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Chapter 1

October 16, 2012

{21:06 EST}

The failed stimulation was still haunting him. He wasn't sure what disturbed him more, the sickening thought of sending himself and his friends to their demise or how real the whole thing felt.

Robin sat on the green sofa with his knees drawn up to his chest, arms wrapped around them. His shades were falling dangerously close towards the tip of his nose with his eyes screwed shut behind them. The stimulation was a few hours ago, and the Team endured the endless ticking of the clock in silence. No one was daring enough to break it.

M'gann sat on another couch, her legs crossed before her and arms held at her chest. Conner stood behind the couch she was resting on and leaned against the wall with his arms roughly crossed.

Over in the connected kitchen, Kaldur stood against the island, casting his gaze towards the floor. Wally sat near by, his chin resting on the counter of the kitchen. Artemis stood by the Boy Wonder, and she stood against the back of the couch he sat on.

"We... we're all spending the night here... right?" Artemis quietly asked, keeping her voice low to avoid letting them know the pain she felt.

The youngest in the room immediately looked up towards her teary grey eyes. "Yeah, all of us are."

"Actually, none of you are."

Batman's voice cut through like ice, successfully grabbing all the teens' attention. "Another urgent mission has come up, and the League is spread out far too thin now to handle the mission. We need the six of you to take up this task."

Robin's jaw dropped for a short second before he locked eyes with his mentor. "Batman... we just-"

"I know." The Dark Knight interrupted the boy, "However this is a serious mission, and it must be taken care of. The League can't do it at the moment. Suit up and meet in the debriefing room in three minutes."

With that note, Batman quickly stalked out of the room, all the teens watching the way he made his departure.

"He isn't serious." Wally said, turning around to look at his teammates, "Please, tell me he isn't serious."

No one moved at first, nor did anyone look at the speedster right away. It wasn't long before Kaldur spoke from behind him, "I believe that he is, Wally. And he said this is a very important mission for us. I do not think it would be wise to keep him waiting."

Wally shook his head, looking back at the Atlantian, "It's not fair. After we just went through..." The speedster didn't want to finish his thought. He spun on his heel and lowered his head as he walked out. The rest of the team followed after except for Robin, who still had to move from his spot.

The boy sighed and rested his chin on his knees. He remained the same way for a few more moments before he quickly made his way out of the room.

{21:10 EST}

Rushing in late, Robin's cape fluttered behind him and his feet tapped frantically against the floor. Everyone stared at him as he came in, walking the last few feet.

"Sorry I'm late..." He muttered more to himself than to Batman. Robin kept his head low, his usual fire missing from his personality. Batman curtly nodded before turning to face the holographic computer behind him.

After a few moments of typing, a large map of a snowy mountain range came up on the screen. Not long afterwards, multiple checkpoints appeared. Different colors signified each member's position for the upcoming mission.

"This mission is to stop a delivery of a very powerful and very unstable energy core. Your job is to intercept this power source before it gets to the buyer," Batman began, turning back to face the teens, "The League is taking care of very important business with a powerful crime ring, so the mission has fallen to you six. I'm trusting you will be able to handle it."

The uncharacteristically dull chorus of 'yes's disappointed Batman; however, after the recent failedly training mission, he expected nothing less.

"The power core consists of both Xenothium and Kryptonite."

Batman turned to the computer and pulled up the image of the core. The substance's color of red was infused with occasional hints of green. It inclosed itself with a black storage unit while pulsing a sickly brown color from the mixture of both red and green.

Wally's eyes narrowed at the energy core, "If that core is Xenothium and Kryptonite and is falling into the wrong hands, it's going to create a super weapon. That's something we can't stop."

Robin laughed his signature laugh, "Leave it to the science geek."

"No, wait," Wally brought a hand to his chin in thought and tapped against his cheek for a short moment, "If the core explodes with the right type of tremor, it'll blow any place within a three-mile radius sky-high. And if the core is already unstable... Batman, if anything hits that thing, it's going to blow up right in our faces."

Silence cast itself over the room as the truth came out. The Team's eyes widened as they all looked to Batman.

Batman nodded, "Yes, however there you have about fifteen seconds before the explosion. In the case that something hits the power core, Kid Flash, you need to grab it and run it here,"

The Dark Knight pointed to a red marker on the map, a five-mile radius from any civilization, "It will take you about ten seconds to get there, allowing you five seconds to run back, meanwhile M'gann will get the other four in the Bioship and fly to the nearest city, here." He pointed to a green circle on the map which enclosed the city.

"Batman. Y-you can't do that." Robin said shocked. Dread crawled into the room like an unwanted spirit. The other five teens in the room nodded in agreement.

"It is only required for an extreme case," Batman further explained, "As long as no one slips up, everything will run smoothly."

Robin's voice grew harder with anger, "But you can't expect us to risk someone else again, Batman. The stimulation was only hours ago."

"Robin's right. We aren't taking that chance again, we can't." M'gann said, her tone of voice very soft and steady. Batman mentally sighed as he faced the one moment he dreaded the entire night. The Caped Crusader turned back to give the teen's his full attention.

"I understand what you six are going through, however we have run out of options."

"No, you don't understand," Superboy cut in, "You weren't there, you didn't have to go through that."

Batman's look turned to a harsher glare as his masked eyes roamed over the Team, daring one of them to speak up. "The decision is final. and the mission is going through as planned. None of you are going to have any projectiles, so you aren't likely to hit the core.

"Unless the bad guys hit it first." Artemis muttered quietly under her breath.

"The energy core is very expensive. The enemy will not risk hitting it. Now, when I said no projectiles, I meant it. Robin, you aren't bringing any bat-a-rangs, any smoke bombs, or electric disks. And Artemis, you are not bringing your bow."

"What?" The blonde archer squeaked, against her usual composure. She tightened her grip on the bow in her hand, glaring up at Batman.

The Dark Knight nodded, "You heard me correctly, Artemis. No bow, so I am trusting you will be capable of handling yourself without it. There will not be any unnecessary risks on this mission."

Batman turned back to the computer screen, "Our source claims that-"

"Source?" Robin asked suddenly, cutting of his mentor's words, "Who's the source?"

"It's leaked information, given to us by an anonymous source."

Robin's mouth tightened to an angry straight line, "So we aren't even sure if there will be a trade. If the mission might not even happen, what's the point of even going?"

"The point, Robin," Batman began, using a very stern tone as one would use to scold a child, "Is that if there actually is a trade, and you are not there to intercept it, we could be looking at the creation of a super weapon, and it's something that we cannot stop. Rather or not the source is reliable, you still are to carry out this mission."

The Boy Wonder's face fell slightly and Batman reverted his attention to the entire team.

"Now, without further interruption, your mission is taking place in the Rocky Mountains. The information passed to us claims that a helicopter will deliver a shipment with an Xenothium-Kryptonite energy core on board. The six of you need to stop the shipment before it gets through."

"Our source says that the helicopter will be heading in from the East to a delivery point here," Batman pointed to a red marker on the map. Miss Martian and Superboy, the two of you will dispatch at two different locations, directly across from one another. Those coordinates will be assigned to you later through Robin's computer."

Batman zoomed in on the map to show directly where the Martian and Kryptonian were going to land. "Aqualad, your location is at this point," He pointed towards another marker, "And either Miss Martian or Superboy will give you the signal of the helicopter."

Kid Flash raised an eyebrow, "Won't we just be able to see the helicopter?"

"The source probably says its going to be invisible." Robin sarcastically said, rolling his eyes.

Before Kid Flash got the chance to laugh at his best friend's humor, Batman cut in with an angry tone, "That's enough, Robin. I do not want to hear another remark from you unless it refers directly to the mission."

The acrobat scoffed bitterly, "This whole mission is pointless, there probably isn't even a trade going on!"

"Robin," Batman began, before Robin spoke up again.

"What?" The ebony hissed, "That was pertaining directly to the mission, wasn't it?" The rest of the team stood shocked at Robin's outburst towards his mentor; however, the teens knew better than to try to interrupt the Dynamic Duo.

As Batman turned to face the youngest in the room, it felt as though the atmosphere coated itself in cold rage. Robin stood still, returning the glare his mentor was throwing his way. He kept his shoulders held back and back straight to look up towards the leading half of the Dynamic Duo, his eye narrowed furiously.

"Robin, if I hear another word from you during the rest of this mission debriefing, I will take you off this team as soon as you complete the mission at hand. I do not have the time to tolerate your behavior, and neither does the rest of your team. One more outburst, and you're quitting. Have I made myself clear?"

The boy swallowed, considering speaking out once again; however, Robin lowered his guard and his cape fell over his slender shoulders. "Yes, sir." He muttered quietly to his mentor.

Batman curtly nodded before sending a warning glare to the others, "I do not want any unnecessary outbursts from anyone else until the debriefing is over."

The remaining five nodded in silence before the Dark Knight turned towards the holographic computer once again, "As I was saying, Aqualad, you wait for the signal of the helicopter's location. According to the source, the helicopter will be cloaked, so either Superboy will hear it or Miss Martian can detect it."

Zooming out on the map, Batman moved it to the far left, showing three other markers, "Meanwhile, the rest of you will be waiting here for the signal."

"They're out of my telepathic range." Miss Martian pointed out softly.

Batman nodded, "Yes, which is why Robin," The boy looked up at the sound of his name, "Will be waiting at this point for Aqualad's signal. Once the helicopter is spotted, Aqualad will deliver that information by sending a lightning strike into the sky for no more than three seconds. Robin will be on constant alert for that signal."

"After Robin receives the signal, he will alert Kid Flash and Artemis. From that point, the three of you will close in on the drop off point, steal the power core, and wait for pick up from the Bioship. There is no radio contact, and you are leaving in two hours. Any questions?"

When no one voiced anything, Batman continued, "Alright then. Coordinates will be sent to Robin during your flight. Pack warm for your trip. Dismissed."

Batman quickly made his way out of the room, leaving the six members of the team to themselves. Artemis was the first to speak up, "This blows. I'm not even bringing my bow on this mission! I'm an archer for a reason, you know."

Superboy rolled his eyes before leaving, heading towards his room to pack. Aqualad and Miss Martian soon followed after him. The Boy Wonder nodded in agreement with Artemis, "I know, this mission is going to be for nothing. Batman never trusts tips like this. I don't understand why he's actually listening to them now."

The speedster shrugged, "I dunno, dude. But we should go pack."

"You aren't worried at all, Wally?" Robin asked as the two made their ways out of the debriefing room, leaving the blonde to head towards her own quarters.

Kid Flash shrugged, "Not really. I mean, I am worried about it. I don't really want to get caught in another... explosion like that. But it's like you said, Rob, the mission's probably going to be a fake anyways. No one just gives away a tip like that unless there's something in it for them. It's gonna be a bust anyways."

Robin nodded in agreement before stopping at his bedroom door and punching in the key door slid open, revealing the Boy Wonder's neatly kept spare bedroom in Mount Justice.

"For everyone's sake, I really hope I'm right."

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