The Heart of a Dwarf

Written By Gilraen Ireth Alcarin


Long ago before the War of the Ring, there was a lone mountain that stood east of Mirkwood and south of the Gray Mountain and west of the Iron Hills. There within the Mountain was Erebor. The greatest of Dwarven halls. Beautifully crafted halls etched with gold.

Beneath this glorious mountain was the town of Dale. Streets lined with colorful markets and venders. The people of Dale lived in peace knowing that the mighty dwarves of Erebor.

Thror was the ruler of this mighty dwarven kingdom. He was the King Under the Mountain. And he knew his line to the throne was secure in that of his son, Thrain, and his grandson Thorin.

The dwarves were master craftsmen and made such armor and jewels of precious stones. Of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. That was how it was found. The Arkenstone, the Heart of the Mountain. Its beauty was beyond compare. Thror named it the King's Jewel and it was set upon his throne. Even the great Elvenking Thranduil respected it.

And yet Thror's love of gold grew too fierce. His treasury was unable to be compared to. And Thorin would ever find his grandfather simply standing amongst the piles of gold. Thror had sickness of the mind.

The days grew dark and that was when he came. He came from the north, a fire wyrm of unknowable cruelty. The people of Dale had no warning and it was destroyed. Though the town meant nothing to this beast. He sought to claim Erebor.

He was called Smaug the Terrible! And he came with fire in the sky. Thorin saved the life of his grandfather and all he could. As they fled the Mountain the Elvenking came, but he came too late. Thorin looked upon him and called for his aid, but Thranduil would not risk the lives of his kin. For he knew that only certain death awaited them. The young dwarf prince never forgave and he never forgot.

The dwarves were scattered to all four corners of Middle-Earth. The once proud race was broken. Thorin took work wherever he could find it. And he long awaited the day for when he would take back Erebor.