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Authors Note: A new story from a guy you thought dead. Which will quite piss some of you off. Sorry. Let me start off by saying this. No Animus. We will see Harry's journey down the road of the Assassin. From the beginning of his training through his first kill to the end of the series, or wherever I feel it will be most appropriate to end this. Enjoy.

The figure pulled his albino dragon hide cloak over the red shirt and dark pants he preferred when going about this business.

"So your going after him?" His wife's voice said from behind him.

"I have to Lily. As long as he's alive you and Harry are in danger."

"And if you die? What then Jim?" James Potter cringed. She only called him that when she was annoyed. "I just can't stand here and do nothing. He'll bring that mad bastard down on us. He has to die before he can tell Voldemort where we are!"

"Let's just re-cast the spell. It's almost Halloween. It can wait three days. You don't have to do this." Lily hugged him from behind. "If you die who will teach him about the sect. You're the only fully trained member left."

James turned and smiled at her as he pulled his pointed wizard hat on his head as he settled the brim so it shadowed his face. "You will Lils. You'll teach him what it means. And you're still the scariest witch I've ever met. You can get Remus and Sirius to help. They both love running. And once he gets to Hogwarts you can have him ask Filius,"

Lily stared. Professor Flitwick's an?

"No. But he's one of the finest magical and non magical duelists there is. His mom taught him well when they were teaching him how to use swords and knifes. Or at least that's what I've heard." James gave her that sheepish grin that made her want to drag him to bed even after Harry's 46 hour birth.

His face quickly grew more sombre, "He has to die. If he tells Voldemort where we are we're done for. Peter has to die." He grabbed the eight shot revolver his father had passed down to him from his mother a halfblood of an American cell and the one who'd inducted Charlus the second into the Assassin Order from where he'd made himself indispensable to the mystic sect with his political connections.

"James. If you fail, Peter will know. He'll tell him right away." Lily knew her husband well and expected his answer.

"I won't." He promised.

"I'll die James. He'll kill me. Who teaches him then? If he's even still alive." Lily turned away from him.

"He will. Mundungus will be able to teach him the skills to take what he needs. He can practice climbing at Hogwarts, Flitwick's for battle. He's got too much of us in him Lils. He'll figure it out. And I left things at Hogwarts. My codex is there. Well, my father's words, but my hiding place, and a little bit of me to explain things."

James pulled on the weapon no assassin was complete without, kissed his wife. And went to kill one of his best friends. He would come back two days later bloody and defeated. And the next day, Halloween, one of the most powerful days of the year, Peter betrayed the secret of the potters, destroying the protections that kept them hidden. And quite accidentally ending the first wizarding war.