A girl like me: Chapter 1

"Megs?" A tall, slender girl asked me with her big, concerned, brown eyes. "Meg, what's wrong?" she asked again.

"Nothing." I replied. She looked at me as she tucked her long, brown hair behind her ear. "I'm your best friend you can tell me anything, now what's wrong."

"It's nothing! Really I'm fine, Danny." I give her a smile to prove (or at least try to prove) that I was fine.

"You're so stubborn," She chuckles "C'mon let's go to the bakery. Mum wants me to pick up cupcakes for Dad's birthday."

As we walk into the bakery, Danny stops in her tracks causing me to almost bump into her. "Danny what the he-"

"Shut up! Look at the boy over there!" She nods at a boy with luscious, curly brown locks, beautiful, sea-green eyes, and large hands. I was speechless and he was beautiful in every way possible. Danny caught me staring and elbowed me in the ribs, "Ow! What was that for?!" I asked rubbing my hurt side.

"You were drooling."

"No I wasn't. He's kinda cute." I said trying to cover up my growing crush for the boy.

"Well then go talk to him." She said with a smirk. My cheeks turned ruby red as I walked up to him.

He smiled a dazzling bright smile, "Hi, I'm Harry! Can I get you anything?"

"Um, yeah! Can I get a dozen chocolate cupcakes and a cute boy's number?" I clamp my hand over my mouth, I'm done for, how could I have said that?!

"Ha ha, as long as I get a beautiful girl's number." He winked. My face turned bright red and I prayed it would go away.

"Can we have our cupcakes or am I gonna have to separate you two flirts?" Danny said as came up beside me.

"Yeah sure one sec." Danny whipped around so fast that it made ME dizzy.

"He's totally into you!" She squealed.

"What're you talking about? A guy like him would never go for a girl like me…"