Chapter 35

In the months to come the dwarves of the Blue Mountains hurried to Erebor. We rebuilt what the dragon had destroyed. This included the town of Dale. Winter soon gave way to spring. Silanna was finally born! On one warm spring morning, March the 25th. She was more beautiful then I had imagined. With one of my eyes and one of her fathers.

"She is as beautiful as her mother." Thorin said.

I looked at him and smiled. I handed Silanna to him and he held her close. He smiled as she opened her eyes and laughed. I smiled and laughed as well. Kili came into the room by my request. He was closely followed by Fili and Bofur.

"Where is the lass?" Bofur asked.

Thorin held her up and they smiled.

"Silanna… daughter." he said proudly.

Fili pushed Kili forward and Thorin held Silanna out to him. Kili took her in his arms and smiled.

"Well…I do have a beautiful goddaughter." he said.

I smiled and Thorin stepped back and took my hand. Fili looked at his cousin and brother.

"Can we take her to the others?" Fili asked.

I looked at Thorin. He seemed uncertain.

"You have 5 minutes." I said.

They nodded and then left. Thorin looked at me.

"You have given me the greatest gift one could give."

I smiled and pulled his lips to mine. When Fili and Kili returned they brought Silanna. I took her in my arms and snuggled her.

"My beautiful Silanna." I cooed.

Thorin put his arm around me and kissed my temple. I looked at her as she fell asleep.

"I promise no harm shall ever come to you." I whispered.

Thorin put his hand on her little head and smiled. I smiled at him.

The day we presented Silanna to the other dwarves of Erebor is one I shall never forget. Thorin held her above him proudly and the other dwarves cheered. Silanna grew and had her fathers wavy hair and my face. She was free-spirited and loving. A natural archer and born fighter like her father, she had my voice. Thorin and I had another child, a son we named Eruantien. He had his father's height and my eyes. Silanna loved him and always watched over him. Thorin and I stood on the watchtower. It had been a long 45 years since the Battle of the Five Armies. We watched our daughter and son practice their archery in the fields before the Mountain.

"They grew so fast. Only yesterday I carried her, now she is grown." I lamented.

"And a fine woman she has grown into. And a strong son we have. Kili had spoken of his strength." Thorin said.

I watched as Eruantien matched his sister's arrow. I smiled and laughed.

"Ever she may try to best him." I said.

"Aye…she has more skill with a sword and axe."

"Like her father." I said.

I looked at Thorin and smiled. He now had more grey in his hair, but he was still as handsome as he had been the day I first met him in Bag End. I took his hand and then crashed my lips to his.

It had been a long journey for both of us since then. And yet we remained together and strong. And we loved each other more and more with each passing day. Our life together was more precious then any jewel. Even more so then the Arkenstone, which was put back above the throne.