This is just a quick chapter to summarize Loki and Tony's relationship pre-Avengers and Iron Man. I might go a little further into detail later on, maybe as Tony regaining his memories. Maybe.


Twenty five years ago, Loki came to Earth, bored of Asgard's stagnant ways of life. One fateful night, in the summer of 1987, he met a seventeen year old Tony Stark, heir to Stark Industries. He was attending one of Howard Stark's charity galas under the guise of a young woman, a foreign supermodel, looking to make connections in America. Young Tony took a shine to her immediately, and offered to buy her a drink.

Lorna, as she was called, was amused, and allowed the young man to buy her a drink. She talked with him all night, switching between English and Swedish, pretending to have a hard time understanding him and his intentions toward her. At the end of the night, she bid him farewell and handed him a card with her name and the name of the modeling agency she worked for.

She wasn't surprised at all when he showed up at her agency the next day during a photo shoot.

From that point on, they made a habit of seeing each other when their schedules allowed it. Two weeks after the gala, they were dating, and everyone said it wouldn't last. Two years later they were excepting a child—a little girl.

Halfway through Lorna's pregnancy, she told Tony the truth—the truth about her and where she was from, and that Lorna Aven didn't exist. He didn't believe her at first, but eventually she managed to convince him.

That was their first major fight, and it lasted the rest of the pregnancy. Their child's birth was difficult, and Tony was so afraid that he would lose his new family that he forgot his anger. He sat beside her while she recovered, and he watched his daughter in the hospital's nursery.

Erika Maria Stark was born on April 4, 1990, and she was so little; the doctors said it was a miracle she survived.

Lorna was tired, and she and the baby stayed in the hospital for almost a week.

Once they were both deemed healthy enough to leave, Tony wasted no time getting his family home. He apologized to Lorna for getting so angry and asked her to show him.

She refused until after Erika was a year old, then she showed him who she truly was—not Lorna Aven, but Loki Odinson. Loki explained why he'd had to hide his life on Earth, and why he'd lied to Tony for so long—it was a difficult task for the God of Lies to be truthful, after all, and being truthful to Tony meant he trusted the man, more than he trusted anyone on Asgard. His father and brother loved him, but they had wronged him too many times for him to trust them completely.

He trusted Tony, though—enough to tell him about his life on Asgard as a prince and younger brother to Thor, God of Thunder, and about why he'd been hesitant to having a baby; it was the same reason he'd hidden Erika as soon as she was born—he'd lost so many children, he wasn't about to lose another.

That night Tony held Loki and told the god that as long as Loki stayed there, with Tony and their daughter, he was safe. There, on Earth, he was safe, and he could have the life that had been denied him too many times. Tony promised that Loki would see Erika grow up and would never have to leave her.

Neither of them knew that this was a lie, and that Loki only had a few more precious years with his family before he would be forced to leave them. He would never see Erika ride her first bike, or go to school for the first time. He would miss her entire life, but he had no way of knowing this, so for the moment he believed the lie—that he had a family, and not even the Allfather himself could take that away from him.

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