Sakura no Eda

Extra 3

"Byakuya's Kink"

Rukia blinked her eyes open, lying in Byakuya's arms one night after making love. She blushed as she realized she had passed out after her last orgasm; it was her first time doing that. Byakuya was especially good at finding her weak spots since Kurotsuchi's little experiment on them. She shifted a little to see his face behind her. As always, he slept with a serene expression, which she always thought made him look young. It was especially sweet the way his soft black hair often fell in his face. She smiled, blushing a little.

But then something occurred to her. Of course, Byakuya seemed to enjoy it when they made love, and very rarely, he even made lascivious expressions or noises. But very rarely. Yet when he was in Rukia's body, she was able to make him pant and cry out for her loudly. That was an extraordinary feeling. Was Rukia's body just more sensitive than his? Was it something to do with their personalities? Or was it really that Byakuya wasn't as attracted to her as she was to him?

She bit her lip, thinking. Maybe…and this was actually highly probable given his personality, he had some kink that he hadn't told her about (and probably never would). If that was the case, he didn't have to tell her, she could devise it by simple process of elimination. Though even as she thought this, she felt her cheeks grow hot. Simple enough, if she had the nerve.

So she decided to start with a baseline. She went to Renji the next day during lunch and asked him the following question:

"Say, Renji, do you happen to know if Nii-sama has any particular kinks or feti-"

"No!" Renji cried, jumping to his feet.

Rukia blinked, as Renji promptly turned on his heel and started walking away. "Wait, Renji!" she cried, walking after him.

Then Renji picked up to a run, but he turned back briefly to say, "No! You do not ask me that stuff! Our friendship does not run in that direction!" he cried. Then he turned and took off at full speed.

Rukia was left in bewilderment for a few moments. "Well…can't really blame him, I guess…" she murmured, blushing.

She went to the lower world to ask Ichigo, while he was doing some homework in his room. His face gradually turned bright red and then he simply shook his head.

"No," was all he said.

And then, even though it was his own room, turned and walked out.

Rukia sighed. She had such pure friends. Though normally, of course, that was a good thing. On her way back to Soul Society, she stopped in Urahara's shop to pick up some items she needed. Yoruichi greeted her when she was hanging out in Urahara's living room.

"Oh, Rukia! How's that beau of yours?"

Rukia blushed, and then she realized that Yoruichi had known Byakuya for much longer than she had. Maybe she would know. Hesitantly, she posed her question.

At the same time, Urahara walked into the room, and he and Yoruichi exchanged glances. Then both of them snorted with laughter at the same time.

"I-I'm being serious!" Rukia murmured.

"Well, that's partly why it's funny," Yoruichi muttered, taking a drink of some tea Urahara had given her. "You're a good girl, Rukia, and that little punk probably doesn't deserve you, but my advice is, you're better off going with your instincts on that kind of thing. And here's a tip: shinigami men are pretty weak to lower world kinks, so I'd start with those. Right, Kisuke?" she said with a wink in his direction.

Urahara smiled hesitantly, then laughed awkwardly, while quite clearly blushing.

Rukia raised her eyebrows. "Hmm…" she muttered, seriously. "In that case I should probably do some research."

Which she did. And then she supplied herself with an arsenal of the most popular kinks in the lower world. Then she experimented.

One night, she came to Byakuya's room with cat ears. It was probably the most disappointing reaction she could have imagined. He saw her come in, glanced up at the ears, then back at her, then kissed her normally and said nothing about them for the rest of the night. Cat ears: failure.

Getting bolder, this time she tried the full bunny girl outfit. Byakuya observed her for a few moments, then to her surprise, he placed a hand on her hip.

"This is too revealing, and complicated to take off," he said. Then he kissed her, and made love to her without taking the costume off. Bunny girl: failure.

The next night, she tried a maid outfit. However this gave her the worst reaction yet.

Byakuya frowned. "Rukia. You must never dress like a servant."

He took the costume off, tore it to pieces on the spot with Senbonzakura, and made love to her regardless.

Maid: extreme failure.

Next, she got bolder still. She was hesitant to try this one since she herself found it extremely embarrassing, but if nothing else was working, it was worth a shot. The dominatrix.

She came in, strapped with leather and buckles, and stood for a moment as Byakuya observed her. He took a little longer to make his determination this time, so she thought she might be getting somewhere. But instead…

He sighed minimally. "Vulgar."

Then he removed her embarrassing garment and made love to her anyway.

These failures, however, were only making Rukia more determined. She had to know, what could flip his switch. Especially because Byakuya seemed to be, if anything, getting even better at making her lose herself to pleasure every time they did it. She had to know. But, unfortunately, she had run out of outfits, so further research would have to wait a while.

She received a mission to go into the lower world with Ichigo for a time, and so she went into her room to try on her school uniform, to see if it still fit. While she was straightening her bow and examining herself in her mirror, Byakuya knocked on her door and entered without waiting for a response, as always.

"Rukia," he said. "It's almost time for dinner."

"Ah, yes, I'm coming," Rukia said with a smile. She tugged on her bow to loosen it and started to unbutton her shirt, when she realized Byakuya was still standing there, watching her. She turned to look at him.

Byakuya was watching her image in the mirror. It was only when she turned that she was able to see the subtle pink over his cheeks.

"Nii-sama…?" Rukia murmured.

He blinked, then his gaze was drawn to her bare legs, and the hem of her short skirt. He blinked heavily. Then he said, "What is that you're wearing?"

Rukia was surprised. "Oh…had you not seen this before, Nii-sama? It's the school uniform for girls at Ichigo's school."

Byakuya took in this information for a few moments, alternately glancing between a random place on the floor and Rukia's legs. "All girls there wear this?"


To Rukia's amazement, his mild blush seemed to deepen. "Isn't the skirt too short?"

Now Rukia was starting to blush as well. She glanced down. "Um…no." She stretched her arms downward so her fingertips met the hem of the skirt. "You see, there is a rule, the skirt must be no shorter than the fingertips. But look, it's just right."

Byakuya tilted his head slightly and glanced away, looking, for him, unsure. He cleared his throat. "I was not aware you were wearing such things. My tailor will prepare you something with a longer skirt."

Rukia blinked. "Huh? But…uh…I don't think…"

His dark gaze flicked up to her, and she flinched. "You will not leave this room while wearing that."

Rukia flushed deeply. What did that mean? Did that mean she wouldn't leave the room alive, or not with any clothes? Or…

Her thoughts were stopped as Byakuya approached her and stroked the side of her face, causing her brain to melt a little. His dexterous fingers ran down her neck, her collar bone, and came to a stop at the first button of her uniform. Rukia was already panting. She looked up with shock to see that Byakuya's lips were parted, his cheeks hot, and his breath coming quickly. He swallowed.

In one quick motion, he snapped his finger down, instantly removing the majority of her buttons. Rukia gasped, not thinking at the time that she only had one of these shirts. Byakuya's long fingers spread out across her small chest, and she couldn't help moaning a little. They then caressed the edges of her bra.

"What is this called?" he asked her softly.

Rukia shuddered, hearing his voice so near her chest. "A bra…"

"How is it removed?"

Rukia hesitantly indicated the snap in front. Byakuya flicked it open, and then grabbed her body against him and deeply kissed her chest. Rukia shuddered with a moan, her fingers tightening on his shoulders. With her small breasts, he was able to take them deeply into his mouth, causing Rukia to arch her back and lose the strength in her legs.

He ran kisses all up and down her torso, then he got to his knees. He caressed her bare legs in awe, much though he saw them all the time. While steadying her with one hand against her back, he used the other to pick up one of her legs around her calf. Rukia whimpered, holding onto his shoulder with both hands. Byakuya lovingly kissed the inside of her thigh. Rukia cried out, surprised at how sensitive she was there, and would have lost her balance, if not for Byakuya's hand.

Once he had his fill of this, and to Rukia's disbelief, he placed her leg over his shoulder. Rukia was trembling; this was so erotic. Byakuya ran his free hand up her leg and pushed up her skirt. He considered for a moment. Then he lifted the hem and said to Rukia, "Hold this."

Rukia hesitantly complied, holding her hem with trembling hands. Now he was able to bring his head in closer, and kiss her over her panties. Rukia nearly collapsed with sensation, crying out loudly.

Byakuya took his mouth away and ran his finger up and down against her, making a line of dampness against her white panties. "The state of this garment seems to say that you're feeling good, Rukia," he said, in a kind of sensuous voice that she had rarely heard from him. "Is that right?"

Rukia was more than usually turned on, and could only gasp, "Y-yes…!"

Byakuya smirked. "Hm."

Instead of removing them, he moved the crotch of her panties aside so he could lick her directly. Rukia moaned loudly, her body hunching over his, and nearly dropping the skirt she was supposed to hold. Byakuya had a lot of fun driving her rational mind away with pleasure like this. His tongue found all of Rukia's good spots and gave them just enough pressure and just enough avoidance. In the state she was in, Rukia could hardly hold back. She came hard within moments, her fingers digging into the back of Byakuya's captain's haori.

Normally, this was when Byakuya would start kissing her again, to give her time to relax after coming before they continued. But to her shock, Rukia looked down to see he was panting. Then suddenly, Byakuya grabbed her by the hips and set her down on her back before him. He didn't seem in control like normal, and merely undressed enough to produce his cock and shove it inside her.

"Ahhh!" Rukia cried, with a hint of pain at the suddenness. But she received quite a jewel for her trouble.

"Ah…" Byakuya grunted, moving himself in her. His gaze roamed all over her, now and then caressing her body, seemingly out of desperation. His pace grew fast immediately, holding her hips as he pounded inside her again and again. His head fell against her chest as he kept thrusting in her.

"Ahh…Nii-sama!" Rukia moaned, feeling herself unusually hot by seeing this new Byakuya.

Byakuya grunted, running his hands passionately over her body. He lasted another minute or so, and then gritted his teeth, grabbing on to Rukia's shoulders to pull her ever deeper onto him, and gasped as he found his release.

Byakuya lay panting for a long time above her, holding himself up on one elbow so he didn't crush her. Rukia was panting too, still trying to recover a bit from that sudden burst of passion from him.

"Rukia…" Byakuya murmured eventually, and it seemed his reason was back. "…I have acted shamelessly."

"No, no, no, no!" Rukia hastily assured him. She added slightly under her breath, "I've been trying to get you to act shamelessly with me all this time." Then at a normal volume, "But listen, Nii-sama, as long as I don't wear it outside, do you think your tailor could make me another one of these?"

Byakuya watched her in uncertainty for a moment. Then he turned away and blushed.

School uniform: success.