Author's notes: I'm bored and miss my Flashpoint so enjoy. Haven't been writing in a while so I'm a little rusty. Spoilers from Season 5 Keep the Peace 1 and 2. I also promise that no one will die and our favorite lovers Sam/Jules will be well taken care of in this story despite the story line. I dedicate this for Iheartflashpoint's entertainment and the memories of the year or two we did nothing but write flashpoint fanfics, plus i actually wanted her to write it and entertain me. But she wouldn't so here it goes. this story line will probably be only 5-6 chapters.

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Chapter 1

Three months had already passed since the wrath of the deadly Marcus Farber bombings over Toronto and somehow, someway life rappelled them all forward regardless of the friends they lost, the long struggles ahead of them, and the realization that change was inevitable for the family they referred to as Team One.

One big change was Greg Parker's upcoming retirement in six months from the SRU. Due to the extent of his injuries he received as a result of Marcus Farber shooting him multiple times as he tried to defuse a bomb, he would now be forced into early retirement and permanent disability. He was now crippled for the rest of his life and regardless of physical therapy or any additional reconstructive surgeries on his leg he was now unfit to physically perform his duties as a SRU Sergeant.

But he had to be strong for his team, and more importantly the two newly married and expecting members of his team Sam Braddock and Julianna Callaghan-Braddock, whose wedding day ironically fell on the same day as the massacre bombings.

He knew when Sam Braddock approached him as a favor to watch over the very pregnant Jules it was not only to look after her while she was on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy, but it was also a well thought out conspiracy by all the members of Team One to keep him busy and keep him focused on what was important. He may be retiring from being the SRU Sergeant but he can still give by becoming the new head instructor at the academy. He gave a half-hearted smile at the thoughts he was not yet ready to accept as he approached the Braddock family home.

As Greg Parker drew himself closer to the front door of the home, something alerted his twenty year police instincts immediately. He drew out the gun he carried with him on and off duty out of habit as he noticed a broken lamp on the floor, through the small crack of the slightly opened front door. Greg Parker's heart raced as he went room to room of the Braddock family home clearing the house and calling for Jules without success.

Giving a quick assessment of the home, he knew there were clear signs of struggle which did not surprise him as the women he treated as his own daughter as well as a respected colleague pregnant or not, would not allow herself to be taken by force easily.

"Sam!" he yelled through his cell phone. "Get the team here now, its Jules, Sam. She's gone!"

Sam's heart began racing as he listened to his Sergeant provide him vague details in his opinion, but his facial expression remained emotionless as he looked at an also stunned Ed Lane sitting next to him driving the SRU truck turn on the siren to head to his residence.

***FP FP FP FP FP*****************************************************************

Hours Earlier:

Sam Braddock was in complete awe about his life. He didn't think anyone deserved to be this happy and to feel as lucky as he felt as he lovingly glanced over at his sleeping, beautiful, and six month pregnant wife in their bedroom, while he quietly got dressed to work an early morning shift at the SRU.

He gently brushed some strands of her hair away from her face and gave her a tender kiss on the lips almost feeling a little guilty for not controlling his impulses and unintentionally waking her.

"Hey" Jules Callaghan Braddock answered groggily in response to his kiss, as she stretched her arms out to further wake herself up from her dead sleep.

"What time is it?" she asked.

He gave her, her favorite Sam Braddock smirk and kissed her again before responding with his raspy voice, "It's about 5AM, both of you go back to sleep" as he put his other hand gently on her growing belly.

"Umm….the Boss will be here around noon after his physical therapy to check on you two", Sam nervously announced to her knowing she wouldn't like it. He quickly put his finger on her lips to prevent her from retaliating as he proceeded to explain his reasoning for convincing their soon to be retiring Sergeant, Greg Parker into coming over to look after her and their unborn child.

"Look, the Boss needs to keep busy and I need to not be worrying about you and the baby while I'm on shift. So this is a win/win" Sam compassionately explained, knowing it would provide little comfort to Jules strong independent streak.

"But I….." Jules tried to interrupt him so he couldn't continue.

"No buts" Sam adamantly responded with a soft smile to her failed attempt to interrupt. "You know what the doctor said… You are on bed rest for the rest of this pregnancy. Your leg needs to heal and all the stress from the last 3 months has not been good for either one of you".

A sudden cold chill ran up his spine at the flash of memory of him hearing her anguish cries as she attempted to rescue some children trapped at a day care center during the bombings terrorized him into thinking much worse than a rebar digging into her leg.

Sensing her husband's sudden angst Jules Braddock decided not to further pursue her quest to prove her pregnant ass could still be independent. But she was going to be damned if she didn't get rewarded for good behavior either. "Wow, guess that must be the hormones talking." She silently answered in response to her own thoughts.

She quickly put both her arms around his neck as he hovered over her and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Fine, fine" she giggled staring into Sam's beautiful blue eyes "you win, for now."

"But I do have one request" she sheepishly smirked at him "If your shift doesn't run late, can you stop by the Swee"

"Sweet Flour Bakery" Jules and Sam simultaneously announced laughing at the fact he helped her finish her sentence and was able to read her mind.

"Peanut butter chocolate cookie sandwiches?" Sam added boyishly smiling at his wife's cravings. "At the rate you're going I'll need to start buying 2 dozen of those at a time."

"Probably." she laughed as she playfully smacked his arm knowing it was probably not a bad idea if he bought more, considering those peanut butter chocolate cookie sandwiches was her number one craving. She did have to admit to herself she did tend to go a little on the pregnant psychotic side when she didn't get her fix.

"I love you." Sam whispered as he kissed her good bye and headed out the door for SRU headquarters.

Jules Callaghan Braddock quickly fell back into a deep sleep and found herself awakened this time by a touch of morning sun light causing her to slightly squint as she looked out her and Sam's bedroom window.

It was approximately fifteen minutes before 10AM before she finally made her way to the kitchen to start a pot of herbal tea which was becoming a daily part of her routine since the obstetrician demanded she be put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The Jules Callaghan-Braddock daily routine became making herbal tea, some breakfast, watch the news and prepare lunch for her and Greg Parker who would be over soon enough to babysit her and her unborn child.

"Maybe the bubble wrap would have been easier" she giggled thinking of the inside joke between her and Sam when they first found out about her pregnancy.

"Oh little one…I can't wait until you get here." she said quietly to herself out loud as she made gentle circular motions with her hands on her rapidly growing belly. There was no denying it now she was pregnant and showing Jules further observed of herself. However, her further assessment and silent internal discussion with herself and unborn child would have to wait as all her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by several knocks at the door.

Jules looked out the window and opened the door after recognizing it was Shannon Miller, another pregnant woman not any further along than she was whom she had met at the waiting room of the obstetrician's office during one of her appointments.

"Hey Jules" Shannon Miller smiled excited that Jules Braddock was stupid enough to open the door for her.

"I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced but I didn't know where else to go and I know you're a cop." she proceeded to say adding a flair of nervousness so it sounded convincing.

"But I didn't know what else to do and since we exchanged addressed the other day I thought…." she told Jules as she pulled down the collar of her turtleneck to show all the bruises around her neck.

"….I just need someone to talk to" Shannon muttered, secretly complimenting herself for the acting job she was doing in front of the pregnant SRU officer.

"Oh my god" Jules responded assuming she was about to listen in on a poor pregnant woman's domestic violence story "Please come in."

As soon as Jules Braddock a trained SRU officer turned her back she knew then she had made a mistake as she heard an all too familiar sound of the bolt of a hand gun cocking back and feeling the end of its barrel pressed on the back of her head.

"What are we doing here Shannon?" Jules asked calmly as she drew from her SRU negotiating skills. "We both need to keep our babies safe so let's just slow it down and figure this out."

"SHUT UP!" Shannon angrily shouted making sure to press the end of the gun even harder against the back of Jules scalp. "The only thing that is going to happen here is you're going to shut up and we are going for a ride in your car."

As Shannon led Jules towards the garage Jules seeing no other choice tried to use some of her hand to hand training on her assailant and also by taking a small lamp from an end table in front of their living room and slamming it into Shannon's head knocking her down.

But being pregnant Jules had lost a lot of range in her mobility to take the subject down as she would have before her pregnancy. To her shock, Shannon on the floor took out the pillow of some kind out of her stomach area revealing to Jules that she was faking her pregnancy before lunging back at her.

Jules immediately put her hands up seeing that Shannon had taken control back of the pistol now aimed at her.

"Ok, please don't harm my baby" she pleaded still trying to remain calm. "Just please tell me what this is about?" she continued to try to get Shannon to answer.

With the gun directly pointing at the back of her head again, Jules walked slowly and unwillingly to the garage where her rental car was parked with tears slowly forming in her eyes. She was managing to stay calm, and had been in worse situations in her mind but she wasn't also pregnant in those situations and had her teammates in her ear.

Although she tried to remain calm and fearless against her hormones and the situation she couldn't avoid the fact that the truth was she was scared and felt alone in this, even though she knew Sam and the rest of the team would stop at nothing to find her and bring her and her unborn child back safely.

Sam and she were still car shopping to replace her Jeep thinking there was still plenty of time to shop around for a more family suited SUV before the baby came. But a few days before someone had done a hit and run on her jeep while they were grocery shopping causing them to take the jeep in for some body work.

Although she was on bed rest, just in case Sam insisted they rent a small four door Honda accord for her just in case she needed to get somewhere for emergencies if no one was around.

As Shannon forced Jules into the trunk of her own rental car, it dawned on a teary eyed Jules that her jeep being practically totaled by someone at grocery store parking lot was all a set up for her kidnapping as she watched Shannon slam the trunk door on her leaving her in the dark.