As Trane walked down the street toward his turf, he wondered whether he should have saved Gabe from getting killed by Mayor Sung. I should have saved his sorry ass from that bitch ass mayor, he thought. But I left him to die at that asshole's feet. He started remembering all the times that Game and him hung out. A long time ago, back when they were in high school, before Sung got elected, Trane and Gabe would ditch class to go tag on the school walls. It was a time that people weren't assaulted for doing art.

But then everything changed. In the election, Gabe told Trane to pay attention to some evidence he found out about Sung.

"Hey Trane, look at this file I found in my dad's room."

"What's it about, Gabe?"

"There's a photo of Sung killing the other candidate, and I got some bad motherfuckin' news, bro. The other candidate is your dad."

Trane was crushed to see that his father was dead because of some low-rate, son of a bitch ass candidate who only wanted his own motherfucking way. He went into his room, took out his supply of spray cans and markers, and told Gabe that they should start a Graffiti Crew. Gabe stared at him in the craziest way and said," Are you nuts?! That's suicide! they'll hunt us down and kill us. Do you want to die like your dad did?"

"Listen busta, we might not get another chance. I know what he's gonna do first: He's gonna stop all art in New Radius, and if we don't start this now, he might just become president and stop all art production in the continent, bro. The only thing that's stoppin' him from takin' power is us artists. We are the voice of the people. We speak for everyone that doesn't have a say in anything. So let's do this, aight?"

Gabe thought for a long minute, then said,"Aight. But only cause we tha voice of the people."

So Gabe got about twenty people together, and brought them to the alleyway in front of the slums.

"Welcome guys. You are going to be brought into a graffiti crew. We will be called VaNR, or Vandals of New Radius. Now here to start the ceremony is Trane." Gabe said loudly.

Trane walked in front of Gabe and spoke.

"Taggers, Tip-offs, and Toys. I'm Trane. Now, we have heard that the candidate that was supposed to win the election got killed by Sung, so we're about to spread the truth about that asswipe. And we will go by the name VaNR. We will be heard. We will be known. We will be feared by all. Congratulations, you are now Vandals of New Radius."