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Chapter 2


It was not Robin's intention that Starfire get on her hands-and-knees to clean the floor, but hell, he wasn't going to stop her.

She looked over her shoulder and gave him a saucy wink. "Robin," she admonished playfully, "if you do not do the spurting of the creamy floor wax, we shall not be able to move on to the recreational activities."

Robin's brain completely short circuited. Between her combination of word misuse and double entendre, he froze for a moment. His speech as well was affected, temporarily halted by a thick and heavy tongue. When finally able to move, he got on one knee beside her and squirted the liquid that looked like... oh yay, she was right.

He stroked her back. It was his turn to wink when she acknowledged the welcome attention.

Was it him or were things getting warmer in the kitchens now, even with the ovens now off? Sidling toward him and arching her back into his touch, no, they were both feeling it.

He leaned in to nuzzle her a bit and whispered, "Can the floor wait?"

"Are you not enjoying yourself?"

Was she looking hurt? He paused, considered. "No, as a matter of fact I am. A great deal."

"Then enjoy." There was more than a touch of a seductive tone in her voice.

They continued for a bit. "Oh, the hall into the laundry and the laundry floor as well could use attention. It will only take a few more minutes and the supplies are out. A good tidying up of the Tower for Christmas will be nice."

He found himself seriously considering just jumping her and taking her on the floor and wondering how things were getting out of hand... Maybe if he just moved away from her –

– and maybe that wasn't a good idea. After squirting a rather large area of the floor with the polish, he stood up and got to watch her again, the ties of her apron fallen away – did I do that? - her back exposed, her rear end higher...

And when she looked back at him, she wasn't disappointed; she saw the lust, the longing, the love in his eyes.

"Perhaps, I could, um... um, there's a sponge-mop, in the utility closet, I think... and I could... you know to, um, expedite the process... not that this isn't amazing and all... but-"

"For the sake of the efficiency?"

He blew out a breathe. "Yes."

"Shall I accompany you to the utility closet? I could assist you in the gathering up of supplies."

"YES! No! Yes, I mean-"

"You will require an additional bucket. I do not think it is best to share one." She stood up and sauntered toward him, "I might get the wet."

He blinked at her. Surely, she didn't mean...

She blinked back but as she doffed her yellow gloves a curl at the corner of her lips let him know she knew what she'd said. She strode ahead and peered over her shoulder, an innocent Starfire smile on her face, "Shall we?"

She reached back for his hand and giggled and he felt like old puppy dog self. Even though she was killing him, the touch of innocence got him back where he inside his comfort zone again. But then again, the flirting was all new territory for them. Plus what was this about playing house- err, Tower? So much fun...

Oh, he was a mess right now.

And the closet loomed closer.

The door opened with a creak. Cob webs greeted them and the light had burned out. Robin chuckled nervously. "I guess I'll find step stool and change the light bulb."

Starfire tapped his shoulder, her hand glowing green. "Light bulb, please." She started to float up and he grabbed her around the waist. She eeped and dropped the bulb, he caught it with his free hand.

"Now Star," he said playfully, leaning in for a quick kiss on the lips, "on Earth, there are some jobs around the house – well, in our case, Tower – that is a man's job. And changing a light bulb is a man's job."

"That is silly, but I shall not take your allotted jobs away from you."

He set up the ladder and changed the bulb.

"Robin, what are the traditional jobs for the woman of the house?"

"Well, a generation or so ago it was a lot of things: cooking, cleaning, laundry, baking, child-rearing but more of that is now shared that most women are working outside the home."

"Is there something else?"

"Oh well, being barefoot and pregnant." He meant it as a joke, but as the words came out his color grew decidedly red.

She cocked her head and considered. "Well, would it not be your job... a mean, the man of the house's job to do the getting of the woman of the house the pregnant?"

All Robin made was a strangled noise at that one.


"Let me do the rest of the floors Star, I insist." Plus he knew that he needed to rein it in a bit. "And then, let's just relax."

"Very well. I will wash up a bit and then back down. Do you need anything?"

"No, only don't come back in uniform thought. I just want to see that elf outfit without the apron covering you up." Just when he thought he'd have some respite from the sexiness, he found he couldn't resist it either.

Starfire smiled. "I would be most delighted to show you." She blushed. "I was hoping you would do the noticing of me if I wore it."

"Have I acted like I haven't noticed you?"

"No Robin, I have very much enjoyed your attention. And please be aware, I certainly had you in mind when I purchased it and a few other items earlier."

"A few... other... items...?"


"Wow does not even begin to describe it. Plus I'm using that word too much. Let me get some pictures. By the tree... that's it. Gosh you're pretty."

Gosh your pretty? You're nineteen Boy Blunder... I guess that's why they are still using the Boy in that phrase.

The elf dress uncovered didn't disappoint. It had a tight bodice with a low fitted sweetheart neckline that tied behind the neck like a halter, and showed off her decolletage, with a very short flared skirt. Trimmed in white fur, it was made out of green velor just waiting to be touched. It came with matching bloomers, very high cut but offering more modesty than simple underwear or a thong, which Robin wouldn't have minded, but at the same time it was these touches of innocence that made her his Star.

Oh and those boots she now wore with it. Such a nice touch. A near-likeness of the Pixie Boots he once wore. Was it wrong that they pleased and aroused him that she wore them? The color wasn't a perfect match to the dress, so it was clearly something she had added... perhaps even a knock-off or even cosplay wear...

And this is what you're analyzing now, Detail-oriented Wonder? When Starfire, the sexiest thing in the Universe and your girlfriend is hovering near the top of the tree leaning down and giving you a nice view of her-

He noticed she gave the smallest of frown and darted up toward the ceiling. "Oh this cannot do!"

"What's wrong?"

"The bunnies of dust, they have collected on the ceiling! Here... oh, and over here! We must battle them now!"

Robin chuckled. "I promise we'll get them later. Let's finish getting pictures at least." She smoothed out her dress, picking off a piece or two of lint. "C'mere, that's my job."

She smiled coyly. "You will get too distracted if I let you."

He cocked a brow. "Oh really? Is that a challenge?"

"It most certainly is."

"I accept that challenge."

She floated closer to him down from the ceiling, cutting the distance between them down by half. "You do not have such willpower."

"Oh ho ho! I am immune to your womanly wiles when I have to be."

She had been floated a bit closer but halted her forward progress hard at his words. "As you were those years before Tokyo?"

Robin shook his head, not losing his smile but tried to sound hurt. "That was a low blow."

Putting a finger to her lips a looking skyward, she hovered closer, twisting her hips. He wondered where she picked up that gesture. "Hmm. Perhaps."

"Why don't you make it up to me?"

She hovered closer, still out of reach. "Only because I am in the most generous of moods."

"There's some hope then?"

She landed softly close enough to murmur against his ear. "There is always the hope... for later. There is only the task of dead dust bunny removal."

There was no kiss, only the careful investigation for lint and smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles. Eyes full of promise, breath quickening, but things didn't get carried away... yet. Pictures had to be taken after all.

There was something special about their time together.

Robin was enjoying himself, actually relaxing. No alarms, no other teammates, no mentors, no paperwork or files waiting for him. He hadn't had this much fun since – well, he couldn't remember having this much fun for more than moments, maybe tens of minutes before since he became Robin.

Picture after picture he took, laughing, goofing, just enjoying being home with his girlfriend. It was so normal and so nice.

"Now it is now my turn! Oh, and then we must take the pictures of both of us."

"Okay, okay, but before we go and try to find the tripod, how about a kiss?"

Robin pointed up to the mistletoe. There was only one this year, and it had actually survived. Beast Boy's habit of putting up a number of sprigs of mistletoe had led to the poor innocent sprigs being incinerated. Cyborg's hologrammed versions fared no better. But the one this year: real, beautiful, a Victorian style mistletoe ball no less, tied on with a red bow had been hung by Starfire had remained, untouched by human or semi-demon alike.

"I have been wanting another kiss for some time now."

"Always feel free, Star."

"Always?" She cocked a brow, knowing the pat answer.

Or maybe not – Robin shot her a grin, "If we get more comfortable kissing in front of everyone, not being rude about it, but friendly, normal things that partners do, they will have to as well."

"Partners? Are we not the girlfriend and boyfriend?" Starfire looked a bit hurt.

"Yes Star, we are," he looked down for a moment thoughtfully at her hand, "but partners implies more than just boyfriend and girlfriend when you are talking about a couple."

"Really?" She thought for a moment and brightened. "So we are something much more now?"

"Oh yes, Star, we are definitely something much more."

The kiss started off softly, a gentle exploration of lips, but the hunger grew quickly. There had more than a bit of teasing as the kitchen clean up progressed and for Robin, a more forward approach, more blatant advances than he had made before. And when she denied her lips but allowed him to touch her body under the pretense of making sure her dress was ready for pictures, well...

He backed Starfire up from under the mistletoe around the back of the couch, gaining urgency. Hands roamed over clothes, more daring, needing more. Sensing the destination and impatient to get there, Starfire cupped Robins bottom and lifted off, scaling the back of the sofa and maneuvering them so that she was flat on her back on the sofa with Robin on top of her.

His eyes had grown wide behind his mask, but she could barely see that. As she giggled merrily and readjusted on the sofa, her hands moved over his back as her legs moved apart to cradle his pelvis.

Robin laughed as he took off his mask. "Nice move".

Now her eyes grew wide. She'd seen him without a mask before, but only a handful of times, and only on very emotional occasions. On the anniversary of his parents' death. Both times during their relationship. During one misunderstanding about Batgirl that nearly caused a break up. When he went through a difficult time feeling as though he had failed as the Titan's leader and had failed the Titan Network after Batman had made comments about him being caught by the Brotherhood of Evil. After he returned from Gotham after Batman made Robin go there to watch the video tapes available, going over the reports which were honest and nothing done wrong had been buried, trying to break Robin's resolve for whatever reason Batman had when he did such things.

But always in his room. Always with lights already low. Always at his most desperate.

It was nice to see his blue eyes without tears or self-loathing in them. "So glorious."

He chuckled and captured he lips, skimming one hand down her body, down her arm, her hip, her leg, and back up, closer to her center, over her belly, smoothing over her breast as the other caressed her face. Starfire wasn't sure where all her impatience was coming from or why those nesting feelings she had were intensifying. She couldn't get close enough to Robin and after gliding her hands over his back she returned her hands to where they had been earlier, cupping his bottom.

Robin was pretty sure that things were heading down an amazing path that he may or not have thought he, she, they were ready for. Rational thought was leaving his brain as he whispered words to her, kissing her neck, undoing the tie of the top of the dress.

"Is this okay?" He removed his shirt so that skin touched skin.

"X'hal yes." Starfire was kissing, touching, loving him, offering words of endearments but refraining from reciting the 369 Verses for Tamaranean Sexual Compatibility, for she knew Robin would ask her what it was, she did not think that things would go beyond the making out or even the-hot-and-the-heavy tonight, and the verses were best done with gorkapipes interlude, and those happened to be under lock and key. (Raven had the key.)

"You are incredible."

"As are you."

The things that a prehensile tongue did to the shell of his ear that lead to thoughts of-

Now an impromptu interlude such as this would not have been impromptu by definition if there had been planning. However, without planning, there can be unfortunate events. Scratch that. When one's mentor can Bat-hack his way into every computer security system Robin and Cyborg can come up with, perhaps it is not the best idea to be maskless and topless on the sofa right in front of the large screen TV that also served as a communication portal.

Lightning-fast reflexes had them rolled off the sofa and behind the coffee table in a couple of seconds. A couple of seconds caught on videotape. Forever. In twenty feet by twenty feet high def.

If he had his uniform on, maybe the cape would have covered them faster. If he was in his or her room, they could have thought to turn the monitor away.

It amazed him that Batman would stare with a smirk on his face. Was he never the least bit embarrassed for his son? Did he enjoy torturing him?

"Oh good, you have some free time."

To be continued...

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Holy Topless Teenagers, Batman!