The Winchester Brothers find themselves in a new yet familiar predicament waking up one morning. They have to play through multiple video game realities to find out why the hell they are playing these games in the first place. On the way, though, old/new feelings arise and the reality outside the chaos is forgotten, which is exactly what Gabriel wanted.

Hi! Name's Dani and this is my first Supernatural fic! Little intro: 21, married, college, and house full of animals. I also have written fanfics for Suits, Hawaii 5-0, and a few select others.

This is supposed to be a fun, romantic fic for the most part. This idea came from a dream I had with Once Upon of Time's Rumplestiltskin and I decided to warp that into a Destiel and Sabriel fic. But I've twisted it up so much that it only vaguely resembles my dream and more resembles the episode "Changing Channels" which by the way is one of my favorites.

This fic will feature real games or I will make up games based off real games.

Oh, I don't own the show or any games that this fic is based on.

This game is kind of based off Call of Duty.

Warning: Gore, Language

AO3: MissDani360
Tumblr: missdanibr

Edit: Still fun and romantic but has the SPN drama. Drastic changes, sort of. Like keeping it in one POV better and transitioning into another better. Cas is now clean shaven and it would seem that there are subtle Family Guy references throughout this whole thing.

From the moment Dean was finally coherent enough to figure out that he had just woken up, he knew something was wrong. Call it a sixth sense; call it experience; call it paranoia. The fact of the matter was that something was so wrong that the trained internal alarms in the hunter's head were close to making the man deaf.

Everything looked normal as he sat up in his squeaky motel bed. Brown wallpaper was still peeling at the corners, the black television still had a crack in its screen, and the questionable, moldy smell still lingered in the stale air. But Dean was no fool. Where a normal human being would brush off the weird sensation in their gut as a normal ache, Dean would sit still to listen to what his body was trying to tell him. Many times. Many times he had felt this kind of awareness rise up from his abdomen through his chest and finally hit his brain where the signal flared. This usually happened before something incredibly bad was supposed to take place.

So, Dean's first instinct was to reach for his blade, which resided in its place under his pillow. But, there was none, sending the unpleasurable goosebumps up his arms and neck. He had also gained a numbing feeling at the top of his head.

Green eyes scanned the room trying to see what else had been different and to pinpoint exactly what was going on. He could find nothing until his eyes landed on something that looked like a sideways, triangular button that replaced the light switch with a note taped to the brown wall above it. The lettering was small so reading it from Dean's distance was impossible but the man made no move to actually get out of bed. For all he knew, he could be stepping onto his death instead of the carrot colored carpet.

"Sammy." Dean called out, his voice a little rusty from just waking up. His brother was still bundled up in the sheets on the other bed. He seemed to be oblivious to the not-right world outside of his own drowsy head and Dean was a little irritated at that. How could his brother not feel that something was off?

"Sammy." His voice increased both in volume and intensity. If Sam didn't get up, he was not going to have a good time when Dean got his little brother up for him. Sam stirred and before he went back to sleep, Dean threw his pillow at his face. He didn't know how hard you could throw a pillow but he tried. Sam mumbled something incoherent as he rolled onto his back.

"Sam, get up!"


"Something's up." Dean finally got enough courage to throw his blankets off, revealing the jeans and t-shirt he had slept in, and swung his feet over the edge of his bed towards Sam. The younger hunter grumbled angrily and sighed to finish his non-audible rant. He propped himself up on his elbows and tilted his neck to stretch out the kinks and clear his mind of sleep. His smoky hazel eyes quickly looked around the room before landing on Dean.

"Something's not right..."

"Well, yeah." Dean began in a tone that he hoped told Sam that he was stupid. "My knife's gone." Sam rubbed his face and pulled the blankets off. Tight skin met Dean's eyes as he realized Sam didn't have a shirt on and only the pants he wore last night.

"You sure it was sanitary to sleep half naked?"

"It was hot, Dean. I wanted to sleep without the puddle of sweat." Sam stood up and paced towards the small kitchen add on. He probably was looking for anything suspicious. He was heading towards the bathroom when he suddenly stopped with furrowed eyebrows.

"Where are our bags?" Sam pointed out. Dean groaned.

"Great. All our weapons and clothes are gone and I'm gonna have to sit here and watch you walk around with your old spice abs." At this, Sam's eyebrows lifted and insecurely moved his arms around his stomach.

"I'm not the only one with old spice abs." Sam defended as if having fragrant abs was an insult. Dean stood up to better address his brother and lift his shirt up, of course. It helped to prove a point.

"I like to think I have Bod Man abs. Like I turn around after taking my shirt off and then there are suddenly half naked women behind me." He retorted with a cocky, half grin. Sam rolled his hazel eyes before finishing the trip to the bathroom. Dean cautiously strolled to the front door and stared down at the button. The words scribbled in the most finest of cursive read "Press me." And at this Dean snorted.

"Fat chance." He muttered wrapping a strong hand around the golden door knob. The door was opened and all Dean could see was darkness. There was no ground, no sky, and Dean wasn't sure if there was a nothing because the outside was so vacant of anything. The hunter just stared, hoping for something to happen and when nothing did by the time Sam decided to step out of the bathroom, he sighed. Didn't know why he was getting so riled up. This shit happened all the fucking time. The brothers should be completely used to this.

"Everything looks fine in the bathroom." Sam stated as he stood next to Dean. Dean shut the door angrily.

"The only things different are our missing bags, the lack of reality outside of our room, and this...thing." He pointed at the side way triangle. Sam ripped off the paper and looked at it with confusion.

"Press me?" Sam and Dean shared a look and his brother shrugged. "Do you think we should do it?"

"I don't see any other way out of this damn place." Dean answered. "I'm pretty sure we're the only thing in existence right now." And after taking a breath, Sam's finger pushed in the rubber button.

In a bright flash, the room changed and the silence was no longer there. Scents changed, the temperature was lowered drastically, and loud explosions went off around them followed by their resulting vibrations. Dean looked around in a panic and instantly knew that they were in the wrong time setting. See? Dean wasn't as smart as his giant, little brother but he wasn't uneducated. He gave himself props.

Him and his brother both carried older rifles and they were both dressed in an old army uniforms and helmets. They were definitely armed to the teeth with knives and bulky grenades and dirt covered their whole bodies as if they had been having near death experiences with mortars up to this point. The brothers were crouched against a grey brick building as other army personnel ran past them yelling at each other.

"...the hell?" Dean muttered before covering his face to shield himself from flying debris.

"Dean." Sam uttered as they both scanned many of the dead bodies around them. Some bodies had red bands with the swastika symbol wrapped around their biceps that was definitely familiar to the older brother. "I think...we could be in the late 1940s..."

"Nazi time!?"

"Winchesters!" A voice yelled at them from their right. A young man ran up to them in an angry panic with a folded up piece of parchment in his hand. He was dressed the same way as them and armed the same.

"We have a path cleared for you two! You need to go in and kill the Nazi leader bastard before we call for extraction. The agency needs this done now! Here!" The soldier unfolded the paper and pushed it up in their faces.

"This the layout of the building and the way to go to where Hitler's hidin' is drawn on. Get through without gettin' caught and we all go back home to our girls in one piece."

"How'd you get this?" Dean heard Sam ask after the older brother took the map. He glanced at Sam and he looked like he hadn't meant to even ask that question. The soldier smiled brightly at them through the grime on his face.

"You two ain't the only ones who can get a Nazi talkin'." And then the soldier patted Sam's shoulder in farewell and ran off around the corner. Dean stared at the map with a red line scribbled through some hallways and rooms. Though, the red line looked similar to blood, the hunter tried to be optimistic and hoped that it really wasn't.

"Got any ideas?" He asked. He was doing a lot of hoping today.

"Uh, some sort of reenactment? But then, this isn't really what happened to Hitler..." Well, yeah. Dean even knew that. "But this...I feel like I've seen it before."

"Well, if we got thrown back in time then it could be an angel doing this?" Dean suggested folding the map away. For some reason, he had memorized the way to go as if he had a photographic memory. Sam shook his head and straightened up.

"Angels aren't the only ones who can distort reality. This isn't real, Dean. We aren't really in the past." Dean watched Sam check around the corner.

"What makes you say that?"

"Because this isn't what happens to Hitler! Do you ever listen!?" Sam spun back around throwing his bitch face glare at Dean and smacked the back of his head. "Now, let's go!" Geeze, someone forgot their tampons this morning. Dean decided that it was best to keep that statement to himself. But, damn! That hurt! They stood and crept towards a wooden door that was around the corner. It was also at the end of a sea of forgotten German bodies. Dean almost tripped a couple times but they made it. He turned to keep watch as his brother was supposed to pick the lock on the door.

"Are we really going to kill Hitler?" Dean asked. He jumped when he heard a crash and wood splintering. He turned and saw that the door had, indeed, been kicked in by Sammy's enormous foot.

"Maybe if we don't go through with the plan we can find a way out."

"Both plans sound equally awesome to me."

"Good." He wanted to try and follow the soldier that gave them their orders. He rounded the same corner as the young man but as he did, he smashed into some crates and an invisible wall.

"Dean?" He was definitely upside down in some crates with his legs straight up, but he looked down, er, up, according to gravity, and saw that his legs were resting against nothing. And, really, Sammy could have tried harder to not obnoxiously laugh at his ridiculous situation. Dean angrily grunted as he bent his knees and pushed off the invisible wall only to fall forward and slam into the cobbled stone ground. The crates were smashed into pieces as Dean just laid there, steaming. Dean felt his brother step over him. Sam knocked against the hard air and the invisible wall rippled for a second before becoming still again.

"Okay. That plan was not as awesome."

"I'm gonna destroy whatever brought us here." Dean declared as he brushed himself off. The thing was probably laughing its ass off right now!

"If it CAN be destroyed."

"Oh, once I get my hands on it, it'll be wrecked." Sam rolled his eyes at his statement and turned on his heels back towards the objective. "Guess to find out what's goin' on, we need to 'complete the mission'?" Dean asked as if following orders weren't even in his dictionary. Sam just shrugged an answer

"Alright, Hitler. Here we come." He mumbled as they made it through the broken down wooden door. Dean held his rifle up as he led them down the red carpeted corridor. The map was pretty much vivid in his mind and it was as if he could see the red "X" in front of him. All was unusually quiet except for the exploding noises outside of the building. Maybe all the Nazis were outside and they wouldn't have to exert much effort to get through this but that was laziness and wishfulness talking and they were usually wrong.

The brothers quickly turned a corner and picked up their pace as they headed down some spiraling stairs. At the bottom, Dean had to jump into an open room, pulling Sam in with him when he heard German orders. They both looked around the wall and down the hall. Two German officers were running down the hall away from them as one Nazi stood in the middle with his back to them.

"How much you wanna bet the Nazi King is actually holed up down here?" Dean muttered as he slipped his knife out from its sheath on his belt.

"You're not really…" Sam voiced.

"Relax, Sammy. Remember? This isn't real. If it is then no skin off my bones if I kill a Nazi." Dean shot a raised eyebrow at his brother whose jaw flexed in irritation. "Now, as much as I love staring at your bitch face #7, I'd like to get back to this Nazi killing game and get the fuck out of here." Dean missed the sudden realization on his brother's face as he bolted out of the room. He quietly dashed towards the unsuspecting, German officer, adrenaline and excitement pumping. When he got close enough, he slapped his right hand over the bastard's mouth from behind and stabbed his knife into his neck. On trained army instinct, Dean pushed the knife forward through bone and skin, successfully obliterating the officer's throat. Blood dramatically sprayed all over the stone walls. There was a distinct blood pattern from where the red thickness flew from Dean's knife and onto a door. He would be lying if he said he didn't feel that sick exhilaration travel up his spine. The body dropped in a heavy rustle of clothes and dying meat as Dean heard Sam come up from behind.

"How badass was that?" Dean laughed with excitement.

"I worry about you, Dean." Sam stated waiting for Dean to lead on.

"Likewise." The older Winchester retorted with a grin before stepping over the oozing body. They rounded a corner before Sam continued talking.

"I think we're in a video game." He inferred as German shouts bounced through the hallway.

"A video game?" Dean question incredulously. Because, what?

"Yeah. To be more specific, Hitler's Last Stand. Played it in college." Three officers came out of a room and bullets were shot their way. Dean was pushed through a door into a room followed by his brother who shot off a couple rounds nailing one Nazi officer if the pain, gurgling sounds were anything to go by.

"Jesus, Sammy. A little warning next time." Dean muttered hiding behind the closed door. Sammy stood out in the open, waiting. The door was kicked opened and the remaining two officers came in yelling. Dean bashed in the second officer's head with the butt of his rifle and Sam shot the first one who instantly fell to the ground. He even twitched a little.

"You played video games in college?" Dean asked as they walked back out of the room.

"I'm capable of juggling a life, Dean. I wasn't that little nerd that made the library his home as you keep making me out to be." Which was hilarious because Dean was sure that Sam was pretty damn close. Jessica probably helped out a bit there. "Where the hell are we even going?"

"The map said that Hitler would be in the basement of this place. Like, the very back of the floor. But we need to find a secret passage in…" Dean turned and smiled as he shoulder tackled a door open. "Here."

"Figures. I watched my friend play this level. Took him about a hundred attempts to actually kill Hitler. Bastard had a small army protecting him and my friend was playing on the hardest difficulty." Sam explained feeling the stone walls.

"Let's just hope that we get him in one." Dean grumbled kicking at the book case and making it tumble forward. Nope; no secret passageway.

"I wonder if we respawn after we die." Sam pondered out loud.


"Come back to life so that the game continues."

"Another thing to hope for." And there it was. The light fixture on the ceiling was tilting in an interesting way and so Dean pulled on it. The walls cried as one part was pushed in and then it slid open.

"Well that was easy."

"I think the game got a lot of negative response for being too hard."

"I knew nerds were pussies but really?"

"Dean, shut up." Sam pushed past him and through the secret opening. More stairs lead lower into the building and it started to get colder and damper. The air was thick with mold and the German language quietly echoed off the walls.

"Okay, so Hitler is supposed to be in a gigantic room down here but there are a lot of Nazis also. We need to get past them to get to him." Sam explained as the stairs became a leveled hallway.

"That's it?" Dean questioned as if a horde of Nazis wasn't a thing to worry about. The brothers stop at a very locked door. This time, the door was metal and several silver bars dug into the stone on either side.

"This is where we enter cheat codes, right?" Dean suggested staring at the wall. His brother brushed up against his shoulder.

"And you say nerds are pussies." He commented as he moved closer to the door. Sammy felt the stone around the door, watching loose gravel fall from where his fingers had slid past.

"Huh." Sam grunted with interest. Why did no one elaborate their huhs?


"Hang on." Sam patted himself down, digging through multiple pockets. Finally his fingers lifted a thick string of thread in front of Dean's face.

"Hand me all of your grenades." Dean gave him a confused glare but complied by unhooking the four fragmentation grenades off his army belt. Sam did the same and started to loop all eight 'nades together.

"An explosive necklace, Sammy? We're not even in the right time let alone the right country." Dean joked. Sammy ignored his rudeness and turned towards the heavy duty door. Dean was not sorry for making that Taliban joke.

"The wall around the door is weak. I'm almost positive that grenades will be able to blow through." Sam balanced the grenades on the silver bars holding the door closed. The grenades were pushed as close to the wall as they would go before Sam pulled a pin. Dean held Sam's gaze with his own slight panicked one before darting off away from the bomb.

After a couple of seconds, a huge explosive wave pushed the men forward and into the ground. It was hot for just a second before debris rained down on them and then German men started bellowing angrily. They laid there for a bit but no one made a move to kill the brothers. The soldiers just yelled obnoxiously in their foreign tongues.

When the dust settled, Dean stood up and helped his brother up on his two feet. They watched the metal door, in one piece, comically fall towards them as it was disengaged from the wall.

"That was…smart." Dean voiced.

"Don't be too impressed. I barely had control of what I was doing. I just knew that the wall had to be blown. We're definitely following the story line of the game."

"Oh." They stood there both deciding who should go through the new opening first. No one shot at them or attempted to run towards the entrance. They just continually shouted at them from afar.

"We go through and then they start shooting." Dean pretty much asked.

"Yup." Sam answered his almost question.

"And that's all the game's about?"

"Well, that's what this level is about but I guess it's sorta the same leading up to it."

"Videogames are really simple."

"Hey, this wasn't exactly the best videogame of all time, Dean. I don't know why the thing picked this game to put us in." Sam defended. Geeze, Sam was different types of nerd.

"Whatever, dude. Let's get this over with." Dean then stepped through the opening and immediately the air was hard to breathe in. All the soldiers were quiet and tense as if they were waiting for their King to walk past them so that they could continue on with their killing sprees without their leader watching over their shoulders. No shots whirled their way and the only noise heard was the crackling fire on one side of the gigantic room. The soldiers lined each wall in flawless formation leaving room in the middle for Dean and Sam to start walking through and towards the raised desk on the other side of the room. The back of the stereotypical red chair was turned towards them but a voice boomed from it.

"Approach, Americans!" A deep German accent bellowed making every German soldier flinch for a quick second. The only reasons the Winchester brothers complied was because they really wanted to see if it really was Hitler and maybe just killing him on the spot would end the game before the small army in the room got to them first.

They stopped just before the first concrete step leading up to the person of interest and waited. And Dean literally couldn't stop the next words out of his mouth.

"Your reign of terror has destroyed thousands and there is no way in hell the United States of America will let you get away with that!" He declared with such loyalty that the double take Sam had to do could have ended in whiplash. Dean's bright green eyes snapped towards Sam's hazel ones with a little fear laced through the static in the air. He didn't mean to say any of that! That crap was way too clichéd for his taste and he would never say anything as close to that in a noble way. The squeaking chair stopped the older brother's panic attack and the attention was now on the turning chair.

Dean's jaw hung slightly open and he heard Sam stop breathing. Wide eyes looked on with familiarity as the Nazi leader stood with hands behind his back and a dangerous smirk. His dark cap was worn low on his well gelled head, slightly covering his honey colored eyes, and that black Hitler mustache moved when his fake accented voice carried through the room and bounced off each crumbling stone wall.

"As you see, American, you are in no position to be making pathetic declarations." And before Dean could carry out the game's dialogue, Sam gasped a breath in and expressed,


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