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Enjolras: She dragged me here with you.

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Chapter 2

Hopeflower sat alone, whisking her tail back and forth as she watched her sister gaze off in the direction of the lake, no doubt thinking about Ashfire. She felt a burning jealousy that she had long since though gone in her chest, and knew that she had only been trying to distract herself from her real love by admiring Hawkfire. Her heart belonged to Ashfire, and no other. But Ashfire didn't love her.

"He never saw me there," she whispered to herself, turning away and going to find her new friend, Lily. The two she-cats had quickly become friends, and got along quite well.

Just as she had never known her mother, Lily had never known her father. The difference, however, was that Hopeflower actually knew about her mother, while Lily's mother never said a thing about the tom who had fathered her. A fact that Lily openly despised and resented.

Hopeflower was proud to know that her mother, Hollyleaf, had sacrificed herself for Hopeflower and her littermates, and proud of everything else she knew about the she-cat who had given them birth. But Lily, she knew nothing about her father.

Hopeflower sighed. Maybe, someday, she would be able to help her new friend learn about the father she had never known. She hoped that she would be able to, Lily had been so kind to her, and she desperately wanted to repay her.

Lily had opened up to her, and allowed Hopeflower to confide in her in return, something that she'd never had before.

She shook her head, frustrated. They'd been in the mountains for far too long! The Clans needed them! Ashfire needed them…

She didn't want to be there anymore. They had gone to the Tribe to see if they could convince the Tribe to join them in battle once again. Nothing had happened yet, though.

"Hopeflower! Hopeflower!" The golden tabby she cat looked up, her green eyes curious. She purred as she recognized her friend.

"Lily!" she meowed. "What's up?"

"The Tribe has decided!" her friend gasped, breathless with excitement. "We're going with you! We're going to the forest to help the Clans."

Hopeflower felt her heart swell with joy. Finally, after so many moons away, she would see Ashfire again. And her father and littermates as well. She was going home.

Several hours had passed since the Tribe had finally come to their decision to join with the Clans. Or, at least, what remains of them, Moonshine thought grimly. She squeezed her eyes shut, picturing Ashfire. Please, StarClan, oh please let him still be living! He means the world to me.

She had waited so many moons to see him again, and now they would finally be returning. But what if he were dead? There was no way that she would be able to bear it if he had died.

"Moonshine?" The silver tabby she-cat raised her head at her sister's familiar voice, and turned her pale blue eyes on her. "You're thinking about Ashfire, aren't you?" Hopeflower asked knowingly.

"Yes," she whispered quietly. "Hopeflower, what if DarkClan has killed him in the past few moons that we've been away? I- I don't think I could bear it if he were dead."

Hopeflower pressed herself against her sister's side. "You have to have hope, Moonshine. You can't think like that, none of us can. We have to have hope that the ones we love are still alive, and that we will see them again." She took a deep breath before continuing. "You will see Ashfire again, Moonshine. I know you will."

Moonshine would never know the agony her sister felt at the thought of the two of them together.

Ashfire sighed as he gazed up at the moon. Where were they? Where was she? He prayed to StarClan that Moonshine was still alive. If she died, his world would more or less end. Although it might end sooner than that. DarkClan grew stronger every day.

"Life without Moonshine means nothing at all," he whispered to himself, lowering his head. Larkwing padded over.

"Daydreaming about my sister?" she teased. She had teased them as apprentices, and continued to do so now.

"Yes," he replied softly.

Larkwing purred. "I can't wait until the two of you have kits," she meowed. "They'll be the cutest kits in all the Clans!"

"If there's anything left of the Clans by then," Ashfire replied grimly.

"Hey, cheer up!" she mewed, nudging him with a paw. "If we don't stay positive, we'll be so busy moping that DarkClan will pad all over us! Then you two will never have kits!"

Ashfire sighed. She was right. Maybe not about the kits part, that thought scared him, although he was not at all opposed to it, he just wasn't sure he was ready to be a father yet, but she was right about the positive part.

"You're right," he meowed quietly.

She perked up happily. "I know I am! I'm always right about love!" And with those last words, she padded off.

"And yet you're still single," he muttered to himself as he watched her leave. He then turned his face back towards the moon. "Please Moonshine, come back soon," he whispered.