Rosealeana POV the day after

I can't believe that I talked to Shego through my mind! I think to myself as I am pacing back and forth or rather limped. I may have just exposed myself, and the rest of the Jellicles; I mean just one little slip up and I could end up banished from the tribe, hopefully if I play my cards write I won't have to be banished, hopefully.

I could hear Shego in the kitchen opening a can of cat food as I paced (or limped because I am still walking on all fours) in the living room, I never have been crazy about that stuff, but this place has no mice at all! Plus I still can't hunt because even though my injuries are mostly healed thanks to my powers, but my forearm still hurts quite a bit, I guess it's going to take a little longer to heal than the other injuries. Well, it's there and it's food so there plus sometimes Shego will give me a small amount of her food, if I'm a "good Kitty", or if I give her a sad look with my eyes.

I walk into the kitchen on all fours, and go over to the cat dish (which is one dish with one side for food, and the other side for water) and sat in front of it and took a nice long drink, the water was nice and cold, just the way I like it; but my drink would soon be interrupted

"Emberflame" Shego called and taped on the can of cat food with the spoon in her hand, I guess she needs me to move out of the way. I stepped aside and Shego put the cat food in the dish, when she was done I went back to the dish and started eating some of the food, what its better than the dry cat food that the actors at the theater leave out for me when I come visit. I ate maybe about half of the food before I decided that I needed to use the litter box, except the box wasn't set up yet, so I walked over to the bathroom, and once in there I heard

"Hey, what are you doing?" I heard Shego ask, but decided not to answer

I jumped up on the toilet and did my business, much to my embarrassment and once I was done pressed on the lever with my good paw and flushed the toilet, I jumped down and exited the bathroom as if nothing happened (Cats are very good at that and I happen to be one of the few Cats who have learned how to act thanks to Old Gus)

"Ether I'm going crazy or the cat just used the bathroom" Shego muttered, and I just smirked

"And now the cat is smirking!" said Shego in a voice that sounded slightly panicky

I decided that I wanted to walk around or something, so I limped around until I saw an open door leading to another room, but there was carpeting on the wall next to the door. I decided to start climbing the wall, so I climbed up until I could reach the top of the door and jumped on top of the door soundlessly and then I jumped on top of the fridge which was about half a foot away from the door. I landed soundlessly and waited, for what I don't know; it wasn't until Shego came into the room that I knew what I was going to do

Shego went over to the sink to fill a glass with water, she turned the sink on and I jumped onto the counter and walked over to the sink, went next to her and put on a "What are you doing" face and when she looked up she laughed

"How did you get there Emberflame, I didn't see you" Shego said with a grin

I pointed to the door and the fridge with my tail and meowed in response

"I guess that your paw is feeling better if you're climbing, I need to check your wounds anyway Emberflame" said Shego as she picked me up off of the counter and put me on the kitchen table where she started to carefully take off my bandages where the cuts were and gasped

"The wounds are completely healed up!" exclaimed Shego

All I had needed was a good night's sleep for my powers to heal me up to a degree

Shego then took the cat sized brace on my right paw and checked my paw, which I had somehow sprained during the fight and gently pressed on the muscle

"Mrow!" I yowled in pain; I guess it takes longer for sprains to heal up

"I guess you're gonna have to keep this brace on for awhile longer Ember" Shego said with a shortened version of my house cat name as she put the brace back on my right paw.

She took me off of the table and took me back to the living room and set me down on the couch and looked out the window, I followed her gaze and saw my sisters Bomba and Demeter looking cold sitting on the outside of the window sill where there used to be a box for flowers, but a slab of wood was put on top of it, for the winter season

"What's with all these cats' around here lately?" Shego questioned herself

"I'm going to work, take care Emberflame" Shego said as she put on a coat to go outside and opened the door and went outside, but when she was closing the door she didn't notice the two cats that quickly and quietly entered her home.