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Summary short, Dr. Miles Warren was ordered by the anonymous man to track down the Lizard and bring him back so that he may use him as his new 'toy'. He traveled alway to Miami disguised as a old man who lives in a 'house' located in a swamp next to a tropical forest where the Connor's home resides. He invited them to his 'house' to secretly inject Curt with sum advanced lizard dna. However it was supressed by Billy's intense aura after drinking that blue serem. That following night, Curtis began to mutate into the Lizard right before Dr. Miles Warren revealed himself as he dragged the Lizard to his 'house' in a restrained and torturing fashion. Nearby reptiles then made their way to Billy to warn him on what happen by escorting him towards Dr. Miles Warren's 'house' in a pushing and dragging fashion. This summary ends when Billy took a glance through the window to see his father as the Lizard being tormented by Dr. Miles Warren.

Billy was in complete shock on what's going on. If this was an anime, Billy would have one of those dark shaded parallel wavy lines over his head followed by a throbbing cross popping vein appearing near his right side. Luckily, the door was unlocked so Billy just waltz in while being followed and/or escorted by the little reptiles who wouldn't stop pushing leading the way. They finally made there way to the room where Warren is helding his father captive. Billy kept following the little reptiles until they stopped infront of a door with lights coming form the wooden cracks. He slowly opened the door to see that theres more to the room he once saw through the window.

Apparently, the room was a lot bigger than he thought as the room was filled with allot of lab equipment including the table were his father in Lizard form strapped onto. Dr. Miles Warren just kept on tormenting him with that weird collar around Curt's neck. Usually, the Lizard's tail would save the day by swinging back and forth knocking down Warren conscious so that the Lizard would escape. Unfortunately the tail was also strapped down to the table as well. Billy hid away to prevent form Warren noticing him. Billy is wondering how exactly he's suppose to defeat Warren, free his dad, and bring Curt's mind back in control?

Meanwhile deep in Curt's subconscious unaware that he is being tormented by Warren, Curt just stands in the empty room-like plain wondering what's going on. He then heard a hissing slowly coming from behind him. He turned around and find a doorway closed shut. He opened the door and noticed a reptilian environment themed arena empty as a ghost town on the other side of the door. As he was about to enter when he felt and notice that the entrance/exit is covered with a see-through material. He insert his hand through the 'curtains' to notice that his hand became covered in scales and his nails replaced with claws.

He pulled his arm back and it revert back to normal. Suddenly, something pushed him through the 'curtains' and now he stood in the arena. He now feels different as he felt an uncomfortable breeze. He looked down and noticed that he is not just in his Lizard form, but apparently his Lizard form is dressed up as a boxer and/or wrestler wearing material based on gladiator and/or warrior armor. He heard the hissing again. He turned around to find his shadow extending further and further towards the other end of the arena. Seeping out of the shadows stood a darker version of the Lizard wearing similar yet darker version of the same outfit. Curt is wondering what's going on when suddenly his dark look-a-like came towards him with a murderous intention.

To Be Continued Again...

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