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Our chapter begins within the ESU Labs where Dr. Miles Warren is confronting with the anonymous business man who hides in the shadows. The anonymous business man is disappointed due of Dr. Miles Warren's multiple failures of creating pawns for the anonymous man's scheme. And then, after banging his fist against something, a photo fell out of place and landed infront of the anonymous man's face. It was a photo of the Lizard. Intrigued of this, he demands Dr. Miles Warren to track down the Lizard and bring it to him whatever means necessary.

Meanwhile near Miami Beach, Florida, Curtis Conners, his wife Martha, and his son Billy, are enjoying a relaxing day near the sunny shores due that its Summer Break at this time of year in Miami. Billy is building a sand castle, Martha is laying on the sand enjoying the view, and Curtis is laying under the shade of a tree while trying to find some way to expose Dr. Miles Warren of his illegal mammalian dna experimentation, anonymously, while preventing Warren's blackmail about the 'Lizard' incident. When they made their way home, which is 'coincidentally' located somewhere in a tropical forest, Curtis and Billy were having similar nightmares involving the Lizard that following night. The nightmare both Curt and Billy were having were about reliving those flashbacks yet with odd twists. Curt's twist was about him in his Lizard form fighting what appear to be a darker look-a-like of himself while Billy's twist was ,for some really odd reason, being surrounded by multiple species of reptiles who are saluting to him. They both awoke in cold sweat a few minutes before their alarms went off.

Back at the ESU Lab, Dr. Miles Warren is preparing for his trip to Miami to track Curtis Connors down. He packed the essentials: advanced lizard dna, some device that looks like a controller, and etc. However, he didn't notice that he accidentally packed some of that blue serum, that Peter accidentally sipped, and closed his case without looking. Momentary, he took the quickest plane to Miami. Once he got there, he began wearing a disguise with a fake name along with a cover story saying that he is a old retired man who lives in a old abandoned house located in a swamp right next to the Connor's house.

Shortly after a few days, Dr. Miles Warren, in disguise, invited the Connors over to his 'house'. The Connors were sensing something that is not right so they were on high alert while pretending that nothing much is going on. All of the grown ups were sitting in the 'living room' while descussign on etc while Billy got a bit thirty so he decided to visit the 'kitchen'. Once Billy got to the 'kitchen' and take a glimpse inside the fridge. He notice a glass container of blue stuff. Guessing it was just raspberry soda, he poured himself a glass of it, drank the whole glass leaving only a few drops, and quickly cleaned up after himself without leaving any trace. Meanwhile, Dr. Warren Miles secretly readied the numb needle in place. While no one was looking, Dr. Warren Miles secretly injected a dose of lizard dnd into Connors and quickly hit the needle to prevent suspicions. He waited and waited but for some reason, the dose of the lizard dna wasn't effective on Connors as he thought he would. It is as if though it was being delayed or suppressed by and unknown force.

Along the way home. Billy couldn't help but noticed something odd. Nearby reptiles began to stare only at Billy as sum were even following him. Being creeped out, he quicken his pace until they made it home. No one is noticing but Curt's right shoulder began to grow a few scales. After sunset as the shadows grew and grew until everywhere became so dark that the lights were at their brightest. Curt began to feel more and more ill every minute. He then decided to get some fresh air. When he stood outside, the pain began to worsen and worsen.

And then, he felt something on his right. Slowly yet in a dramatically quick rate, his arm grew. Curtis gasp in awe meaning he knows whats happening. The arm began to cover itself in scales as the snails were replaced with claws. The scales began to spread across his body as his eyes pupils became vertical and his tail sprouted. He grew and grew as he became less human and more reptilian while outgrowing his pajamas thus shredding them. Curt was trying to fight off the transformation but everything went black. What now stood instead of Curt was the Lizard . And then, Dr Miles Warren appeared as he unravel his disguise. He then used some device to restrain the Lizard as he forced him back to his 'house' with painful tortures.

After seeing what's going on, nearby reptiles made their way towards Billy. Shortly after, Billy awoke after hearing countless hissing. He got out of bed and followed the source of the hissing which turn out to be coming from outside his bedroom window. The window open as the reptiles crawled in Billy's bedroom. They kept surrounding Billy until they manage to lure Billy outside to see the scene of the crime. Sum of the reptiles kept pushing Billy while the rest kept leading him toward Dr. Miles Warren's 'house'. Billy peeked into the window to see Dr. Miles Warren tormenting the Lizard...

To Be Continued...

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