I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a painful yet happy memory.

I was sitting alone in a lovely park, watching other kids play. I felt a painful tug inside my chest watching them, I didn't have anyone to play with or talk to. Mother was always too busy to spend time with me, but I understood, she had a company to run and I respected that. So I came to the park when I felt lonely, it was nice to see others play when I couldn't.

While I was watching, felt a sudden poke at the back of my head and a voice that said, "Hey! It looks like you got two big meatballs on your head!"

I turned around and saw an older boy with the black hair and the deepest blue eyes I've ever seen. He was beautiful.

"They are not meatballs! They are my pigtails!" I said as I poked his chest.

"Well they sure look like meatballs. I'm Darien, what's your name little girl?" He said as he ruffled my hair.

I smacked his hand away and replied, "Serena. Why did you have to poke me? I was fine before you had to bother me."

Darien looked down at his feet, as if he was trying to come up with a suitable answer. When he finally decided to reply, he looked up through his long eyelashes and said, "You looked lonely and I wanted to see if you wanted to play." Darien looked up and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back; no one had ever asked if I wanted to play.

"I'd love to!" I said jumping with glee.

"Okay calm down," Darien said laughing, "let's go play on the playground Meatball-Head!" He turned and ran towards the playground.

I chased after him laughing, "My name is not Meatball-Head!"

That day became one of the best days in my life, we played in the river by the park, climbed trees and Darien even treated me to ice cream. As soon as the day came to an end, I didn't want to say goodbye to Darien.

"Will I ever see you again?" I asked my voice lined with hope.

"Sure you will! How about each Friday we meet in the spot where we first met?"

"You promise?" I said as I stuck out my pinky.

"I promise, I will meet you here on Friday." He wrapped his pinky around mine and shook. As we went our separate ways, I became excited for when I would be able to see Darien again.

When Friday rolled around I went to the bench at the park and waited. I waited all day until I had to go home. I was heart-broken, I hoped with all my might that he was busy and couldn't come. I waited the next Friday, and the next, and the next one after that. I gave up after months without him coming. All I had was the memory of that day and I kept that close to my heart. I wished with all my heart that I'd see him again.

10 Years Later

I woke with a startle; I had the dream about my day with Darien again. It hurt me when I had this dream, I still want to see him, but I gave up some time ago. I lay in my bed as I petted my Luna, she was a present from Mother to keep me company while she was away.

When I finally got out of bed, I walked to my kitchen and served myself some breakfast and fed Luna. While I was eating, I made the decision to go to the park where I first met Darien. It was for old time's sake. I went to my room and put on a pretty blue dress and placed blue ribbon in my pigtails.

The day was warm and the smell of spring was in the air, it had all the things a nice day should have. I sat on the bench and read a magazine. I kept telling myself not to get my hopes up, but deep down inside my heart fluttered with the thought of seeing those blue eyes again. As I was reading, I heard a voice.

"Hey is it alright if I sit here?"

I looked up to lock eyes with a pair of beautiful blue eyes. It was him. He was there right in front of me. I then suddenly noticed that I was gawking and haven't answered his question.

"Darien?" I said slowly.

"Do I know you? Wait… those pigtails, you're Meatball-Head!" He exclaimed.

"My name is not Meatball-Head! Its Serena!" the force of my shout raised me onto my feet.

"I know," Darien said with a laugh and sat down on the bench, "It's been what? 10 Years I think?"

"Give or take a few," I said as I sat down slowly. I was hoping this wasn't a dream. "I'm sixteen now and you?"

"Twenty-Two, I just got out of class and I got this strange tug to come to this park. Isn't that weird?"

"Yeah I got one too!" I was hoping he would remember our promise, but all that mattered was that he was here right now and we were together.

We talked for awhile, I felt so happy. It was like I was six again playing with that little boy. We talked about our lives; Darien was in college and was involved with martial arts. I was having the time of my life. That was until she came along.

I was in the middle of talking about school, when all of a sudden this girlish voice rang out.

"Hey Darien!" I turned around to see a young girl jogging over, she was as beautiful as Darien. She had long black hair, deep purple eyes, and the sleek body of a model. She was the kind of girl that every girl wanted to be.

"Hey Raye!" He said as he planted a kiss on her lips.

With that kiss, my heart shattered.