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"I'm pretty sure this isn't an existing game." Dean and his brother stood in front of an entrance to what looked like a casino. Colorful lights flickered obnoxiously and gold outlined the sharp edges of the tall building. Complete darkness was the backdrop along with the silence that made this whole situation really ominous.

Dean stared at the seemingly solid gold door with intricate, abstract designs cluttering the surface. He definitely had no clue what to do or what was going to happen. Especially since Cas decided it was a great ass idea to confess all of his past sins to Gabe before the last game.

"What're you waiting for?" Sam asked from next to him. Dean looked at him.


"Aren't you gonna open the door?"

"You open it!"

"Wow, that didn't sound pansy at all." Dean glared at his little brother's sarcasm and his bland bitch face.

"Hey, I'm just sayin' that whatever Gabe has behind those doors waitin' for us, will be less inclined to rip our heads clean off if you open them. Since you're his boyfriend and all."

"You're an idiot, Dean."

"And I couldn't agree more, Sammy-pie." A green light shone from a round bulb placed above the golden doors before a laser shot out onto the floor. The light widened and then lengthened up quickly, revealing a holographic, smiling trickster in a leather jacket.

"Where's Cas, Gabe?" Dean demanded taking a step forward. His intimidation tactic was met with a lifted, defiant chin.

"Don't worry about your mate, Dean. He's pretty occupied right about now. You'll see him soon." That DID NOT calm anything down in the older hunter's racing mind and rushing blood. "In the mean time, let's start the game!" The doors opened and Gabriel flickered into the darkness, reappearing in the middle of...whatever it was. "Come on in, boys! You'll like it when I bite. I promise."

God, everything Gabriel said...

Dean didn't move until his mammoth of a brother pushed him forward like a moving wall. The doors shut with a resounding boom and a depressurizing sound as if they were entering a room on a spaceship. It would be like the archangel to place useless sound effects everywhere.

"Welcome to Loki's Playhouse!" How original...Spotlights clicked on and were trained on five doors; each a different color, assigned a different number, and they all looked like regular house doors.

"So, you made your own game." Sam stated.

"Correcto! Kinda. I whipped this baby up about five seconds ago. You guys are my first beta testers."

"And this is the last game?" Dean asked. It was fun and all, but reality was waiting to get paid after fucking them up the ass for the thousandth time and she was NOT a patient lady.

"Yup! All you gotta do is pick a door."

"Uh, huh. That sounds like a fat pile of bullshit."

"Language, Dean."

"What's behind the doors?" Sam cut in and good thing he did because Dean was so close to stabbing the bastard in the face. Though, the god would probably mutilate him before he took a step but the older hunter liked to think he could at least get his hands on the smurf.

"Thought you'd never ask. Behind each door are five levels. Each level is harder than the last. Totally different from the last. Each level is also part of an existing game-"

"Oh, so this isn't really your game? It's just everyone else's games smushed into one?" Sammy had a point. Gabriel was getting lazy.

"Creative licenses, Sammy. And they're a little different. Anyway, get through the levels to activate the last level; the boss battle. Beat him and you're free."

"If you're the boss, I'm not playing." Dean declared and it may or may have not been a little childish.

"And what's new pussy cat?"

"I have a gut feeling that you wouldn't let us win this time." Dean knew Gabriel looked pissed and an archangel like Gabe wouldn't let the opportunity of taking his angelic anger out on someone. The whole time he was emitting wrathy waves that could probably have a pack of werewolves running for their lives. Dean could only link that to Cas, which he was still internally freaking out about.

"You're right." Dean's eyebrows shot up. Talk about honesty. "Which is why I won't be the final battle. Only the observer."

"When did you start voyeurism, Gabe?" The said angel turned towards his smirking brother and the angry aura around him seemed to lessen as his brow arched and a lopsided smile spread on his face.

"Ever since you strolled into the picture, baby." Wasn't that like five years ago? Gabriel was riskily implying many things at the moment.

"Why the different doors?" Dean asked quickly. Last thing he wanted was to watch his brother and his powerful, obviously bottom boyfriend, banter fuck each other in front of him for hours.

"They all have different types of games. You won't find the same games between the doors."

"...You get really bored, don't you?" A careless shrug was his reply. Being a bored trickster/archangel/asshole would have had to suck because Gabe made this game in seconds. How were you supposed to keep interested when everything you did lasted seconds? And Dean did not pay attention to the sexual implication or his brother's possible disappointment if everything did in fact lasted seconds.

"We should go with four." Sam suggested, though, Dean felt like it was less of a suggestion and more of a final decision.

"Three seems to be a better bet."

"Oh, so you would make me open one door but when there's five it's a different story? Besides, nothing seems to be anything. We don't know exactly what's behind them." Dean sighed at his brother and turned his head to look up at him. Sam returned his look.

"Holy Mother of God," muttered Gabriel, "It doesn't really matter. You're both gonna get raped no matter what door you choose." Dean made it a priority to ignore the archangel.

"Two?" Dean threw out.

"Two." Sam confirmed.

"Good! Have fun trying, boys!" Gabriel disappeared and brought the unchosen doors with him. Dean inhaled and exhaled loudly.

"Well, let's get this over with."

Level 1-Portal 2

"This one's easy. Get to the exit." Gabriel vaguely explained. Both brothers stared at an opening on a ledge placed near the ceiling of the grey and white room with an exit sign above it. There were various platforms, both moving and still, littering the room and there were random switches, buttons and a lever in a line against one wall. This looked like a lot of work...

"And how the hell are we supposed to get up there?" Dean asked. They couldn't fly. A metal stand rose from the floor and two white, spacey looking guns materialized on it.

"These." Holographic Gabriel showcased the guns like they were some rare artifact. One went to each brother.

"Goin' to tell us how to use them?"

"Nope!" And the asshat disappeared again.

"I've never even seen this game." Sam admitted checking out his gun. It looked like something out of an out-of-date space movie.

"Are we just supposed to magically know what the hell to do? I would REALLY like to be explained how to play." Dean complained. He was tired and hungry, again, and yes, he was a bit cranky.

"Pull the trigger?" Great idea because guess what Dean did in response. Shot at the ground. Forget trying to figure out what to do, there must be a problem if Dean went against all of his gun training and shot at the ground with a potentially dangerous weapon.

A solid blue oval left the gun and plastered against the white flooring. It glowed and even looked like its swirls were moving. What the hell...? Dean tapped the shape with his foot and when he found that it was solid and he wasn't going to suddenly die, he decided to step fully onto it.

"Well, that solved that mystery." He affirmed with a hand on his jean clad hip.

"Nothing was solved, Dean." Sam responded checking out the lever and buttons. He pressed one but nothing happened. Then he pressed another which had the same lack of response. Then he went and pressed and flipped the leftovers in, what Dean called, a hysterical, immature fit.

"It doesn't shoot anything useful. Just blobs See?" And maybe he really shouldn't have pulled the trigger again. A purple oval appeared next to the blue one and he fell through. He screamed. A manly one...he hoped. He stopped screaming the second time he fell through the blue hole and out the purple one, his body nauseatingly flipping to adapt to gravity. Every time he emerged, he saw his brother staring at the scene with raised eyebrows and wide hazel eyes. Dean was also close to vomiting whatever left was in his stomach and the acid.

"Sammy." He had to wait till he popped up from the holes to get any words out clearly. He tried his hardest.


"It seems you found out what the gun does." Sam was amused. But, Dean was not. He kept seeing that stupid smirk on his stupid brother's face every time his movement paused before diving into the stupid holes again.

"!!" A minute later he was being grabbed and pushed up against his brother's side but in the upright position. He was brushed off with large hands as his stomach settle uncomfortably before the older hunter finally shrugged the hand off angrily. Ignoring his brother's chuckle, Dean bent down next to the blue oval and now he could see the ceiling through the floor. Talk about mind boggling. The hunter stuck his hand through and it stuck out of the purple oval. An amused smirk widened on his face.

This was going to be SO entertaining.

His hand waved back and forth as he looked up at his younger brother. "Rock, paper, scissors, Sammy?" Rolling of hazel eyes was all he was going to get as a reaction. Sam turned away and stared at the exit. Probably already understood what needed to be done which meant Dean didn't have to make a plan. And so, he pulled his hand out and put his feet in, like dipping them into a pool. He amusingly stared at the wiggling legs and feet as Sam pointed his gun at a grey wall. The gun made a spluttering sound and nothing came out.

"Huh. So, you can only make portals on the white parts." Sammy muttered.

"Portals make sense. Wouldn't be surprised if that's what the game's called." It probably was. Dean lowered himself further into the portal he was in with his arms. The gravity felt awkward between body parts but it was a great way to stay in shape.

"I think I know how to get outta here." Sam stated.

"Don't keep the audience waiting."

"If we need to use the portals to get to the exit then this whole thing is a puzzle. Look." Dean did but all he saw was a ledge with their escape on it, two white, magically floating platforms; one moved up and down and the other moved side to side. The ceiling was white, also. He could see that those moving ones were going to be used to get their asses up there.

"Uh, huh."

"Do you actually see it, Dean?" And that tone bothered the older brother because it sounded like Sammy didn't believe that he understood what was going on. He kind of had the right to.

"Yes?" Sammy sighed after. Well, that was just unfair...Dean was the one who figured out the freaky portal thing.

"Watch and learn, Jerk." Dean was about to protest the whole 'annoyed at big brother so I'm gonna be an arrogant dick' attitude until his younger brother shot a red portal onto the ground and then shot an orange one at the lone white square on the ceiling. And before the older hunter could call Sam an idiot, because what seemingly random areas to place these...teleporters on, his younger brother dropped into the portal and fell from the ceiling and onto the horizontally moving platform that had just moved under him.


As Dean (he was sure there was a stupid, shocked look on his face) stared on, Sammy shot another red portal on the white floor again, a little ways away from his position, making his previous red portal disappear. Then he stood at the corner of the platform he was on and shot the orange portal at it. He waited until the platform was close to the just-out-of-reach ledge that the exit was on before jumping from the dangerous height and into the red portal. The platform stopped for a split second then Sam shot up high and seemed to be pushed onto the ledge.

Cue the- yup, there it was. The smug 'I'm clearly smarter than you' grin glowing from Sammy's face.

"Alright, bitch." Dean grumbled getting up and being done with playing physics. "All I gotta do is the same thing, right?"

"Incorrecto, jock strap!" ...What? Gabriel's voice echoed throughout the room. The horizontally moving platform vanished as the holographic archangel appeared next to Sam. His brother looked over and humorously jumped while muttering a couple curses. "You're gonna figure out how to get your miserable, idiotic ass up here using your own brain power."

"I take a huge offense to that!" Dean commented with a pointed finger.

"Prove me wrong and maybe I'll apologize." Gabriel sat on the ledge and dangled his legs off. Dean sighed and stared at the vertically moving platform. It would almost touch the ground and its peak would be a bit higher than the exit itself but still too far to jump from but if Dean incorporated what Sam did then...

"Fine." Dean ran towards the platform as it hit its lowest point and jumped on it. He didn't waste time with pointing his gun at the ground and shot both portals on either side of the moving square. The purple one was specifically situated between him and the exit, that one being closer to the exit than himself. He waved towards the holographic trickster as the platform ascended. The archangel dramatically yawned and winked up at Sam. His younger brother returned it with a smirk.

Dean reached the highest point and, Jesus Christ this was high, quickly turned around, saving himself from the flirty glances. He jumped into the blue portal underneath. He almost puked when the gravity shifted and turned him right side up as he popped out of the purple portal and shot up onto the exit ledge, stumbling into Sam. Dean expected to hit the ground but his brother was a damn boulder and caught him before he fell backwards and splattered onto the ground.

"Thanks, Sammy."

"Damn. If sexy Goliath here wasn't present then I would've gotten a great face plant scene. Maybe even a death scene...but we wouldn't want that or anything." Gabriel grinned. Okay, Dean understood why there was a gigantic, barbed stick up Gabe's ass but why verbally take that out on him?

"Shut it, shortstop. You owe me an apology." Dean stated as he approached the angel. He stood at least a head shorter than him so it felt AMAZING to have a height advantage; besides the fact that Gabriel can snap him to oblivion at any moment.

"I still have Cas." There goes that small triumph. Gabriel turned and led the way into the entry way. They passed through a blue barrier which disintegrated the guns.

"What are you doing with him?"

"We're just having a little chat."

"I swear to God..."

"Swearing to Dad never really did anybody any good. We're just talking."

"Gabriel, Cas didn't-"

"We're talking."

"You need to let-" Gabriel spun around so fast, Dean almost got whiplash.

"We're just talking. Damn! You're the neediest girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. And what're you gonna do? Bore me to death?" Dean leaned in and tried looming over the projected being.

"Don't underestimate me." Gabriel crossed his arms and deeply inhaled. If Dean wasn't mistaken, he almost sounded defeated.

"Don't worry. I won't be making that same mistake like every unfortunate, evil boob who decided that crossing your path was a sweet ass idea." The older hunter was having a hard time trying to figure out if that comment was a compliment or not. "I'm not gonna kill him, Dean. I almost did then I remembered that I liked him, too. See? Self control. Just let us ancient beings of time and existence work things out, 'kay?" After leaving Dean to sort out what he should be feeling after all of that, Gabriel turned and there was a clear tube in front of them. A capsule big enough for two bodies stopped and opened.

"Second level is just a floor up. Good luck." Gabriel's lack of enthusiasm was worrying. Dean felt his brother's hand squeeze his shoulder before walking past and into the elevator. He followed and the doors closed.

"He better be in one piece." Dean warned as the capsule lifted.

"No guarantees, Deano."

Level 2-Mario

The laughter bellowing from Dean was not so much happy as it was hysterical. He was dressed in the familiar attire of a certain Italian plumber, right down to the pedophile mustache. But what really set the older hunter off was Sam's cosplay of Luigi. There was no way Gabriel wasn't secretly taking pictures of this to use as blackmail in the future. Dean would be a little upset if the archangel didn't use this to his advantage later on in life.

"Can we just play the damn game, Dean? We have to save Princess Peach." With that, Dean's laughter became more obnoxious because this was all too friggen hilarious and this game was too simple. He was wondering why Gabriel threw this game in here.

"I'm starting to worry." Sam added. Finally, to avoid dying of suffocation the laughter was currently resulting in, Dean stood straight up while inhaling air that filled his lungs to the max. He was trying to keep the laughter in and he almost failed. He exhaled through his lips and smiled.

"Whatever you say, Sammy."

"Bowser's castle shouldn't be too far. If we find the right tube and get underground then we'll be able to get there faster."

"I know how to play."

"I thought you weren't nerd enough to know about video games."

"Everyone knows about the classics, Sam. And we've played this before."

"No. I've played this before. You sat on your ass and contributed nothing to my progress in the game."

"Well, sorry for having more important things to do."

"Dad's porn stash was not more important things to do."

"Says you." Dean reveled at the bitch face Sam pulled as his brother turned towards the course. It wasn't like he lived to be the pain in his younger brother's ass...No, he did. Especially through all of these games. It was the most fun he probably ever had so far besides certain sexual excursions but those are in a different category that he was HOPING to add to with some angelic affections.

"Hey. Dean. You ready?" Dean blinked himself back into the not-really reality and found his brother still glaring at him.

"Born." Dean retorted as he fixed his red cap and smoothed out his mustache. Sam rolled his eyes and pushed a thumb towards some red, brick cubes.

"You go high and I go low?" The older hunter surveyed the oncoming obstacles and the onslaught of seemingly unlimited enemies littering their way. At least, they weren't pixilated. He briefly wondered how far they could go with he physics of the game. He nodded towards his brother who took a position under the level of floating red cubes. Dean dashed and stepped on the make shift step Sam had made with interlaced fingers and he was thrown up onto the bricks.

Now, there was a problem and a solution. Which, Dean guessed, wasn't all that note worthy really because a problem wasn't as exciting if there was an easy solution. There was a green Koopa Troopa marching towards him and a line of Goombas behind. And here was the solution. Dean ran and jumped up, successfully landing on the Koopa and sending him pathetically retreating into his turtle shell. A kick to the shell rammed all the Goombas off the level and they poofed into non-existence. But, fuck! Was that a red Koopa Troopa that the green shell was heading towards? The shell tripped the sad turtle and he retreated into his shell. This would have been alright since the shell was supposed to just stay there and not move for a couple moments but then the green shell hit a brick block, demolishing it, and bounced back right into the red shell. The green shell fell off the level and the heat seeking, red turtle shell headed straight for Dean. He easily jumped and landed on the other side of it but he had to haul ass as the red shell switched direction and continued its mission on murdering the hunter. A brick cube went out behind him and he heard a "Shit!" then the pixilated sound of the shell being destroyed.

Dean walked back to the gap and smiled down at his brother. "Thanks, Sammy. For having my back." Sam glared up at him.

"Sure, Dean. The plan was to accidently hit a block and have a red shell hone its crosshairs on me right after. You're welcome." Sarcasm never got old. "I see a warp pipe but it's too high. I think you can get to it."

"And just go down it? What about you?"

"Hopefully I teleport with you."

"Great." Dean sighed. "See ya on the other side then." It would just be Dean's luck to encounter a very alive plant with sharp teeth popping out of the warp pipe that could be their short cut. He glared at the smiling piece of shit, red and green plant as it slowly descended back into the place it had made home.


"There's a Piranha Plant, isn't there?" Sam asked not seeming surprised at all.


"Hang on." After a few moments, bricks started disintegrating behind Dean. Guess Sam was trying to help out somehow. Was he looking for coins? Were there even coins? Finally, an orange flower emerged from one of the blocks as Sam cursed in slight pain. Oh. The older hunter had forgotten about the Fire Flower. Dean's only thought as he reached for the power up was if he had to eat it. Apparently, touching it was sufficient and his clothes changed from red to white. He actually felt charged up and a weird tingling spread just under his skin. He was kind of light headed and the theory of Mario's power ups being drugs was being proved right at the moment.

"Thanks for the flower power!"

"Just get in the pipe already."

"Someone is being Mister Grumpy Pants." Dean started to head back towards the stupid plant.

"You okay? You're sounding like Gabriel."

"Blame the narcotic I just took."


"Yeah, man. Mario's a junkie!" The Piranha Plant slowly came out of its hiding place and tried to take Dean out with a fireball when it opened its mouth. The hunter ducked and after the ball passed he jumped up and before he threw his fireball he had a sudden burst of energy and time seemed to slow down.

Mario was on the good stuff!

Before he knew it, the hunter's fireball hit its mark and burnt the fucking plant to a crisp.

"Hell ya! That what I call an overcooked vegetable!"

"Dean, please."

"Gabriel might be rubbin' off on me."

"That's exactly what the world needs." Sam was probably just tired if every word out of his smart mouth was laced with intense sarcasm. Well, better get this whole thing over with before his brother gets shot and Dean wasn't saying that he would be the one to do that or anything.

The older hunter jumped the decent sized gap to the warp pipe and slid right in. No lube necessary. There was this moment of pitch blackness that had Dean questioning if he was still alive or if Gabriel suddenly decided that the game should be turned off with the brothers permanently stuck in it. Then he was dropping and he softly landed on stone ground. Sam appeared next to him and his brother gave a sigh of relief.

"Alright there, buddy?" Dean asked as he smacked his brother's back.

"It would've been boring if we got separated."

"Aw, Sammy. It's good to know that I'm the fun aspect of your educated life."

"You are my heart and soul. Dean." More sarcasm. It didn't bother Dean. Not at all. But if he kept it up... "Crap." Dean looked up at what Sam was displeased about and groaned. All this cave, dungeon thing was were skinny stone columns that they had to jump on and moving parts. To add to the awesome situation, every other column either had a Goomba or a Koopa Troopa. Sometimes there were Paratroopas floating around...and bats. There were fucking bats in here! Really, Gabe?! Lay it all at once, would ya?

Someone had to go first...

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Sam suggested holding out a fist. Dean stared at it. Was that even a good idea anymore? His eyes trailed back up to his brother's falsely innocent face.

"I'll go first. I'm still drugged up, remember?" And Dean would end up losing...again.

"Good idea." Sam said but as the older brother walked past, he saw a slight smirk and chose to ignore it.

It had to be an hour.

An hour of repetitive spamming of fireball throwing and near death experiences that had Dean's heart pumping blood like nobody's business. He could just feel his arteries being cleared of all the cholesterol his last meal most likely had. The hunter lost count of how many shells he had thrown at countless amounts of flying turtles and how many Goombas were squashed underneath his black boots. At one point, he just punched one in the face just to see if it was possible to defy some Mario physics.

It was.

And the whole time, Sam just jumped along behind Dean just having the time of his fucking life and kept trying to "guide" him through the level, which was useless because Dean already knew what to do. So, to add to his younger brother's virtual video game experience and to shut him the hell up, Dean threw a red shell at him and at the impossibly small column that his younger brother was perched on. Kept him occupied for the duration of the level as the older brother reached the final platform in front of a horizontal warp pipe. He crossed his arms and waited till Sam finally reached him, panting.

"Ready?" Dean asked, almost mockingly.

"Born." Sam retorted. They stood for a moment until finally the younger brother sent a confused look at Dean.

"You first this time." The older brother declared with a slight smirk. Sam sighed and rolled his eyes. Served him right. It was black again after Sam crawled in but then it was bright and really, really hot. They emerged into another cave but this time molten lava moved around them and the strip of bluish stone they stood on. There was no other land for miles and the walls were shining with an orange hue from the light of the lava that was emitting from the ground.

"Well, this isn't a tell tale sign of a boss battle." Dean muttered sarcastically then both brothers heard some low grunting and their eyes caught just as Castiel shook off the blonde wig. The gold crown clinked against the stone and the angel looked abnormally relieved to have it off. Blue eyes caught Dean's who was mildly perplexed by the way the angel's dark hair swirled messily on his head. As the angel tried speaking through the duck tape on his mouth with a sense of urgency, Dean took the time to observe Cas's situation.

"I should have expected this." Sam muttered from in front of him. Sam and Dean weren't the only ones cosplaying this game's characters. Cas was sporting the whole Princess Peach pink dress and white gloves fashion. There was a pair of red lips drawn onto the duck tape over the angel's mouth. The long blond wig was now draped in a tangled mess on his right shoulder with the crown discarded close to the edge of the stone strip. There were heels, earrings, and blush. The whole fucking shebang. To add to the interesting image, Cas's wrists were bounded and raised by iron clasps and tethered to the wall by iron chains. He was sat on the ground ungracefully with heeled feet in front of him and legs splayed apart. The bloody scratches and cuts on his face weren't too comforting, either...

"Got a Peach fantasy?" Sam asked stirring the poor older brother from his shocked staring.

"What? No!" Dean did not like that grin his younger brother was sending his way. "Come on."

"You know it's a trap, right?"

"When is it not? We got to trigger Bowser anyway to keep the game going." They hurried down the strip wondering when the big beast will show himself. An earthquake rumbled underneath them, making them stop and look up. Then the angry, mutated turtle fell from the ceiling and crashed into the ground, sending another tremble through the floor. Bowser made an aggressive pose as fire bellowed from his mouth causing the brothers to duck.

"Princess Peach is mine, Mario! You're dead!" Bowser's spiked shell moved with his deep breathing and smoke came out of his yellow nose.

"I've always wondered what his fixation on Peach was about." Dean muttered to Sam who only shook his head and shrugged.

"I'm pretty sure he wants to marry her and take over the kingdom."

"Sounds about right." Dean agreed after a moment of almost silence. Because, really, why else would an evil, mutated, obviously on steroids, giant turtle kidnap a princess? Having the hots for someone really did some crazy things to you. But who was Dean to judge about interspecies relationships?

Bowser took a huge breath in and roared to the ceiling as fire spat out of his mouth again. "Time to kick some ass." Dean ran towards the behemoth and used the dude's arms to jump up onto the back of his shell. He then smashed his fiery fist into the top of Bowser's head causing the turtle to be slightly disoriented. Bowser tilted a little bit to the left while trying to swipe at Dean. His claws caught the older brother and tossed him against the wall Cas was attached to. Dean slid down the wall just as Sam slid between Bowser's yellow legs. The moronic beast tried following but ended up doing a summersault and landed on his back. His arms and legs flailed making the older brother chuckle breathlessly as he sat back against the wall next to Cas and as Sam jumped up on Bowser's belly converting it into a trampoline. Mumbling caught Dean's attention and he looked over at Cas who was looking at him with concern.

"Hey, how you doin'? Come here often?" Dean added a pat to the angel's leg which turned to a firm grip around his thigh. Cas just gave him a frustrated look, only deepening the confused brows. Well, maybe he would understand this. The hunter leaned in.

"You look good tied up." To Dean's pride and pleasure, Cas's sparkling blue eyes widened. He smiled at the angel before leaning in further and planting a short kiss on the duck tape. He got up and walked towards Bowser, ignoring his angel's muffled shouts. Maybe it was about the duck tape over his mouth?

Dean was about to join his brother on Bowser until the boss swiped at Sam and smashed him into the floor. "Sammy!" Bowser pretty much used Sam's body to right himself. Dean was sure the reptile was almost dead because this was one really pissed off turtle and the fact that Bowser was preparing for the new moves he was going to break out on this dance floor pretty damn soon. The monster slowly made his way to the other side of the stone platform indicating that his next move was long ranged and the hunter needed to get his ass into gear if he wanted to prevent a possibly unavoidable move. He ran past his brother's groaning body and headed straight for the beast; his aim being the spikes on his back. Just before Bowser stopped to turn around, Dean used the spikes to propel himself up. With all of the force the game allowed him to have, he jumped up and crushed Bowser's skull in. The hunter rolled off before the prehistoric being fell to the ground and dematerialized into thousands of pixels.

"Woo!" Dean yelled out and ran back to his brother, who was standing up and brushing himself off like he didn't just get crushed by a dinosaur like creature. He grabbed his brother's shoulder in an inaudible way to ask if he was alright and received a nod immediately. Then they made their way over to Cas who sat patiently and looked pretty worn out at this point. His eyes followed them until Dean crouched in front of him and slowly ripped the tape off. Maybe tearing it off quick wouldn't have hurt the angel in the first place because HE WAS AN ANGEL for crying out loud. Ripping off duck tape mercilessly would have been like poking the dude's most ticklish spot.

"Thank you." Cas continued to stare up at Dean. The hunter stared back until a cleared throat interrupted that magical moment.

"No problem. Anyway, what's going on with Gabriel? What'd he do to you?"

"He has been forcing me to play these games. I keep losing. It's impossible to complete them at all and I suspect that's exactly how Gabriel wanted it to be. I'm becoming frustrated with all of this."

"At least, you're not dead."

"Which is strange. With what I have done and his wrath, I would have thought I would be 'six feet under'. Instead, he's just toying with me."

"Well, he did say he wasn't going to kill you." Sam commented from behind Dean. The older brother only hoped that the archangel's coping mechanisms would be just to send three unsuspecting beings into a world of virtual gaming for shits and giggles.

"Alright. I don't know how we're gonna get you-"

"Not necessary, Dean! It's time for the next level!" Gabriel declared. He was floating above the lava and still a green hologram.

"What? No break? I'm hungry!"

"Oh, wah. Don't be such a baby. It's better if you have an empty stomach for the next few games anyway."

Great. Not only did Dean have to nurse a stomach that would not be filled for some time, he had to worry about what the hell the next games were going to bring to the table and how hard. Which brought up a very important question:

What was going to happen if they lost?

Gabriel sat slouched in a modified chair that would have had all gaming nerds piss their pants and kiss the ground the trickster walked on just to have one second in. With the built in speakers connected to the surround sound, places made to hold and caress gaming controllers of any kind, and the fiber glass sheets being used as TVs hanging off the chair and in front of his face, a normal person wouldn't have been able to handle so much awesome and be able to see the light of day at the same time.

The archangel watched Sam and his brother start level three but he really wasn't paying attention all that much. He must have been really bothered if his peach rings were sitting forgotten in a side pouch attached to the chair. He was still trying to sort through all the stupid feelings he was having and he just couldn't come up with anything to do about everything really. Castiel was sent back to the video game hell he created for him.

This video game was just an excuse to keep the boys busy.

Gabriel needed to think. He needed to understand what was going on before he could act or function.

He needed to forgive and let go.

Which was really fucking hard.

A holographic hand reached into the pouch and pulled out a peach ring. The gummy was waved in front of the archangel's face for a few moments before he finally looked at his own hologram, who was grinning at him.

"Peach ring, Boss?" Gabriel let the back of his head hit back against the leather of the seat. He couldn't even laugh when Dean screamed like a teenage girl and dropped the camera making Sam scramble for the thing like his life depended on it. It kind of did. He also felt no loss when the peach ring made it down the throat of his see through companion.

"Let me be the virtual god to point out how incredibly boring you're being."

"I just found out half the population of my brethren were murdered and it was the being that became my bestie faster than a pregnant woman's mood swings who did it. I'm allowed to be boring."

"Wallowing all emo like is not a way to mourn our brothers and sisters."

"I know. I'm finding it hard to just let Castiel be."

"I hope you know why you're having trouble figuring out what to do with him." Gabriel sighed. His holographic self was right. He needed to revisit the events that happened while he was gone and get his brother's story. Maybe then he would be able to let the young angel live without any guilt or sense of injustice. He still knew nothing about what went on in heaven or why the world was still going to shit. He could only deduct from what his knowledge held and that was what worried him the most. Because he was probably spot on.

He liked Castiel. He really did. But Gabriel's family is pretty much nonexistent at this point. How the hell was he supposed to deal with all that crap? The loss he felt in his grace made sense now. Heaven not really being Heaven. What would he find up there? He should have seen this coming, right? Once Lucy was out of the picture something was bound to give out. He was so set on the feud being over that he hadn't realized how much he would be affected if the world and Heaven had their casualties.

It wasn't like he could or would kill Cassie...What would Sammy think about that? And yeah, Dean may be a dick but he held some respect for the righteous man.

His hologram chuckled and plucked another ring out of the pouch.

"What happened to the 'give no fucks' Gabriel?" He asked teasingly. Gabriel stood up with a slight smirk. It wasn't all that weird to be scanning his features without a mirror. He found it better than a reflective surface to clone himself and have second opinion about his looks. Maybe he should grow a beard. The smooth look was getting a bit last year.

"I've just recently found out that 'caring' Gabriel has more fun than 'give no fucks' Gabriel." The archangel leaned towards his hologram and bit down on the peach ring. He pulled it away from the holographic green fingers and chewed happily. Oh, how did he stay away from these for so long?

"How so?"

"Not caring just doesn't have enough excitement. Caring will probably keep me going for another millennia." Holographic Gabriel snorted in response. "I've got an errand to run. Hold down the fort?" The hologram put on a serious face and saluted.

"Yes, sir!" Had he always been so mockingly handsome? He wouldn't be surprised if Sam had fallen in love with him even before he presented himself as an angel. Love is a strong word but still. Wouldn't have been surprised.

"One more thing: Should I grow a beard? I think I should move on to ruggedly sexy."

"No because no cupid would be able to properly match anybody together after you walk the earth with some stubble. The world would fall to her knees for your cock and really, that's not gonna stop the apocalypse. Or maybe it will. I change my answer. Go for it!"

"The world isn't really my type."

"Her loss. Sammy's win." Gabriel chuckled and looked at his hologram, which apparently lasted longer than necessary because his other self asked, "are you not leaving because you're too distracted by your own devastatingly good looks?" He then winked and disappeared, probably to tend to the games or bother the brothers. He wouldn't put it past himself to do both and then some. Gabriel chuckled again before muttering,

"Kiss ass."

Level 3-Fatal Frame 2

"I. Hate. This. Game."

"Shut up, Dean. She'll find us." Sam whispered harshly. Dean squished him up against the side of the closet they were currently hiding in and in retaliation the younger brother shoved him back. They weren't exactly being quiet. Sam saw something white through the crack of the door and covered his older brother's mouth with his own hand. Dean actually growled lowly but the slow, creepy ghost pacing the old, rotting room was something he was more afraid of at the moment.

Sam pressed his back against the wood behind him and had to smother a disgusted grunt as his older brother immaturely licked is palm. His hand left Dean's mouth as if it was burned and he wiped the saliva off on his jeans.

"I just wanna get the fuck outta here." Dean ranted his head hitting the back of the closet.

"We need to find out what's up with the Crimson Sacrifice first."

"I really couldn't give two monkey shits about the story line."

"Scared of ghosts, Dean?"

"Without salt and bones? And the only way to kill them is to take their fucking picture!?"

"That's why I'm carrying the camera. So, you don't drop it again."

"I said I was sorry 'bout that! Bitch scared me." Dean's colorful language was on full blast so he must have been shitting his pants about now. Sam couldn't really blame him since ghosts haven't really been like this in reality. And he had to agree that using a camera as a weapon was extremely interesting.

"Okay, I think she's g-" Sam was so very wrong. The long haired ghost with black eyes and blood running down her face was still in the room. She decided to show herself by appearing in front of the brothers within the loose quarters of the closet screaming in their faces. Sam and Dean both screamed as the youngest quickly brought the camera up and spastically snapped a picture causing the ghost to be thrown through the closet door, shattering it to pieces. Because that made sense. The ghost disintegrated before she hit the ground. Sam slid to the floor panting and Dean was bent over with his hands on his knees.

"I. Hate...God damn it." Dean mumbled, slowly stumbling out of the closet and into the Japanese styled room. Sam chuckled and he wasn't too sure if it was because he was having fun or if he was going a little insane from all the village ghosts wanting to make sure that they stayed inside this house. The game had to be almost over. They just needed to find out exactly what the Crimson Sacrifice was and from previous clues, Sam figured out that the ritual had to do something with them somehow and that the ritual was fairly important to the village. The younger hunter was worried that the sacrifice part was directly related to him and Dean.

His brother held out a hand towards him. "We should check the rest of the rooms." Sam was about to make an attempt to grab his brother's hand when the filament on the ancient camera turned red. Crap. Before Sam could even bring the camera up, a small girl's ghost with black hair covering her face appeared behind Dean's left side and an adult man appeared behind his right. The small girl grabbed his brother's hand with a sick smile.

"Dean!" Sam blinked and his older brother was gone. He sprang up and looked around frantically.

"DEAN!" But he was only met with the nightly insect sounds and the light breeze making its way through the cracks of the old house. Keeping his anxiety in check was proving to be a great chore as he progressed through the game. There was no point in freaking out and so he hoped that the jacket around himself would help; keep him at ease. His hands were trembling a bit but the deep breath he took helped the tremors subside. Dean was gone and he had no clue as to where he went or where he should start looking. Seemed like the normal scenario. The only thing to do now was to keep looking through the rooms in the house to find some clues and figure out how to get out of here.

His hand was barely touching the sliding door when the camera's filament turned red once again. Sam froze to hear any noises but nothing was there. Even the noises of the night weren't present. This was a crucial moment in his life. He could turn around and maybe there wouldn't be anything behind him. Or it could be outside of the door and nothing would be out there but the being would be behind him and he would be dead. He would probably have a chance if the ghost was outside in the hallway.

So, the hunter slowly turned his head to look behind him but there was nothing there. Not even when he lifted the camera to look through it.


Relief washed over him but it was too fleeting, like a bucket of cold icy water being dumped over him with the lingering shivering of his body, and he faced the door once again. He kept the camera lifted in front of his face and made a last minute decision to slam the door open quickly. Sam's lungs stuttered as he stood still. There was nothing, again. Even as he cautiously stepped through the threshold and looked left and right down the narrow hallway with peeling paper down the walls.


But the red filament was still shining brightly. Sam had these goose bumps down his arms and a tingling sensation down his back as if it was cold. The sweat sliding down his cheek contradicted what he was feeling. A shaky breath left his lips as he continued left down the hall. He tried every door he came across and each one was locked. The whole time he felt like he was being watched.

Don't look back. Don'tlookbackdontlookback.

Sam desperately hoped there wasn't anything behind him that would want to kill him or scare him into a coma. Those were problems he didn't want to deal with right now. He trudged on, his sweaty fingers gripping the camera tight and at the ready position. This game wasn't so fun anymore without Dean there. It was not because he was scared shitless or had a weird dependency on his older brother at the moment.

At the end of the hallway was a door that was slightly ajar with a dim, flickering light escaping through.

That definitely screamed 'stop in here a moment and find out if you die tonight.'

It was his only option and he had a feeling that he just had to go through. Whoever was watching was probably the one leading him here. The fact that the ghost was an enemy as indicated by the red, not blue, filament, made him feel too uneasy.

He slowly opened the door to find a small room that was the size of a small walk in closet. It had a small dusty bed with no blankets, a small crate with some papers on it and an active candle whose wax had melted all the way off the crate.

Sam walked in, half expecting the door behind him to slam shut and be imprisoned all of the rest of his virtual life but it didn't. The only thing noteworthy was the papers on the crate beside the candle. He picked up the first page and made sure he could see the opening of the door, just in case. He scanned the piece of paper.

It was a written document.

About the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual.

And it explained everything.

This town needed to use this ritual to keep the darkness from the Hellish Abyss from taking over. And this was where Dean and Sam came into play. Twins were used to make this successful. The second born of the twins had to kill their identical sibling and the body had to be given to the Abyss. Which meant...Sam had to kill Dean. Well, the villagers wanted Sam to kill Dean so that the ritual could be complete. They weren't twins but the characters they played were and if Gabriel was smart he would have made Sam the youngest to less complicate things.

The document went on about human sacrifices outside of the ritual and it dramatically stopped there. Sam's hazel eyes glanced up and his blood ran cold.

A pale man with deep scaring covering his face, broken fingers, and blood seeping from his neck and soaking into his robe appeared in front of him. The flash of the camera didn't seem to have any effect on the ghost and as those almost ripped off fingers grabbed at him, Sam took off running. He found himself back in the living area where ghostly villagers lined the walls. There was no way this old ass camera would be able to take care of them all. So, he kept on running and barely ignored the fact that he was being led to a door at the other side of the room. He tried back tracking to keep from following the obvious trap but the tortured man was grasping just a few millimeters behind and he had no choice but to burst through the wooden door and slam it shut.

That was when all the moaning and painful groaning stopped. The hunter caught his breath with his forehead against the door. He felt so screwed but he needed to get through this. He turned around and found himself at the top of a stone staircase. Candles lit the way down and an abnormal shadow skittered away. Anxiety made his poor heart race as he descended the damp stone steps; the silence was almost smothering. He made it to the bottom step and could only see complete darkness in front of him. There was a room here. He could feel it.

Then, the villagers appeared on either side, creating a path towards something and spanned out into a circle around the center. Sam took a step off and the moonlight was let in to light up the center of the room. There was a huge square hole in the middle where the moon's light didn't dare reach. What stopped Sam's heart was his older brother's figure at the very edge of this hole.

"Dean...?" His brother turned around with a soft smile and glowing red eyes.

This wasn't his brother at all.

"You have come, Yae. I thought you had abandoned me forever, Sister. I am very happy." Dean drawled. There was a female voice back dropping his brother's voice as he spoke and it was very clear that he was possessed. Gabriel is going to get an earful later...

Sam felt himself moving involuntarily as he slowly stepped forward toward his brother and a feeling of sad serenity washed over him as if he was being slowly dipped in a calm, cold river. But there was this feeling of acceptance and happiness that made him let the being taking control over him to actually take full control. These feelings had a tear fall from the corner of his eye. He stayed silent as he finally stood a foot away from Dean who still had smile on his face and a tilt to his head. He even had his hands folded behind him.

"It's time, Yae. We can be together again."

Sam's arms were lifted and his long fingers snaked around Dean's throat, his brother's Adam's apple moving under his thumbs.


This couldn't be happening. He couldn't be doing this! He didn't want this!

His fingers squeezed and a small noise came from his brother as their eyes stayed locked. More tears skated down Sam's cheeks as realization was kicking in.

He was strangling his brother.

Before he could try and stop what was going on, a pure white hand was laid on his shoulder and he could feel the control over his body's actions being returned. His hand fell to his sides as both him and Dean fell to their knees. Sam watched Yae walk past him and take the hand of her twin sister. She led her a little bit away then her sister knelt at the edge, back to the Abyss. Their eyes couldn't be seen through their dark hair but they wore identical smiles toward each other.

"I'm here, Sae." Yae said as she looked down on her sister. Sae's smile grew wider and she took Yae's crimson sash that was hanging around her waist and gently wrapped it around her own neck. She took her own sash and handed it to Yae who grabbed it between her pale fingers with the utmost care. Yae then wrapped her slender fingers around her older sister's throat and squeezed. Sae made no sound and only looked up at her sister with such immense appreciation that made Sam nauseous but he couldn't look away. Yae leaned forward with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I never abandoned you, Sister. I was always here but I could never reach you. You were so far away. Now, we can be safe again. Together again." Sae's young hand weakly reached up to touch her sister's tear stained face before it fell motionless at her side. Her head fell limply back and all life seemed to leave her ghostly body altogether. Yae's mouth pulled back into a frown, a sob leaving her lips, and she let go. Sae's body fell backwards, the red sash pulling from her neck, and into the Abyss. All was silent and a lone crimson butterfly emerged from the hole. Yae looked up at it and reached a hand toward it. The butterfly landed on the tip of her pale finger then there was a blinding light.

Sam had to cover his eyes with his arm which gave him an excuse to wipe his wet face. When he pulled his arm away, they were already in a new setting with the sun beating down on them warmly through a big window like they didn't just go through a very emotional point in a game. They were in a blue room that probably should have been from space and they were looking out into a forest setting with two buildings on either side of the course. There was a firm hand on his shoulder and he turned towards his still alive brother with normal green eyes.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I 'm good." Sam smiled, nodded and even chuckled at the next words that poured out of his brother's mouth.

"Gabriel is so gettin' shit for this."

Level 4-Halo 4, Neutral Bomb, 2v2, Score to Win: 1

Dean thought that wearing these bulky-what were they called? Spartan armor?-suits would have weighed a normal human being down drastically but here they were running around with automatic rifles as if they were as light as a plastic bag flowing in the breeze. Sam and he made up a team and their armor was crimson red. Their objective was to retrieve a bomb that was placed in the middle of the map and detonate it in the enemy's base. They didn't know who their enemies were since everyone wore helmets but Dean knew that a certain trickster and a certain angel were the ones sporting those deep blue armor suits.

There were a couple of hints, even before Dean heard them speak.

When Dean ran for the middle of the map going after the bomb waiting patiently just under a brown stone bridge, and as Sam hung back a little bit making his way around the bridge, he saw two blue Spartans running towards the same objective. Well, not running per se. One was continually jumping ahead of the other while the other one, who had trouble keeping up, was tripping over his own feet. Light recognition alarms went off as to who these two were, but Dean had a game to beat and a team to slaughter so he ran as hard as he could towards the bomb.

He lifted his rifle and just pulled the trigger. Bullets flew and hit the first Spartan's armor making that person jump up in a panic and overshoot the bomb. That Spartan tried to retaliate by shooting a couple pistol rounds at him but Dean slid under him and grabbed the bomb in passing. He was about to punch the second dude but that Spartan tripped and face planted into the grass. Dean stumbled in surprise and in his attempt to keep from laughing. The incoming Spartan behind him helped him regain his composure, though. Before he was mercilessly shot, he threw the bomb towards his brother who was flanking his right just out of sight.

"Boom! Headshot, Deano!" Was what Dean heard before blacking out and unfortunately dying. That was it. That was most definitely Gabriel and the other dude had to be Cas because he didn't expect anyone else to beef it like that in Spartan armor other than his angel.

Dean gratefully respawned back inside of red base and quickly snatched a couple of plasma grenades on the ground before running outside.

"Sammy." Dean called out through the suit's communication system.

"Holy shit! I can't get close enough to position the bomb. I'm stuck in the basement and Gabriel's hunting me. He even pulled an Elmer and said 'shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits'. He won't stop calling me a bunny!"

"Wow, your impersonations are gettin' better, buddy."

"Eat me, Dean."

"I think I would prefer to very much do that myself." Gabriel commented in the background.

"Crap." Sam whispered.

"Where's Cas?" Dean asked running past the bridge and the small creek the bomb had been in earlier. Cas wasn't there anymore.

"I hadn't seen him since he failed into the ground earlier." Sam was panting. "Dean, I need back up!" Where the hell was Cas? Dean saw the entrance to the basement, which was a metal ramp leading into the ground and next to it was an alien gun with pink spikes protruding from the top, which his helmet labeled as a needler. He decided it would be a great idea to have this on hand and picked it up after clipping his rifle to his back. He ran into the blue lit structure and turned down a narrow hallway. He stopped at a corner and slowly looked around it. At the end there was a room. He saw his brother and a blue Spartan shooting at each other and running in circles. His brother had dropped the bomb as indicated by the waypoint in his helmet telling him where it was. Shouldn't have Cas picked it up already?

As he ran down the hallway, he made a mistake. The hunter didn't stop to check down the other passage way before going on to the room and this was what happened. As he passed the hallway, a flash of blue came into his barely there peripheral vision before it tackled him into the metal wall.

"Sorry, Dean." Cas apologized pulling something out of his utility belt. "Gabriel said that he would forgive me if we won and would stop making me wear women's clothing." Fucking archangel baiting his brother like that...The plasma grenade in Cas's hand became active and was attached to Dean's armored chest. He looked on at the blue armored Spartan in front of him and the only thought in Dean's mind as Cas ran away and before he exploded into a plasma cloud was how amazingly sexy his angel was even when he couldn't see his face. Future military was sexy as all hell apparently and the hunter had no problems with it.

Dean respawned just after Sam died. He waited until his brother spawned next to him.

"You cover the back. I got the front." Dean ordered.

"Should we actually split up? What if they're both together?"

"The person with the ball can't shoot so you can take the shooter out first."

"The person with the ball can still bash people's heads in with Superman strength."

"What if they split up and dupe us?"

"We're just screwed all around, aren't we?" Before they kept on arguing, something clinked a couple times and a fragmentation grenade went past their feet. They scrambled and jumped far enough so that their shields took the brunt of the blast.

"Aw, big bad Winch bros having a bad time?" Gabriel mocked as he ran in gun blazing at Dean. Dean took his pistol out and shot a couple rounds into Gabriel's helmet which shattered his shield but his own was depleting quickly with all the automatic rounds pelting into his chest and, suspiciously on purpose, his groin. Damn, stupid archangel thought he was being funny. The archangel came close but a plasma grenade was thrown and it stuck to his crotch which brought a bright smile to the hunter's hidden face. Gabriel yelped and kept frantically running at him. Shit! He was going to kamikaze him! The asshole jumped on him just as the grenade went off and they were both pathetically dead and humiliated. During the respawn period and the point of view changing to third person so Dean could see his own body on the floor in a fetal position and Gabriel's blown body getting stuck through the ceiling, Cas came up with the bomb behind Sam who had just gotten up. He jumped on the younger hunter's back as the bomb came down on his head, smashing it onto the floor. And yeah, that killed him, too.

The angel was left to casually 'strut his stuff' towards the place where the bomb needed to be placed. He knelt down, set the bomb and pressed the button. The bomb counted down from one and the place blew.

Level 5-Resident Evil 5&6 (Final Boss Battle)

"Now I know why our characters are carrying so much heat." Dean aimed his shot just right so his pistol round sliced through a mutated zombie dog's open mouth. He took cover behind a green cargo box with Sammy sitting next to him. Sam wore his character's clothing which consisted of black dress pants and boots, a tight, dark blue button up dress shirt, a black suit vest, and a utility vest that wrapped around his broad shoulders and torso and had an attachment around his thighs. Each pocket and holster was filled with weaponry and three vials of the C-virus vaccine were nestled in his front pocket. The vaccine was made using Albert Wesker's son's blood. They needed to use it on Wesker himself and kill him. Talk about irony, right?

"Mutant zombies are a problem, Dean." Sam retorted reloading his shotgun with gloved hands. Dean wore a tight (which seemed to suction around his muscles), black t-shirt under a utility vest that also served as bulletproof armor and black army boots covered his feet and the bottoms of scratchy dark pants. Knee pads protected his knees and a couple of holsters were wrapped around his thighs. Black gloves covered his hands and he had an earpiece in his left ear. He had a beard formed on his jaw, cheeks, and above his lip. Dean was feeling ultra manly right now. He, too, had three vials of the vaccine strapped to his chest.

Dean took out his sniper rifle and aimed at the few zombies throwing dynamite at them from the second floor. Safe to say that their heads had no chance as they became the paint for the masterpiece against some boxes behind them.

"Let's go! Wesker should be on the deck!" Sam ordered standing up and running towards a ship door with a latch. Dean followed closely, pride filling him as he looked at all the dead zombie dogs on the ground. Sam was definitely on a roll.

"How the hell are we supposed to stab him if he's all powerful?" Sam tried the circular latch but it didn't budge. Dean gripped it and they both turned it.

"Guess we'll find out." His brother answered as the latch heavily clunked and the door was opened. Nature was not quiet this evening. Waves crashed against the ship and even reached the deck they were slowly walking on. Heavy rain came down from almost black clouds and hit every crevice. There were a couple of ladders that led up to metal catwalks and on them were electric holding crates. Most of these crates were scattered on their level and Dean hoped to hell that those were useful to them. The brothers were on alert as they made their way towards the sleek jet that was pointed outward towards the sky. Wesker was making a break for it. Fuck that. If anybody was getting a free ride out of this game, it was going to Leon and, Sam and Dean.

"'The only thing that can defeat power is more power. That is the one constant in this universe.' So, what power do you think you possess that can defeat me?" That was Gabriel's voice. No way! Gabriel, who was sporting black pants, some sort of black shirt underneath, and a black, leather trench coat, floated down in front of them. He even had the whole white, blonde hair going on and the sunglasses on his face.

"The hell, Gabe!? You said you wouldn't be the boss!" Dean complained as Gabriel landed softly on his feet. The archangel spread his arms out a bit with a smile on his face.

"I lied."

"I feel like I've known that this was gonna happen but didn't really acknowledge it." Sam muttered to Dean. The older hunter rolled his eyes and brought the sniper up. It was the most powerful weapon that he had so if people looked at him like he was stupid for using a long range weapon in this type of scenario then screw them.

"That sniper ain't gonna do much, buddy." Gabriel pointed out with a finger.

"Yeah, we'll see about that." Dean spoke but with less conviction than he wanted. So to back up the statement, he aimed quickly through the scope and shot. The butt of the rifle rammed into his shoulder and in an instant Gabriel landed to the side, matrix style, and avoided the heated bullet altogether.

"I'll get the crates-" Sam said as his shotgun went off a couple times before he finally discarded it.

"And I'll try and juice him. Got it." Dean responded running forward. He jumped and aimed a fist at Gabriel's face who just caught his fist like and bent it back. This caused Dean to fall to his knees and look up at the archangel. Gabriel's eyes glowed red behind his shades.

"That was the shittiest attempt on my life I have ever been through."

"Don't sell yourself short." No matter what. Short jokes came in all shapes and sizes. To stop Gabriel's boring red glare into his skull, Dean grabbed one of the syringes on his chest and stabbed the bastard in his thigh. Femoral artery to be precise.

"Ugh! Fuck me!" Gabriel shouted in pain as he ripped the spent syringe from his leg and threw it aside. Just two more...

"Don't mind if I do!" Sam yelled from Dean's right. Then an explosion happened from underneath Gabriel's feet as a rocket made contact with the floor. Dean flew and his back hit metal. He laid there with his heart pumping in his head and his muscles trembling. He slowly sat himself up.

"Thanks, Sammy! It's not like that could've killed me!" Dean popped some herb dust into his mouth and the headache and broken bones healed right up. He called it angel dust because that was what angels did. Healed right up.

"It didn't, right?" Was the response before a pained grunt sounded into the rain. Dean looked and found that Gabriel was straddling his brother around his waist with the bottom of the trench coat bellowing behind him and across Sam's long legs. The older brother darted over to a crate across the deck with panic lining his sculpted features.

"You don't know how much I LOVE this position, Sammy." Gabriel suggested saucily with a gloved hand on Sam's throat and another reared back, preparing to ram his fist down with virus induced strength. Dean pressed the red button on the crate and grabbed the rocket launcher after it opened. He turned and went down on one knee to steady his aim with the launcher on his shoulder. Dean met Sam's wide hazel eyes and the older brother nodded. Sam needed to find a way to stab the fucker in the neck or else they would lose that opportunity. His brother looked back up at Gabriel and ran a gloved hand up the arm that was connected to his neck.

"I've got a confession." Sam informed causing Gabriel to pause his attack. The younger hunter brought his other hand up and pressed it to the archangel's chest and slid his hand up to his neck.

"Wh..What?" Dean saw Sam clearly enjoy that stutter. Don't forget the plan, Sam!

"I like this position, too." And his little brother pulled the trickster down and their lips met. It was gross because it was his brother. But good job, Sammy. Gabriel's raised hand lowered itself next to Sam's head and the hand on his brother's throat slid more lovingly to the side of his head.

Now was the time to stick the needle in his damn neck!

But, noooooo, Gabriel only pulled away slowly with parted lips and his brother didn't even open his eyes at the loss of contact. Great! Nice getting caught up in the moment, Samantha!

"Mmmm, that almost worked, Sexy." Gabriel muttered. A look of realization fluttered across Sam's eyes as he opened them. Yeah, dumbass. Remember the game? Son of a bitch...

"Maybe I just wanted to make out with you." His brother tried to make it seem like it wasn't a distraction. Well, the second half of that session wasn't really a successful distraction so there was some truth there.

"Either way, you should do it again." Came Gabriel's voice as he appeared standing next to Sam and...himself. "Because that wasn't exactly me."

"Gabriel?" Sam questioned as he propped himself up on his elbows. Wesker Gabriel straightened up and seemed to pout at the real Gabriel.

"You came back sooner than I thought." Wesker Gabe said still not moving from atop his younger brother.

"This is the last time I leave you in my place while I'm gone."

"Hey. This is what you would normally do."

"...That's right. Gosh, I know me so well." Okay, this was going too far. Dean was NOT going to sit here with a rocket launcher on his shoulder listening to a self absorbed archangel talk to himself.

"Sammy." Dean called out.

"Right." Sam finally stabbed the vaccine into the jugular of Wesker Gabriel who held the syringe there in pain.

"Got only one more to go, Boss." He grunted through clenched teeth.

"You're almost completely useless." Gabriel indicated snapping his fingers. All at once, Wesker Gabriel was gone and real Gabriel was dressed in Wesker's clothes aside from the sunglasses. His red eyes shone freely and he smirked down at Sam, who was slowly crab crawling away.

"Round two, Samsquatch?"

"How about Round Fuck You?" Dean wasn't one who let one liners out in the open like that but he had to admit, that was pretty fucking amazing. The rocket left the chamber and exploded on Gabriel's chest. This gave Sam ample chance to get up and run past Dean and up the ladder that lead to another crate. Gabriel flew up and looked about to crash into the ships iron wall but he flipped like a cat would after falling and landed on his booted feet in an epic gravity defying pose. The gush of wind that expended from the impact stopped the rain from touching Gabriel for a second.

If Gabriel didn't make that epic recover pose scene right there, Dean would have actually been disappointed.

The older hunter dropped the spent weapon and hurried up the ladder to meet his brother who already had a rocket launcher ready. They watched a red aura collect around Gabriel, who stayed glued to the wall, and a low growl left his lips. It was as if he was charging up. Dean grasped Sam's bicep getting ready to bolt when Gabriel let out a war cry and launched himself towards them, red eyes blazing and determined.

The brothers hauled ass down the walkway. The repercussions of the blast that resulted after Gabriel crashed through the metal catwalk and into the wall behind it propelled the brothers forward and both hit their sides against the metal grates under them. Sammy recovered enough to aim the launcher into the smoke but Gabriel shot out and in the next second had slapped the weapon off the side. He was about to grab Sam but Dean took his sniper and pushed the long barrel against Gabriel's temple. Dean's shot was expectantly avoided but it was enough of a distraction to get Sammy up behind Gabriel to inject the last needed dose into the archangel's neck after wrapping arms around the trickster's torso.

"You're done, Gabriel." Sam whispered into his ear. Gabriel pushed him away gripping at his neck then jumped off the walkway and towards the plane.

"This isn't over!" Gabriel shouted boarding the jet. Sam quickly jumped off the edge to retrieve the discarded launcher and aimed.

Hell no was a lone rocket round going to take that thing down.

Dean looked across the room from his position on the catwalk because as Sam's rocket flew towards its target at least five more followed it.

A woman in a long red dress with amazing cleavage and dark hair had about five used launchers lined up against the metal railing. Cas's trench coat whipped back as the wind and rain continued its onslaught. She looked over with a small smirk and those blue eyes that were oh so familiar had Dean remembering that Ada Wong did NOT have blue eyes or a trench coat.

"Cas..." He muttered to himself. Cas, in Ada's body, put a hand on her hip and settle the launcher across her shoulders. That...was definitely sexy. Maybe Dean should let Cas handle some of his guns more often...Take pictures...

A sexy wink was sent his way as the black jet exploded with finesse. One more second of gawking and everything went black...again.

Ending credits

They were just talking.

Finally, Gabriel's games were over and maybe Castiel could work on gaining his brother's trust. Everyone was letting what had happened during those games settle. Gabriel's resurrection, new apocalypse, new relationships. This was a lot to take in. Even for an angel like Castiel. Well, almost.

Firstly, according to the odds that are mainly based on past events, Gabriel had a high chance of being resurrected. That surprised Castiel but when that shock dissipated he realized that he shouldn't have wasted time with being surprised in the first place.

Secondly, looking back on the recent history of Earth, another apocalypse was inevitable. It was becoming a routine which Castiel disliked immensely. A new end-of-all-things would only leave the angel open to more sketchy decision making. His time with Dean would shrink disappointedly.

Thirdly, the emotions. Castiel had the suspicion that most of them were acting on human instinct to keep from acknowledging any other deeper meaning to the affections held for one another or how long those feelings were there but buried. Dean seeking after the angel was a shock, really. The man's obsession with his manliness shielded him from the labels associated with one who was attracted to the same gender and stereotypically more feminine. Maybe if the angel was more tuned into the bond they shared, he would have found out what was going on in the hunter's mind earlier and every interaction would have made more sense. Castiel was skeptical about that. though. He was sure a lot of the same things would have happened anyway but possibly at different times and the stumbling over feelings would have interrupted certain plans...but were they all already stumbling even before this? And maybe there would have been regular sessions of intercourse that would have helped a lot of the frustrations through the years.

Castiel digressed. There were more important things to face than human emotions.

They were all just talking. Relieved that the games were over. Laughing because everything had been ridiculous Gabriel had finally understood that Castiel was only following what he thought was right and they mourned together. Though, his elder was still angry.

Then, he felt the pull. That disgustingly familiar pull of what he was starting to remember feeling just before being dragged to Heaven. And in that split second, he remembered 'Naomi'.

In the next, he was in her chair.

This was how Gabriel ended up in the corner of a very well hidden niche of Heaven that he probably wouldn't have been able to find if he hadn't hitched a ride with Castiel.

It was like being an archangel didn't matter anymore if he couldn't find a small ditch in Heaven.

Gabriel was about to excessively brag about how his video game reality was one of his best ideas. Let's face it. A lot of good things happened and they happened because the amazing Gabriel photo bombed back into the picture. The archangel was definitely going to toot his own enormous horn by saying how everyone's lives and even the whole world was better because he was alive again but then there was this...feeling, within his grace. A familiar tickle that had let him know that one of heaven's inhabitants was near or at least about to interject.

He barely heard Sam voice his concern as he looked over at Castiel with a guarded and alert expression. Cas had a pained expression as his fingers went up to his temples to possibly sooth any angelic headache he might have had. The tickle grew and Gabriel started to confirm his suspicions when he recognized who exactly was trying to interfere.

His brother's frightened blue eyes turned to him and the archangel prepared to jump into action as the younger angel muttered,


And they were both gone; leaving the hunter brothers most likely disorientated. But they were going to have to deal with it because this was more important. Being zapped up into Heaven just jump started his plan to actually find out what was going on in the world. This was going to be a great start.

Gabriel walked deeper into the room and crossed his arms. He looked on as Naomi turned her lobotomy drill on and closed in on a very distraught dark haired angel.

"Naomi." The she angel froze and light blue eyes shot up to him. He saw it. The surprise and slight fear embedded in those baby blues before she gracefully put her tool down and straightened herself out. She folded her hands in front of her and smiled professionally towards his way. Gabriel smirked and couldn't help but feel like those smiles were more like challenges. She tilted her head.


Dean ungracefully plopped down onto teh motel bed, clearly exhausted. It was so mice to have his clothes back. Sam sat in a chair as Gabriel and Cas stood next to his bed. Dean felt a sense of fulfillment and pride at having won most of the games Gabe put them through and especially kicking the archangel's ass at the end. That was amazing if he did say so himself. And he did.

"Geeze, I could sleep for days." He said willing his eyes to stay open.

"That makes sense. You've been awake for about a few days." Gabriel stated nonchalantly. Dean sat back up.

"What? Don't you know that Sammy needs his beauty sleep? He just doesn't have long and luscious hair like."

"Shove it, Dean."

"That's what getting caught up in video games will do to ya." Gabriel stated with a smile.

"Wrong. That's what getting caught by a bored archangel trickster does to you." Sam slipped in. Gabriel just annoyingly shrugged. "So, what did you do that you needed a 'replacement'?" Gabriel's smile faltered a bit and his eyes traveled to the floor.

"Took a history lesson."


"Yes, Sammy. I know I'm all awesome and powerful but I don't know everything." Gabriel then sent a nod over to Castiel who looked on with confusion.

"You're just gonna leave us hanging? Do we have to ask what you were doing in class?" Dean asked with a mocking tone.

"The real question here is if I'm gonna answer your question at all." Dean didn't think it was possible but he did NOT want to be at the end of that bitch face Sam sent Gabe's way. Dean's jaw almost dropped off his face when Gabriel sighed...and gave in. Kudos to Sam to being the whip instead of the whipped. "I just watched the highlight reel of the last several years. No biggie."


"Because I am a kind hearted sprite." Gabriel spat out with irritation. Seriously, what was his problem? And why wasn't he at Cas's thro-? ...Ah...Dean looked over at his brother with a raised eyebrow. There was no way his brother didn't get what was going on before he did. A smirk was his answer and Dean was relieved that his brother still got it.

"Let's see. We got outta that game alive and we actually kicked you ass. You're not as pissed and Castiel is still alive so," Sam started amusement playing on his face at Gabriel's slight pout.

"You are not angry, Gabriel?" Castiel asked and even Dean would have had trouble denying the oblivious angel if those accidental puppy eyes were turned towards him. Gabriel stared at him scrutinizing the younger angel. Then he looked away while running a hand through his light brown hair.

"Not mad but more frustrated..." Then, something in the air changed. It was subtle; barely there. But it made the hairs on the back of Dean's neck shift. Gabriel snapped his head towards Castiel.

"Are you-?" Sam started but then Cas held his head in pain and looked over at Gabriel.

"No." He muttered and before Dean could even complete a thought much less an action both angels were gone which had the brothers standing and looking at each other for any answer they might have had. Tough luck there, though.

"What the hell?!" Sam shrugged at him. "Should we pray?"

"I have a feeling praying to them won't make a difference." Sam murmured.

"Yeah." Dean muttered quietly rubbing a hand over his face willing his anxiety and worry away. He would probably still end up praying anyway.

Though, one thing was for sure.

They were never going to catch a break again.

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