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Third Person POV:

Sasuke's body was being ripped apart by the beast. He was flung from side to side his head hitting the ground. "Damn it put me down!" Sasuke yelled. Naruto continued to carry him in his mouth and fling him. Sasuke slammed his hill down on Naruto's mouth causing Naruto to let go. He pushed himself away with his feet and gracefully landed a good distance away. Sasuke looked at his arm as it bled from the top of his shoulder. His arm was broken and he knew it. "Naruto you're only this strong because of the fox. Why don't you fight me like a man and use your own power." Naruto's fox eyes closed. "As long as I have him his power is my power." Naruto charged him again. Sasuke dodged trying to get away from the fox.

Ino came running up and gasped at the sight before her. Sasuke was bleeding a lot. His head, his arm, he was going to die she was sure of it. He seemed considerably weaker now. Ino saw Sakura on the ground and ran to her. She began to heal the woman. Sakura's eyes opened slightly. "Ino?"

"Hush. You've got to be healed. You'll live but not if I don't heal you." Sakura laid there but she tried to lift her head up just enough to see Naruto's fox charging Sasuke and Sasuke's battered form. She looked to Kakashi his enemy had been beaten but he was pretty banged up. He was watching the battle.

Kakashi's mind went back to the day he tried to stop the fight between the two years ago. He wondered if he had let them have it out then if things might have been different. He wondered if he could have changed anything. He was a coward he thought to himself. He was too afraid for them to ever let that happen and now the two were fighting to the death. He didn't have the courage to do what Naruto was doing now. You're our only hope. He thought as he watched Naruto drag Sasuke around. He loved Sasuke of course. Just like he loved Naruto and Sakura, he would never forget the three. They were his students. Sasuke would die, he knew, as the man he was now, but what Sasuke failed to realize was that even after his death he would be remembered. Not for the bad that he did, but for the friend that he was. Tsunade still thought about the snake that was a friend at one time. She still wondered if there was anything she could have done because she still cared. She still remembered his good and she constantly tried to take herself back in time to save him so that he could realize he was a good man. Kakashi knew that Sakura, and Naruto would be facing the same thing for the rest of their lives. So would he.

Sasuke knew this battle was over. He was prepared for death and if it came he would not fight it. He was done. He looked at Naruto and Sakura and wished them a final goodbye in the small heart he still had.

Naruto was tired and wanted this to end. He looked at Sasuke. Why did it have to be this way? Naruto kept asking himself. Why did it have to be this way? Sasuke asked himself. If things had been different with his family would he and Naruto have been friends? Probably not, so then he accepted his fate and thanked God for letting his life unfold like this, otherwise it might have been Naruto standing here. Sasuke would never ask for that. Why? They both thought as they charged at each other.

Sakura shot up as she felt the energy around the two. She watched in horror as the two charged each other. Why? The two boys thought as they landed their final blow. Naruto changed back into himself as his hand went through Sasuke's stomach and out the other side. Why?

"Thank you." Sasuke said as he coughed up blood.

Naruto pulled his arm back and watched Sasuke go limp in his arms. Naruto felt something crack inside of him. He gripped Sasuke's body and cried. He wanted the battle to be over but…this was…he didn't know.

Naruto's POV:

No! NO! NO! Years! I chased you for years! Why couldn't you just come back to the village!? Why couldn't you just be here! Why? I felt a hand on my shoulder. I heard a scream. I didn't let go. I pushed the hand away from me. I felt the body I was holding growing could. No. I cried. I know I did. This was worse than I thought it would be. We were supposed to die together! Why?! Why didn't he kill me? He could have! Why! "Naruto, let go of him!" Kakashi, it was Kakashi talking to me. "Naruto! Sakura is over there screaming and crying you need to be there!" I heard him. My body hurt. I stood up carrying Sasuk's body over to her. Ino was there. She cried beside the woman I loved. I placed the man in Sakura's lap and held his hand. I put Sakura's head to mine. We cried. We cried and held his hand. Please…please change this. Kakashi held us as well and I felt his tears. I watched them drop to Sasuke's face. I could feel the villagers behind us. I heard some of them crying. I turned back to the ten of us left and saw their tears. I looked to Hinata she held my daughter. Kakashi forced Sakura and I to look at him. "He did not fight with all of his strength. Naruto I'm sure you know that?"

I nodded. "He didn't want this. He wanted it to end. But he had to give you a reason to fight. Naruto he died being himself. You cannot ask for a better ending for him."

I heard Sakura and my heart broke for her. I looked down at him. "Why?" it was all I could focus on. I looked at my daughter. I thought about Sasuke. Could I really regret how things went? I felt so guilty because I knew I couldn't. I looked to him and put my head on his. "Thank you." I said as I cried.

Sakura's POV:

I looked at him. The moment that I watched Naruto end the battle my heart sank. It was over but something in me snapped. I cried. I cried so hard. I watched Naruto struggle to bring him to me. I touched him and I could feel the warmth fading from him. How could this happen? All I could think about was us as kids and now it came to this. God someone tell me that this is not happening. How could this happen? Why did it have to be us? I screamed. I felt like I was going insane. I felt dead. I looked at Naruto and he was keeping me alive. I loved him for everything. He had saved our village again and he had done what I couldn't. I thought I was ready for this. I thought it was going to be okay. It wasn't. This is not how this was ending. I felt so much pain. When Kakashi told us that this was an end he would have wanted I thought about him and I could not have agreed more. Sasuke would have wanted to die in battle. He would have wanted it to have meaning. There was no better person than Naruto to do it. It was Naruto who chased him all that time. It was Naruto that kept hope when the rest of us, even me, gave up. Naruto put his head to mine and I let the tears roll. I touched Sasuke's hand. His warmth was fading fast. I heard the villagers and I looked to them. The ten had tears of pain too. I looked to Hinata who carried my daughter. I was so happy I had her. Kushina I love you. I heard Naruto telling Sasuke thank you.

There was a funeral for him. It came and passed. The pain eased with time but I would never forget him. I could not believe it was finally over.

Third Person POV:

Kushina laughed as Naruto chased her around the house. Sakura cooked dinner laughing at the two. She was thankful that her daughter was now safe. She would be joining the ninja academy in a few years and she could not be prouder. Naruto came up and kissed Sakura. They had dealt with a screaming baby for years, they had defeated the treat, and they had saved the village. They had become a family. Nothing was perfect the two still fought like crazy sometimes but they laughed more. How could they disagree so much when there was one common goal? Protect their daughter. The three year old pulled Naruto's pants leg and he hoisted her up. "You think mommy's pretty Kushina?" Naruto asked looking at Sakura.

"Yes!" The little girl screamed and giggled. "Well daddy does too." Sakura blushed.

"Oh you two just want something."

Nartuo grabbed her around the waist turning her from the stove. "Yea we do." He kissed her again. "Okay Kushina, give mommy her present now."

Kushina put her hands in the air and giggled but she handed mommy a little box. Sakura looked at Naruto her heart began to pound. She opened the box and inside laid a little diamond ring. "Will you marry us." Naruto whispered in her ear. Sakura put her hand to her mouth. "Naruto…" He put the ring on her finger. "Yes" She said and kissed him.

A little boy looked from behind the trees as he watched the gates of the village. He didn't understand why but his dad had told him to run here in two days from the cave he had stayed in to run there and never run back. He had told the little boy to never ever run away from the village and to treat everyone nice. To find a man with yellow hair and blue eyes that he would have a nice little girl to play with. Kurama did as his daddy had told him and went to the village. The men at the gate asked what the little boy was doing there. When he explained the situation they showed him the way to Naruto's home.

Naruto answered the door. "Yes?" A man was standing there. "This boy was told to find you. He says his daddy told him too and that he would give you something." Naruto said thank you to the man and welcomed the boy in.

"What was that about?" Sakura said as she came in with Kushina following behind her. Her eyes landed on the little boy. He had black hair and dark eyes. "This boy said his daddy sent him here."

Kurama was shy but he handed them the item his dad had told him to give to them. With a note.

Sakura gasped as he handed Naruto the ninja plate. It had a mark across the leaf symbol. Naruto looked down at the kid in shock. The boy handed him a note next. Sakura read it with him over the shoulder.

Naruto, Sakura

If you are reading this then I'm already dead. Naruto thank you. You've freed me. I could find no better way to die than by the hands of the man I honor most. Sakura I'm sorry I could never be what you asked for. However, I feel you have a better future ahead of you now. Naruto, Sakura I cannot say I regret the choices that I made or the life that I had. If I had never went through the pain Naruto you and I would never have been friends and you might have been the one standing here. I would not wish that on you. I am asking you now to take care of Kurama. He is the only child I have. I am sad to say that his mother was killed when he was born. I am asking you as a final request, take care of him.


Sakura looked down at the boy. With tears in her eyes "What are we going to do?"

"We need to report to the Hokage first, and then we will decide."

They went to Tsunade. She read the note. "Well the boy does not appear to know his father's actions. We should keep it that way. Sakura, Naruto you can decide what to do from here."

Time Skip (Oh and Kurama was like five in the time above) Ten years go by.

Tsunade had retired and passed down the rank to Naruto. Of course he accepted the offer, not knowing how much work was really involved. He stayed in the office most of the time stamping approved or deigned on a paper. He never really fought much and kind of missed the missions. He would every once in a while go out on one just for fun but the elders would yell at him for it.

Sakura lead a team of her own now, Kurama and Kushina were on Hinata's team but she had the honor of having Hinata and Kiba's little ones on hers. Asuma's child was also a part of her team. Sakura and Naruto had raised Kurama like their own but they saw his father in him almost every step of the way. Sakura had remarked to Naruto at one point it was like they were given a second chance to be with Sasuke again.

"Come on! Kurama you're so slow!"

"And you're annoying! Do you ever stop whinning!"Kurama said to Kushina. She smacked him on the head. "Maybe I would if you would hurry up! I want to get home!"

To Sakura's disappointment Kushina took after her father even if she did look like her. Kushina was always getting into trouble and giving Hinata a hard time. Even if she was a skilled ninja. Kurama was always ahead of her in small ways but he kept her on her feet and the two never seemed to stop fighting.

"Go to your room!" Naruto would say when they got too load. Kurama had Naruto's old room now that he and Sakura shared one.

"I don't know what we are going to do with them!" Sakura said as she looked down the hall. Naruto got up and laughed holding her from behind. "Reminds me of Sasuke and myself."

"Yea me too, you two were nothing but trouble makers."

"Hey!" Naruto cried

"I don't remember you being so perfect yourself."

"I am always perfect"

Naruto scoffed at that remark earning him a smack on the head. The two started one of their rare small fights. Kushina snuck into Kurama's room while the two were distracted. "You know, it's not like they have room to talk."

"Seriously" Kurama said as he laid a book on his desk, "I wonder if they were like this when they were kids?"

"Momma use to tell me that your dad and mine would fight all the time."

Kurama looked at the girl, "Bet my dad won"

"Like hell he did"

"Well even if he didn't bet I could beat you."

"Oh I would love to see this." Kurama said has he lifted the window and jumped out heading toward the training ground. As Kushina was crawling out the window when Sakura busted in. Kushina gave a nervous laugh "Later mom"

"Kushina!" Sakura yelled after her daughter out the window "Come back right now!"

The girl turned to say sorry that they would be home by dinner. Sakura pulled her head back in to the sound of Naruto laughing behind her. "You know I wanted our daughter to have your last name in case we ever got married, but she needed it anyways, she's just like you, hardheaded. She said putting her hands on her waist. He grabbed her and held her "Yea she is but she's got some of her mom's determination and her good looks too."

Sakura laughed a little and kissed Naruto.


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