SUMMARY: The truth finally comes out.

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Part VI: A Confession

I stare out the window as Jett sits at my desk. I know that he is watching me. I'm pretty sure I know what is going on inside his head. He wants to talk. But I do not want to talk. I just want to know why I was never told and why my real parents--Jett's parents--didn't want me. "Are you sure about the papers?" he finally asks. "I've looked at them a lot," I say, still facing the window. "You need to talk to your parents about this." "Talk to us about what?" My mother's voice says from the doorway.

I didn't even hear her come in. I motion towards the papers lying on my bed. She walks over and picks them up. "I was wondering where these were," she says suddenly. I glance at Lee then back to her. "Thank you for finding these, Ladybug," she says, giving me a hug. "What's the matter?" She asks as tears streak down my face. I don't answer so she turns to Jett. "Jett, what's going on here?" Jett looks to me, wondering if he should answer her or not. "I should be asking you that," I say. Her brows furrow a bit, "What's that supposed to mean?" I cross my arms. "You tell me." I have never spoken to my mother like this before. I don't really care because of the feelings that are overtaking me. "You mean the papers?" She asks, a grin beginning to form on her face. "You think these are...." She says as she begins to laugh. "Sweetie, look at me," she says, "Look at me," a bit forceful this time. "You were not adopted." I frown and start to object. "Let me explain to the both of you," she says as she leads me to my bed. "These papers were drawn up in case anything happened to your dad and I. We wanted to make sure you would be taken care of. I'm sorry that it looked like you were adopted, but you were not."

I suddenly feel as if a ton of breaks has been lifted off my shoulders. "If it makes you feel any better, Jett has some too. In case anything happens to either one of his parents." I jump up and hug her fiercely. "You should've told me. I was freaking out." Mom kisses my forehead. "I'm sorry I had you worrying over that." Jett stands and approaches us. "See Trae, told you it was a big misunderstanding." I roll my eyes at him, "Yeah right. You were worried just as much as I was." "I'm fixing to start dinner," Mom says, "are you sure you're ok?" I nod and she kisses my forehead then heads downstairs. "I'm glad that was just a misunderstanding." Jett says. "Why? Are you glad that I'm not your sister?" I ask. Jett grabs my hand. "No, that's not what I meant." I grin a him. "You were scared cause you knew you wouldn't be the only child anymore. Plus, I'm a girl. Girls get all the attention," He rolls his eyes at me. Tugging on my hand he pulls me into a hug. "Thank you for being here," I say. "Always. I would have loved to have you as a sister. But it wasn't meant to be, maybe something else is." I arch my eyebrow slightly and look up at him. "Like?" He says nothing but grabs my hand. "C'mon. I need to go have a talk with my Dad."

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