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Jackson shifted his stiff knees, trying to readjust himself to a more comfortable version of his awkward position. He was currently wedged between the back of his chair and the edge of the desk, with his feet on either side of the computer in front of him and his pelvis slid forward so he could fit the vibrator in easily. His cock was smearing precum all over his abs and bellybutton as he jerked it with one hand, watching the naked bodies on the screen move and pulse. He moaned slightly as he wiggled the vibrator, making it hit his prostate. At the same time, the skinny boy on his video screen was making the bigger, more muscular man scream in ecstasy using a dildo.

He watched his long toes curl in response to the stimulation of his prostate. Normally, he didn't like to jerk off in the Hale house, even after the pack manage to spruce it up enough to be inhabitable. But since the Alpha pack came around and Gerard was still on the loose, Derek had the whole pack spending almost every free moment in their den. To make matters worse, there was a distinct scent of sex in the air, and it was driving Jackson crazy. He wasn't sure who was having sex where, but his new wolf senses could pick up even the faintest smells now. Since realizing that Danny was his mate and turning him so that he could join the pack, the two had been going at each other practically nonstop. He couldn't wait for the boy to get back from work, though. He pulled and pushed at the vibrator as he jerked his cock, eyes fixated on the bright little computer screen in the dark room.

Suddenly, the lights flicked on. Jackson whipped his head to the right, looking at the door. Danny was standing there, disbelief in his eyes. He looked tired, wearing a blue button-up shirt with a gray vest and gray slacks. His gym bag fell from his fingers as he continued to stare at his boyfriend, naked with his legs splayed open in front of a computer.

"Really?" Danny said in an aggravated tone, finally breaking the silence. "Seriously? I get home from a hard day at work to find this? This is what my mate does while I'm out working all day?"

Jackson opened his mouth, but before he could even respond, Danny rolled the office chair backwards, setting Jackson off balance. Taking advantage of his confusion and dizzy state, Danny tossed the boy onto the bed, vibrator still humming between his ass cheeks. Than tanned, muscular boy looked down at Jackson as he dropped trou, wrestling his pants and light green briefs around his shoes. Wrenching the leaner boy's mouth open, he shoved his underwear in the boy's mouth. They were wet before they hit Jackson's tongue.

"Oh, sorry," Danny said with mocking apology, "I forgot my jock, so I've been working out in those for the past hour." Jackson could indeed taste and smell the salty sweat dampening the material.

Danny crawled on the bed, now clad only in his shirt, vest, shoes, and socks, so his hairy, tanned legs were exposed. Jackson, naked from head to toe and gagged, looked up at the man with doughy eyes, his lean, pale body exposed and trapped beneath the firm muscles of the man on top of him. Danny's body heat added to the warmth of the room.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't be able to smell you from outside of the house?" Danny asked, his face only centimeters away from Jackson's. His dark eyes flashed yellow for a moment, and his breath hitched. The sweet smell of his skin intermingled with the musk of the dirty underwear in his mouth, his own pheromones, and Danny's hair products. "You know Scott and Isaac were leaving just as I was coming in. There was no way they didn't notice."

Jackson blushed, thinking about the two of them leaving as they smelled his precum and naked skin. Danny smiled. "Anyone walking by could smell your pheromones. You want it bad, don't you?" Danny asked, pointing out how unusually horny Jackson was. The naked boy nodded, unable to deny the fact while his dick was pulsating against Danny's shirt, encouraged by the vibrator still wedged against his prostate. "They're gonna be able to smell it all over this room, even after you're gone. You really couldn't just wait til Derek said you could go home?"

The lean, pale boy hadn't considered the fact that his smell may linger in the house. He blushed even deeper. Somehow, at the moment, with his hard on pressed against Danny's hard abs and the boy's tanned cock nudging against his thighs, it didn't really seem to matter who would be able to smell what. Jackson slid his hands between his legs, trying to remove the vibrator so that he could get some relief from the relentless pleasure. Danny grabbed his wrist and removed his hand, pushing the vibrator in deeper with his knee.

Jackson bit down on his mate's underwear as the tanned, muscular form on top of him readjusted himself so that he was sitting on Jackson's chest, his knees in the boy's armpits. He ripped the wet briefs from the boy's plump lips, setting them right beside Jackson's face so that he could continue to smell them. Grabbing his hard-on by the base, Danny wagged his uncut six inches in front of Jackson's willing mouth, teasing the boy. Jackson's tongue snaked out to his lips, eager to taste the precum on Danny's head. He arched his neck, pressing his lips around the fat tip while his tongue shot under his foreskin, licking a circle around the sensitive cock head underneath his foreskin.

Pleasantly surprised, Danny's mouth drooped open at the new and pleasurable sensation. Jackson's tongue continued to swirl in circles, licking up all of the precum. Danny's head was extra sensative, his uncut dick head having been spared years of rubbing against the inside of his jeans, and the sensation of Jackson's warm tongue made him curl his toes and arch his back, lifting his hips up slightly to meet the inviting mouth. He could feel Jackson's lips pull into a smile as he flicked his tongue over all of the sensitive parts of Danny's head, making the boy grip the sheets beneath his hands.

Finally, he slipped his tongue from beneath the foreskin and slid his lips down the length of the shaft. Danny arched his back, his tanned abs flexing as he greeted the warm embrace of Jackson's pouty lips. Jackson rested his hands on Danny's hairy thighs, his long fingers exploring the hot, tanned skin. Rising onto his knees, Danny grabbed the boy's pale wrists and pushed them down onto the pillow on either side of his head. He was now bent over Jackson's head, holding down his wrists while his thick ass cheeks bobbed up and down, pushing his cock in and out of the boy's mouth. Danny felt the boy moaning against his dick, sending vibrations up the length of his shaft. Gripping his wrists tighter, he gave the boy a good, hard slams with his pelvis. His balls flopped audibly on the boy's chin as he rammed his meat into Jackson's mouth, making him choke and gag. Danny slowly pushed his pelvis forward, feeling his dick slide into the boy's mouth inch by inch, until he was lying with Jackson's nose buried in his thick bush of pubes.

Pulling out all at once, Danny released the boy's wrists and rolled off the bed. Almost as an afterthought, he turned around and stuffed the sweaty black briefs back into the boy's mouth. He walked around to the end of the bed and gripped Jackson's ankles, his saliva-covered hard on bouncing in front of him as he walked. With a strong yank, Danny pulled Jackson's ass to the edge of the bed, his pale legs splayed high in the air. He pulled the vibrator out of the boy's hole, holding it up as it buzzed as if to shame the boy for getting off without him. Danny gave it a sniff. "It smells like my cock after I fuck you," he said with a smirk, watching Jackson blush. He tossed it on the bed next to the boy, where he could feel it buzzing. Danny grabbed the base of his wet dick. "It's no replacement for this, is it cockslut?"

In a few quick motions, Danny grabbed Jackson's ankles, wrenched them as far apart as he could, and shoved his cock into the boy's unexpecting hole. Biting down on the salty underwear, Jackson screamed at the sudden pain of the unlubricated cock being shoved inside of him so quickly. Danny smiled at the boy's reaction. He held his dick inside of his mate as he slowly unbuttoned and removed his vest and unbuttoned his shirt, making Jackson hold his legs up as he recovered from the pain of his ass being pounded.

With his abs and chest now exposed, Danny started pumping his mate's ass, setting the boy's ankles on his broad shoulders. Jackson moaned as Danny found his prostate, his getting heavy. Danny aimed the round head of his cock at the spot that made his mate's breath hitch, trying to hit it with every thrust. Jackson's sphincter contracted around Danny's dick every time he managed to hit his mate's pleasure center. His blue shirt contrasted with his bronze skin as it waved in the his vigorous thrusting. The sheets clung to Jackson's pale skin as sweat poured from him. Danny realized that if anybody came home, their moans and labored breathing, paired with the loud slapping of his low hanging ballsack against Jackson's ass, would be incredibly obvious to the wolves who frequented the house. He redoubled his efforts, arching his back as he slammed his dick into Jackson.

Jackson's hand went to his cock, unable to deny the aching organ any longer. Danny grabbed the vibrator from the bed, spreading Jackson's legs further apart as he pressed the buzzing dildo against his filled hole. Jackson moaned, his strokes picking up pace. Slowly, Danny pushed the toy against his hole harder and harder, finally managing to slip the head in beneath his cock. Then, he slid it in and out with his dick, fucking him with both his own meat and the vibrator at once. Jackson moaned with pleasure, his prostate getting hit with either the dick or the vibrator with every motion of Danny's hips.

The muscular, tanned boy smiled. He could hear the familiar changes in Jackson's breathing, and saw the desperate way his hand moved over his cock. Gripping Jackson's thighs tighter, he pulled almost all the way out, stopping just at the tip, and pushed his pelvis forward with all of his might. His dick and the vibrator slammed into his ass with an audible clap, pushing so far that his pubes ticked Jackson's balls and the toy almost disappeared. Jackson screamed, almost a wolf howl, as his hot load spat out of his cock. A thick ropey shot flew above his head, landing on the wall, and several more landed on the bed and on his chest. Danny's head swam in the smell of his mate's pheromones.

With a devious grin, Danny pulled the vibrator out of Jackson's ass as the boy's breathing returned to normal. He rolled the vibrating toy in a pool of jizz collected around Jackson's bellybutton. Jackson watched with interest as he smeared cum all over his taut, white stomach before sliding his arms around Jackson's torso, hugging him close. He heaved the boy up, allowing his legs to drop down so he could wrap them around Danny's chest. They stood for a moment, their chests pressed against one another as Danny pumped into Jackson's ass. With a dexterity that Danny wouldn't have possessed before getting the Bite, he managed to pull a nearby chair over and sit down, positioning the vibrator on the chair with one hand while holding Jackson up with the other. Now, he was sitting with the cum-covered toy vibrating against his prostate and Jackson hugging him in a cowboy position.

Jackson's cum and their sweat made the boy's lean, pale skin slide against the bulging tan pecs as Danny lifted Jackson up and down on his cock. Jackson's nails scratched pattern's in Danny's back under his shirt as he kissed his mate's neck. The pale boy could feel Danny getting faster and faster, gripping him tighter as he pumped the boy on his dick. His eyes closed and his lips parted as a low whine came from deep within his throat. Suddenly, Jackson could feel his mate releasing inside of him, shooting several hot loads into his guts. He slowed and stopped, taking a moment to catch his breath. Jackson smiled and ran a finger along Danny's strong jawline.

Danny picked him up and carried him over to the bed, not pulling out until he threw the boy down on the mattress. He flopped down beside the boy he loved, a contented smile on his lips. Danny took the cum-covered vibrator out of his hole and Jackson pulled the sweaty briefs from lips. Danny smiled, having forgotten about them as their intimacy escalated.

"You know," Jackson said, his voice a little hoarse from all the screaming and the underwear in his mouth, "you were right. Everyone is gonna be able to smell us all over this room now."

Danny looked around, taking in the sweat soaked sheets, the cum on the wall and mattress, and their scent on the chair, as well as Jackson's scent on the desk chair. He knew that the smell would be obvious for a few days even without werewolf powers. He shrugged. "Sucks to be Derek," he said, smiling as he looked over into Jackson's deep eyes.

"What if he's mad?" Jackson said with mock concern.

"We'll invite him to join next time," Danny said lightly, a smile still playing at his lips.

The two sat in comfortable silence for a second, staring at the ceiling. Then Jackson lit up. "Hey Danny?"

"Hm?" Danny turned his head to look at his mate.

"Next time," Jackson said, an almost threateningly devilish quality in his voice, "I get to be the jealous mate and you can be the lazy cockjerker."