What if Shego from Kim Possible saw the fight with Macavity but set a little before The Three Jellicle Sisters or all of the fights and gets involved with Rosealeana and her family. Read on to find out.

Shego was walking in a forest near a building that was abandoned that she was supposed to be scouting out for , she figured that she could also see the forest around the area because she was the best henchwoman that money can buy and not even Hench co. could hire her! But Drakken was able to pay for her services and let her negotiate her contract.

Suddenly Shego heard some cats fighting and went in the direction of the noise. When she got there she saw a tall ginger cat and an orange tabby with black stripes deep in battle, but that wasn't the odd part both cats were fighting like cats who fight like humans! But the most interesting thing was that the tiger striped cat was using powers that looked a lot like her plasma but in orange.

The two cats were slashing at each other and the tabby was fighting in what looked like a style similar to hers, suddenly the ginger cat knocked the tabby out and it fell to the ground. Shego felt that she needed to do something; she felt something for the cat but didn't know what. She light one of her hands and threw a bolt of plasma on the ground near the ginger cat, the cat yowled in surprise and ran away.

Shego stepped towards the injured she-cat (she found that out by getting a closer look) and was able to see some of the damage that the other cat did and from what she could see the cuts were pretty deep for a cat, she knew it was risky but she decided to take the cat back to her house to try to help the poor cat. She picked the cat up with care and headed to her place, little did she know what she would get involved in.

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