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"Hello Serena, fancy meeting you here." Raye said with an evil smile. I began to back away, but with every step back I took, she followed.

"You wrote that letter." I managed to gasp.

Clap. Clap. Clap. "Good job, it took you long enough." She said still approaching.

I decided to stand my ground. "How did you find out?"

"Darien broke up with me yesterday you know," Raye said strangely calm, "He said he didn't love me anymore, and when I asked him why, do you know what he said?" I said nothing. Raye repeated herself. "Do you know what he said?!" She shouted.

"No I don't." I quietly said.

"He said he didn't love me anymore." Raye stared at me blankly. "After you left the park, Darien came back. He wouldn't look at me or touch me. I didn't know what I did wrong. When I asked him if I did anything, Darien said he didn't want to be with me anymore. I asked him to reconsider, but he said he was in love with another and couldn't be with me anymore." Raye sank down onto her knees.

I walked slowly over to her and began to lower myself down. As soon as I placed my hand on her shoulder, Raye knocked it away and stood up abruptly. "Get your filthy whore hands off of me!" She began to poke at my chest, hard enough to force me back. "You know who he is in love with? I bet you do." Raye said not giving me enough time to answer her before she began again. "Its you, you know that?" She said angered. "The little girl who so happened to be at the park when I was on my way to meet him. You ruined everything! I followed you yesterday, I wanted to see if it was true. And it was." Raye began to cry. "All I wanted was for Darien to be with me forever, but you ruined that!"

She looked at me with tear-filled eyes. This wasn't the Raye I met Friday. I couldn't bring myself to be mad. All I was feeling was fear. Fear that this girl could do something we both might regret. This was a broken-hearted girl looking for someone to blame, and that person was me. But that demeanor changed when she was able to compose herself. "Stay away from Darien." Raye said sternly.

"Why?" I said calmly. "I'm sorry Darien broke up with you, but you need to move on. Its not good for you to keep dwelling on this."

"Do not tell me what is good for me!" She shouted. "I know Darien still loves me deep down, and I need to show him that he still does!"

"Raye please calm down." I tried to reach out again.

"Don't touch me!" Raye slapped my hand away and pushed me to the ground. "Stay away from Darien or else! You don't know the things I am capable of." With this last threat she turned on her heel and left me sitting in the dirt staring after her.

"What am I going to do?" I mumbled as I placed my head in my hands. Raye could make good on her threat, but I love Darien so much. I can't bear to part with him. I sat there for awhile, I didn't get up until I started to feel the cold seeping into my pores.

I felt empty as I walked home, I didn't know what I should do. Raye seemed good on her threat and I didn't want to know what 'things' she was capable of. I didn't want Darien to get hurt, and that moment, even though knew I could be overreacting, I decided I would talk to Darien about what we should do.

When I arrived home I went straight for the note under my pillow. As I looked at it, my heart filled with that happiness I felt with Darien all over again. But the sadness began to creep into my heart, with the conversation I was about to have, whatever we had could fall apart forever.

I punched the number into my phone and began typing a text, "Hey its Serena. I hope I'm not waking you up or anything." I sent the text, I wasn't sure if he would reply, but I could always hope.

It felt like forever until he replied. My heart skipped a beat when I felt my phone vibrate. I quickly looked at the message. "Hey I was wondering when you would text me:) Its no problem I was just studying for a test I have tomorrow."

"Oh I'm sorry to bother you, but I have something really important that I need to talk to you about. Its about Raye." I sent the text. A few minutes later, my phone vibrated again, but instead of a text it was a phone call.

I picked up the phone, "Hello?" I answered breathlessly.

"What did she do?" Darien asked in a dark husky tone that sent chills throughout my body. He did not miss a single beat.

"She sent me a letter…" I said slowly.

"Okay… and what did it say?"

"She wrote it as if it was from you." After I said that, everything she said to me came pouring out. How she said she loved him, wanted to be with him forever, and how she followed us. I told him everything, but that she wanted me to stay from him. I didn't know what he would say, would he agree with her? Or would he deny it and say he wanted to be with me.

I wasn't sure what Raye would do to Darien if I didn't stay away from him. But I didn't want the hurt to strike at the numbness I felt now. I wanted to be numb and stay that way. Being alone equaled no pain. Darien's voice pulled me out of my deep thought.

"Hey are you okay?"

I paused for a minute and let out a deep slow breath. "Whatever we have, we can't have this anymore. We can't do this anymore." I couldn't believe I let this out, but it was too late to take it back.

All I could hear from the other end of the phone was a hitch in Darien's breath when I said that. It was quiet for awhile. Until he answered, with a simple one word question, "Why?"

Why? I didn't even know why. But if I was going to protect myself and Darien, I needed to do this. "I don't want to be hurt. What we have might turn around and hurt me and I can't have that. I'm already in so much pain. I don't need any more. The sooner we're done, the sooner we will forget everything that has happened to us. I'm sorry Darien." I hung up as soon as I said this, I didn't want to hear his response.

I turned off my phone and placed in on my nightstand. I sat there on my bed, I felt numb. But that was only for a short while. I felt my numbness being invaded by something, it became an unreal pain. It was pain that could be examined by a doctor, but pain that only I could understand what caused it.

I curled into a ball under my covers, trying to squeeze the pain out with every fiber of my being. But it only got worse. I felt silent tears down my face. The pain burned and I knew the only way to quench that burn was to call Darien. Call him and take everything I said back. Tell him I want him. No, that I need him.

It felt like forever before the pain finally let me drift away. Drift away into the realm of sleep. A place where nothing would hurt me, in that world was a place I could create whatever I wanted. And what I wanted was a place where nothing could hurt me. A place where the numbness could take hold.

As I felt the calming sense of sleep wash over me, I didn't know if it was going to get better. But all I had was hope and I was going to cling to it. The last conscious thought I had before I drifted away was that I loved Darien, and the pain I was feeling was the pain of a broken heart.

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