn't add anything so she continued [Kasumi]"Everyone noticed that...(yeah...i know)...but they were able to fight that hard because you're that kind of person(...!...) Because you're like that everyone did the very best they could for humanity.(...) In order to save humanity. In order for the people they'd fought with to survive(...!...) ...and... in order to keep you from dying alone and in pain...(-...!)Everyone in the unit...was thinking the same thing(...!...)so was Sumika-san."

Now the tears were flowing copiously and i tried to stand up while averting my face but Sensei grabbed my chin and said [Yuuko]"Just this time,i will overlook this since i told you to save the whining and complaining until the end(...)...i know what are you thinking Shirogane... but it's impossible,you are no more a Causality Conductor,you can't go back anymore...now all that's left to you is going back to your world..."

This is the reality that i have to bear...I wanted to save this world and repair the other world so i can't ignore this reality. That's how it should be...but call me naive,call me a child i'm still convinced there's a way...unconsciously i've been holding Sumika's ribbon near my heart. Sumika...what should i do? Is this really the end?

[Yuuko]"...This is the end"said Sensei while offering again her gun.

[Takeru]"Thank you for the offer but i have to refuse" I said to Sensei after i wiped my tears.

[Yuuko]"What? I set aside time from my busy schedule to come out here, you know."

[Takeru]"Sorry to waste it" I said smiling

...that again...why the busy Sensei had to come just to say goodbye...after all i would be gone from her memory in a couple hours. I choose again to ignore that fact and i continued.

[Takeru]"Sensei, this world still needs you,(...)besides, you're going to keep fighting and suffering for humanity...right?"

[Yuuko]"I see...so we're even...?"said Sensei while smirking

[Yuuko]"If you're okay with that,it's easy enough for me. Fortunately I'm not weak enough to "suffer" from so little."

[Takeru]"Hahahah...you're right."

Yes...Sensei's definitely not weak. She's strict and calculating when it comes to completing her objectives...but...that's not her real personality...If she really was like that...she wouldn't have drunken herself stupid and cried to me back then when she failed to complete Alternative IV and humanity switched to Alternative V on the first loop. She wouldn't have checked...whether or not the Captain's sister died in Sadogashima,just to give Isumi Captain some relief in her last minutes...She wouldn't have pitied Sumika in her final days...and made time for us to be alone...Sensei accepted head-on the responsibilities of showing others the way...and she never ran away from dirtying her own hands. And she locked all those things inside...never complaining to anyone.


[Yuuko]"Sensei? I don't remember having any students."

(Flash End)

I'm definitely not one of your students...But it's thanks to you...that i was able to come this far. Thank you so much...You really were...the greatest teacher i've ever had...

[Yuuko]"What's wrong? Want to shoot me after all?"said Sensei with her usual smirk

[Takeru]"Sensei...I decided to fight,and did so for my own reasons."

then Sensei looked me with a serious gaze [Yuuko]"..."

[Takeru]"I'll bear all the responsibility of what happened. I don't plan on blaming you or acting like a victim no more."

[Yuuko]"..."Sensei returned to her usual smile and i kept on

[Takeru]"Doing that wouldn't hide any of it...I know that all too well now."

[Yuuko]"I see...oh well. If you change your mind just say so."

[Takeru]"It won't change,don't worry."

[Yuuko]"Fine, fine, i get it. So you've got no more complaning to do?"

[Takeru]"I won't worry about the past anymore."

[Yuuko]"Wow..."said Sensei surprised.

To be honest, there are tons of things...I want to ask Sensei...but...there's no point checking each and every one of them now. First i have to find by myself a way to come back...i can't always be Sensei student i have to become an equal or surpass her.

[Yuuko]"Okay then...how about something more future-oriented?"


[Yuuko]"Nothing in particular. If anything...just some way of killing time until you disappear."

[Takeru]"...until i disappear...hmmm..." ...maybe with a little roundabout way i can ask Sensei about a mean to at least keep my memory in my world or just a trace of it.

[Takeru]"Then...why don't you tell me one of those hypotheses you love?"

Sensei widened her eyes surprised...[Yuuko]"A hypothesis...? About what?"

she took the bait...

[Takeru]"The world i go back to...which one will it be?"

[Yuuko]"Dunno...I don't have anything specific on that either."

The first question was a vain attempt.

[Takeru]"Well...that makes sense."

[Yuuko]"But,we do know...that the events you caused in other worlds by interfering with them are gone."


[Yuuko]"And that you'll be put back on October 22nd in your world"

So...if nothing else,what happened to Marimo-chan and Sumika will be gone.

Sensei must have noticed my worried face because she added [Yuuko]"Don't worry. Anything you caused is being reconstructed. Likewise, all the "worlds where you become one with someone other than Kagami"...will also be reconstructed."


I felt reassured after hearing that and then an idea hit me...what about the informations and events in excess? Maybe there's a possibility that the informations of all my loops will be drifting on the void between worlds waiting for someone to pick them up...but how to pick them up...

[Yuuko]"In addition, that thought,this world's Kagami had is sure to have a big influence on your world's reconstruction."

[Takeru]" Sumika's thought...can...do that?" i answered half amazed

[Yuuko]"It is the cause of all your transfers,after all."

[Takeru]"...I see"

[Yuuko]"All the transfer phenomena involving you and Kagami have proven that people's will has a strong influence on the way the world is. Which is something the Quantum Causality Theory predicts. And the power to project that will onto the world is an extremely rare ability, not something people normally possess."

[Takeru]"...and the people who have it...were 00 unit candidates..."

[Yuuko]"Yes...in case Kagami would have failed, one of the Valkyries would have been chosen instead,to be the next 00 Unit...and it that case Mitsurugi would have been chosen,since she is the one next to Sumika with that power."


[Yuuko]"Right. Receiving causality information leaking out of parallel worlds requires a will to contain information exchanges and projections are exactly the same thing. Informations can't reach something which won't receive it."

THAT'S IT THAT'S WHAT I NEED...like when i was so in despair for the death of Marimo-chan that i brought her death "information" to my world. If in the moment i will disappear i can muster my will and think strongly about my memories maybe i can retain some of them,if not all. And that would make a link to all other informations! That's risky...that's just an hypotheses and not an hypotheses of the genius Professor Kouzuki Yuuko but mine hypotheses and i'm an idiot...BUT i have to take that bet. Now all i miss it's a connection to this world...someone who will still remember me when i will be gone.



[Takeru]"...Everything I've done...everything we gained in exchange for their lives...they have meaning...right...?"

though it's mortifying i had to ask that in case i will fail to come back. I need that reassurance... i need to know that this world at least would face the future with a real hope.

[Yuuko]"Of course they do." Answered Sensei with a gentle smile on her face.

[Yuuko]"There's no question...that you saved this world."


[Yuuko]"Even if no one ever finds out about it...that truth won't change. Even if no one is ever grateful for what you all did...I'm grateful-For the future you've given humanity. Thank you, Shirogane...you're this world's savior..."


Sensei...thank you...so much...!That's the final push i needed...now i know that even if i fail all the things i've done were not for nothing; also sorry Sensei but i know that ahead there's a better ending where i could give to the girls the happiness they deserve...a future where i'm not the only one alive...i know that i'm trampling on everyone's death but i'm prepared to accept head-on all the responsabilities of my actions,just like you i will show others the way and i will ran no more from dirtying my own hands. Even if i end up being hated by everyone even if i'm lucky enough to meet Marimo-chan or Isumi Captain in Heaven i'm prepared to suffer whatever punishment. I will lock all my feelings inside...never complaining to anyone.

[Yuuko]"...looks like it's time." And then my body started to glow... it was time...now i was really disappearing.

[Takeru]"...Take care... of the rest."

with her usual smirk Sensei said [Yuuko]"...goodbye, bratty savior."

Then smiling i met Kasumi gaze

[Kasumi]"..." her childish face looked sad.

[Takeru]"Kasumi...keep helping Sensei..."

then Kasumi said with a serious look [Kasumi]"...yes."

In the meantime i saw that Sensei's eyes were a little wet.

[Takeru]"Please talk about everyone...with pride...I'm counting on you..."

[Kasumi]"...yes" Sensei must have noticed that she was almost crying so she closed her eyes.


[Kasumi]"When...the world becomes peaceful...I will go see the ocean..." continued Kasumi smiling,remembering our promise near the Sakura Tree.

[Takeru]"...yeah...be sure to make...tons of memories..."

[Kasumi]"I'll always...be watching you...no matter what world you're in."


Why didn't i think of it earlier, it was so obvious,yes,Kasumi,she's the one that kept observing me when i went to my world to retrieve the equation. Now all the pieces of the puzzle are complete...now all that's left it's a little luck and hope for a miracle.

[Kasumi]"I...will never forget you...!"


[Sumika]"I won't forget you...not now, not ever...I won't!"

(Flash End)


With the light that was becoming stronger Kasumi said to me[Kasumi]"...I don't know...whether this is...my feeling...or Sumika-san's..."


[Kasumi]"...but...i did love you"

[Takeru]"-Ehhhhhhhhhh...?" I was bewildered by her sudden confession,but then remembering all the time spent together all became clear...as usual i'm so dense...sorry Kasumi for not having recognized your feelings.

[Takeru]"...I see...thank you...Kasumi"

[Kasumi]"...see you...later..."

[Takeru]"yeah...see you..."

While the light had become so strong i almost couldn't see anymore,i faced Yuuko-Sensei and while smiling i said to her [Takeru]"Sorry Sensei...in the end i have to disobey to you one last time..."

[Yuuko]"Eh?What do you mean by that"said Sensei surprised.

[Takeru]"Sensei...This is my story. It'll go the way I want it... or I'll end it here.(...!) See you later!"






(Yokohama Base)(Withered Cherry Blossom Trees)(January 2002)(Yuuko PoV)

I was standing there looking at the space where the boy,just a second ago was while thinking what could have meant with his last words...then i asked to Yashiro [Yuuko]"Yashiro...(Yes)...did you read Shirogane's mind?(Yes)What was he thinking?"

[Kasumi]"He was thinking on how to come back,and do everything again from the start"


[Kasumi]"After he raged and you scolded him,he regained his coolness and began to think.(Keep going.)Then you told him that the will has great power in changing the worlds(...)and receiving causality information leaking out of parallel worlds requires a will to contain it."

[Yuuko]"Heh. So he noticed it"i said whispering and without noticing i was grinning.

[Kasumi]"Professor?"Said Yashiro noticing my smile.

[Yuuko]"Nothing...and then what else?"

[Kasumi]"Then he made up his mind...and in the end he understood that he needed someone who would remember him and that would observe him while he wasn't in this world."

[Yuuko]"And he noticed that what he needed was you right?(Yes...in the last moments.)"

Mmm...Even if he's an hopeless idiot i must think that his idea is not so bad...i had suspected that something was strange when he talked about his lover and child...normally to recall dormant memories in his brain he would need some trigger...but in that moment he was unconsciously receiving causality information...it seems i underestimated his will and attachment to this world.

...That Shirogane...while i was thinking you grew up a little you are the same old bratty saviour...but that's just like him...maybe that's why those girls gave their life for him.

[Yuuko]"Yashiro(Yes)keep observing him...(Yes)...i know it will be hard...but since you love him,i think you could keep for about 1 week."

[Kasumi]"...Yes..."said Yashiro while blushing.

[Yuuko]"Let's go home Yashiro(Yes)...even if he manage to come back and this world gets reconstructed we can't slack off."

1 week Shirogane,that's the time i can give you...Good luck...and See you...

(Void Between Worlds)(Shirogane PoV)

From the dazzling light to the darkness.
I couldn't feel my body anymore and i began to think to when i first came to this world...I didn't want to accept that there could be one so screwed up.
I even...pitied everyone who lived in that world...
And then I tried to save everyone in this world...but in the end they all saved me.
I lost sight of something that simple...during the course of the war...
I got full of myself...because i was the only one who'd seen this world end...And i lost sight of it...
Thank you... because of you all... i feel like i finally understand what it means to be a soldier.
I'll never forget... what everyone in this world taught me...Meiya,Class Rep,Ayamine,Tama,Mikoto,Marimo-chan,the Valkyries,Yuuko-sensei, wait for me...
When this last thought crossed my mind the world went blank again.
And right before losing consciousness i thought i heard the voice of a familiar girl screaming.


Hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it since more or less that's how i pictured Alternative ending...but well for me that's more of a beginning since like PaulXion-sensei i aim for a perfect Alternative route with some more Meiya and the others(I still can't digest the noble confidant...i mean in that scene you could hear Meiya's heart going into pieces...C'mon age guys...)and other major changes on the way...anyway sorry for my rambling and now i'll get to work for chapter 2!