Somewhere in the farthest reaches of space, near the edge of our galaxy and approximately 400 lightyears from Cybertron, aboard the starcruiser "It still need name!" The ship is obviously well used, but well cared for. It has also, obviously, seen battle, if the weld lines are any indication. It has three rotating gun turrets and extensive antiseeker weaponry, alongside multiple customized weapons that are unrecognizable to the standard viewer's eye or optic.

The I.S.N.N appears slow, but that's simply a ruse. She is large, yes, and bulky, but she can hit lightspeed in three seconds from a full stop, and has anti-relativity devices built in, meaning it can leave now, and get to Earth yesterday. Add in the fact that her builders and designers are generally seen as incompetent fools, and you get a ship that strikes fear into the sparks of Decepticons.

"Bragh! Why you Sludge smash that?! Me Swoop needed that!"
"Argh, me Sludge sorry, brother Swoop, me Sludge not mean to!"

Swoop gave a cry of rage and transformed his wings, slashing at Sludge with them as he cried "You Sludge get out me Swoop's Medbay! You am impossible! Out, out, out!"

After Sludge was chased out, Swoop slumped against the wall, venting hard.
"Me Swoop need to get off this ship!"

"Me Snarl am get message! It am from Autobot command. What us do, Grimlock?"

"Us set course for them, duh! You Slag activate Hyper engine thingies!"

As he left the bridge, Grimlock paused in the adjoining cargo hold, where their passengers lay in stasis. Gently, far more gently than anyone would think the visored mech of being able to be, he laid a clawed hand on the glass of a stasis pod and wiped the condensation off, revealing the face of a femme, her pink armour dull in the low light. Grimlock chuckled slightly and then whispered "Him Ultra Magnus owe me Grimlock lots of credits soon! Him not think us do it, Spiderladybot, but us make it to him Optimus!", glee in his voice at some private joke.

"Incoming message, Ratchet, definite Autobot signature," Hiccup said, sharing in the communications station duty with Ratchet, easing the doc-bot's boredom and giving Hiccup a chance to learn to use non-medical Cybertronian Technology.

"On screen," Ratchet commanded, and a voice he thought he'd never hear again came through.

"This am Slag, Pilot of Autobot Ship It Still Need Name!, me am request permission to land!"