Chapter one


Life was hard; Roronoa Zoro new this very well, maybe even a bit better than any average college student.

As an offspring of two successful parents, who, on top of that, were something like nobility (or so it always seemed to Zoro, since even when he was a kid he had to act extremely polite and quiet in their presence, he wasn´t allowed to stay with his own mother for a long time and any maid or servant they had feared his both parents more than anything else), he always had it hard socializing with other kids. In kindergarten he did that terrible mistake of being too sharing, of course not knowing the possible consequences, and told all of his 'friends' who his mom and dad were, what did they did for living and where did they live. Few times he´d even bring them to their manor house to play, which ended up… well, quite badly. On one side, there was his fearsome father, on other side there were his so-called friends who spread the rumors about the 'biggest house they had ever seen'.

So, by his sixth year, Zoro was pretty much done socializing. His birthday, unfortunately, was in November, so he had to suffer through the rest of the year sitting at the little colorful table all by himself, spending most of the day alone inside the kindergarten building, reading or occasionally playing with swords secretly.

But to sum it up, when he finished his kindergarten years, he was the one called weird and unsocial, and by those who knew him from before, rich and spoiled and 'did you know he had ten Lamborghini cars and a 3D TV bigger than he is?'

When he attended elementary school, it has gotten better; not because the kids realized he was different and that there was more to him, but because his parents, obsessed with money and power, temporarily moved to Europe, having Zoro stay in a boarding school in England while they were doing business in Russia. Those two years he had spent there were probably the best part of his social life, since the kids there were sort of like himself, mostly the children of rich and famous people – but Zoro decided not to make friends anymore, not even there, on the East Blue Elementary School. The kids there were snobbish and had no sense of humor at all, living sappy lives not worth Zoro´s friend-time. So up to the third grade, he knew only a boy called Saga who also liked swords, but unlike Zoro, he was allowed to practice with them. They had a deal that Zoro would let him use his ID card while sneaking out to the town, and in an exchange, Saga would teach him how to use swords.

But not even this short sort-of-friendship was meant to last – the business went well, but Zoro´s mother missed their old house and the rush of America.

"Stop being so selfish," Zoro remembered her say many times, any time he tried to voice a protest. So he kept silent, like he was supposed to in the presence of his parents.

"Don´t be selfish."

His eyes stirred any time he remembered this. He heard that line too many times to be able to overcome it.

The rest of elementary school was a living hell; the other kids would make fun of him any possible time, knowing very well that he´d never tell anyone about their hurtful jokes and his aching heart. Till the time he was fifteen and finally the ninth grade was over, they would utter hateful words or yell at him across the whole hallway, be it something about spoiled brats or duty of becoming a handful swordsman for their parents army of rich idiots.

Also, his hair color wasn´t really helping. Girls were pretty much okay with it, meaning they ignored him or maximally gave him startled looks. But boys saw an amazing fun in it, stating it was somebody´s puke on Zoro´s dumb head. Or that it was mildew. Or a pus.

One day, which happened to be Zoro´s birthday actually, they dragged him to the school canteen and pushed his head into a cooker full of pea soup.

So since then, Zoro refused to celebrate his birthday anyhow or receive any presents. Which was in fact a great relieve to his parents who hated to spend any time with their son – or so Zoro thought, seeing that when he turned sixteen, they bought him an apartment in the city, quite far away from the mansion, and he was left alone to take care of himself – probably forever, apart from the times of big parties that their parents held for their business partners, or when it was Christmas.

Not that he cared. Mother and father were never there for him, anyway, so he really didn´t need to stay with them. It seemed unnecessary. Nobody wanted him there, so…

High school was in fact surprisingly silent. Most of the kids knew who he was, but they, for some unimaginable reason, decided to leave him alone. Mostly.

There were of course few episodes in which Zoro happened to be the target of great fun, but by his seventeenth year of life, he realized he was more of a dead fish than anything else. He didn´t feel the pain of being made fun of anymore, nor did he care when the school bullies yelled at him ugly things and called him names. He didn´t give a damn when somebody hissed that he was nothing more than a scum and he was okay with people telling him that he´d never make it anywhere. It didn´t hurt anymore.

Teachers were mainly overseeing him; his grades were very good, great even, but they knew what the other kids would think so they avoided setting him as an example. One of his teachers, more understanding that the others, once listened to him secretly when he sobbed on the toilets, after professor Dracule said in front of the whole class that they should learn from Zoro, and somebody else said that the world was going to end up in Hell, anyway.

Why did it mess with Zoro´s emotions so much, he didn´t know. He simply asked in a low and calm voice if he could be excused, gathered his things and in the muffed sounds of laughter, he ran away from that class. Then, after few minutes, he broke down.

Why though, he had no idea, not even the slightest one. Maybe because he´s always hoped he´d go to Heaven for living such a life, or maybe being born into a loving family next time, and what the certain kid said somehow hurt him eternally.

Then professor Dracule had decided to have a long conversation with him on the school toilets, while Zoro was crying silently and talking shit, telling Mr. Dracule everything. And the tall dark-haired man simply listened.

They didn´t happen to be friends, or have a father-son relation ship; not at all. In fact, nothing changed, just Zoro felt a tiny bit better and more secure when walking down the school corridors.

And amazing thing had happened; he found out that his professor was also into swords, and had convinced him to let Zoro manage a dojo team for kids after school.

The dojo team itself survived for less than a year, since Zoro had to study hard to get to the college he wanted, but the kids never stopped to adore him. It was something he owed his life for to professor Dracule. He said to himself that he´d never forget what the professor did for him.

Maybe it in fact was one-sided father-son relationship.

Maybe Zoro even wished it was.

Now, when he was on his dream college, the Grand Line University, studying journalism, things have pretty much settled down.

But, not quite.

His parents still didn´t care, they still needed him only to show off, they still wouldn´t even send a text message saying 'good job with your school, son'. In fact, nobody cared for Zoro. He lived a silent life in his luxurious apartment no one knew about, a life that was friendless and sort of wrecked.

Zoro, despite born into family like those that take care of their children until they die, donating their lavishness until the very end, happily and willingly, had to take care of himself on his own. Not completely – his mother probably forgot about the bank account he had. Zoro supposed she had ten credit cards, so the one Zoro owned didn´t really matter to her. But he was saving that for the worst.

And meanwhile studying, he worked like any other college student. In a pub.

Having his life somehow flash in front of his eyes, Zoro still had to wonder why the heck was he here.

Just why. The. Heck.

Well, he actually had a slight idea – after another ruined relationship that wasn´t even worth being called what he just called it, after another breakup with nearly random girl, he was sitting at the most expensive sea food restaurant, drinking himself to sweet oblivion. Then, after the chef came to ask if he needed anything else and Zoro said 'Nope', the chef had suggested that Zoro should pay.

And just out of random idea and his own drunkenness, Zoro refused.

Just because he felt like it.

Just because he wanted to do something silly and incredibly childish.

And this irresponsible and idiotic decision led to this unlikely situation, in which Zoro was sitting on a red leather sofa, in a penthouse bigger than his apartment was. Though his guess was that the penthouse wasn´t meant for living, seeing that there was nothing but an elegant living room (in which he sat then) toned into dark colors with not many unnecessary decorations, and as far as he could tell, there was a bathroom and a bedroom. No kitchen or storeroom or clothing room.

Just a camera.

Huge, professional video camera positioned right in front of him.


"Mister, I highly appreciate that you´ve decided to come for a dinner to Baratie, but, you see, it´s near ten. Which means we´ll be closing soon."

Zoro, with no interest in listening to what the blonde waiter had to say, lifted his eyes up to meet the other one staring down at him. "Huh?" he asked, already quite light-headed.

"I´m saying," the blonde urged, "that you, even though we were glad to have you dine here, better pay for your dinner and go home, Mister. For your own sake."

Zoro scowled. He could see in the man´s left eye that he was telling him all that shit only because he had to. These were all memorized lines all the waiters say to the customers; thanks for your stay, come back again. It was fake. Nothing but a fake.

Or maybe it was the wine talking.

"Pay?" Zoro mumbled, voice raspy and tired.

"Yes, pay." The older man repeated himself, not quite happy with this unruly student practically laying on one of his tables.

"Huh," the green-haired boy grinned suddenly. "And what if I don´t wanna?" he asked playfully, catching the waiter off of his guard.

Not every day there was someone this interesting. The blonde man took quite a liking in the younger one. He smiled. "If you do not want to, then I´ll just have to convince you." He said in a honey-coated voice.

Zoro blinked. "Oh," he mused, "and what if I´m a stubborn kid who just won´t listen?"

"Then I shall use my irresistible charm to make you."

"Make me what?" Zoro grinned. "Make me listen or pay?"

"Both, preferably," the waiter gave him a charming smile indeed, just as he promised.

Zoro, having drunk quite a lot that night, felt his insides melt a bit at the sight of another person smiling so cutely at him. Last time he saw something like that, he was in a pet shop. He let out a gentle exhale, sinking more into the comfortable high-backed chair, connecting his eyes to the blue one, looking up at the man from under his lashes.

The waiter couldn´t help but adore the boy – he was way too ravishable. He watched the light pink color creep up his neck to his cheeks as the wine took the better of him. He could tell.

"Then, if you are so stubborn, why don´t we have some more wine?"

Zoro blinked again at this – he´d expect a kick-out, or a very angry swearing, maybe even being forced to do a physical work at the restaurant, like cleaning the floor or washing the dishes. But the waiter offered a wine. Zoro glared at his curly brow that seemed somewhat funny to him, then started grinning like an idiot. "You don´t need to tell me twice!"

The blonde smiled, nasty ideas running around his mind. This boy was perfect. Just exactly perfect.

Young, tanned, with a nice body frame – not too big but not too tiny – and obviously in the right mood to agree to mostly anything. Therefore, if he could find the right buttons to push, he could expect him to end up leaving the restaurant immediately, doing anything the blonde told him. Or, being the stubborn kid he was, maybe resisting a bit. Which would be much better fun.

Sanji smiled softly, pouring some wine into the empty glass before the greenhead. Gracefully, he raised his own glass.

"To this wonderful night, and to a possible companionship." He said in a tingly voice, watching the boy´s reaction.

Zoro shrugged. "Whatever." He murmured, grabbing his glass, then letting it touch the other man´s one lightly. A soft little noise was let out before Zoro gulped down his share.

The blonde grinned at the sight of the boy yawning.

"Tired, aren´t we?" he asked, his perverted mode immediately switched on.

"Mmhmm." The boy answered elegantly, propping his chin up with his hand. His sleepy eyes locked with the blonde´s blueness. His eyelids were slipping down, their terrible tendency to close digging in again.

Sanji reached out to touch the boy´s face, letting his slender fingers brush across the creamy skin, letting them wander down the restaurant´s visitor´s firm jaw. And being the damn pervert he was, he forced his index finger in between the green-haired student´s lips, waiting for a response.

That came quite quickly. Zoro questioningly opened his mouth, letting the exploring finger slide past his teeth – just to the first knuckle.

"What aw you doin'?" Zoro asked, not really comfortable with a random finger in his mouth, but not really hating it, either.

The blonde smiled. "Oh, nothing. Just wondering what kind of beast you are when you don´t bite." He smirked.

Zoro mimicked him, smirking devilishly, too. "You haven´t pushed far enough to wake the beast in me up, waiter."

"Oh, please," the so-called waiter smiled. "My clothes might be quite a charade, but you see, I´m not a waiter. I´m the assistant chef here." He corrected Zoro´s wrong impression of him before the boy got used to calling him waiter.

"Well, 's not like I care what you do for living. But if you cooked the thing I ate earlier, I must say it was damn good."

"Why thank you, handsome stranger."

"The name´s Zoro, cook."

"… Sanji."


As lightheaded as Zoro felt, he couldn´t really tell if the camera was taping already or not. He was staring at it´s dark objective lens, not sure what to do then and there.

The blonde man returned with a big a bag of some sort, making Zoro quite concerned. But he simply put it down beside him, giving Zoro the idea that maybe he was a doctor. To him, the bag looked too professional for a waiter. Or a cook. Or whatever.

"Hey." He voiced. "What are we doing."

Sanji looked over at the boy sitting on the red leather sofa, grinding against it uncomfortably as he didn´t know what was about to happen. The camera sometimes scared people. "Oh," he smiled nonchalantly, "we´re about to have a conversation of… some sort."

Zoro scowled. "What conversation."

"Curiosity killed the cat, didn´t it? Be patient, and you shall soon know."

"I don´t think I wanna be here."

Quietly staring at the boy made Sanji lose it. He burst out, laughing like an idiot, at the student´s cuteness.

Zoro never stopped frowning, even though the man before him was obviously having fun.

"Ah – ahahah…" Sanji took a deep breath before replying calmly: "Well, I don´t think you can quit now. I asked if you want to go with me, you said yes. And you don´t seem to be the type to chicken out… or are you?"

Zoro´s pride was stroked and pushed violently, which was probably the best way how to lead him by his nose. "Tsech! Like hell I would!" he growled, narrowing his back and sitting up more elegantly in the leather sofa.

"Very well then." Sanji nodded slightly, switching his camera on. "Up for some fun, Zoro?"


"I asked –"

"I heard you, dumbass." The student barked childishly. "I just got no fucking idea what the hell are you planning."

"For someone who´s drunk two bottles of wine on his own and the third with the help of modest cook, you´re still very keen and perceptive."

Zoro grinned. "My best and most annoying quality." He commented with a smirk playing across his lips.

"Seems so." Sanji noted with an eerie smile, playing with the huge object that was aimed at Zoro. He looked through the camera at the boy, wondering in what kind of light he´d look the cutest. He looked up at the vintage chandelier, perfectly fitting in the living room, and decided to turn it off. The glow of the smaller table lamps would create much sexier atmosphere.

He got up, walking over the room to the switch.


"Hey! What the fuck?!"

"Very lively indeed." Sanji noted, walking back to his camera. He figured it would be best if he simply started recording Zoro without letting him know, because if he did, it might ruin the entire evening. Which would be very unfortunate. He just began to have fun.

He pressed 'tape'.

"Aren´t you hot, Zoro? It´s quite warm in here, and you´re still wearing a jacket." Sanji got up and sat in the nearly armchair, creating the illusion that he actually wasn´t a shameless creep and freak with a huge camcorder.

The green-haired boy shrugged. "I guess."

Sanji let a rapist smile spread his features as Zoro let the light grey leather jacket slide down his broad shoulders and threw it to the corner of the sofa. "There," he murmured, "that´s better, isn´t it?"

Not telling Zoro he was recording was the best idea ever. "Whatever." The boy said, looking around the penthouse. "It this were you live?" he asked the blonde chef.

"No," came the reply, "I only… work here. See, I´m sort of an artist. Do you like art, Zoro?"

The greenhead shrugged. "Yeah, I guess. Been to few galleries in the town. Their nice. The New World gallery´s the best though, and close to my university."

"Oh?" the blonde before him focused on that. "So you are studying on The New World University?"

"Yeah." Zoro answered simply.

"And what is it that caught your attention so incredibly that you decided to make a living out of it?" Sanji spoke in a sugary voice, working hard to create a nice easy atmosphere, and don´t let Zoro find out what his actual intention was.

Zoro was staring at him for a moment, letting his brain proceed the long sentence. He was still drunk, so it was quite hard. "Uh," he blurted out at last, "I do journalism."

"Interesting indeed," Sanji stated, nodding to himself. Not only that his new victim was cute and sexy, but even smart. "And besides writing, what do you like to do?"

"Gaming, I guess." Zoro mumbled, making Sanji fear the voice quality on the tape. Well, he could fix that later. "And reading dog magazines. I don´t have any pet, but I wanna get a dog one day."

Sanji smiled. "How sweet. So you like animals, I take it?"

"I love them!" the boy grinned, suddenly forgetting the camera or the fact that it was almost eleven at night, and he was in a stranger´s apartment. He made himself comfortable on the sofa, putting his legs up and crossing them, bending his back and turning to Sanji a bit. "And they love me. Though I never had one. Just my teacher used to have a pet. Yeah."

"Very nice." Sanji mentally noted to himself that pets and animals were a good topic. "And how about people? Would you say you´re sociable or rather an introvert?"

"I´d say I´m an introvert." Zoro shook his head. "I actually broke up with my girlfriend today."

Sanji´s eyes widened at that. "Is that so?" if Zoro was paying better attention, and was less drunk, he´d see the sinister grin climb Sanji´s face. "I´m very sorry then. It´s a good thing you´re here to loosen up a bit, isn´t it?"

Zoro shrugged again. "I guess. But it wasn´t much of a relationship. I was with her just because I needed to do something between working and studying."

"Sweet." Sanji commented. "So how was she? Was she nice? Did you have much in common?"

"Eh, no, not really," Zoro shook his head some more, smiling a bit in an odd way; not actually sad, just somehow… as if he was considering himself pathetic.

"Not really?" the blonde repeated.

"Yeah, not at all, I´d even say. She was simply a girl that looked solid, so I went for her."

Sanji grinned widely. Just perfect. "So you… would go for any solid looking person, or only if it was a girl?"

"Uhm… I think that if the person was really charismatic, it wouldn´t really matter."

By then, Sanji was smiling like a sun at it´s highest. "Lovely. I take it you like dark skin and brown eyes, then?" he tried his luck, having in mind one particular person already.

Zoro thought for a moment. "I actually think it doesn´t necessarily need to be anything dark-whatever. But I like when the certain person has a… personal charm, you know? Like, a sparkle in the eye, or a cute mole, or whatever that would make them look somehow seductive. Yep. That makes me loose my mind."

Sanji knew exactly what he was going to do after he was done with Zoro tonight. And he was damn sure that this drunken kid in his penthouse was the best thing that happened to his side business in the past year.

"And I like light eyes."


"Mhm. Like green, blue, and stuff."

The blonde chef was very happy with his catch tonight. Very happy indeed. "Good. And… dare I ask, what about sexual partners? Any preferences?"

Zoro blinked in a surprise. "W-well…" oh, who cares, anyway? "I think I like strong partners."

"So you like being dominated." Sanji figured.

"Not always. I like it when girls sometimes take control, but they have to be really good at it then."

"Okay, I think I need to ask right away." Sanji said in a businesslike voice. Zoro eyed him carefully. "Are you bisexual, Zoro?"

Zoro stayed silent for few long seconds, thinking of a best way how to answer this.

Sanji was making holes into him with his tempting eye. Zoro had to admit he had a nice eye, even though he regretted he could see just one, since the other one was covered with a thick golden curtain that was the chef´s hair.

"Uh." He said at last. "I´d say I sleep with girls for fun, but I like men because of something… less primitive?"

"That is the best answer you could possibly give me. Mr. Zoro, welcome to the beautiful world of AV."

"A-fucking-what? A-fucking-V?!"


"You – " Zoro was suddenly speechless. He was staring at Sanji, wide-eyed and with his jaw dropped down, nearly touching the wooden floor. "You fucking –"

Sanji chuckled darkly. "It´s a hobby of mine, you see. And you seem just perfect."

"Perfect for what? You gonna rape me, you ass?! I knew you had something on mind, but whatever, just try it, fucker – you´re not gonna stand a chance against me!" Zoro was suddenly furious. At one second, he was having nice time with a random person, and the next moment he found out he was a porn director. Well, fuck.

Though he couldn´t be really surprised. There was just something about Sanji´s aura that he couldn´t get over. "Oh, please," the blonde man said, trying to calm the mood down. This particular journalist-to-be was wild indeed. "I don´t have even the slightest intention in harming you, my sweet visitor. I merely want to make a little deal with you."

"Fuck off, you faggot! I don´t make friends with rapists!"

"Oh, Mr. Roronoa, I ought not to be called that. As I said before, I´m nothing but an artist."

Zoro´s frown grew even scarier. "You damn piece of shit, how the fuck do you know my name?!" he growled, not pleased at all.

Sanji smirked. "I would be actually surprised if some of the guests that Baratie usually holds wouldn´t know who you are, Zoro. Your parents are very well known within this country, if you haven´t noticed. Plus I took a look at your student ID card while you were passed out in my car."


"Yes, but I´d rather be called 'the pervy cook'. It sounds cuter."

"You´re nothing near cute! You´re sick!"

"Oh, there, there, Mr. Roronoa. If you´d really think I was something like that, you´d be already on your way out, don´t you think?"

Zoro stared at his own legs in a shock. He was still sitting on the red sofa. Hasn´t moved an inch since he started yelling at the blonde chef who happened to be a sick porn director in a free time. He was taken by a surprise, but soon enough he was back to his grumpy mood. "Well, too bad, cause I´m leaving right now! Got no need to stay in pervert´s house!"

But before the student could storm out of the penthouse, Sanji, as the master of manipulation, was pulling his strings. "Now, now, Mr. Roronoa. Aren´t you tired of that boring and orthodox life you lead?" he whispered towards the green-haired boy.

The younger of the two froze.

Sanji smirked sinisterly.

"… What?" Zoro asked in a shock, unable to proceed the words he heard.

Sanji just kept smirking. He got him. It didn´t even take that long. "Aren´t you bored with the way you live, Zoro?" the man purred sensually, working on mentally destroying Zoro´s chastity. "I mean, of course, it´s secure and safe, but just today you experienced that sometimes you´d like to do something out of the safe level of normalcy. Today, you refused to pay for your dinner. You acted on your own decision, not on the decision of today´s society. And it was good, wasn´t it?"

Zoro was staring blankly at the blonde cook in front of him.

"You live a well-planned life, don´t you. But is that what you really want?"¨

Zoro never took his eyes off of him. But he was too shocked to speak.

"I´m not saying you should throw away your future – that would be just like killing an infant. I´m simply referring to my services."

For the millionth time this crazy evening, Zoro was blinking in disbelief. What else had the guy up his sleeve? "Your… services?"

"Indeed. I can offer you a free ticket to a secret life of excitement and fun, with an absolute guarantee of safety all along. Any time you would want to, be it because of your discrepancies with family or just because you want to do something reckless to relieve the stress, simply any time you would like to, you could reach me and easily have whatever it is that your heart craves."

"That´s sick." Zoro stated plainly.

"Oh, I assure you it´s not." The man before him smiled back at him. "It´s something you know you desire, but you fight this desire just like any other because you fear for your good reputation – or no – you don´t care for reputation. You just don´t want to change your habits, isn´t that so?"

Mindbender. He was a fucking mindbender.

"So, all I am doing right now is giving you an opportunity – an opportunity that you can decide on using any time you want. An opportunity that wouldn´t cause your life any harm. It would only make it slightly more interesting, with a promise of a familiar nice tingling feeling in your tummy."

"My… oh, shit." Zoro covered his face with his hands. "Shit shit shit shit shit…"

"I assure you I would be very loyal and willing to make compromises. You indeed caught my interest, Mr. Roronoa. And when that happens, I am more than ready to meet my clients wants and cravings."

"You sound like a god-forsaken slut, cook."

Sanji laughed darkly. "Do I? Well, I suppose I´ve collected few bad habits since I started on this business…" he laughed some more.

Zoro shook his head. "I don´t get you at all."

"You don´t get me?" the blonde grinned. "In fact, I think I don´t get you. You have the very thing that could make your blank life so much brighter within your reach, yet you hesitate so much."

Zoro looked away. "I have my reasons."

The cook paused for a second. Then, his creepy smile was back on. "You do? And what are they, if I may ask you, my cutest?"

Zoro was still refusing to look back at him. Then, he inhaled as much as he possibly could, before saying, "I don´t really know if I want to sleep with other guys… never done it before actually…"

"Oh, please!" the AV director exclaimed. "I never said anything like that! I merely pointed out that here, you can find your entertainment. Of what kind, I haven´t mentioned. You are free to do whatever you want, Mr. Roronoa. And not for just nothing, of course. I assure you I pay my employees quite well. You would be surprised what today´s people are willing to pay for."

Zoro shook his head again. This was… way too much for his still a bit carried away mind.

"So you can take this as your own pleasurable free time activity. Means no dates, no relationship issues, no breakups, no broken hearts." Sanji simply knew he already got him. He just needed to push his already broken mind far enough so Zoro would willingly obey.

"… And my profit?"

"Endless possibilities."

Zoro sighed. "So… what actually am I supposed to do?"

Sanji grinned widely. Victory, sweet victory. "Whatever you please! Anything will do, Mr. Roronoa."

"Anything will do?"


"Uh uh…" Zoro sighed, looking at his pants. "Even a quick jerk-off?"

"Even this, yes."



AN: Wooo! That was… creepy.

And AV video = Adult Video. Very popular thing in Japan, fufufu~

Yes. I do realize that Sanji is an incredible perv here. Well, he needs to be, really. And I love him being all pervy, so what! :P

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