Chapter 3

Business boys

The ridiculously tiny red Smart car pulled on a street Zoro hardly remembered; in this daytime, it was bright – at least as bright as a street of an industry-focused city can be – and not that quiet as he remembered it. Other cars were either rushing through it, some were just blocking the already quite narrow road by standing along the pavement.

Zoro haven´t noticed before, but the street where Ace had driven to was by a river. Though there were five different rivers running through the city, and being as ignorant towards any direction senses as he was, the green-haired student couldn´t really tell which one was this. Although it was nice to look at, so it might have been East Blue or maybe West Blue. He couldn´t really tell where he was; the city was big and the only thing Zoro knew about it was that he lived in East Blue district.

But it must be a nice place to live, Zoro must´ve admit as his eyes scanned the river.

"Where are we, anyway?" he asked after a while during which he desperately tried to catch something that looked familiar, a statue or a restaurant maybe – something according to which he could be able to name the place.

Ace looked over at him, smiling just as brightly as he was during the whole ride. "Can´t you tell? This is the All Blue. Or a Millionaire district, as we, the others, call it."

Zoro´s jaw dropped. The All Blue?! "What the hell are we doing in All Blue? I… Well, I… I don´t think it suits me to be here."

Ace cocked a brow, not really sure what the green-haired kid was talking about. "What are you saying? Why wouldn´t it?"

Zoro shrugged nervously, suddenly feeling funny. "I´m not really sure. It´s just that I´ve been sort of used to… I mean, I used to hang around people like these. So I´m just thinking why should we be here."

"You mean the 'nobility'?"

Zoro nodded slowly, looking outside at the streets; now that he knew where he was, he somehow could see better. The cars were all Camaros or Lamborghinis, some Bugatti or Rolls Royce; and in the middle of this luxury, there was Ace´s red Smart. It must have been almost like an insult to all those money-pooping people who liked to be called nobility for what they were for the city – mostly they had huge prosperitive factories or a family business started by a wise Grandfather. Some of them also had to do something with the Government. And it was well-known, but never spoken of, that few even had ties with mafia.

But Zoro had to push all these thoughts aside, because he saw Ace´s lips moving.

"I´m sorry; what did you say?"

"I said: I know their snobbish and sorta silly, but they can be nice, too." Ace repeated himself, looking ahead as he saw they were coming closer to the final destination.

"Nice?" Zoro said in disbelief. "Did I hear you say 'nice'?"

"Yeah." Ace grinned. "Something wrong?"

Zoro had his nerves running and was just about to cry his heart out about what his parents were like and what his childhood was like and what he actually was like, but first… for some kind of a reason, he thought Ace knew already, be it because of the media or that blonde idiot maybe, and second, when it came to keeping calm, he was better than anyone. So, even though the previous plan was to give Ace a three-meters long list of what he disliked about All Blue, he decided to shrug again instead. "Well, 's not like I care. Either way we´re just gonna end up back in our home districts."

Ace chuckled a bit. "What a smart-ass kid." He noted.

"I´m not a kid." Zoro said back, which, of course, made him seems even more childish; and, to Ace, damn cute.

"Sure… kid."

Zoro sighed. It was useless fighting over little things with someone just about as stubborn as he himself was. Also he wanted to keep his distance from any of the blonde creep´s friends; or colleagues or employees. Anyone who had ties with that man was dangerous. This boy with black hair and sparkling eyes, for example, literally dragged him out of the pub where he was supposed to stay until three past noon, pushed him in this stupidly tiny car and drove him to the place where Zoro certainly did not want to be.

So he´d rather avoid any other contacts with people anyhow close to Mr. Sanji Motherfucker Blackleg.

After few minutes of silence that both Zoro and Ace seemed to be okay with, the tiny car stopped by the very same pavement by which all those fancy cars stood. Zoro scratched his forearms and looked out of the car window cautiously. He didn´t like this street. Yes, it was clean and nice and very fine to live at, but he didn´t like the idea of being too close to the social group of people he´s grown up around. Somehow, it sent the chills up his spine.

He shook his head.

"So… we´re here?" he asked the raven-haired young man next to him, who was leaning against the window as if he was staring at something very closely.

He awaited for the response that never came. Did the older of the two had the nerve to ignore Zoro? Because if so… that´d be really… insulting. And displeasing. And Zoro wouldn´t like it even a tiny bit.

"Hey. Ace." He said in a firm voice, sitting up in the car and quickly sinking back into his seat because he hit his head. Stupid mini car.

And then, Ace´s head fell a bit, revealing the opened mouth, pinkish tongue, the peaceful freckled face and closed eyes. Zoro stared at him for few short moments before realizing that he was sleeping. That was displeasing even more; was Zoro that boring, or maybe did he tire him with his mere presence? The green-haired boy scowled not-so-happily, his mouth forming a thin line crooked up towards his left eye as he was trying his best at not to shake the sleeping raven-haired man and bring him back to full attention.

Zoro had to take a very deep breath before he could calm down properly. He let the tension in his shoulders float away slowly as he exhaled, sitting more comfortably in the seat. Ah, well. Since Ace fell asleep, maybe he could take a quick nap, too. Working with Rayleigh had one particular disadvantage; the older man disliked it when Zoro took naps during his shift. Which Zoro sometimes did, just to be sure to be fresh for later.

But today he had the quite disturbing poker match with Shakki and Tatch, so he didn´t manage to relax even for a short moment.

And, since Ace was still a stranger to him, he didn´t fall asleep in the car like he normally would. In fact, he was pretty tired from constant checking on the man next to him as he was still unsure of what to think of him. He was cautious, and it was wearing him off slowly. Slowly, but surely. And it had been slow enough to make Zoro slowly drift off.

But then, the dark-haired young man suddenly snapped back from his daydreaming.

"Yeah!" he yelled, causing Zoro to jump up and hit his head that had already suffered few collides with the damn car. "We´re here!" he replied promptly on the question that had been asked a good minute or two ago.

Zoro blinked in surprise. "I… thought you were asleep?" he tried to get some information on this mysteriously creepy man for himself.

Ace blinked several times. "I did?" he grinned then. "Heh, sorry 'bout that. Narcoleptic." He was cheery and happy-looking, and from the moment they got in the car, he haven´t stopped smiling. For Zoro some reason of which causes Zoro wasn´t sure, it was somehow annoying him. A lot. How could be someone so optimistic and easy-going while being in All Blue? They shouldn´t be there at all.

And then, Zoro nearly chocked on his own tongue. "Wait, wait – you – I mean –"

"Oh, c'mon, narcolepsy isn´t such a bad thing." Ace grinned some more, unfastening his seatbelt.

Zoro shook his head. "I´m not talking about that; I meant to ask, is this where the penthouse…"

Ace´s eyes widened and made him look just way too cute. "Yeah. Why? Is there something wrong?"

The boy just kept shaking his head. He wasn´t actually sure himself; was it wrong, or was it okay? Not the penthouse; he didn´t really care about it, since his plan was to go there, tell Sanji to give him his money and disappear as quickly as he could. No. What made him so restless and unsure was the fact that he, once-a-son-of-a-rich-daddy, was in All Blue; with a creepy guy called Ace.

The people who lived there simply gave him goose bumps. He didn´t want to hang around their homes, or offices, or cars, or whatever. Also he had no idea why the hell would Blackleg´s penthouse be in a place like this. This was the nobility district, filled with the group called 'Shichibukai' – and Zoro knew he could bet his ass on the fact that they were hella dangerous. So why the hell would Sanji choose to run practically illegal business in here?

He didn´t really like it.

Ace gave him a weird gaze. "Butterflies?" he asked.

"Uh?" was all Zoro could answer, since he was gotten by surprise again; Ace said one word and it made Zoro question the sanity of both of them.

"Are you feeling butterflies in your belly?"

Zoro stared at the man before him for a moment. "Why… should I." it wasn´t even a question, merely just an accompanying sentence to his perfectly bored face.

Ace shrugged, grinning again. "Well, the first time I came here, I felt butterflies in my tummy. Because, you know, all that excitement from such a thingy… plus I was supposed to –"

"Okay okay, I get it." Zoro cut him off before this would go any further and he would end up listening to the heartbreaking story of Ace, the boy who happened to be a porn star over a night.

Ace´s smile grew even wider. "Good; I see you´re looking forward to this. So, let´s not waist the time and go up to meet Mr. Blackleg!"

Ace´s happiness was really unsettling. There must have been a reason why he was so cheery all the time. Zoro knew people like these, and they usually carried a certain burden with them. Not that the green-haired student cared or anything; in fact, he couldn´t care less. It was just poking on him; why was a man who practically prostituted himself to pay off his everyday life so light-hearted and relaxed? Zoro did nothing like that and he was certainly not anywhere near okay and relaxed.

Maybe sex was uplifting.

Zoro sighed, opening the car door and following Ace into the lobby of a beautiful Victorian building with apartments worth a whole house on the suburbs of the city.

This was not going to end up well.


A dark-haired young man washed his hands, frowning vigorously as he scribbled the salty liquid off of his skin.

It was just a handjob, but made him want to throw up, anyway.

"Not your best today, I gotta say."

Trafalgar scowled. "Yet you moaned like a fucking bitch when I jerked you off." He spat back at the red-haired man in the doorway, turning the water off and wiping his delicate hands with long slender fingers with a green towel on the hook right next to the washbasin. He walked right out of the bathroom in the penthouse and looked at their boss who was currently playing with the camera.

Kidd didn´t even bother to take the offence; he went right down to grinning evilly, like he always did. "Well, can´t deny that you managed to finish it. But still… we´ve had some better times, wouldn´t you say?" his last few words came out as a purr, strangely close to Law´s ear.

"Leave me alone, sicko. Don´t forget we only cooperate in front of the camera." The tanner of the two hissed the pale man´s way, not really up for any of his silly jokes. This day has been quite bad for him, and it was only around noon. That wasn´t really making things better.

Kidd finally frowned a bit. "Are you on your period or something?" he growled out, quite displeased with his most common partner. Not that he actually cared about Trafalgar Law, the pissy little bitch who obviously liked to be a pain in the ass even though he was the one who should be receiving it, but still. He always somehow managed to have Kidd wonder why the fuck was he being even worse than usual.

"Fuck you."

Kidd shrugged, letting the damn kid run free. Trafalgar was just about to grab his things and slip into his coat, when they heard a doorbell ring.

"Oh," the blonde-haired man behind the camera cooed, turning his attention fully to the door. "It seems they have arrived more quickly than I expected."

Law, despite desiring to leave more than anything else, turned around and looked at the slender, yet quite muscular man, who was taller than he himself. Sanji even stood up from his usual pervert´s place and walked over, passing Trafalgar by. "Who has arrived?" the dark-haired man asked.

"Haven´t I told you anything?" the director asked, surprise forming his face into younger-looking form.

"Obviously not." Law smirked acidly, not really in the mood for Sanji´s usual gentlemanly manners. It always slowed everything down.

"Well then," the blonde smiled, "yesterday I stumbled upon quite a jeweler. I dare say you will like him…"

"A newbie?" Kidd asked, walking up to the two men. "That´s pretty fucking cool. Who is he?"

Sanji never stopped smiling, images of the last night appearing in his mind immediately. "You´ll meet him soon enough, my dear boys." He said with an over-shoulder glance towards Kidd and Law, catching the red-haired man trying to put an arm around his co-worker´s waist. This attempt, however, failed miserably. Trafalgar was nowhere near anything cute today. There were days when he´d be willing to even hold hands, but also there were days where everyone at the penthouse was scared because the boy looked like he was going to chop everybody´s dick off.

Kidd growled in annoyance, letting Law run as he figured the other was obviously irritated by everybody´s mere existence. "Fine. Guess he´s the one at the door."

"I should hope so." Sanji nodded, looking at the two actors. Law wasn´t interested it all; he was studying his nails and twisting his toes. Kidd seemed pretty much relaxed about it, not really caring actually. He was fine with any new victim, Sanji had learned eventually. But most of all, he liked Law, that was for sure.

Sanji grasped the doorknob passionately, very eager to see Zoro again; it´s been only few hours and he couldn´t wait. He just couldn´t wait.

Kidd rushed towards the door, somehow dragging Law along with him. The dark-haired actor didn´t protest much; just wriggled around and muttered something about Kidd being a massive dick. And seriously, nobody minded that, since it was on the daily program when it came to Trafalgar.

Sanji decided he didn´t need to pay any attention to the two and instead of settling the whole situation down, he eagerly opened the heavy dark wooden door.

Behind them, there was Zoro; in all his cute and still a bit boyish – or, at least it was boyish to Sanji – appearance, wearing a jumper matching his hair; the color of icy mint suited him just perfectly. It made the older pervert think of various kinds of things; fluffy cuffs, thongs… dildos…

"I swear I did nothing to that creep!"

Just as Zoro cried out this, Sanji noticed that the older Spaniard he had sent to get the sexy student here was missing. He probably wouldn´t notice at all, too busy drinking in the sight of every curve of Zoro´s body. Fortunately, the student was not as excited as the director, at all, so he was present enough to make him notice the fact that Ace was sprawled on the ground, face down and to most of the people, looking quite dead.

Sanji had to press the sudden urge to laugh.

"I´m sorry, my dear cutie; maybe I should have had Ace tell you about his narcolepsy before making you come with him." he explained this little accident that nearly gave the greenhead a heart stroke, even though Ace had mentioned the narcolepsy when he fell asleep in he car, but still. It scared Zoro. The ebony-haired boy just suddenly fell down.

Smiling with all his gentlemanly grace, Sanji opened the door wide enough for Zoro to step in; and for the other boys to have a good view on the newest member of this wicked family.

Zoro couldn´t quite describe what was he feeling; first of all confusion – there were three men, most likely with their perverted levels somewhere around gazillion, and they were scanning him with their fierce eyes as if he was a piece of meat. Well, the again, to them maybe he was. Then, he could recognize the regret that was poking on his insides; what the fuck was he even thinking? Coming with a complete stranger to some place he barely remembered; not that Zoro couldn´t fight back if anything was about to happen, but still. This was damn foolish. And, the third emotion he could name, and he surely was not happy with it, was curiosity. It got the better of him again, which was quite a complication. Zoro´s curious side was the biggest source of trouble he himself could imagine.

"Please," Sanji spoke up, seeing the boy hesitating. "Come in. We don´t bite… unless you ask us to." There was a hella dirty context in this, but Zoro chose to ignore it for his own good. He wasn´t in the mood to argue with old perverts. There´d be plenty of time for that later.

Zoro sighed to himself, but made the step to the world he didn´t even a tiny bit want to be a part of.

The penthouse looked the same, or as far as he could tell. He didn´t remember much, just the important things; bathroom, sofa, camera. Suddenly, he began to feel a bit sick.

"Uh." Zoro forced out. "Why… I mean, what do you need from me?"

"Cooperation and collaboration.. or perhaps you meant to ask why did I send for you?"

Zoro watched as the two other men, not much older than him, silently without any other thoughts shifted Ace´s sleeping form from the floor and carried him to the sofa. The green-haired boy desperately pleaded the higher forces that somebody had cleaned it. Well, for Blackleg´s own goodness, they should have a good hygiene in here.

"Hm?" Sanji urged, seeing Zoro´s attention got caught with the red-haired actor who was currently hovering over the Spanish kid, his still shirtless form having Zoro quite distracted. He understood that absolutely; any boy should be impressed with half naked Eustass Kidd, whether he was gay or not. Sanji himself used to have a little special place in his heart for the boy; that is, until he decided not to mix work and his personal desires. Plus, Kidd was head over heels for the Panda boy with tanned skin and pretty ass. Sanji could tell Kidd was into physically weaker than him, so Sanji, being strong enough to kick the little devil´s ass even though the redhead used to be an MMA fighter, didn´t have many chances.

"Uh –" Zoro blushed a little, making himself seem even sweeter in front of the predator´s eyes. "I – I´m…" what the hell was he asking about?

Sanji just chuckled, seeing how difficult he had made it for the boy with the other two around. "Well now, how about I introduce you to the lovely Scarlet duo?" he caught Law´s acid grinning at the ridiculous nickname he had for him and Kidd, but shot him a very quick and discreet put-up-with-it look and went back to stripping Zoro with his eyes.

The student didn´t say anything, just unsurely looked at the two men by the sofa. The shorter and more slender one was standing next to Ace´s head, arms crossed over his tight chest covered with a funny but creepy looking hoodie. He was scowling, not looking very happy to see a new kid come around. Well, Zoro guessed that they could spend this little time in a symbiosis based on not caring for each other. He quickly roamed his eyes over the tanned man, guessing he was 'the girl' in the Scarlet duo. He had long and nice legs wrapped in definitely tight-fitting black jeans and a swan-like neck covered with hickeys. Yep, definitely the girl.

The other one gave Zoro shivers. And goose bumps. And heartache. And paranoia attacks. He looked like a hell of a brute, or a psychopath if not the previous. He was a bit taller than his partner, not too much though – since the ink-haired man was wearing cowboy boots with heels – but unlike him, he had a very manly body frame. Zoro had already admired his damn sexy back with all that healthy muscle, but now that the red-haired creep was facing him, Zoro was pretty sure that if he wasn´t a good boy, he´d started drooling already. Those abs… they were pale like a snow and firm like a marble. Or so Zoro imagined. And, hell, those crazy eyes. Those crazy, reddish eyes.

"This is the ever-charming Trafalgar Law," Sanji ripped him right out of his daydreams about certain porn actors, "and his fellow partner, Eustass Kidd. They mostly work together, but also they enjoy inviting one or two other employees to collaborate." It was most impressive how Sanji could make a porn industry seem like a gentleman business of early 1800s. If he said anything else, Zoro would simply storm right out of the penthouse and never come back, maybe change his name and travel out of the town, but the way the blonde put it made it sound so… honorable. And Zoro wanted to kick his very own ass for even thinking that.

"Hey, kiddo," the red-headed madman grinned widely, taking a three big steps towards Zoro who suddenly happened to feel tiny and powerless against the other. He had the need to start stepping back, but there was still something like a man´s pride inside his gut that made him stay in place. Kidd ruffled his hair, scratching the scalp comfortingly to let the new boy see that they weren´t such psychos. "Glad to have someone new join the gang." He smirked.

Zoro blinked. "But I´m not –"

"That´s right," the dark-haired man stepped in, Kidd giving him the space he most likely wouldn´t want to use for closing the distance between himself and the stranger. "Run for your fucking life, cause if you once do this, you´ll find out that no matter how hard you try you´ll always end up in Sanji´s office asking for something new. Even if your financial situation is as okay as yours is. This is the hell."

Kidd slapped Law´s ass, receiving a draggers-throwing look from his partner. "Never mind Baby boy here," he grinned, "he´s got cramps today."

"Go fuck yourself, Kidd."

Zoro watched the man grab a fistful of the red-haired´s… well, he probably would have grasped a shirt, but since there was nothing like that, he simply scratched the man´s chest and was about to give him a nice knee when Kidd grabbed him around the waist, threw him over his shoulder and smirked almost apologetically. "Sorry," he purred, "seems that we got a lot to deal with. Someone´s being naughty."

"Kidd-chan," Sanji mewled, watching the two play around. Law was most likely showing off in front of Zoro, but yes; yes, he was being naughty. "Ace should wake up in few moments. Try to hold the rolling stone off for a bit and then take camera with you along with our narco-boy." He instructed, looking at the said sleeper and back to the writhing and jerking piece of bitchy ass that was today´s Trafalgar.

"Don´t chan me, boss." Kidd growled. "And I don´t think that unless I use handcuffs I can hold this hot lava from intoxicating the whole place."

"I´d most likely intoxicate your dumb head before anything else, fucker. Put me down!"

Zoo stared at the two and wondered if it was legal.

"Very well," Sanji smiled tenderly, walking over to his precious camera. He took it along with the matching stand and carried over to the bedroom that was right behind the living room – or whatever it was. The whole penthouse was spacious and it was hard to tell what each room was, if it even was a room. Then Sanji walked out again. "Close the door so we don´t have to listen to it and call me when you get to the business so I can re-arrange the camera. Until then, do what ever you want, including bondage. If that´s okay with –"

"It´s fucking NOT!" the tanned slender boy yelled, kicking Kidd as hard as he could with his both legs, also punching his back.

"I see." Sanji smiled. "Well, Kidd, do your part of job. He´s lusting as ever."

Kidd grinned before entering the light spacious room. "My pleasure, Mr. Blackleg." He purred, closing the door immediately.

Sanji shrugged. "Those guys. Law is always to stubborn, pretending hard to get. But you should see him in the process. It´s not that abnormal for him to moan his cute butt out." He quickly looked Zoro´s way, seeing that the greenhead wasn´t really happy with Sanji telling him all this. "Ah well. I´ll just send Ace in when he gets up."

"That´s okay, boss," the raspy but somehow enchanting voice shook Zoro´s system as he wasn´t expecting it. "I´m going in now." Ace announced, shifting from the sofa, a huge goofy grin on his freckled face. He was really cute. Zoro had to admit that. Perfect for porn industry.

Sanji smiled a bit more. "Great. Have fun."

Ace simply giggled.

Zoro shivered uncomfortably. He had this awful feeling that some time very soon he´d be the one being send somewhere like this. Or, maybe he´d end up the same way as the Law boy; being thrown over somebody´s shoulder against his will. Even though both Sanji and the brute with red hair said Law was more than happy to be treated this way, Zoro had trouble believing it. Who would have liked something like that? Though maybe, on the other hand, Law was something they call masochist. Yeah, that´d make sense, and it might as well explain why he couldn´t hear any screams and insults by then. Not any… sharper exhales either, but it seemed that the dark-haired man wasn´t protesting anymore.

Or Kidd had maybe gagged him.

"Well now," Sanji spoke up with his usual eerie smile that showed just perfectly what kind of a pervert he was. "How about we discuss last night events, I show you the tape and you receive your very first paycheck?"

Zoro jumped up a bit. "Okay, wow-wow now. Who the hell told you I was gonna – wait, what?" Somehow Zoro found himself way too not-all-there as he was thinking about the three others in the next room. He was automatically assuming Sanji would offer him another job – but he didn´t. Yet.

The blonde director chuckled. "Oh, my dearest, no need to freak out like this. I simply want to find out if you´re okay with my editing, and I´d like to decide on the prize for your little show."

"… Oh." Now Zoro felt just idiotic. And a bit too arrogant. He didn´t show anything special last night, or as far as he could tell. From the ten years he was familiar with masturbation, and from the two years he was familiar with his homosexuality, he´s had better 'shows'. Except they weren´t in front of a camera, or anybody else.

The chef walked over to the small laptop Zoro hadn´t noticed until now and grabbed it from where it had been lying silently. He switched it on and sat down on the sofa Zoro came to hate so much. He patted the free space next to him, implying that Zoro might maybe want to sit down. Well, Zoro most certainly didn´t want to sit down. But from the place he was about to stand a hole into, he wasn´t going to see much.

He crossed his arms over his chest, mimicking the rejecting behavior of Law. He took few unsure steps towards the red sofa. Well, it better be cleaned way before he got here. Maybe disinfected, too. Not that he feared for his medical condition, that was perfectly fine, dare he say, but still. Seeing that the three boys apart from him and Sanji were definitely not the only employees, it made Zoro feel a bit uneasy.

He cautiously sat down, keeping the exact safe distance between him and the psychopathic blonde. However, he soon found that Sanji, despite acting all gentlemanly most of the time, was not the one to keep distances. If anything, he seemed to like to close them. As much as his human being manners let him.

"Alright," the chef grinned happily, clicking on a file labeled 'The Devil Fruiters'. Zoro crouched his nose, wrinkling it in displease. What the heck that was supposed to mean? In the file, he saw some other files with random labels, or dates. Sometimes it was names. Soon, Zoro happened to understand. It was the company´s file; the file filled with porn.

Fucking God.

Sanji scrolled down, clicking on the second last video. The last one had today´s date and the names he learned not even five minutes ago. The video opened with ease and showed the opening credits, encouraging the watcher to go to the internet page 'full of this heavenly sights' and warning them not to spread this video into the world. Or spread the rumors if they knew the certain actor. And then, Zoro had the urge to jump out of the window because a pinkish background with text appeared, claiming 'Cute Cherry-pie after dinner'.

Maybe he could push Sanji out of the window first, then delete the file and then burn the laptop.

No, even that wouldn´t be enough.

And then, there was Zoro.

"Okay, just skip – I mean, just show me the important part. Like, disclaimers and uh, I don´t know – what exactly have you edited?" Maybe Sanji would get him wrong and skip the first ten minutes during which Zoro was talking nonsense or undressing or just playing around, showing off his clothed ass. Zoro feared what would come next. No, he absolutely didn´t want to see what was about to come next. He probably wouldn´t be able to talk to himself if he saw the whole video.

"Ah, well," Sanji skipped first three minutes, "here I re-dubbed your name, you have said it once when you weren´t paying attention," then, he moved on for about another three minutes, "here I deleted the part when you insulted me," he giggled after that, "and here –"

Zoro saw him move the mouse at the part where he thought his dirty show might be already in process, so he cut him off quickly: "Okay, okay, I think that´s fine. Cool. Alright. What now?"

Sanji never stopped smiling; just his smile was growing wider with everything Zoro said. "No need to be ashamed, Mr. Roronoa. We always go through the video we make, just to be sure it´s okay and the actors are happy with it before we let it out."

"Right, lovely, but my guts are not okay with anything that happened last night."

"What a shame, then." Sanji commented, not at all seeming to listen to the green-haired boy on his sofa. No; Sanji wasn´t going to give up this amazing tape of his. "Although I noticed you were looking all over this place, and my actors, too. That means you are interested."

"I´m not." Zoro claimed proudly, his nose up.

Sanji shrugged one of his broad shoulders, lips curled up a tiny bit, just like a tease for the student. "Then I guess I shall offer you something more interesting? Perhaps show you the contract I´ve prepared for you? Especially for you?"

Zoro blinked a bit at this. A contract especially for him? Of course, the blonde creep might have been just fooling with him, but still, he´d like to see. Not that he planned to do anything for the crazy director; not at all, that was far past his limits. But… it wouldn´t hurt anyone if he took a look. "Alright, show me the contract. Then we´ll decide on the paycheck I get and then I´m going home."

"Supposing that Ace will be done by then."

Zoro sighed heavily. Things were just getting worse day by day. And he had an exam in three weeks. "Fine. The contract."

"Of course." Sanji said, closing the paused video, scrolling up the file to another file labeled 'Contracts and related'. He opened it and scrolled down again just a bit, opening the Microsoft Word document saying 'R. Zoro'. The said student gasped a bit when the document was loading, feeling nervous and, well, pumped up. He was eager to see what this insane perv had to offer.


"So," Sanji started slowly, "basically, this contract is the same as all my other contracts, just with few exceptions I am willing to make in your case, since you seem quite unique to me. I´ll print it out for you when you´re leaving, or I might as well e-mail it to you, if it goes better with your preferences. As I said, it´s a normal contract, not much different from the one you´d receive in a grocery store. The only difference is keeping the absolute secret of the identity of your boss –" Zoro scowled at this; of course, "and your fellow partners. Also it has a disclaimer you have to sign before signing the whole contract – and you should have a medical certificate saying that you don´t have any catchable or venereal diseases, although I highly doubt that. The last part has additions in which I´ve added the exceptions I have designed for you, so you might want to see those."

Zoro was staring at the laptop screen, seeing whole page of exceptions. Wow. Sanji must have had a thing for him.

"First, you´re not limited by anything; you may tape whenever you want and with whoever you want, if they want it too. That means that unlike Mr. Trafalgar or Ace, who need to have their 'working hours' scheduled, you don´t. You may do whatever you please whenever you please. I know you´re studying, Ace is, too, so I understand that sometimes you need more and sometimes you need less." Zoro hated the way Sanji put this all. It sounded just too tempting.

"Fine. So you won´t be breathing on my neck when I don´t want to do anything for, like, two weeks?"

"Absolutely not." Sanji smiled. "You may be on 'hiatus' for as long as you please. Just when it gets over three months we may want to ask you if you plan on continuing or not at all. But that´s about all."

The green-haired student murmured something unintelligible before responding really. "Okay. That´s not bad."

"See? I am quite the best when it comes to meeting my employees desires." No shame in that. "Also, there´d be a huge advantage in receiving your payment. I have a stable… 'paycheck list' or a bounty list, if you please. Unlike any other companies of this sort. I´ll e-mail that to you later – or maybe it´s somewhere in the drawers, I´m not sure. But, there are exact payments which you will receive for certain kind of job. Also, you´re getting three-month credits if we sell more than expected for your video."

"Are those stable?"

"Mostly, yes. We don´t sell more than normally on a regular basis, but I try to give every employee the same amount even if it makes a mess in my personal profit."

Zoro had to think of this as of a quite a fair deal.

"So, I´m e-mailing you this all…" Sanji mumbled to himself, opening the g-mail homepage and signing in quickly.

The greenhead blinked in surprise. "How do you know my e-mail address?" he asked, in shock a bit. Who the heck was this guy, knowing him before he even spoke up on his own?

"Oh," the blonde grinned, "let´s say I did my research on you this morning, after I came to 'work'. Anyway, I´ll send the contract to you, along with the paychecks list. Aaand, I´ll go look for it, or I´ll print it out, so I can show you what kind of payment you might receive for yesterday."

Zoro was looking at what Sanji was doing, not really present; it was all quite surprising to him, and he wasn´t sure what to think of it all just yet. "Okay." He responded automatically.

Okay. It was… not all that bad. It would be innocent. I would be non-harming. And he didn´t really need to do anything he didn´t want to; everything depended only on him, him and nobody else. That was good; at Rayleigh´s pub he was the slave of Shakki and her moods. Though he´d never complain because he happened to love his job. But this was something completely different; he´d be gaining money from receiving pleasure. And he was not a man whore by any means. In fact, he wouldn´t have to work with the others at all. Or, the maximum would be jerking off beside them. Zoro would decide on that later.

The point was, this might make his life not better, but so fucking much spicier. Much more exciting. Much more interesting. He´d have that funny feeling in his tummy every time he´d get up and the same funny feeling when he´d go to sleep. All his life he was a quiet shy boy, mostly hiding his identity; and now he could do something crazily rebellious without fearing for his acquaintances to find out about his badness level rising crazily. It would be the only rebellious thing of his entire life, besides training with swords secretly but passionately, or having his ear pierced three times. But, hell, he wore those golden earrings proudly. Just as he´d keep this another little secret proudly… eventually.

Long story short… Zoro wanted this.

Well, that escalated quickly.

"Okay, here´s the paycheck list." Sanji announced, still smiling slightly as he sat down next to Zoro again; the green-haired boy haven´t even noticed him leave. He was too deep in his own thoughts to pay attention to him. Sanji just hoped he´d come to a conclusion they´d both like.

"Uh?" Zoro snapped into reality again, looking at Sanji´s pale hand holding the paper with 'bounties'. "Oh." He managed after some time staring at the paper, trying to figure out what it was. He took the paper from the blonde director, looking it over with his grayish-green eyes.

Sanji tipped with his fingertip on one of the prizes. "This is the usual paycheck you should receive," he said calmly, showing Zoro where to look. "However, you were able to… hold out for longer. The video is total fifteen minutes long, so I may rise it to… let´s say, 250 dollars?"

Zoro blinked in shock. That was about his monthly payment in the pub. But… if he had the chance, and he felt that he did have the chance, he´d go for it. "300 dollars. I think it´s absolutely worth that. Plus, you know I did it for the first time, so I´d expect some extras… for being brave. And if I see I can make a compromise with my 'boss', I don´t have any problems on continuing the job."

Sanji´s smile faded a tiny bit. The boy was one piece of a hella devilish sexy ass. "280, and extras at the end of the month."

"Oh, but I´m counting on getting extras at the end of the month. You can be sure I am. But either you give be 300 bucks for last night or I´m walking out of this apartment and not coming back. Oh, and I´m stealing your laptop. Or at least deleting the video."

"You´re quite a hard player, I see." Sanji smiled again, maybe even more cheery that he was during the most of this session. "Very well then, have it your way. I´m giving you 300 bucks and promising extras at the end of the month – but since it is a huge expression of my kindness, I would love to see you come here at least once before this October is gone."

Zoro scowled a bit, but again – he felt encouraged by that awesome contract he was given. "Fine. Deal."


"Oi, boss!"

Sanji lifted his shiny blonde head, turning it towards the closed door to the bedroom. "Aye, Kidd-chan?"

"We´re going to need the camera re-arranged."


"So you´re really gonna join in?"

Ace was like a happy puppy, jumping around the room and drooling and barking in cheer. Yes. Happy, naked puppy.

"That´s awesome." The Spanish boy, as Zoro learned earlier, commented in an appreciating tone of voice. "I was getting a bit bored with those two behind my ass."

"You didn´t look like it earlier!" Kidd shouted from behind the closed bathroom doors, having used it for it was his turn to go in.

Ace grinned stupidly. "Blah blah blah." He murmured softly, smiling as he did. Zoro was facing away from both him and Law, staring out of the window and nervously twiddling his thumbs. All he wanted to do now was go home. He wasn´t sure how, but from the voices he heard before it was over, he guessed Ace was one of those who were able to sit down and drive him to his apartment. Or maybe he was wrong, but the Spaniard didn´t show any signs of a pain of some sort. Maybe he was just used to it, which was kind of creeping Zoro out.

Law was already dressed, sitting on the sofa, spacing out. He was slightly grasping his stomach, but also didn´t look in pain. He would ask, but Law seemed much like him; uninterested in any kind of conversation, if not absolutely necessary. They were going to get along well, he and Zoro.

The greenhead heard Ace slide on his tight black pants, wondering if it was popular between AV actors to wear tight black things. He guessed it was. He haven´t noticed yet what Kidd was wearing, earlier he was paying attention to his abs and sexy neck, but he assumed it would be something similar to what Ace and the other one were wearing. He shot a quick glance towards the big boss, who was sitting by the laptop working on something; he wasn´t really expecting Sanji to wear black tight things; no. Brown elegant pants and a creamy jacket. Hm.

"Okay, I think I´m finished here." Ace announced. "Does anybody else want me to drive them?"

Law scowled. "In your two-person car? My legs wouldn´t fit."

Ace, unlike Law, grinned cheerily. "Of course, I forgot about Mr. Sexy´s long tanned legs…" he purred sensually, slapping the dark-haired boy across one of his thighs.

"Leave me alone, bitch." Trafalgar cursed, throwing the unharmed leg over the other one, blocking Ace from any other access to it.

Ace pulled a white clean t-shirt on, the previous black one probably still in the bathroom. Maybe Sanji was washing the messed clothes for them? Well, he haven´t mentioned it, but that guy was full of surprise so maybe Zoro was right. Or at least had the right to think so. "Well anyway," Ace got back to talking, "I thought we could go by your van and drive everybody home!"

"So I´d have to pick you all up the next day?" Law grumbled, not impressed by Ace´s bright idea at all. "No, thanks. It´s enough I have to drive Eustass since the cops took away his driving license."

"Oi, Kiddo!" Ace screamed towards the bathroom. "Wanna have Law drive us all?!"

The shower stopped running for a moment. "What?" Kidd yelled back.

"Wanna drive home with us in Law´s van?"

Zoro could head a dark chuckle coming from the other room. "I was kinda hoping for hot after-job quickie, but since you insist, I guess it can wait."

"Fuck you Eustass!" Law growled, his mood not getting any better with the two joking all over the place. Surprisingly enough to Zoro, the blonde chef and their boss didn´t seem to mind at all. Maybe he was just used to it; or maybe he was too busied with editing or whatever it was that he´s been sitting above for the past thirty minutes.

"Really? I usually have it the other way around, but since you –"


Ace burst out, laughing like a little kid. "You guys are just awesome!" he cried happily. "Okay, Panda, since you´re eating bitchy pills again, I´ll let Eustass deal with you; I´m gonna drive this newbie home."

"For God´s sake, thank you, you big jerk." Law cried, grabbing a nearby pillow and throwing it on his belly. "Shit, you two are fucking insane, you know that?"

Ace jumped on the sofa next to him, bouncing on his own butt. "It´ll get only better." He cooed sweetly, kissing the other´s temple as if assuring him about his statement.

Law didn´t seem really happy about it, but he let it be. He was most likely too tired to yell anymore. "Whatever. Just make sure you don´t rape that kid. How old are you, Greenie, anyway? Eighteen?" maybe that was the source of problem? Law acting motherly because Zoro looked young? It nearly look to Zoro like Law was totally against this kind of job, so he might be so pissy because there was another possible victim to it; or maybe he was just having a bad day. Yeah. Most likely, it was the latter.

"Nineteen." The green-haired boy responded, not really sure he´d make Law feel better. Not that he thought the darker man cared.

"Shit," Trafalgar commented elegantly. "Well, seems you´re the youngest."

Zoro blinked at this. "I am?"

Law nodded. "Yeah. I used to be, but then Ace here joined in, though he´s just a few months younger than me."


Ace tilted his head to the side slightly. "You´re nineteen? And here I thought you were seventeen, or so."

"Perv." Law noted dryly.

"Maybe a bit." Ace agreed, not ashamed at all.

"Well, he´s still two years younger than me and you." Zoro wasn´t really happy with how this sounded from Law; like a don´t-worry line, reassuring Ace that Zoro was technically still a minor compared to him. And now it seemed that Ace liked younger boys.

Therefore, he decided to keep his mouth shut rather than telling them that officially he was still eighteen. There was still a month to his birthday. "Yeah!" Ace cheered. "And I´m twenty-two on the New Year´s Eve!"

"See, that works just perfect for you. You can start screwing a kid."

"Hey!" Ace whined. "Don´t be like that! I would never – eeever –"

"Can we go now?"

The two older men shut up as Zoro started talking again. They would probably forget he was even there if he haven´t interrupted their little chitchat, but thanks to his usual big mouth, he wasn´t left unnoticed.

Ace grinned again, forgetting Law for a change. "Sure!"

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