REUNION 1/? SUMMARY: All I'm going to say is this story was inspired by Aaliyah's video, "More Than a Woman."

DISCLAIMER: The characters of The Famous Jett Jackson do not belong to me but are being borrowed for as long as I need them. And while I'm at it I would greatly appreciate feedback. This is my first Silverstone fic.

Part I: Shadows

The figure watches as Silverstone, one of Mission Omega Matrix best agents, chases after yet another villain trying to take over the world. The figure had watched Silverstone since she'd discovered who his was. The figure didn't believe it at first but as the figure continued to watch Silverstone, the figure came to accept Silverstone for what he was. But the figure had never made contact with Silverstone. It stayed in the shadows as it watched Silverstone. The shadows were like a mother to the figure, protecting it as had since the figure was a child. But the time is near when the figure's identity shall be known.


Silverstone ducks as Dr. Hypnoto throws sleeping darts at him. But he is not fast enough as a dart pierces his left shoulder. As Silverstone drifts into unconsciousness he sees a figure take down the villain and it's eyes. It's piercing brown eyes. Silverstone comes to later and sees that he's back at MOM. "What happened?" He asks Hawk. "Well, right before you lost consciousness you somehow managed to take down Dr. Hypnoto." Silverstone frowns. "But I didn't take down Dr. Hypnoto. As I was losing consciousness I saw someone else take him down." Hawk in turn, frowns. "But there was no one else there when we found you. It's probably the effects of the dart. Maybe you should get some more rest." Hawk then turns to leave. "I'm telling you, I know what I saw." Hawk nods and leaves to let Silverstone rest. Silverstone sighs to himself. "Maybe I am losing it. But I know I saw someone." Silverstone remembered seeing brown eyes. Eyes that spoke of great pain and loneliness. Silverstone would never forget those eyes. They often reflected his at certain times when saving the world. He would find whoever it was.


The figure listens to Silverstone and Hawk's conversation. The figure had planted a bug on Silverstone. The bug would help in the figure's next plan. The figure sits back and looks around it's hideout. "Soon," the figure says, "soon." The figure could no longer live in the shadows. The shadows had gotten lonely a long time ago. But the shadows were safe. And they would continue to keep the figure safe as long as needed. Something beeping brings the figure out of it's reverie. She glances at the computer monitor and it shows her that Silverstone was leaving MOM. The figure grabs it's jacket and takes off on it's motorcycle. The figure traces Silverstone to where he'd chased Dr. Hypnoto to the other night. She watched as he stood there looking for something. She knew what he was looking for. He was looking for her.


Silverstone stood looking around for any clue to whom the mysterious person was. He was about to give up and go home when he heard a motorcycle approaching and then watched as it came into view. The figured stopped it's bike a few feet away from Silverstone. "Who are you?" Silverstone says to the figure. The figure cuts off the motorcycle and steps off. The figure then comes to stand in front of Silverstone where it proceeds to take off it's helmet. Once it did, Silverstone saw those piercing brown eyes. And he was shocked to discover they belonged to a girl. She looked about his age with caramel-colored skin and long jet-black hair. "I'm your sister Silverstone," She says.

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